• Show Date: 21/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Kristen Theobald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cheviot & Berwick Canine Society

Cheviot & Berwick Canine Society – 21st July 2018

Hound Group – Miss Kristen Theobald, Breskar


Whippet Puppy (2,0a)

1st Third’s Stormalong Selkie, 7mth fawn bitch, well shaped head with correct oval eye and good pigment, sufficient neck and straight front, deep chest and well sprung ribs, correct rear angulation used well on the move. BP & PG1

2nd Jones’ Kenaiteen Blizzard, 7mth blue brindle white particolour bitch, pretty girl with good head and length of neck, well muscled back and good length of loin, moved well, close decision.

Whippet Graduate (6,0a)

1st Thirds Gorewater Jurajoy of Bruntsfield, 22mth fawn bitch, nice type with correct head and bite, well laid shoulders and straight front, firm back and well muscled thights used to her advantage, best movement in the class.

2nd McEwan’s Maidensworth A Kind Of Magic, 2yr fawn brindle white trim dog, a lot to like about this dog, pleasing head with good length of neck, good shoulders and straight front, nails could do with some attention, correct topline held on the move, another close decision.

Whippet Open (6,1a)

1st Potts Klondyke Imastar ShCm, 6 yr brindle & white particolour bitch, this old girl showed the youngsters how to move both coming and going, lovely head with oval eye and correct rose shaped ears, elegant neck into correct shoulders, deep chest with plenty of heart room, good length over the loin and well muscled throughout, BOB & G2.

2nd Thomson’s Cornstalk Witchcraft By Berwicklaw, 2yr fawn bitch who impressed, pretty head with dark eye and pigment, liked her front angulation and length of neck, good arch over the loin and tuck up, well bent stifles, just preferred the movement of 1st.

Dachshund MSH Open (1,0a)

1st Upton’s Lustrum Buttons ‘N’ Bows at Denval, 5yr shaded red bitch, who presented a good outline, well shaped head, with dark eye and strong jaw, sufficient neck into correct shoulders, good bone and feet, well ribbed and excellent topline held on the move BOB.

Dachshund MLH Open (1,0a)

1st Drady’s Indiko Destined To Be Cream, 12mths shaded cream bitch, another with a lot to like, pretty head with dark eye and correct ear set, good length of neck and correct front assembly, liked her topline and quarters used to her advantage on the move BOB & G4.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Graduate (3,1a)

1st Scanton’s Kinabula’s All About The Base, 12mth wheaten bitch, lovely head on this bitch, dark eye and correct ear set, good length of neck into good shoulders and straight front, well muscled quarters with good bend of stifle, moved well once settled but only just out of puppy so sure this will come in time, close decision for BOB.

2nd Hall’s Matsushona Fire Opal, 17mth wheaten dog, strong head on this boy with dark eye, good length of neck, pleasing bone and feet, well sprung ribs and well muscled, moved ok in front but preferred the rear movement of 1st.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Open (4,1a)

1st Bowers’ Celtic Lore Koos De La Rey (Imp USA), 5yr red wheaten dog who impressed with his free profile movement, well shaped head with correct bite and lovely expression, good neck and lovely straight front, correct spring of rib and strong through the loin, BOB on his sound movement today.

2nd Hall’s Kenquince Pisonia, 2yr red wheaten bitch, liked her head and length of neck, a little to upright in shoulder, good bone and feet, would prefer a better bend of stifle, moved ok.

Saluki Open (1,0a)

1st Bloomfields Glenoak Laquan, 2yr black & silver dog who I have had the pleasure of judging before and many of the same comments apply, well shaped head with dark eye, excellent length of neck into well set shoulders, good depth of chest and length of loin, correct coat and feathering, moved out well BOB & G3.

AVNSC Open (1,1a)

Hound Group

Grp 1 Wyer’s Melisent Du Sentier De Caillottes (Imp FRA), Griffon Fauve De Bretagne, 2yr red fawn bitch who came in as winner of the Import Register class and did not disappoint, lovely head with sight stop and lovely expression, well set ears and correct bite, muscular neck in to excellent shoulders with elbows set well under, deep chest with well sprung ribs, well muscled rear which she showed on the move, delighted to award her Group 1 in good competition.

Grp2 Potts Klondyke Imastar ShCm - Whippet

Grp 3 Bloomfields Glenoak Laquan - Saluki

Grp 4 Drady’s Indiko Destined To Be Cream – MLH Dachshund

Puppy Group

PG1 Third’s Stormalong Selkie – Whippet

AV Hound Puppy (1,0a)

1st Third’s Stormalong Selkie – Whippet

AV Hound Open (3,0a)

1st Thirds Gorewater Jurajoy of Bruntsfield – Whippet

2nd Drady’s Jumanda’s Silver Sparkle At Indiko ShCm, 7yr old silver dapple bitch who does not show her age, she has a well shaped head with slight arch, good shoulders and upper arm, correct feet, moved out well today.


Judge Miss Kristen Theobald