• Show Date: 15/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Kris Kingsley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Suffolk Agricultural Association

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge, my stewards for their help and  organisation, and the exhibitors for allowing me to go over their dogs.      Alaskan Malamute  P (0 entries)  J (1, 1 abs)  PG (0 entries)  (O) (1, 1 abs)    Bernese Mountain Dog  P (0 entries)  J (0 entries)  PG (1) Connelly’s Shirdees Top Gun, 22m dog, lovely rich markings, overall nice type but a bit long cast, head proportions good, defined stop, dark eye, good earset, neck short and well-muscled, shoulders sloping with slightly short upper arm.  Good depth to chest reaching elbow, ribs well sprung, topline level, smoothly rounded rump, tail short but bushy and carried well, moderate hind angulation, well let down hocks, feet ok.  Moved ok.  BOB.  O (0 entries)    Bullmastiff  P (1) Todd & Smith’s JBZee That’s What I Like Of Delarhia, 9m fawn bitch, lovely type, square head of good proportions, expressive with plenty of wrinkle and dark mask, dark tight eye, flat and wide skull between ears, which were v-shaped and well set, slightly undershot bite, good chest, well laid back shoulder but slightly short in upper arm, front legs straight and well boned, slightly slack in pastern currently but has plenty of time, topline needs to strengthen, good depth of well sprung rib, elbows close, slightly sloping croup, moderate hind angulation, tail short, moved well but unfortunately lacking animation today BPIB.  J (1) Todd & Smith’s Pleats Surprise Attack For Delarhia, 15m fawn dog, balanced outline, square head, good proportions, broad nose, lovely wrinkle and expression, good mask, dark eye set very slightly oblique, well set ears of v-shape, slightly undershot bite, neck thick and muscular, good width to chest, well boned legs, feet little untidy.  Well laid back shoulder, elbows well fitting, good topline stacked but lost on the move sometimes, well ribbed, correct loin, good croup, moderately angulated hindquarters with well let down hocks, tail short, moved with drive.  RBOB.    PG (1) Hill & Heil’s Ruby Moonlight, 18m fawn bitch with dark shadings and white marking on chest, upstanding bitch, very typey and expressive head which was square viewed from every angle, dark medium sized eyes, ears set well and used to advantage, neck strong and muscular of correct length, enough width of chest, feet a little flat, good bone, well laid back shoulder, slightly short in upper arm, ribs deep and well sprung reaching to elbow, good topline and croup, lacking in hind angulation but good width of thigh, well set tail but length not to hock.  Moved surprisingly well with power and sense of purpose in profile, a little untidy in front on approach, but scored on her superb head and overall better movement which won her BOB.    Australian Shepherd  P (1) Swallow’s Trijem Samurai Warrior, real baby of just 6m, blue merle dog puppy in good coat, overall lovely balance and type, lovely head proportions in profile, little broad in backskull, skull flat, triangular ears well set and fraction large currently but well folded, almost shaped eyes - one amber and one blue flecked, well pigmented, good length of neck, well set into shoulders, good depth of rib, moderate oval bone, pasterns slightly sloping, good topline, moderate tuck up, well muscled thigh, good bend of stifle, good oval feet, moved very well in profile for one so young but little close in front currently.  Promising puppy with plenty of time to grow into himself.  BOB, BPIB.    J (0 entries)  PG (0 entries)  O (0 entries)    Swedish Vallhund  P (0 entries)  J (0 entries)  PG (0 entries)  O (1) Amon’s Ch Mystarz Lavish Loitsu To Pepperthyme, 2yo typey bitch, real showgirl!  Lovely balanced outline, good body ratio and well-marked.  Head of balanced proportions, blunt wedge,  flat between ears, well defined stop, medium sized dark eyes, good muzzle, well defined mask, scissor bite with large, clean teeth, long neck flowing into well laid back shoulders with correct short upper arm, well boned legs with white front paw, good width of chest, well sprung rib of good depth, straight topline, tail set high and carried over back at attention, well angulated hind quarters with good musculature and width of thigh and low set hocks, moved very well.  BOB.      Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)  P (0 entries)  J (1) Millar’s Pemslife Live To Tell With Pemshore NBT (Imp Ita) 13m fawn bitch, white on face, neck, legs and underneath, natural bob tail.   Small girl, little long cast in profile currently, good foxy head, large, dark eyes, large ears, well set and rounded at the tip, long neck, good angulation in front, reasonable width of chest, forearm wrapped around body, straight bone, good shaped oval paws, level topline, good croup, well angulated hind quarters.  Moved well despite being anxious on the table and on the move.  RBOB  PG (0 entries)  O (3, 2 abs) Legerton’s Ermyn Time To Dream For Solaw, sturdy, masculine, 4yo tricolour dog, outline very slightly front heavy when viewed in profile, alert and active, lovely foxy head with intelligent expression, long neck, well set into long shoulder, well boned, good tight feet, good depth of rib reaching to elbow, good length of loin, well angulated hind quarters with good width of thigh, excellent tail, carried over back when moving, moved well in profile, little close going away.  Real showman.  BOB.    Judge: Kris Kingsley