• Show Date: 30/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Kirsty Miller Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Reading & District Kennel Association

Jack Russell Terrier

O D/B (1)

1st) Robertson’s Hunter Hawk Honour with Soletrader (Imp Nor) this 2 year old little girl walked into the ring and completely owned it today. So full of character and mischief it is very hard to ignore her. Excellent type and of a super make and shape. Feminine head but not lacking in strength. Keen, almond shaped eyes, so full of expression. Well set ears, used to advantage. Strong neck of a good length leading back into well placed shoulders. Well boned and straight forelegs with good firm feet. Well sprung ribs set well back into a short loin. Level topline held well at all times. In such fabulous hard condition, with superb muscle tone. Superbly presented and handled, she moved around the ring effortlessly with such positivity and with this complete ‘look at me’ attitude I could not deny her BOB & G1. I was thrilled to hear she later went on to win RBIS.

Parson Russell Terrier

Junior D/B (1)

1st) Hughes Jappatin Statesman of Ruffntuff, 14 month well balanced boy. Strong well shaped head with good ear shape & carriage, dark almond shaped eye, giving that correct keen expression. Good length of neck. Well laid shoulders with a slight rise over the loin. Rib well placed & of the right length as to give him the correct length in body. Well angulated rear with good muscle tone. Thick pelt & correct top coat, spanned easily. Moved out well, just a little wide coming towards.

Open D/B (3,1abs)

1st) Collis’ Riplington Dream Image, feminine well balanced bitch of a good shape. Good wedge shaped head with nice almond eye. Correctdentition. Ear carriage correct & good reach of neck. Forelegs straight & feet of the correct shape. Good rib length & correct rise over loin. Good Rear angulation with great muscle tone. Moved out soundly but would like a slightly better carriage. Spanned OK & with good pelt. BOB

2nd) Blair & Hadley’s Cleeve Hill Kasper, larger mold than 1st but of a good shape and substance. Decent head and expression with keen eye. Tidy ears used to advantage. Straight forelegs with good bone and tidy feet. Spannable and with a good pelt. Moved out OK.

Norfolk Terrier

Post Graduate D/B (4,2abs)

1st) Gardener’s Northwool Jenni and Romance at Danalas sweet little bitch of a good make a shape. Decent head and eye with just enough strength. Dark, expressive eyes. Straight forelegs with round feet but I would have liked to have seen more bone. Compact body with good substance. Level topline and correctly set tail. Moved out soundly.

2nd) Woolnough’ s Northwool Romance to Libby, longer in body than 1st and not the strength in foreface. Decent outline and body. Well boned legs and neat feet. In good coat and condition. Moved out well.

Open D/B (4,1abs)

1st) Gardener’s Perrisblu Liberty at Danalas ShCM lovely little showgirl who really does enjoy her time in the ring. Well balanced outline and of a good shape. Feminine head of good strength with correct broad skull and well defined stop. Bright expressive eyes and well set v-shaped ears which she used to advantage. Decent length of neck leading back into well placed shoulders. Short, straight forelegs with adequate bone. Well sprung ribs but a little longer in loin than I would prefer. Topline held firm with correctly set tail. Really excelled on the move being positive fore and aft and a lovely profile action. BOB

2nd) Woolnough’ s Northwool Rusty at Romance, decently shaped male with good substance and bone. Nice head of the correct proportions with good eye. Well bodied with good ribbing set well back. Moved out well.

3rd) Gardener’s Ceris Liberty at Danalas

Norwich Terrier

Puppy (1)

1st) Watkins’ Alantro Step To It, gorgeous 7 month old baby who is full of character. Very typy little girl who has a lot going for her. Super shape & outline. Feminine balanced head with small well placed ears, enough neck into well laid shoulders, correct compact body with tail on top, straight forelegs & tight feet. Strong quarters showing in her good movement, when she wasn’t trying to bite her handler’s legs! Well presented in a good harsh jacket. BOB, BP & PG2

Open (2)

1st) Hayes’ Ragus Fabulous Clown ShCM, 4 year old. A very honest, sound dog with a lovely character. Masculine head of the correct proportions with good eye & expression. Small ears, set well and used to advantage. Well ribbed but a little longer in loin than I would prefer. Level topline held well with tail set correctly. Moved out well and soundly and presented in 1st class order.

2nd) Martin’s Kirmir Little Mischief charming 8 year old bitch of a lovely make and shape. Very feminine head with a lovely expression. Ears set on well and used to her best. Cobby and compact with well sprung ribs and short loin. Topline level with correctly set tail. Moved out soundly and at one with her handler.

Fox Terrier (Smooth)

Open (2)

1st) Saunders’ Venice V D Bismarckquelle (Imp Deu), superb quality bitch who really draws the eye when standing. She is so well made, with a typy outline. Feminine head which has good length with strength in foreface. Dark in eye enhancing her very keen expression. Neat well placed ears set on top and used to advantage. Excellent neck which flows into a well angulated front assembly. Excellent in rib and body with a short level back. She moved out with purpose on the out and back displaying accurate foot fall. Today for me she was carrying slightly too much weight which is why she was not further up in the group. BOB & G4

2nd) Rogers’ Falkmere’s First Impression ShCM 8 year old bitch of a lovely shape and outline when standing. Feminine head which has correct proportions. Dark in eye which gives off a keen expression finished off with neat well placed ears. Plenty in neck, level in top line which leads to a well set tail. Moved out well fore & aft holding a good outline on the go around. Presented in good order and handled well.

A.V.N.S.C. Terrier

Puppy (4,3abs)

1st) Aylett’s Jecadie Joyful Spiced Star at Rillaton 6 month old and still quite raw but carries a good head with length, flat skull & ears well placed, super dark expressive eye, clean cheeks & strength to muzzle, good for neck & shoulders and decent front assembly, ribcage developing well, short coupled, level topline with tail well set and carried high, decent hindquarters with enough muscle & definition. Moved OK but her handler needs to stride out with her more so her movement can be more appreciated. BP

Post Graduate (3,2abs)

1st) Russell & Ferris’ Wyeafon Percival Australian Terrier of excellent breed type & good balance. Slightly arched neck of good length, firm level topline, good depth of brisket & correct tail for both set & carriage. Lovely masculine head & expression with flat skull, correct skull to muzzle proportions & excellent eye & ear set. Excellent side gait & carriage with good drive from the rear. Ever so sound and presented in 1st class order. Best AVNSC.

Terrier Group

1st) Jack Russell Terrier

2nd) Border Terrier – Guvercin’s Glebeheath Fingers On Lips, this 10 month old gorgeous Border Terrier bitch is a very exciting prospect and just oozes quality. Super for size and excellent make & shape. Beautiful feminine head with a fabulous expression. Elegant neck leading into correctly placed shoulders, neat narrow front standing on the best of feet & legs. Ribs set well back into a strong loin and so easy to. Well angulated hindquarters which she used well, driving off her low set hocks. Level topline & tailset. Well presented in excellent pelt & pin wire coat of good depth. Looked an absolute picture standing & on the move. A Champion in the making for sure.

3rd) Samson’s Shasgav Sound of Silence, really impressive Cesky bitch who put on a great performance today. Lovely elegant bitch with a well balanced outline and typical shape. Feminine head with long muzzle & good width of skull, dark expressive eyes. High set ears carried close. Good, clean neck of a good length leading into well laid shoulders, straight forelegs with good bone. Well sprung ribs. Best of toplines held on the stance & on the move. Well angulated hindquarters with good muscle tone. Correct tailset. Really came alive on the move with the characteristic brisk & positive action. Superbly presented with the correct silky coat and handled to advantage.

4th) Fox Terrier (Smooth)

Puppy Group

1st) Border Terrier; 2nd) Norwich Terrier; 3rd) West Highland White Terrier; 4th) Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Judge: Kirsty Miller (Feorlig)