• Show Date: 03/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Kirsty Miller Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ripon & District Canine Society

Border Terrier

Junior D/B (2)

Difficult class to judge as both so varied in type.

1st) Metcalfe’S Billyboy Blue at Chevinor Workman like boy which ultimately won him this class. Good balance and nice size and shape, just needs to mature into his bod. Masculine typical head and expression with good strong muzzle. Good shoulders and straight forelegs with neat feet. Spannable. Good topline and tailset. Moved out well, just needs to settle behind. Excellent thick harsh double coat.

2nd) McPherson’s Gene Genie, Very different to the winner, being heavier all through and carrying a little too much weight. Pretty head and a good keen expression. Good neck and shoulders. Presented in a good harsh jacket. Very excitable on the move, but once settled showed true sound movement.

Open (1)

1st) Metcalfe’s Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor SHCM, Really lovely, typical example of the breed and is of a lovely size and shape. Strong but not overdone masculine head with keenest of expressions. Straight forelegs with good upper arm angulation. Neat tight feet. Spannable with ribs carried well back giving a good underline. Level topline and correct tailset. Racy well-muscled quarters with low set hocks. Good muscle tone. Steady true mover and carries himself well around the ring. 

Norfolk Terrier

Open (3)

1st) Gee’s Watercroft Top Totty, headed a really lovely class of 3 excellent examples of the breed and it was a pleasure to judge them all. This little bitch is full of character and a complete handful for her handler but I totally fell for her charm today. Excellent type and size. Small and compact with excellent substance. Feminine head of good strength with correct broad skull and well defined stop. Well set oval shaped eyes giving the most keenest of expression with a slight hint of cheekiness! Well set V-shaped ears, used to advantage. Well laid back shoulders and short, straight forelegs. Well sprung ribs and correct level topline with tail set well off her back and carried well. Very excitable on the move but once settled showed she was a good sounder mover. Presented in a harsh jacket. I was delighted to award her BOB & G1

2nd) Smith’s Javidel Despicable May, another really lovely one and pushed the winner hard. Lovely make and shape being short and compact with excellent substance. Strong and straight forelegs with round feet. Masculine head of a good strength with dark, expressive eyes. Ears set well and used to advantage. Excellent to go over with everything falling into place. Level topline held well at all times with a good tail carriage. Moved out soundly and positively. Presented in 1st class order. BP, PG1 and thrilled to hear he went onto RBPIS.

3rd) Gee’s Watercroft Peggy Sue

Norwich Terrier

Open (1)

1ST) Smith’s Javidel Walk in the Park, Very well developed, cobby and masculine dog with a short, very compact body. Pleasing width of skull, well filled in muzzle. Correctly set, oval eyes giving a wonderful bright expression. Medium ears, set well apart and used to advantage. Powerful and short forelegs with round, cat-like feet. Great neck with strength and length and so well set into shoulders. Well sprung ribs, set well back into a good short loin. Excellent topline and tail set. Well turned stifle with great muscle tone which he used to advantage on the move. Presented and handled to the best advantage. BOB & G2

Welsh Terrier

Open (2)

1ST) Heath’s Cannyyatton Ms Tiggywinkle, I really liked this feminine bitch who was of a lovely size and shape and full of breed type. Her handler doesn’t always get the most out of her but when you get your hands on her you can really appreciate her qualities. Well proportioned head, with classic expression, lovely eye and well set ears. Good lay of shoulder, good depth and spring of ribbing. Moved well in front, but lack of strength through hocks evident in rear movement. BOB

2nd) Ashton’s Cannyyatton Diggory Delvet from Kitesprite, Up to size boy and really needs to drop into himself as he matures. Well balanced head with keen eye. Ears set well but need to settle. Decent in body, a little lacking in ribbing and therefore long in loin. Presented in 1st class order and moved out well and soundly. BP PG3.

Bedlington Terrer

Open (2, 1abs)

1st) Fletcher’s Janmark Just for J for Maevani, this bitch really impresses standing across the ring, with such a typical graceful outline. Excellent head with narrow skull, so feminine with lovely expressive eyes. Low set ears hanging close to cheeks. Excellent reach of neck, well laid shoulders and correct forelegs & hare feet . Good depth to body and correct flat ribs. Muscular hindquarters, strong well let down hocks. Moves lovely in profile, I would just like to see her neater behind. Presented in the most fabulous coat. BOB & G4

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Open (1)

1st) Johnson’s Garsayno Gold Kipling SHCM, Quality young male who appeals greatly for breed type & balance, quality well balanced head, good neck & shoulder, good front, well developed rib, carrying just the right amount of weight. Super topline, with good tailset & carriage, coat of good texture that was well presented. On the move he is true fore & aft & in profile he displays good length of stride. Handled to get the very best from him. BOB & G3

Irish Terrier

Open (1)

1st) Howarth & Looker’s Kells Hot Tempest, racy bitch with elegance and gracefulness. Clean feminine head of good length, keen expression. Well set ears, used to advantage. Excellent neck and shoulders. Strong short back with good typical topline and good tailset. Moved out lovely in profile just needs to settle on the up and back. Prestened in an excellent harsh jacket. BOB

A.V.N.S.C. Terrier

Post Graduate (1)

1st) Roe & Stewart’s Eskwire It’s a Lot To Like Love, Scottish Terrier bitch, lovely bitch with a good shape and outline. Low to ground with excellent body and substance. Nice long head with parallel head planes, lovely ears that she uses to her advantage. Good spring of ribs and decent topline but tail could be set better. Strong hind quarters. Excellent coat and condition. Moved out well and soundly. BAVNSC.

Judge Kirsty Miller