• Show Date: 10/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Kirsty Miller Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Dukeries [Notts] Gundog Club

Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club

Spaniel (Clumber)

Puppy D/B (4,1abs)

1st) Walking’s Mauresett Mycate at Kiswahili, what a lovely way to start the evening off with. Lovely bitch puppy of the correct shape and wonderful breed type . Excellent head with skull shape, ears well set, excellent eye shape & colour. Powerful & strong reach of neck with well placed shoulders. Strong bone & round feet. Excellent forechest & depth of brisket. Good spring of rib for age with the correct amount of loin. Well muscled hind quarters with a moderate bend of stifle. Moved with drive & reach. I was happy to award her BOB & BP.

2nd) Taylor & Hilton’s Delsaux Beneath the Sun, lovely bitch and close up to 1. Presented in immaculate coat and condion. Lovely size and shape. Good strong head with lovely shaped eye and correct colour. Well angulated fore and aft with well boned legs and tight feet. Firm topline and goos tail set. Not as settled as 1 on the move but once settled she showed she was sound both front and back.

3rd) Guy’s Tweedsmuir Swashbuckler at Jahanghir

Post Graduate D/B (2,1abs)

1st) Boden’s Marshalver Moonriver up to size male, who presents a well balanced outline standing. Lovely broad masculine head with good stop, correct bite and clean eyes. Typical Clumber expression. Good in front construction , well off for bone and well padded pasterns. Good length in body & neck. Well low in hocks & stifles. Was a little erratic on the move today but once settled moved out soundly. RBOB

Spaniel (Field)

Junior D/B (1)

1st) Macbain & Brewer’s Nautica N’fecimus Aint No Fool NAF (IMP USA) quality 14 month old, well balanced Liver & Tan boy who really takes the eye. Super shape and outline. Excellent head with chiselling and moderate stop. Correctly shaped eyes of a good colour giving a pleasing expression. Long and muscular neck leading into well laid back shoulders. Good length of leg, with flat bone. Deep chest and well sprung ribs. Hocks well let down. Moved out with purpose and soundly.

Post Graduate (3)

1st) Bennett’s Jesham Baronet, really liked this 19 month old Liver boy, who really has an air of quality about him. Super masculine head, well chiselled and correct slightly raised eyebrows. Muzzle long and lean and of a good strength. Excellent neck and shoulders with a good deep chest. Straight forelegs with amble bone and neat, tight feet. Back firm and strong and held level at all times. Strong hindquarters with plenty of muscle which he used to advantage to drive freely around the ring and ever so sound. RBOB.

2nd) Macbain & Brewer’s Nautica N’fecimus Aint No Fool NAF (IMP USA) see Junior.

3rd) Macbain & Brewer’s Nautica N’fecimus Shake Your Tail Feather (IMP USA)

Open (3,1abs)

1st) Macbain & Shepherd’s Sh Ch/NL Ch Hardypups Cookie Monster, 9.5 year old Liver bitch that doesn’t know her age! Cracking bitch that I have judged before as a youngster and awarded her BP then. It was a pleasure to be able to judge her again and see her wonderfully she has matured. Beautiful shape and outline when standing and really does look a picture, freestanding looking adoringly at her owner. Beautiful head, with the correct amount of work with good stop and long muzzle. Lovely, almond shaped eyes of a good colour which give a melting expression. Excellent neck and shoulder placement. Straight forelegs with good bone and tight round feet. Well developed deep chest and moderately sprung ribs set well back into a strong, firm loin. Strong hindquarters with well let down hocks. Moved around the ring with such ease, great drive from the rear and ever so sound both fore and aft. BOB.

2nd) Elliott’s Ewtor Excalibur at Portsoy another lovely example of the breed and I was splitting hairs between the two. 5 year old Liver male with a lovely outline and presented in excellent coat and condition. Masculine head of the correct shape and lovely expression. Well angulated both fore and after with firm back and strong loin. Sound mover just not the drive and pizzazz as the winner today.

Spaniel (Sussex)

Junior D/B (1)

1st) Mercer’s Stormacre Unlikely Angel, lovely bitch who showed a very typical outline when standing. Good head, with good width to skull and correct stop. Eye of a good shape and decent colour. Excellent substance and well off for bone. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders, plenty of depth of chest, and well sprung ribs. Well muscled hind quarters which she really used on the move, being ever so sound both coming and going. RBOB.

Open (1)

1st) Bowe’s Sh Ch Tawnyka Its A Puzzle for Belcam JW ShCM, 3 year old male, that I recently awarded a group too. I loved him them and my opinion of him has certainly not changed now. Cracking shape and excellent balance, shown in firm hard condition and presented perfectly. Excellent masculine head, with wide skull and ears set moderately low with good feathering. Long, slightly arced neck leading into well placed shoulders. Well boned and strong forelegs. Well developed chest and deep ribs. Moved out well with that typical Sussex roll and so true both fore and aft. BOB

Irish Setter

Puppy D/B (2,1abs)

1st) Sharman & Jennings-Sharman Kerrimere Red Ribbon, delightful 9 month old bitch that I really liked. I see she is by my BOB winner and she really does have the same stamp of quality that he does. Long head of the correct shape, with well set dark eyes that give this really cheeky endearing expression. Good length of neck leading into correctly sloping shoulders. Deep chest and well sprung ribs. Legs well boned with good tight, arched feet. Well turned stifle and let down hocks. Firm topline with tail set off the level of the back. Moved out with great style and confidence for one so young and very sound. Should have a very promising future. BP

Junior D/B (2)

1st) Hart’s Gwendariff In The Limelight with Gilliegrae lovely sized dog of 16 months old. Great outline and balance. Masculine head of the good shape with well set appealing eyes. Long neck leading into sloping shoulders and excellent depth to chest. Well bodied with a good spring of rib leading back into a strong loin. Well muscled hindquarters which he really used to advantage on the move, driving out with style and ever so sound. Presented in good coat and condition.

2nd) Anthony & Hopewell’s Starlanta’s Out A Time a lovely young male who I have done well as a puppy and now just out a puppy into junior is showing a little immaturity against the older male, nevertheless he is a very nice boy, with a good long, lean head and pleasing expression. Excellent depth of chest and very well boned legs and tight feet. Good spring of ribs set well back into a short loin and firm topline with tail set right off his back. Really powers around the ring with great style. For me, just looked the real baby against my winner today which was the deciding factor but I am sure he will have a great future ahead of him.

Special Yearling D/B (2)

1st) Hart’s Gwendariff In The Limelight with Gilliegrae see Junior

2nd) Quinn’s Starlanta’s Yankee Doodle Dandy 18 month, well balanced male with a good shape & good body with adequate substance. Masculine head, a little strong for me but he presents a goodexpression. Good length of neck leading into decently placed shoulders. Suffiecent depth of chest and fairly sprung ribs leading into a good short loin. Well angulated hindquarters. Moved out well just a little erratic at times.

Post Graduate D/B (4,1abs)

1st) Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Quensha Tumble and Twirl, A lovely bitch with a gorgeous outline and a very typical feminine Irish head, with correct eye colour and shape, nice brow and good ear set. Good length of neck with desired crest, leading into correct layback of shoulder with very good fore chest and excellent spring of rib. Correct oval bone with nice tight feet. In excellent coat, with good muscular condition throughout. Moved well very well and soundly with her tail gently lashing at all times. Presented and handled to get the very best out of her. RBOB

2nd) Jarvis’ Lowdon Sleepy Time, pretty bitch of a similar stamp to 1. Lovely typical shape and outline. Very pretty long head, with a good expression. Good depth of forechest and well ribbed. Well muscled throughout with a firm topline held well at all times. Not the mover as my winner but nevertheless moved out with enough drive and fairly sound.

3rd) Savage’s Brabrook Masterpiece at Firefall

Limit D/B (2)

1st) Sharman & Jennings-Sharman Kerrimere Indiscreet, handsome 2 year old male who has so much to like. I have done him well as a youngster and it was lovely to see today how he has fulfilled his early promise. For me, his head is just gorgeous, long and lean with well shaped dark hazel eyes giving the most glorious expression. Excellent depth of chest and well sprung ribs set right back into a good short, muscular loin. Long neck leading well back into correct front angulations. Well boned forelegs with good tight feet and elbows close to chest. Well muscled hind quarters with a good turn of stifle. Standing he presents a very typical outline. He moved out very soundly fore and aft and had a lovely profile action holding his topline and lashing his tail at all times. Really liked him. BOB.

2nd) Morgan & Schofield’s Jubliana Eternal Flame for Cwsscwn, excellent type of bitch, who I liked a lot and really made my job difficult in this class. Different type to my winner but has so many qualities. Beautiful shape standing with a good outline and so well balanced. Feminine head, with raised brows and well set eyes giving an appealing expression. Good depth to chest. Long neck leading cleanly into well placed shoulders. Well sprung ribs leading right back into a strong, firm loin. Topline firm and held well at all times with tail set off her back. Wide powerful hindquarters with short hocks. Moved soundly around the ring, lashing her tail at all times.

Open D/B (2)

1st) Anthony’s Starlanta’s Fire Queen JW, lovely bitch that presents a typical outline when standing. Such a pretty bitch with correctly raised brows, good stop & low set ears. Good angulation to front and rear quarters with excellent muscle tone. Firm topline held well at all times with tail set off back . In excellent coat and condition. Moved around the ring with some drive, I would just like to see her a little neater both up and back.

2nd) Savage’s Gwendariff The Ringmaster at Firefall handsome dark coated boy with most pleasing head and eye. Good reach of strong neck down through correct shoulder, adequate fore chest and width and depth of chest, for me I would prefer more, and well sprung rib. Decent front and rear angulations, strong over loin and rear quarters and nice let down hocks. Sound and balanced movement holding top line and using his tail while driving powerfully around the ring.

Judge: Kirsty Miller (Feorlig)