• Show Date: 22/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Kevin Hirst Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Basset Hound Club

Basset Hound Club 04/03/2018 held on the 22/04/2018 

I would like to thank the Officers & Committee for asking me to judge at the Basset Hound club show, also the exhibitors for giving me such a good entry it was a pity absentees were high due to the change of date because of the weather, but it was still a pleasure to go over so many nice dogs, as for the breed I found the health good with no skin problems or bad bites. 

Veteran Dog.  2. 2 abs, 

Minor Puppy Dog.  2. 1 abs, 

1st   Weston’s Longmynd Zodiac, 8mths  tri, nice head and expression ears set correct,  strong neck leading into decent  shoulders, good front, nicely boned with tight feet, good length of ribbing with a level topline, strong quarters with good tail carriage, when he settled moved true both front and rear,  


 Puppy Dog.  2.1 abs, 

1st  Newman’s Woferlow Hans Solo, 12mths Dark Tri tri, Lovely head and eyes with ears set on nicely, good front and well sprung ribs carried well back with correct ground clearance, whilst on the move he kept a level topline and a correct tail carriage,  on the move he pushed out from the rear, moving true both ways BPIS. 


Junior Dog. 1, 1 abs, 


Special Yearling  Dog. 1, 0 abs, 

1st  Allchorne’s Nelgus Tyme Bomb JW.  23mths black blanketed tri, Correct head with nice shaped eyes, good reach of neck, nice shoulders, strong bone and well ribbed, when on the move he kept a good shape and held a nice topline, moving true all around the ring.  


Post Graduate Dog. 3, 1 abs 

1st  Williams Bromp Dennis The Menace. 3½yrs, R/W, another nice dog, pleasing  head, good front, well boned with nice tight feet, level topline held at all times. He had strong quarters with well let down hocks going round the ring he moved with drive. 


2nd   Freudenreich’s Malrich Quantum of Solace, 3yrs, Smart tri, nice head & dark eye, good reach of neck, long well sprung ribcage and kept a level topline on the move carrying his tail well, nice dog. 


Limit Dog. 4, 1 abs 

1st Williams Bromp Brian Smart, 18mts R/W, strong head with nice shaped eye going into a long neck with well placed shoulders, nice feet, smooth ribs reaching well back, level topline leading into well muscled quarters, has very nice outline which he kept when he's on the move.  I was pleased to award him Res BD 


2nd  Robinson’s Bushoby The Architect, 2¾ yrs. R/W,  pleasing head, nice shoulders, good front, well boned, moved well keeping his topline at all times. Lost out to the winner on ground clearance, but hard to fault on the move as he was true from all angles. 


3rd Newman’s & Titley Buckadoe Tom Collins. 


Open Dog. 2, 1 abs 

1st Beale & Newman Woferlow Kanye West, 5yrs Black blanket tri, handsome masculine head nice shaped dark eye, ears well set on with good curl, neck powerful with good arch going into strong well placed shoulders, well boned with tight well padded feet, good front with well sprung ribs extending well back with a level topline, strong hide quarters with tail carried just right, move true and with ease. Pleased to give him BD & Res BIS  


Veteran  Bitch. 2, 1ab 

1st  Feetham’s Kimbleholme Fairytale, 9yrs, pretty head in a nice reach of neck, well boned and nice shoulders, well sprung ribs with a level topline, moving at all times Best Veteran in Show 


Minor Puppy Bitch. 3, 3abs 


Puppy Bitch. 6, 4abs 

1st  Robinson’s Bushoby A New Daybreak, 12mths R/W, very feminine ears with nice curl, neck long with arch going into well placed shoulders, lovely front, good bone with nicely bunched tight feet, well shaped ribs carried well back with a level topline, good quarters with correct tail carriage, moved around the ring with ease. BPB. 


2nd Luxmoore-Ball’s Tanneron Turella 11mts, Nice head, good length of neck, taller in frame than 1, held a level topline on the move and was true both ways. 


Junior Bitch 7, 5 abs  

1st Cartwright & Williams Bromp Miss Velvet at Longmynds,, 19mths tri, lovely head with well set on ears, neck of good length into well placed shoulders, good front and well boned with nice tight feet, nice smooth well sprung ribs in to strong quarters, moving true and with ease holding a level topline at all times, she took my eye as soon as she walk in the ring.  BB & BIS  


2nd Newman’s Sedonias Cristal Rose 15mths tri,  feminine head, elegant neck, nice shoulders and a good tight front, well boned with tight feet, good hind quarters and tail set on well, level topline moved true both ways and nice outline when stacked, 


Special Yearling  Bitch. 4, 2 abs 

1st  Allchorne’s Nelgus Cinnamon Spice, 23mths tri, pretty bitch nice head, soft curling ears, good front, and level topline kept on the move, moved very nicely around the ring with ease. 


2nd Feetham’s Kimbleholme Magic Dream, 22mths nice head and eye, with a good front and ribs, nice quarters, wish she had put more drive into her movement but still a very nice bitch. 


Post Graduate Bitch. 5, 3abs 

1st  Newman’s Quantas Napoca Vintage, 2½yrs tri, nice expression, enough reach of neck, good front, enough bone with good feet, well sprung ribs carrying a level topline, strong quarters which enabled her to moved well, 


2nd  Freudenreich’s Malrich Puss “n” Boots 2yrs tri, feminine head with good bone and tight feet, nice front, good ribs of a nice length and well sprung, moved and handled very well pushed the winner hard. 


Limit Bitch. 5, 4abs 

1st Allchorne’s Diheath Marci  5½yrs dark R/W, very feminine head, nice reach of neck, good shoulders and well filled in front, having well sprung ribs of good length, well muscled quarters with her tail carried nicely, moved with ease and drive, only just lost out in the challenge.    


Open Bitch. 4, 1abs 

1st Cartwright’s Ch Longmynd Will “O” The Wisp, tri, feminine head with well set on ears, neck of good length, well placed shoulders, good front and well boned with nice tight feet, smooth well sprung ribs in to strong quarters, moving true and with ease holding a level topline at all times  RBB  


2nd Newman 7 Beales Woferlow Penelope 3½yrs dark tri, nice head, strong neck, front good and well sprung ribs, carrying a level topline, when going round the ring she moved with ease.  


3rd Feetham’s Kimberholme Fairydust. 


BIS   Cartwright & Williams Bromp Miss Velvet at Longmynds, 

Res BIS Beale & Newman Woferlow Kanye West, 

Res BD Williams Bromp Brian Smart, 

Res BB Cartwright’s Ch Longmynd Will “O” The Wisp 

BPIS  Newman’s Woferlow Hans Solo, 


Brace 2 1abs 


1st Newman’s 


Judge Kevin P Hirst "Kejana"