• Show Date: 28/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Keeley Newman-Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cleveland Agricultural Show Society

Cleveland County Show Society Open Show – Saturday 28th July 2018

The weather conditions and heavy rain were trying, making the critiques written, especially for the early classes, difficult to read.  Thank you to the exhibiters and my steward for their good humour in the conditions.

Dachshund MSH Graduate (1,0) Mason’s Ayla Starlight from Teckeltown 20 mth bitch. Feminine head with proportions of equal length. Correct bite. Well high set ears. Strong sternum, front angulation and good long topline.  Muscular at the rear. Did very well on the move in the bad weather. Liked her very much BOB MSH Open (1,0) Upton’s Lustrum Buttons N Bows at Denval 5yr bitch. Another feminine head.   Good front and rear angulation, long in the topline, strong loin. Dachshund MLH Graduate Graduate Tolberg Beez Kneez at Teckletown 15mth bitch. Super feminine with beautiful head of correct proportions.  Well set eye and ears. Strong in the sternum. Well angulated and set shoulders. Strong in the loin with good topline.  Rear muscular and well angulated.  In super coat and condition, moved very well in the weather, balanced, long striding and flowing.  BOB and Group 1. Whippet Graduate (2,1) Lewis’ Shalfleet Silk N Honey by Makem 2 yr bitch Nice long head, oval eyes and small well set ears.  Correct bite. Very good shoulders with lovely length of upper arm.  A little to upright in her front pasterns.  Her chest still needs to fully develop.  Balanced rear angulation which she certainly used to produce good reach and drive on the move presenting a flowing picture which ensured BOB and Group 3 Open (1,1) Beagle Junior (2,1) Gooderham Saltcliff Ophelia 14mth bitch – enjoying her day in the ring and not helping her handler.  Head of good equal proportions, slightly domed skull.  Dark eye, low ear set of good length, correct bite.  Had good length to her upper arm leading to well laid shoulders.  Chest will drop as she matures. Lovely bone, strong pasterns.  Level topline, ribs well sprung and short coupled.  Very good rear angulation which balanced her shoulders.  Lots to like about her, little erratic on the move but sure she will come on well.  Graduate (1,0) Gooderham’s Saltcliffe Northern Star 14mth dog, full brother to junior winner.  Has all the good points of his sister in addition was far more settled and presented a more balanced picture stood.  On the move he was more balanced and had good front reach and drive BOB and Group 4 Irish Wolfhound Graduate (1,0) Morris’s Ilsa di Castello Berge of Draymorr 2yr dog.  Lovely male. Long head with enough breadth in his skull to indicate masculinity but not too broad.  Correct bite. Dark oval eye.  Small ear.  Liked his strong neck leading to well laid shoulders with lovely length of upper arm.  Ribs well back, he had strength in his back and loin.  Balanced rear angulation.  Just needs for his chest to fully drop and fully mature.  Lovely condition and coat. Moved well but just not as balanced as the Open bitch. Open (1,0) O’Neill’s Hydebeck Echo of a Ruler in Ballyvonair 2 yr bitch.  Beautiful head meeting breed type but in no doubt female.  Dark eye and correct bite.  Lovely length of neck, no dewlap, well laid shoulders and length of upper arm. Chest deeper than graduate winner. Ribs well back into strong loin.  Good stifle, hocks down. Good muscular condition and coat.  Moved with more balance than the previous class winner but I would prefer more width at the rear going away however her maturity and balance earned her BOB.  Moved much better at the rear in the group to earn Group 2. Rhodesian Ridgeback Open (1,0) Hall’s Kenquince Pisconia 3 yr bitch.  Long and deep in the muzzle, flat skulled, round eye and good ear set presented a lovely feminine head.  In lovely condition with correct ridge.  Balanced front and rear angulation with nice length of upper arm.  Well laid shoulders, nicely sprung ribs and good length of back.  On the move she was a little lethargic today and may have benefited from more width in her rear movement to produce more drive. BOB Hound Group – Grp 1 Dachshund MLH, Grp 2 Irish Wolfhound, Grp 3 Whippet, Grp 4 Beagle. AV Hound Graduate 1st Mason’s Ayla Starlight from Teckeltown Dachshund MSH. AV Hound Open 1st Hall’s Kenquince Pisconia Rhodesian Ridgeback. Border Terrier Junior Pollit’s Brackenfell Rock the Boat for Vandamere 14mth dog I liked him a lot and just needs to mature.  Masculine in the head, moderately broad skull and strong muzzled. Nice dark eye.  Very good front, straight forelegs, nice upper arm length. Deep in the chest. He balanced his front with ribs well back, a strong loin and extremely good rear stifle. Good coarse coat.  Moved with purpose.  Like to see how he comes on.  Close to BOB.  Graduate (1,0) Lorraine’s Raleniro New Rose 4 yr bitch. Smaller stature bitch, pretty head, dark eye and short in muzzle, well set ears.  Would prefer little less breadth in skull.  Balanced front and rear angulation but a little wide in front and close behind on the move. Open (3,3) 1st Pollit’s Tyneaster Undercover Agent for Vandermere JW 3yr male, everything to like about him both stood and on the move.  A larger male but spannable, with good bone but not overdone.  Super head and expression.  Short in the muzzle, moderately broad in the skull, dark eye and well set ear.  Well off facial furnishings.  Good in the front, straight forelegs, deep chested.  Ribs well back, strong in the loin.  I would prefer him to be a tad longer in the back.  Good feet, well set tail.  In super coat and condition.  Very balanced on the move.  A deserved BOB and Group 1, I believe gaining him his Show Certificate of Merit, well done. 2nd Lorraine and Thomas Raleniro Secon Time Around Sh CM 4 yr dog.  Smaller stature dog than 1st.  Good head, short in the muzzle and dark eye.  Balanced front and rear but not quite the front as the winner.  Good on the move. WHWT Open (1,0) Pearson’s Braxquin One in a Million for Winoski 2 yr bitch.  So much to like about her, super head, eye and expression.  Balanced front and rear, compact body, level topline and very strong in the loin. Excellent tail set and carriage in good coat and condition.  Strong on the move.  Not helping her handler at all but she seemed to be enjoying herself.  BOB and Group 3. SBT Open (2,0) 1st Nicholson’s Northstaff Poster Boy 14mth dog.  Lovely masculine dog.  Good short and deep head, with good stop.  Round, dark eye with lovely expression.  Correct bite. Lovely straight front, excellent bone, deep chested and well sprung ribs.  Level in his topline, held well on the move.  Short coupled and strong in the loin.  Presented in good, muscular condition and short glossy coat. Very good on the move. BOB and Group 2 2nd Hind’s Mournestaffs Talaris 12mth bitch.  Just out of puppy and although many similar qualities to the winner, just needs to time to mature.  Not quite as strong on the move as the dog. Welsh Terrier Open (1,0) Ashton’s Jymelhia Princess Consuela Kitesprite 16 mth bitch.  Very feminine with lovely head, flat skull of moderate width, good eye and well high set ear.  She presented a graceful picture stood, straight in front with strong forelegs and pasterns.  Chest lacks depth currently.  Short in the back, strong loined and sprung ribs.  Her rear is muscular.  In good coat and condition.  Moved well but not happy on the ground, although improved considerably in the group when moving. BOB and Group 4. Wirehaired Fox Terrier Open (1,0) Griffiths Brocolita Grace Kelly at Starland ShCM 5yr bitch.  Beautiful head with super expression, flat skull.  Dark eye, well set ear.  She is full of character and was enjoying herself, making her handler work hard.  Balanced front and rear.  A little erratic on the move.  She was carrying too much weight for me but I did like her very much. BOB Cairn Graduate (1,0) Jobling’s Arden Pearl 8mth bitch. Lovely puppy with feminine head, broad in the skull but no mistaking a bitch.  Correct bitch.  Dark eye. Balanced front and rear and good depth of chest for a puppy.  Well sprung ribs, strong back and loin.  In good coat and muscular condition.  Should have a good future.  On the move she had reach and drive.  A novice handler who did very well and deserved BOB and PG1. AV Terrier Puppy Jobling’s Arden Pearl AV Terrier Open 1st Lorraine’s Raleniro New Rose AV Terrier Veteran 1st Pearsons Winoski Mr Chips ShCM WHWT 10 yr dog.  Totally belied his age, especially on the move with supper straight, flowing ground covering stride with total balance. Lovely masculine head, balanced front and rear, presented in lovely condition and coat. BV 2nd Lorraine’s Stbedehounds Frank in Sense at Raleniro 9 yr border.  Lots to like, good in the head, front and rear presenting a balanced picture.  Very good coat and condition, just showed age on the move lacking rear drive. Judge Keeley Newman Jones