• Show Date: 02/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Kay Alexandra Strong Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Wolsingham & Wear Valley Agricultural Society




Thank you to the committee of Wolsingham Agricultural Show for inviting me to judge my beautiful breed. A huge thank you to my lovely steward for the day for keeping things running smoothly and thank you to all the exhibitors for giving me the privilege to assess your dogs.

Junior (2,4).

1. Bamforth, Bellamiabam La Vie Est Belle.

What an impressive 6 month old dark red female with so much ring presence at such a tender age. Lovely developing Trapezoid head with a tight clear eye and correct undershot dentition. Good reach of neck leading on to well laid shoulders. Super front assembly with a good depth of chest, standing on nice tight feet. Excellent rear angulation and well off for bone. Moved with confidence and drive around the ring. Awarded her my best puppy and she went on to take Working Puppy Group 1. Definitely one to watch!

2. Exley, Brulerdogues Hurricane.

8 month old lovely red Male, with a developing masculine head and a pronounced stop forming a near right angle. Nice wide open nostrils, well defined chin, good dentition. Strong bone with lots of substance. Correct tailset, thick at the base and carried low. Moved with ease around the ring and took everything in his stride and did all his handler asked of him. Lots to like about this youngster, I will watch his progress with interest.

Post Graduate (2,4)

1. Hughes & Murray, Canisred Dory.

2 year old red female, I liked this girl a lot. So feminine but still maintains a lovely powerful muscular body. Beautiful forbidding expression not overdone at all with wrinkle, great straight front, strong thick neck, nice level top line and good in profile, excellent rear angulation and good bend of stifle, strong tight feet. Moved freely and soundly and was one of my best movers of the day. Handled well.

2. Bamforth, Temptress Rockabye At Bellamiabam.

21 month old stocky female slightly lighter in colour. Very well presented in lovely condition with excellent bone and very well bodied, broad wide chest with lots of depth. Well proportioned head with a broad skull, Wide strong muzzle with a well defined chin. Would prefer a little more length in the forearm. Strong straight front leading onto nice tight feet. Her young handler certainly shows her to her full potential.

Open (3,5)


1. Bamforth, Temptress Ice Warrior Of Bellamiabam.

21 month old Male, who just oozes breed type. Imposing, stocky and powerful who just draws you in with his arrogance and superior stature. Strong broad Trapezoid head piece which is volumous with mobile wrinkle. Impressive broad, deep chest leading onto a very straight front. Such lovely tight feet for a male of his size. Thick strong neck leading onto well laid shoulders. Excellent bone and substance. Holds his top line both in profile and on the move. A quality exhibit and is still so young, I was pleased to award him my best of breed.

2. Kirkley, Redreve The Real McCoy.

2 ½ year old Male with a stunning large trapezoid head, a nice wide inverted v with pendulous flews and just enough chin. Lots of expression not overdone in any way. Correct dentition.Clear eyes. A very athletic Male with lovely muscle tone who was shown in tip top condition. Straight front leading onto nice tight feet. Good gait with forward reach and rear drive, would just prefer a lower tail carriage. This boy is without doubt ‘fit for purpose’.

Kay Alexandra Strong (Strongzbeaux)