• Show Date: 13/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Katie Manners Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society


As a last minute replacement Judge, I was extremely grateful to the Beagle exhibitors for being so gracious and accepting of my placings. Thank you to the Society for asking me to judge a breed very close to my heart.

My partner has been involved with pack beagles for quite some time, recently retiring from his position of huntsman after 10 seasons. Due the time I have spent in the field (and on my sofa) with pack beagles I see them first and foremost as a functional breed who should be very much a keen and attentive little hound, not coarse and with active, purposeful movement. Not to forget, tight feet.

Puppy (2)

1. Luluwells Major At Donay. 11mth Tricolour Dog. A masculine male puppy with well proportioned head with super ears and correct bite. Lovely length of neck onto well laid shoulders. Good amount of bone, not too heavy and neat feet. Level topline which was carried on the move. Excellent movement coming, going and in profile. BPIB

2. Rushwater Pili Pala. 9mth Tricolour Bitch. A jolly bitch puppy with a lovely temperament. Nice head with correct bite. Lovely angles front and back. Carried her stern gaily. Wonderful coat. Moved well. Preferred the ears and topline of 1.

Post Graduate (6/1 absent) - A lovely class of bitches.

1. Eardley Sam Which. 19mth Tricolour Bitch. Feminine young bitch with the most endearing expression, the darkest of eyes. Loved her height and type. Superb head with correct bite and lovely ears. Well Laid shoulder leading down to a good front and nice neat feet. Excellent coat. Could be slightly shorter coupled. Moved well. RBOB

2. Blitzlilie Winter Is Coming. 2.5yo Tricolour Bitch. Larger in frame to 1. yet still very balanced pleasing on the eye. Nice head with low set ears and correct bite. Well laid shoulder following onto good ribbing. Moved really well. Preferred the size and type of 1. Just pipped 3 to 2nd place with her forthcoming merry attitude.

3. Coachbarn Celeste

Open (4)

1. Bondlea Layman. 6yo Tricolour Dog. Balanced male in excellent hard condition. Well proportioned head, excellent bite and ears. Lovely length of neck, well laid shoulder and great feet. Good bone, not too heavy for a male. Level topline carried on the move. Well defined hind muscle tone. Skin and coat in tip top condition. He moved correctly, with real purpose and drive which won him a well deserved BOB.

2. Donay Faith. 2.5yo Bitch. A well proportioned bitch of good size and type. Lovely head and nice low set ears. Level topline, carried well on the move. Elbows set well underneath. A little more forechest than I would like but her lovely front and rear angles led to super movement which placed her above 3.

3. Coachbarn Coda.