• Show Date: 08/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Katie Manners Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Crystal Palace Canine Association


Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge whippets. I had a wonderful, quality, entry and would like to thank the exhibitors for bringing their dogs under me.

Puppy (3/1 abs)

1. Selinko Black Rose Of Shemist. 8 month black with white trim bitch. Beautiful jacket, in such superb condition. Lovely head and expression with correct ears. Long elegant neck leading onto smooth shoulders. Well sprung pasterns and neat feet. Good hind angulation. Moved well both in profile and fore and aft, very steady on the move. BPIB, PG1.

2. Enolacans Antonio Banderas At Chipperlake (IMP). 6 month fawn dog. What a lovely puppy! Just pipped to the post by 1 due to maturity and steadiness on the move but I’m sure he will be one to watch in the future! Gorgeous head and expression, well placed shoulders and adequate depth of chest for age. Smooth under hand and in excellent body condition. Super pasterns and feet. Very unsettled on the move but this will come. Very well handled.

Junior (4/1 abs)

1. Citycroft Sundae With Oxana JW. 12 month fawn with white trim dog. I have admired this dog from the side lines as a puppy. Handsome head with the most wonderful dark eyes and pigmentation. His front assembly and shoulder placement are fabulous, good rise over the loin which compliments his curvy underline. Superb angulation front and back. Very nice tight feet. Moved well in profile but lacks the strength in hind quarters which will come with age, very happy to award him RBOB.

2. Sochma Sunset Duchess. 16 month fawn particoloured bitch. Feminine head with kind expression and good underjaw. Good topline and rise over loin. Lovely deep chest curving upwards to a good tuck up. A little upright in pastern but moved steadily and straight.

3. Likiria Pocket Full Of Stars

Yearling (4)

1. Blondessa Be Happy JW. 21 month red fawn bitch. Another I have admired from ringside and she certainly didn’t disappoint! A beautiful bitch of correct size. Stunning head, complimented by dark, correct shaped eyes and fine ears. So smooth underhand and in great body condition. This bitch presents no exaggerations whatsoever, she is a classic whippet. Her correctly placed shoulders lead to a curvy body with a top and underline which flow perfectly. Superb angles front and back. Excellent pasterns and well let down hocks. Moves well both in profile and straight as a die fore and aft. BOB

2. Sochma Sunset Duchess

3. Amber Amaryllis From Pelyma

Post Graduate (7/3 abs)

1. Likira Moonshine Song. 17 month fawn dog. Larger in frame than the winners of previous classes but this young dog is extremely sound and pushed hard for RBOB but just missed out on size. Very masculine head and correct dentition. Lovely long neck and super shoulder placement. Good depth of chest. Strong Loin and hindquarters with well defined second thigh. Effortless on the move.

2. Jothryn Bjorne To Party With Bunehug. 3 year old fawn brindle bitch. Beautiful classic whippet. Another bitch of wonderful size. Feminine head with a melting expression, lovely fine ears. Curvy outline with great angles front and back. Smooth underhand. Moved well, just lacked a little drive.

3. Jemalsheva Dolce

Open (6/4 abs)

1. Blandings Treacle Tart ShCM. 4 year old bridle particoloured bitch. Beautiful bitch of good size, very eye catching. Prettiest of heads with excellent expression and ear set. Long, lean, elegant neck. Well placed shoulders but just lacks wither to complete the outline. Curvy underline and neat tuck up. Strong, well defined hindquarters which led to excellent drive on the move. When stacked, she can just tend to sink into herself when not on the ball but very well handled.

2. Lelaps Expelliarmus. 5 year old brindle and white dog. Masculine, well shaped head with good ears and dentition. Thicker set in neck yet not course. Good shoulders, well sprung pasterns and neat feet. Curvy topline and lovely hind angles. Strong hindquarters. Moved well. Unfortunately he had ladies on his mind today rather than the job in hand, however, this didn’t distract from the fact he is a quality dog.

Katie Manners