• Show Date: 03/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Karen James Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Eastwood Kennel Association

Eastwood Kennel Association 

3rd April 2018

Judge Karen James


Junior 5,3 abs

1st & BP Angus’ Sparkenhoe Overture

Lovely well balanced bitch of 9 months. Loved her size and femininity, well angulated front & rear, strong level topline which she held on the move , good harsh coat, moved soundly.

2nd Stammer’s Deena Ballettanzer At Lochpointer

Taller bitch of 16 months, good head & eye. Well angulated front with good depth of chest, coat not as harsh as 1, well muscled rear, moved well.

3rd Pearson’s Ladyhawke Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Post Graduate 3,1abs

1st Stammer’s Deena Ballettanzer At Lochpointer


2nd Pearson’s Ladyhawke Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Finer bitch of 13 months, sweet head with good shoulders, slightly tucked up at present, good coat, moved ok 

Open 4,1abs - Super Class

1st & BOB,Gundog Group 2 Trow’s Ch Winterwell Inca Trail

Stunning bitch from any angle, balanced head, good lay back of shoulder, correct harsh coat, good bone , chest deep and ribs well sprung, super muscle tone which showed in her free easy movement. 

2nd & RBOB Adam’s Sh Ch Barleyarch Ariat JW ShCM 

Masculine Male of good breed type, little strong in head for me, but well angulated front and rear, strong bone, correct coat,excellent muscle , moved soundly 

3rd Ellis’ Soellis Fannie Annie JW

Really liked this bitch but at only 22 months looked the baby in the class, I’m sure she will trouble the best when fully mature 


Junior 1 Entry

1st & BOB & BP, Puppy Group 2 Pinkerton’s Bareve Back To Black

What a sweetie! This bitch has the most exquisite expression from a soft eye, good width in front with good bone, super coat and texture, well angulated rear, moves with such character, I’m sure she will have a promising future ahead 

Post Graduate No Entries

Open 1 Entry

1st & RBOB Pinkerton’s Bareve Boschkloof

Strong Male with masculine head , well laid back shoulder, excellent bone, good jacket , well muscled hind quarters, moved well once settled, but had to give way to his kennel mate today. 


Puppy 5 Entries 

1st & BP West’s Sheigra Simply A Star

Very feminine black bitch,appealing head,good neck & shoulders, well sprung ribs, correct topline and tailset, strong rear quarters , moved soundly once settled.

2nd West’s Sheigra Stars In Her Eyes

Litter sister to 1, another quality puppy with the same attributes, just needs a bit more time to settle on the move, I’m sure these two will swap places in the future. 

3rd Bayliss’ Wilanorah Hip Hop

Junior 8,1abs

1st & BOB Anderson’s Cassom Caravaggio At Linchael 

Quality blue roan boy who caught my eye on entering the ring. Lovely balanced masculine head, clean neck and shoulders, good spring of rib and depth of chest, well muscled hindquarters which he used well on the move. Tail never stopped wagging giving him that happy merry cocker movement. Lovely to hear afterwards he gained his final points for his JW, congratulations! 

2nd West’s Sheigra Super Special 

Compact black bitch with a feminine head, good front and rear angulation, short coupled and strong loin , tight feet, moved well

3rd Sewell’s Wintonia Hidden Gem At Quattrozampe

Yearling 7,3abs

1st Anderson’s Cassom Caravaggio At Linchael


2nd West’s Sheigra Super Special


3rd Brothwell’s Willanorah Candy Pop At Wissant

Post Graduate 6,3abs

1st Anderson’s Cassom Caravaggio At Linchael 


2nd Fawcett’s Helenwood Cool Breeze

Very compact blue roan boy, balanced head into clean shoulders, level topline, in good coat and presentation, moved soundly just not as animated as 1. 

3rd Varnam’s Cachel Snowqueen At Shanaudvarn

Open 6,2abs

1st & RBOB West’s Sheigra Stargazer JW ShCM 

Mature gold boy with a lovely compact outline, masculine in head, good width in front & rear, super coat condition, moved soundly with good tail carriage,close decision for bob. 

2nd Rothchild’s Cachel Starlette At Rothmia

Very feminine black bitch, beautiful head and eye, well laid back shoulders, compact body, well sprung ribs, strong hindquarters, in good coat,moved well. 

3rd Fawcett’s Jayzander Lets Tan Again


Junior 4,2abs 

1st & Best AVNSC Andrew & Blades’ Eldarrah Clash Of Kings For Antdela ( IWS)

16 months and very mature for age, masculine in head, well angulated front and rear, strong bone and tight feet, good crisp coat and curl, moved well once settled, a great character! 

2nd & Reserve Best AVNSC Bennett’s Jesham Baronet (Field Spaniel) 

Lovely outline to this boy, super head leading into well laid back shoulders, level topline with good tail set, ribs well sprung, strong hindquarters, moved soundly, just needs to gain a little confidence. 

Post Graduate 2,1abs

1st Leach’s Islanza Sprinter ( WSS) 

Head of good balance, clean neck and shoulders, tight feet, ribs well sprung, well muscled rear which he used well on the move, just lacking in a little coat.

Open 4,4abs


1st & BEST GUNDOG VETERAN Tracz’s Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer At Acregate ShCM ( ESS)

9 year old and boy can he still move!! Super outline with balanced head, clean neck with good width in front and rear, super muscle tone, excellent spring of rib and good depth of chest, in excellent condition. Movement was free & easy. 

2nd Mould,Bird &Andrews’ Antdela Aero In Koolwaters (IWS) 

8 year feminine bitch, pretty balanced head, strong neck into good shoulders, correct bone, level topline, good coat condition, well muscled, moved effortlessly. 


1 Melverly Desert Strike Over Acregate JW ShCM ( ESS)

2 Ch Winterwell Inca Trail ( GSP)

3 Teisgol I Am What I Am At Phlynnies ( Pointer) 

4 Riera Empress Of Lovissa ( Imp Rus) ( Golden Retriever) 


1 Staratlantas Out A Time TAF ( Irish Setter) BPIS

2 Bareve Back To Black ( GWP) 

3 Gunalt Move It To Pipwell ( Weimaraner)

4 Macarica Hugo ( Italian Spinone)