• Show Date: 09/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Karen Angier Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Dundee Canine Club

Dundee Canine Club – 9th June 2018

Judge Karen Angier (Bilyara)

Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge at this friendly well laid out show, and also arranging the lovely weather. I enjoyed my day though it was a long one, but with the expert help of my lovely steward made it so much easier – Thank you. Lots of lovely dogs and sporting, friendly exhibitors – thank you all for your entries.

Best in Show

Crawford & McDonald – Misty Holly More Magic for Louiston – Australian Shepherd

Reserve Best in Show

Campbell & Irvine – Diamondstaff Jank N Black – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Best Special Minor Puppy in Show

Third’s – Stormalong Selkie – Whippet

Reserve Best S.M.P – Kirk & Goldy – Ivoryridge Fired Up – Akita

Best Special Puppy in Show

MacKenzie – Routenburn Agamemnon – Tibetan Terrier

Reserve Best S.P.I.S

Gill & Hosie – Malandex French Xpectation For Gillaber – Bearded Collie

Best Veteran In Show

Furey – Ch Somanic Style By Design at Clanese – Standard Poodle

Reserve - Dudds – Bergeau Scoth Mist at Cultlea ShCm – Tervueren

A.V Import Register – Open - 1-0

1st – Gorrigan & Henry – Ir Sh Ch Perdizyco Andres – Portuguese Pointer – B.O.B

What a pleasure to judge this very handsome boy, so well-muscled throughout. Broad skull and square muzzle, expressive eyes, well set ears. Well-muscled neck with was slightly arched. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Well defined stifle. Looked impressive on the stand and moved with such ease

Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Post Grad – 2-0

1st Young – Skaijak’s Bright N Bewitched at Heleabaz

Head of good proportions with good pigmentation, medium oval eyes with lovely expression. Good depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Good feet and moved well.

2nd Young – Skaijak’s Deep N Devilish at Heleabaz

9 months and living up to his name on the move today which may have been due to the length of the grass. Lovely head with dark expressive eyes, ears well placed. Good feet and bone, needs to tighten up but will come with maturity – lovely temperment

Open – 4-0

1st Young – Skaijak’s Bright N Bewitched at Heleabaz - B.O.B

2nd Sellers – Ch Mybeards Conclusion ShCm

Nicely balanced though out of coat in good general condition. In proportion strong muzzle correct head and dark eye. Strong muscled neck. Just not wanting to give his best on the move.

3rd Skaijak’s Deep N Devilish at Heleabaz

Old English Sheepdog

Open – 4-1

1st – Forbes – Bovaron Class Act for Aberdream – B.O.B

Head in proportion well defined stop, strong muzzle. Good pigmentation. Neck strong with slight arch. Compact well sprung ribs. Good depth and width of chest. Muscular though out. Good stifle and rear pasterns. Well-padded feet. In good condition . Won on his more steady movement good drive from rear.

2nd – McIntosh – Amblehay Ace of Heart

Lovely head with kind brown eyes, good pigmentation. Good neck, shoulders and stifle. Depth and width of chest good. Nice rib. Strong hocks. Just preferred the movement on winner.

3rd – Dimmock – Kerjalee His Moment Now for Sutranzo

Dark eyes balanced head with good stop strong muzzle. Compact and well boned Just a little unsettled on the move

Finnish Lapphund

Post Grad – 1-0

1st – Matheson – Aulis Enkeli Ammi

11 month beautiful headed girl with good pigmentation, well placed ears lovely expressive eyes. Neat feet, well-muscled, well carried tail. Lovely temperament

Open – 4-1

1st – Proctor - Ir Ch Bridus Ihana with Cathbri – B.O.B

5 year old with a feminine yet broad head with well-defined stop, good muzzle. Good pigmentation, oval expressive eyes. Good proportions. Strong slightly arched neck. Well set ears. Good bone, well ribbed and short loin. Well-constructed. Brisk and agile on the move.

2nd – Matheson – Lapptoppens Herax

Lovely boy of 6 years very nice head and correct stop well placed ears, in proportions. In good condition and well muscled, good bone. Not as positive on the move

3rd – Dobbie – Infindigo Persikka Bo


Special Yearling – 2-0

1st – Pritchard & Hall – Sasoolka Princess Leia for Santaviga

Beautiful bitch with good pigmentation, strong jaw. Almond eyes. Good ears well set apart. Lovely expression. Straight front. Good bone. Good loin. Ribs well sprung. Moved with elegance

2nd – Anderson & Taxter – Sarnoushka Solar Storm

Lovely pigmentation and expression. Good loin and rear. Broad head. Unsettled on the move

Post – Grad – 2-0

1st - Anderson & Taxter – Sarnoushka Solar Storm

2nd – McWilliam – Sapphire Sundance

Open – 7-2

1st – Gregor – Lumiere De Lavie Dreamlike Felix (imp UKR) – B.O.B

Well balanced boy of lovely size, head broad with flat skull, good pigmentation, lovely oval eyes, small well set ears. Strong neck. Good shoulders deep chest and strong loin. Well-muscled. Straight front and good feet. Strong rear. Movement strong and agile.

2nd – Miles & Kirkwood – Vandreem Imperial Stark

Another handsome boy many of the above apply but today not moving as well as 1st.

3rd – Ballantine – Whitespirit Giulietta

German Shepherd Dog

Special Yearling – 2-0

1st – Mooney – Equiside Koolio – B.O.B

19 month Black and Gold male with strong handsome head in proportion, strong clean muzzle, expressive almond eyes. Well set and used ears. Good length of neck, well-muscled throughout. Correct shoulder and elbows. Very good top line. Moderate rear angles. Balanced on the move with good strides.

2nd – Gibson – Echosands Kiss N Tell ShCm

Very attractive bitch with lovely expression, Head in proportion and well placed ears. Strong neck and firm body, nicely muscled. Preferred the rear on first. Moved well.

Post Grad 3-1

1st – Mooney – Equiside Koolio

2nd – Unfortunately no details in catalogue – Very good looking boy with a balanced head, well set eyes, good pigmentation. Just prefer the angles on first. In lovely condition and moved well

Open – 2-1

1st – Geeswood Heidi at Sharpalta ShCm

10 year old in good condition for her age but still has a good side gait and very sound. Nice head with a lovely expression and wonderful temperament. Little short coupled.

A.V Pastoral NSC Open – 7-1

1st – Dudds – Cultlea Issey Miyake – Tervueren

Head well chiselled. Good parallels. Lovely expressive almond eyes. Good pigmentation well split mouth. Well placed and used ears. Good length of neck with distinct withers. Lovely outline. Stood square. Moderate tuck up. Move light and brisk

2nd – Patience & Rual – Gilcoru Kirwan D’Brie – Briard

Muscular and well proportioned. Good head well-proportioned Strong muzzle. Good length of neck. Good angulations. Lovely top line

3rd – Stewart – Sunlions Zeki Zampara – Anatolian Shepherd

A.V Pastoral Special Minor Puppy Dog – 4-1

1st – Hunter – Yonder Oaks Nataniel naf – Border Collie

2nd – Pritchard, Hill & Hall – Santaviga The Long Way Round (AI) Samoyed

3rd – Forbes – Aberdream Solutly Flawless – OES

A.V Pastoral Special Minor Puppy Bitch – 3-1

1st – Matheson – Thistleglen Belladonna - Finnish Lapphund

2nd – Kempton – Yonder Oaks Nevaeh at Borderbrook – Border Collie

A.V Pastoral Special Puppy Dog 2-0

1st – Brodie – Shanaburn Clan Chief – Rough Collie

2nd - Young – Skaijak’s Deep N Devilish at Heleabaz – PLS

A.V Pastoral Special Puppy Bitch – 8-2

1st – Gill & Hosie – Malandex French Xpectation For Gillaber – Bearded Collie

2nd – Johnson – Foxearth Full Moon – Smooth Collie

3rd – Matheson - Thistleglen Belladonna – Finnish Lapphund

A.V Pastoral Graduate – 3-0

1st – Dimmock - Kerjalee His moment Now for Sultranzo – OES

2nd – Heggie, Thompson & Large -Anscot Take a Chance on Me – Border Collie

3rd – Heggie & Large - Wizaland Celtic Connection - Border Collie

A.V Pastoral Open – 9-3

1st - Johnson – Foxearth Full Moon – Smooth Collie

2nd – Aynscough & Maas – Sanja Glenrannoch – Welsh Corgi Cardigan

3rd – Heggie - Janbell Rudeboy – Border Collie

A.V Pastoral Veteran – 16 – 7

1st – Dudds – Bergeau Scoth Mist at Cultlea ShCm – Tervueren

 Good mask, dark expressive almond eyes, well set and used ears, unless you point a camera at her. Good chiselling and parallels. Well split mouth, good pigmentation. Excellent expression alert and attentive. Lovely body shape stood square. Good angulations, light brisk movement. Balanced throughout.

2nd – Walker -Ravenskirk Ms Independence ShCm – Border Collie

Lovely expression dark oval eyes, well set and used ears, good reach of neck, excellent topline which she maintained on the move. I n lovely condition

3rd – Taggart – Ir Ch Sangosands Seashell – ASD


Group 1 – Crawford & McDonald – Misty Holly More Magic for Louiston – ASD

Beautiful Blue Merle with good clean head, well placed eyes good pigmentation. Moderate throughout. Chest of good depth. Good angulation. Scored in her smooth free movement

Group 2 – Gibb – Bluebeard at Pirateer JW – Bearded Collie

Masculine handsome head of good proportions, good pigmentation. Deep chest well angulated . Moved well . Unlucky to meet winner on such great form.

Group 3 – Gregor – Lumiere De Lavie Dreamlike Felix - Samoyed

Group 4 - Dudds – Cultlea Issey Miyake – Tervueren