• Show Date: 28/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Julie Frost Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Mid Herts Gundog Club

Bracco Italiano.

A challenging entry to judge but fairly typical of the breed currently. For me the Bracco Italiano can be characterised by its distinctive head and topline, an overall appearance of being almost square and that special Bracco extended fast trot. It is very difficult to find all of this in one dog and so compromises have to be made. At a time when type is so varied in the UK, breeders and exhibitors must concentrate on the essential breed characteristics, making careful breeding decisions, whilst also being mindful of health and temperament.

PD/B (1,1)

JD/B (4,0) 1st Nash’s Tyrbechgyn Gallant Man. 18 months on the day, this orange and white dog presented a typical outline, moderate without exaggeration. Still a little narrow all through, hopefully this will change when fully mature. His head is developing well and he has a kind expression. He is balanced with the correct topline and tailset, good feet and bone. Once settled he moved well with reach and drive. I was pleased to award him reserve best of breed and he pushed the BOB winner hard for the top spot. 2nd Angus’s Braccorion’s Livin It Up at Sparkenhoe. At 13 months old this orange / roan bitch is a stronger, more substantial Bracco. Unfortunately she was overweight which spoilt her outline and meant she moved and stood wide in front. Her head is not her fortune, however, there is much to like about her and she has good feet and bone, and very good profile movement. 3rd Sladden’s Feel of Pride Eva Elettra at Canemamans (imp Russia)

PGD/B (2,0) 1st Beecham’s Grafskoe Gnezdo Arlo (imp Russia). A 19 month old orange and white dog of a size and weight at the top end of the standard. Broader in skull, with more stop than ideal, but with well-set ears and a lovely gentle expression. Good neck and shoulders and presenting a balanced outline, although his handler has a tendency to stack him giving the impression he is a little long cast, which he is not. Lovely straight bone and strong well arched feet. He moves a little wide coming at you, but he could be forgiven as he was the only one of the entry moving with the required extended fast trot. He looked even better in the bigger group ring where he really covered the ground and gained many admirers. He was shortlisted to the last 5 for Best in Show. Congratulations. 2nd Angus’s Brccorion’s Livin It Up as Sparkenhoe.

Hungarian Vizsla

A breed I owned and exhibited in the late 1990’s and they have always been a favourite of mine.

JD/B (0,0)

PGD/B (2,2) 1st Bradley and Green’s Highforce One Vision. This 2 year old bitch was feminine and of a nice size and very elegant. She was well made with a good forehand, nice bone and balanced angulation. Lovely coat and condition and moved well to take Reserve Best of Breed. 2nd Wallington’s Nichael Blue Diamond among Ohanava. I liked this bitch and she was close up to the 1st in terms of type. She was very pretty but a little longer cast in body and more upright in shoulder. Moved OK.

OD/B (4,1) 1st Challis’s Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce Jw ShCM. This 4 year old mature bitch is lovely for type, she is feminine but still robustly built with a lovely balanced outline. Good head, neck and shoulders, short backed and a well-muscled croup. In lovely coat and condition she was graceful and elegant on the move, covering the ground well. A well deserved BOB. 2nd Mills’s Karrouki Windfire JW. This 3 year old dog beat his half-brother into 3rd place. He is impressive on the stack - all male without coarseness. I preferred his brother’s head neck and shoulders, but 1st presents a more balanced outline and moved the better of the two. 3rd Barwick’s Bequerelle Vagabond.

Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla. A small but enjoyable entry. Temperaments were all good as was coats and condition.

JD/B (0,0)

PGD/B ((1,1) 1st Howard’s Zoldmadi U R Special (imp Hungary). At almost 6 years of age this dog is in his prime and he was in lovely coat and condition. He had a nice eye and lovely fine ears that fell close to his cheeks, although his skull was a little flat for me. His neck was a little short, but he had good bone and balanced angulation. Slightly upright in pasterns, he moved OK but carried his tail higher than I prefer.

OD/B (2,0) 1st Howard’s Lanokk Szivos JW. I like this 4 year old dog for type and his overall proportions. He had a typical head and a lovely forehand - well muscled neck of moderate length leading to good layback of shoulder and body of correct length with deep chest and good rib. He was a little close behind but had ground covering movement and looked well in profile. Again tail carriage detracted but his overall virtues led to BOB. 2nd Wand’s Herlinga Hulda with Aswann. 4 year old bitch in super coat and condition. She was very moderate in angulation but balanced fore and aft with a good neck and shoulder. She had the best tail set and carriage of the entry but was moving wide behind which meant she had to settle for reserve best of breed.

Julie Frost