• Show Date: 24/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Joy Middleton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Eastbourne & District Canine Society



1 & BP) Mr D & Mrs K Simkin, Simeldaka Siggiewi Star. Young dog only just 6 months. Lovely temperament. Still coming together, a little loose on the move. Correct head and expression which was masculine, dark eyes, correct ear set and length. Long neck sweeping into well placed shoulders. Just lost his top line on the move, but moved around the ring with drive and presence. 


1 & RBOB) Mr K & Mrs P Hills, Luluwells Major at Donay. An exciting dog which a lovely outline. Beautiful head and expression. Long neck into well placed and correct lay of shoulder. Balanced front and rear, with free movement front and rear. Carried himself around the ring with presence. Look forward to watching in mature. 

2) C & D Roberts & Spearing, Linkenless Laurina. Lovely bitch, correct size and nice outline. Feminine expression, correct head with lovely dark pigment. Good depth of chest and head a level topline on the move and in profile. Would like to see her a little more bold. But moved around the ring with lovely long reaching strides. 

Post Grad(4):

1) C & D Roberts & Spearing, Linkenless Lucas. Nice masculine head shape, with correct ear shape and set. Long neck into shoulders. Level topline on stack, would like a touch more bend in stifle to bring the tail set down. Well muscled, with tight feet. Moved with drive and reach. 

2) Mr K & Mrs P Hills, Donay Faith. Feminine bitch, with good expression and profile. Moved with drive, well muscled. Straight coming away and towards. 

3) Miss S & Mr M McBain & Stevens, Blitzlilie Winter is Coming. 


1 & BOB) Mr K & Mrs P Hills, Donay Fraser JW. This dog commands ring presence. Lovely expression, long neck into correct lay of shoulder. Deep chest with correct ratio of height to elbow to height at withers. Level top line head on stack and on the move. Carried tail well with moderate rear. Moved with drive and temperament to love. 

2) Miss S & Mr M McBain & Stevens, Bondlea Layman. Nice dog with good temperament, not the prescence of 1, but lovely to watch drive around the ring. Ok expression, well laid shoulders and level topline. Tail held well, would like like to see a little more width in the rear. 

3) C & D Roberts & Spearing, Linkenless Lyric ShCM