• Show Date: 30/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Josh Henderson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Reading & District Kennel Association

Reading & District KA


Many thanks to the committee for the invitation and the exhibitors for the entries. Everything moved along well with my super steward!

Giant Schnauzers 

Puppy D/B

1st Aylett's Molly Vom Schwarzen Ritter at Rillaton, 11 Mth Pepper & Salt female who appealed for size and bone. Strong head with correct width of skull,medium stop with dark oval eyes, good underfill but would prefer more length of muzzle to meet the desired ratio. Correct dentition and bite, correct strength of neck which was long with a slight arch leading into well laid shoulders and a equal return of upper arm. Topline a little soft at the moment but she was also bum high which should sort its self out with age and maturity. Correct tailset and croup. Balanced angles for and after, moved soundly coming and going. BP & RBOB.

Junior D/B

1st Veal's Philoma Delores Delago, 15 mths Black Male, who has a sense of style and holds himself on the move. Loved his head, he has the strength with the imposing keen expression. Dark medium sized eyes. Medium stop with the correct length and underfill, his ears could benefit from taping as they tend to fly a little. Super length of neck which arched, into well laid shoulders. correct topline which was strong and straight with also being slightly higher at the shoulder. Tailset and croup was correct. Top coat was harsh and wiry including his furnishing on his legs. Moved with power and determination. Ideally i would like him more masculine all over but otherwise a nice Giant. BOB & Group 4

Siberian Huskies

Puppy D/B

1st Wickers & Munday's Jacalous Catch Me If You Can for Vukasin, 6 mth female, appealing on the stack which was balance. Medium in size, Head in proportion to the body, which had a fox like appearance,ears were erect , Almond shaped eyes , Stop could be more defined, correct medium length of muzzle but would prefer a touch more underjaw for a balanced picture in the head. Arched neck of medium length into a well laid shoulder but i would prefer a better return of upper arm which showed on her side profile movement. Topline was strong and level with a strong rear and good strength of second thigh. Tail was carried level when she moved which was parallel coming and going. Movement was light on side profile but with her age her rear drive will come. BP & Group 4

2nd Toomer's Cwnhapus Tigers Eye For Shaali, 6 mth male at his first show i was told. I prefer this males head type to the female although his ears were on the larger side for me. Head was medium in size chiselled and fox like. well defined stop with correct almond shaped eyes. Good length of muzzle and underjaw. Neck has length but could do with more arch. Shoulders are well laid with correct upper arm. Topline is level with the tail held correctly. Second thigh needs time to strengthen. Moved soundly but not as together as the female in body at the moment. Two nice puppies.

Junior D/B

1st Ashcroft's Amical Smile n Wave for Zanjelic, 14 mth male, who pleased on the stack and has the same style as my BOB winner today. Head is of correct size and in proportion to body. It is chiselled with the correct amount of stop and length of muzzle. Neck is of moderate length which is arched. Shoulders could have a slightly better layback but he has good return of upper arm. topline is strong and level, angles are balanced fore and aft. Sound going and coming, in profile is light and quick uses himself well for his age. 

Post Grad D/B 

1st Wickers & Munday's Skimarque Automne Night at Vukasmin, 18 months female, who still needs time to mature especially mentally and I'm sure she still thinks she is 6 months. Pleasing head with medium length of neck, Shoulders are well laid, is a touch longer in body, needs to strengthen in rear. Movement was a little erratic. 

Open D/B

A nice class to judge which was quality. 

1st Rees' Amical Five Star, 3 yr old male who commands your attention. He has this presence thats says here i am. Loved his head, finely chiselled with that foxy expression. correct amount of stop with a good length of muzzle. medium length of neck which was arched leading into a well laid shoulder with excellent return of upper arm. Balanced angles fore and after with a strong level topline. Moved soundly coming and going. In profile had a light easy gait with power to cover the ground. BOB & Group 1

2nd Rees' Ch Winter Melody Hot On The Top at Amical JW, Different type to 1 but also one i liked. He is a shorter male all over to 1 but everything in in the correct place. I also like this males head for his strength. Erect ears, medium sized with almond shaped eyes, correct defined stop with good length and full of muzzle. Moderate length of neck which is arch, well laid shoulders with a decent return of upper arm. Topline is strong and level with the tail carried level when moving. Moved true and covered the ground with his free easy gait. RBOB.


1st Austen's Ausrie's Pure & Simple, 11 mth female who is well off for bone and size. Broad Skull which is dry and clean, Stop is well defined, correct medium almond shaped eyes. correct dentition and bite. Moderate length of neck, layback of shoulder could be better which shows on the move. Topline is strong and level. Correct tailset and croup. Moderate angles for and aft. Moved soundly but could be more tidy coming towards. BP 

Junior D/B 

1st Minealea's Busy Bee, just 12 mth male who has strength and is well built for his age. Head is broad which is slightly wetter than i would like. Eyes could be more almond shaped. Muzzle is deep and strong with a clean throat. Moderate length of neck. Shoulders sit slightly further forward than desired but his topline was strong and level. Forechest and brisket still needs to come and drop but with age this should happen. Used himself well on the move moving with driving behind and holding himself together. Body ratios are correct 9:10. BOB 


Puppy D/B 

1st Everleys, Manzart Vogue, 11 mth female who i have admired from ringside. Creates a sharp crisp outline on the stack. Head is of good length with decent underjaw. Head planes are nearly parallel. Long arched neck flowing into a well laid shoulder then to a slightly sloping topline. Croup needs to fill a touch but should come with age. Correct tailset. Balanced angles fore and after. Carries a little length in her body. Moves with drive and purpose. Driving herself forward from behind. Pleased to award her BOB & BP. Group 3 & PG 1. 

2nd Plummer's Aritaur Generosity, 6 mth female, who is compact in body. I liked her strength of head and expression, not as together as 1 just yet but put in a good performance i did consider bringing her back for RBOB. 

Post Grad D/B

1st Plummer's Grafmax Alfie Boe, 2 yrs male, Head has good strength with the correct expression. Stop is more defined than i would prefer. Good length and underjaw. Moderate length of neck. Shoulder layback could be better. Topline is hard but tends to roach. Balanced angles. Moves true coming and going. 

Open D/B

1st Groves & Lafford, Lateagain Satisfaction JW, 19 mth male, who pleases on the stack. He is clean and square. Good chiselling in head with parallel planes. Good length of muzzle. I would prefer a darker eye. Long arched neck with a decent lay of shoulder but would benefit with a better return of upper arm to enable him to reach. Topline is hard and sloping. Correct tailset and croup. Moves true going but could be cleaner coming towards. RBOB

Alaskan Malamutes

Post Grad D/B

1st Clarke's Electra Illa Kuvianartok at Whiteout, 18 mth female, Presented in good condition. longer cast than i would like but used her self well. Head is broad, with clean cheeks and no dewlap. Correct dark almond eyes. Ears are triangular but i would them to be sitting better on the top of the head. Moderate neck which is arched, correct amount of forechest but shoulders sit a little to far forward. Straight topline with excellent C tail carriage. Moved very true and covering enough ground. 

2nd Anderson's Cherubini Atene Cinquale, 3 year male, who was shorter in body but not quite the movement of 1. lacked condition in coat and muscle. moderately arched neck with well laid shoulders, topline is straight but tailset could be not as tight to the back. Rear needs to strengthen. 

Jun H


1st Erin Robertson handling a PBGV, who certainly has that attitude already which very few have. She commanded attention, her lines were straight and precise but she had vigour with her charge as some i felt are more going for a walk in the park. Im sure she will do big things. Good luck for the future.

2nd Ellis Ree's handling a Sib, stacked the dog correctly and got the very best from him. His lines were also straight but just needs to work on lead length and lengthening his stride to suit the dog. 

12-16 Yrs

1st Isabella Cox handling a Pap, again another who was on the ball and went in with the correct attitude and determination to win! everything was precise and clean. Isabella got the best from her charge with ease. 

2nd Phoebe Toublic handling a ESS, Phoebe's charge was not always playing ball but she took in all in her stride and calmly got it back under control which impressed me. 

Josh Henderson