• Show Date: 30/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jonathan Daltrey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Pollard Canine Society


BEST IN SHOW. A clear winner from the line-up of Group winners sent through by the respective Group judges for the finale was the smart, honest and very typical Jack Russell Terrier, GENIAL GRU BOHEMIA WHITE HUNTER AT SONATEEKA (IMP CZE). This dog was for me, by far the soundest and free striding mover in this competition. He scored for me in head shape with good workings, a defined stop and strong muzzle with excellent dentition. His expression is text-book. His top-line was faultless when stood properly and was held strongly in profile action too. He presents the correct length to height ratio, has well-sprung ribs and he was in hard, muscular condition and was so very sound both ways with a lovely, erect tail carriage. Runner up was the winner of the Utility Group, the Toy Poodle, TRANDELLA LOVE THE LOOK, masculine with a superbly chiselled head, dark and expressive eye and lovely chin. In excellent jacket, he is compact and particularly good covering the ground in side-gait. I would, however, prefer a little more consistency coming and going and a better tail carriage, but his quality and overall balance took him to Reserve Best in Show.

Best Puppy and Reserve Best Puppy both went to puppies at their show debuts. Not a lot to choose between the Cavalier in top spot and the Standard Poodle in the runner-up position. Both of these raw youngsters are very typical of their breeds and both are brimming full of quality and potential. The Cavalier, CAVALLIBROOK CELTIC KISS, ultra feminine with a lovely balanced head, dark eyes and well put together compact body with the perfect top-line and tail carriage was just that touch more positive on the move, never putting a foot wrong, quite literally showing herself off to the crowd. The lovely Standard Poodle, KERTELLAS LIVE YOUR DREAM AT TIANOLA, with a cracking and so very feminine head and eye and perfect chin, compact body and correctly set and carried tail, was just that bit less confident, but has plenty of time on her side. Once settled she really was so accurate coming and going and has a good length of easy, ground-covering stride. I hope that they both continue to develop along the right lines to continue their winning ways.


1. CH RYNARD FLASH GORDON ShCM, a very sound and foot-perfect Japanese Shiba Inu who headed a very good quality large class of Veterans. The first three could all change places, and I was delighted to find out later that they were all titled. His head pleased, with well-developed cheeks, alert pricked ears and a dark and expressive eye. Good for depth in fore-chest and with a strong top-line, he moved like a dream. He was well-handled to maximise his virtues. 2. CH DOONBEG BETE NOIR VIA TTESWEOOD JW SHcM, Chinese Crested (Powder Puff). This male was in superb bloom and condition with perfect dentition. Up to size but balanced, he has well-laid shoulders, good length to back and he carries himself so well on the move. 3. IR CH ZUMARIK HOT PURSUIT SHcM.

PUPPY STAKES….one of the best classes that I have had the privilege to judge for a long time!

1. TALRAZ RELIGHT MY FIRE, Bearded Collie, this baby has such a beautiful and balanced feminine head with an expression that melts your soul. She is so fluid on the move, effortless and easy in side gait and accurate coming and going with a strong top-line and perfect tail carriage. She was pressed really hard by the second and third in this sensational class. 2. ALMOOR MACEY GRAY, Weimaraner of true distinction. I absolutely loved this bitch, so very feminine with a wonderful head and expression, great ears, superb length to height ration and so very easy on the move. She too was graceful with purpose and holds an excellent level top-line. I loved her too. 3. TENFIELD REX IMPERATOR, completing a trio of quite outstanding puppies.


1. CHADBOWER NEVAN HENKI MIT CLYNALWIN BEL/IR JCH, Schipperke. This very substantially built male has the most exquisite head and expression with superb ears and great feet. He was ultra-true coming and going and has superb ring presence. 2. NIKARA SECRET WISH WITH PASHKA, Samoyed. A classic headed male with an intelligent expression. He has a well-made front assembly but just needs to drop and fill his frame fully and has time on his side. He has correctly shaped feet with well-cushioned soles and hair. He moved soundly. 3. ZALTANA HEARTBREAKER KID AT LOLOTEA


1. PENNYWISE OF DERRY, L/H Dachshund. An honest dog who moved soundly and with purpose. I just felt that I would like a bit more of him and a little bit more animation, but he did enough to take this class. 2. RYNARD DRUMMER BOY, Japanes Shiba Inu, with a lovely head and a very good front. He moved well both ways. 3. LIAREEDON THE LIEUTENANT AT ANDILORN JW SHcM


JUNIOR (5,1) 1. ZOOMEERA HOT CARGO, up on the leg, he has a decent head shape and a clean eye with a well-made front construction and strong top-line and good tail-set and carriage. He moved best both ways and in profile in this mixed class. 2. VALENCHINO ONE LAST TIME WITH DONLUCHI, an exciting prospect, excellent for size with a great head and super top-line. Once settled he moved very well, but is so raw and was a touch over-awed by his debut in the show ring. I think he will develop on the right lines and will do very well. 3. LOVCHI DRIPPING IN FINESSE, completing a good trio, just not settled on the move at all. GRADUATE (6,3) 1. KRASSEL EUPHORIA BLOSSOM VALENCHINO. A clear winner here for me. A lovely type and a good head shape and keen eye. Sturdily built, well-ribbed but perhaps not quite the strength of top-line in profile action. Moved OK. 2. BE MY JOHNNY SVAJONIU ANGELAS, very good dentition and feet, moving true, but not over-keen on showing and paid the price. A good type. 3. BOETANDALES RED SATIN OPEN (12,5) 1. JICARA GO COMMANDO AT BROGANSIAN. I liked the breed type of this spirited personality. Once settle he moved well, he is balanced in outline with a firm top-line and excellent tail-carriage. I liked his head and expression. BOB and G4. 2. LUKARRA GLIMPSE OF GOLD, I thought that this bitch might be my initial winner but she was determined not to perform to maximum advantage. She has a classic head and eye with good body proportions but was throwing her outline badly on the stack and paid the price, despite being a very good mover in all directions. Res BOB. 3. DORENTY’S ROYAL ALBERT JW


GRADUATE (3) 1. PEPEETOLYNN LAST DANCE, a clear winner in this class for head and eye, balance, depth and front assembly. Good for tail-set and carriage, he moved OK. Res BOB 2. ESPECIALLY FOR YOU MIRASOL POLONIA. A finer type, very happy personality who moved out well but needs time to develop. 3. ZENA WARRIOR PRINCESS OF HULAWAWAS. OPEN (6) 1. DORENTY’S VIVI VIENNA JW, a clear winner on movement and balance with a lovely head shape and clean eye and good alert expression. Well-made throughout with good depth and strong for top-line, I did, however, feel his tail is overdone for my liking and could be carried to better advantage. BOB. 2. PEPEETOLYNN DIRTY DANCER, an excellent front assembly here with a lovely head and eye, just no so accurate on the move. 3. DOMI VENTURA FERRERO ROCHER.