• Show Date: 04/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jonathan Daltrey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Kent Canine Society


I was honoured to be invited to judge all the AVSNC classes, all of the Groups, BIS and BPIS at a show where I have been actively involved for the past twenty years and what a superb entry of 596 actual dogs against last November’s equivalent of 528, a 12 per cent increase year on year. Having judged all of the adult and puppy groups, if I wasn’t happy with my line-ups, then I had only myself to blame….and of course this wasn’t the case! I have to thank the efficient new Secretary Claire Sharp and also the many breed judges who had travelled from far and wide, who sent me some seriously stunning dogs through for me to judge in the final competitions. Thanks also to Jane Hilden and Damien Hutton-Baber for their excellent stewarding and efficiency which was greatly appreciated. Thank you also, of course, to the very sporting exhibitors, I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

BEST IN SHOW, from a very good line up was the young Japanese Spitz male, DUNLIN’S QUANDO OF HOUNDBRAE WITH FERRYBELLE (Imp). This very typical dog is the ideal size for this breed and presents a totally balanced outline. Shown in the most brilliant white ‘stand-off’ coat, he has the darkest pigment and the most fabulous expression. Good for depth and with the firmest top-line and with the perfect croup and tail-set he is so well-muscled behind that his footfall was spot-on coming and going and also in profile action. He simply fell into place every time I looked at him and I was pleased to award him the top-spot in good company. Hard on his heels was an equally smart young Bedlington Terrier, WOOLYTOP THE WHERRYMAN ShCM, with a lovely narrow skull and good length of jaw with bright and keen eyes, he really did appeal. I liked his size, his correct front slightly broader at the chest than feet and his top-line without too much exaggeration. He was in excellent jacket, in super hard condition with well-cushioned feet, free from any cracks and he too moved with real precision and style.

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW from a really pleasing 7 youngsters (which bodes well for the future) was an outstanding Whippet, BLANDLINGS EYE ON THE PRIZE. I have watched this clever breeder show some superb Whippets over the years and none has caught my attention so much as this home-bred baby. Elegant and free from exaggeration and so feminine, she is so balanced and was in very well-muscled condition. She was absolutely true on the up and down and showed some stylish extension in profile. She really did pull out all the stops to win over some outstanding puppies. Runner up was another excellent future prospect, the Border Terrier, AWBROOKSKY MARGOT ROBBIE. No doubting this was a female, she has the most shapely of heads and the keenest of expressions. She is well-ribbed and holds a firm outline and is easily spanned. Her jacket was harsh and her pelt plentiful. On the move she looked fit and purposeful and totally sound. I liked her a lot.

GUNDOG GROUP 1. SH CH SOELLIS SMUG DOUG JW ShCM. GSP. This youngster has fulfilled the early promise when I spotted him as a minor puppy and awarded him the CC & BOB. He is compactly made and moves with true honesty and style holding himself perfectly at all times. 2. MANCHELA HUGO BOSS JW ShCM. COCKER SPANIEL. Another who I have judged and done well before. He simply gets better as he matures on. In total harmony with his handler he moved so well in profile with the perfect top-line and tail-carriage and usage. 3. CHARTAN TREACLE TAR JW. GORDON SETTER. A totally balanced bitch with a feminine head, keen expression and very good top-line. She scored in profile action. 4. MESSANO FLAMING STAR JW. GOLDEN RETRIEVER. Another very feminine and well-bodied bitch holding a firm top-line and moving with some style if just a touch out of jacket today.

GUNDOG PUPPY GROUP 1. GAMERIGHTS TROYTE, FLAT-COATED RETRIEVER. A clear winner here, I thought. He is racy and flowing in outline and in lovely condition with everything in the right place. Sound on the move and enthusiastically enjoying his day. 2. PELHGAMCOURT MISS MARKLE AT NELBELLS, AMERICAN COCKER. Black bitch was an exquisite and balanced head. She is good for size but is carrying a little too much weight which lay over her shoulders which affected her outline. She is balanced and was in good jacket and she also moved true, thoroughly deserving her placing. 3. SHARNPHILLY TOGGI WITH HOOKWOOD, POINTER. Another very feminine head here and with no exaggeration to cheek bone. She is flowing in outline and just needs time. 4. LLON LLANHARRAN LLEUCI,WELSH SPRINGER. A quality pup, raw but with time on her side. She appealed for head and eye but just needs to tighten up and fill her frame.

TOY GROUP 1. BAROMAR DUBONNET AT ALTINA, POMERANIAN. A beautiful and true foxy head and expression, he is good for depth with a compact body, balanced and in super coat and condition. He moved with real attitude and accuracy here to take the top spot. 2. COTONTASTICK HERESHARLEY, COTON DE TULEAR. Pushing the Pom’ all the way was this very stylish youngster who really impressed me. He has an excellent outline with the correct top-line for the breed and has excellent depth too. I liked his movement and style and his coat presentation was first class. I shall watch his progress with interest. 3. RAGEMMA UPSY DAISY, PUG. Another clever breeder who has an enchanting baby here. The best of heads and cleanest of eyes, she holds herself like a seasoned professional. Her movement was spot on and her saucy attitude mesmerising. 4. SLO CH WHIP HONEY DOUBLE SMASH ShCM, PAPILLON. Completing an excellent quartet with little to choose between them, this male has the best of heads and jackets and moved really well in profile. I liked him a lot.

TOY PUPPY GROUP 1. PUG 2. IT’S ALL HOCUS POCUS AT ALTINA. I really liked this youngster’s head and cheeky expression. Compactly put together, he moved liked a trooper and pushed the Pug all the way. 3. ANGELTIME’S SONG FOR MIA. HAVANESE. An ultra-feminine headed baby presented in first class coat and condition. A captivating little mover with a good body, she just needs time to firm in top-line. 4. BE MY DOG’S TOPSAIL CODY OF ZANJERO. CHINESE CRESTED. Quite a find I thought, I loved his head and eye, dentition, outline and condition. He was quite determined that he didn’t want to perform on the move and put the brakes on and unfortunately had to pay the price. I think that if he gets his act together he will trouble the best.

UTILTY GROUP 1. JAPANESE SPITZ. 2. IVABULLY INDEPENDENCE, BULLDOG. I really liked this dog. He has a really classic head and clean eye with good under-jaw. Well bodied and well ribbed, he holds the correct slightly rising top-line and moved accurately coming and going and with some fluidity in profile. 3. TYTORRO EASY ACTION JW ShCM, FRENCH BULLDOG. I like her for balance and outline, if I thought there was enough of her for my personal taste. She moved with panache and was presented in hard condition. 4. GLADMIN INALA, SHIH TZU. Firm in top-line and sound coming and going she was in good jacket with excellent depth and condition. I just felt that she could be a touch more feminine in head for my liking.

UTILITY PUPPY GROUP 1. IZLOU WALNUT FORGET ME, GERMAN SPITZ MITTEL. Having judged her in the AVNSC classes earlier I knew that she would figure highly in the later competition. I really think this bitch, if she keeps herself settled, will have a very promising future. She is so balanced, so well-made and has the best of heads and outlines. On the move she is accurate but just tends to be a touch over-exuberant with her front action which affected her placing in the final seven for BPIS. I really do like her very much. 2. ROGELL’S ZESTY LADY CLOUDBUSTER. TIBETAN TERRIER. A new one to me, but she impressed me greatly. Up to size, she has a balanced head, keen eye and a firm top-line. She is good for depth and overall balance and moved out with style. 3. WARSON QUEEN OF HEARTS, FRENCH BULLDOG. I really liked this raw baby for balance, head, and quality. She has it all there in spades and moved well enough for one so young. She just needs time which is on her side. 4. MIDDLETUNE FLAME OF GOLD. SHIH TZU. Exquisitely feminine in head and glorious markings and coat. Moving really well, she completed a quartet of super puppies.

HOUND GROUP….a very strong group where any of the four could have won. 1. NELGUS THYME BOMB JW. BASSET HOUND. Absolutely everything to like in this true showman. He has a very detailed and masculine head without coarseness and I liked his super strong top-line and perfect tail carriage. He really motors away using his well-muscled quarters to advantage. He was close up for BIS. 2. CITYCROFT MY FAIR LADY OF JASARAT JW ShCM, WHIPPET. Here was another first class hound. I really liked her femininity, size and for outline and smooth and easy ground-covering action and perfect accuracy coming and going too. 3. DEERCROFT DAYBREAK, MINI SMOOTH DACHSHUND. She has a lovely and classical head with an intelligent and appealing eye. She is good for depth, has lovely tight feet and holds a true and firm top-line. She was unlucky to meet the two above her in such form. 4. DARCY CERNE ESO, BLACK AND TAN COONHOUND. Completing a quartet of superb hounds, I was pleased to see that this bitch fits the recently published breed standard very well. On the move she really extended with grace and style maintaining a strong and firm top-line at all times.

HOUND PUPPY GROUP 1. WHIPPET 2. WANDERHUND LETS CELEBRATE FOR HAYVENHUND, SMOOTH-HAIRED DACHSHUND. A real quality girl here, pulling out all the stops in a hotly contested AVNSC Hound Puppy Class earlier in the day to beat a superb Basenji and very good Irish Wolfhound. Her head needs to break, but everything else scored highly for me and her top-line and movement were text-book, and she has time on her side. 3. TRAGEEDA TEA BAG, MINIATURE SMOOTH-HAIRED DACHSHUND. Another very good puppy. Ultra-feminine and of good size and really balanced, she moved true and held a perfect outline.

TERRIER GROUP 1. BEDLINGTON 2. SMASH STRONG FOR VICTORY, WHWT. I liked this young female for her balance and compact body, beautiful head and strong top-line. She moved well both ways and showed some extension in profile using well-muscled quarters to advantage. 3. TORRYBURN ALLEGRO, BORDER TERRIER. Easily spanned, this boy has a keen eye and balanced otter head. Harsh jacket and good pelt, sound action and a firm top-line gave him a well-deserved Group 3. 4. TIDESATAFF DARK WIZRD. In tip-top condition, he has a good front and moved soundly enough here to take G4.

TERRIER PUPPY GROUP 1. BORDER TERRIER 2. KABU SKIP TO IZLOU. JACK RUSSELL. This youngster scored for me in top-line, jacket and captivating temperament. Expertly handled he looked a picture stood and on the move. 3. LILYPHANIE GREAT SHOWMAN, DANDIE DINMONT. This youngster has lots of kerb appeal. I loved his head and his melting expression, top-line and body. He just needs one more thing to come to complete the picture and he should have a bright future.

PASTORAL GROUP 1. KELLIGREWS KISS UNDER A STAR. BEARDED COLLIE. I found this dog again, having judged him as a raw 6 month old at Crystal Palace where he was rewarded for his quality. Once he was moved at the correct speed, he showed his true capability and I will watch his future progress with interest. He is beautifully put together with a truly great outline. 2. TULLACREST SIGNED SYLD DELIVERD TO BILLYARA JW ShCM. BORDER COLLIE. This dog cannot be ignored, he screams quality every time that you look at him. Presented and handled in wonderful coat and condition he was close up. 3. CH BROADMAYENES ECLIPSE TO NOLMACDON JW ShCM,G.S.D. Another fine example with real ring presence and also handled to maximise his virtues. An ultra-sound example of the breed, he appealed greatly. 4. CH KAIJARTU HOPEA NOITA JW, FINNISH LAPPHUND. Completing a quartet of quality dogs, I loved the head and expression, size and balance of this bitch, she was another good mover in this group competition.

PASTORAL PUPPY GROUP 1. MEDDOBE ANNA TRAVIS, SWEDISH VALLHUND. Lots to like here, she scores in her accurate movement and well balanced outline. I just felt that her coat colourings affected her top-line a touch on the move. I liked her head and dark expressive and very intelligent eye. She certainly used her powerful rear quarters to advantage. 2. DUKESON SWEETER THAN WINE, SHETLAND SHEEPDOG. Very raw but so very feminine and such a balanced package. She is good for depth and ribs and her top-line and sweep to croup spot-on. She moved in harmony with her careful handler. 3. LAPPONNIA HALIMEDE KEYZA, FINNISH LAPPHUND. Another promising future prospect with a balanced head and soft, appealing expression. She moved well enough both ways. 4. DYCOSHEM SONORAN SUNRISE, ROUGH COLLIE. In superb coat and condition with a very stylish and ultra-feminine head, she completed a decent puppy group line-up.

WORKING GROUP 1. GUNNERSNEWFS AUSTRAIN LOVE, NEWFOUNDLAND. A relative youngster who may still have some growing to do, I found that he is impressive to go over. I liked his head and eye, he has well-laid shoulders, a firm and level top-line and very, very powerful and well-developed quarters which he used to real advantage to drive away with true precision and he had an easy side-gait covering maximum ground with minimum effort. 2. CASEMATES GANDALF, BOXER. Pushing the Newfoundland all the way was this immediately imposing, upstanding and very masculine headed Boxer of true quality. To be hyper-critical, I found him just a shade too strong in head and cheek for my taste, but I absolutely loved everything else about him. His flow, fluidity and overall balance of outline made a real statement. His movement was a joy. He was unlucky to meet the winner in such form. 3. DEBBOLLINBY JUST KRUZIN’ INTO KITARN JW, LEONBERGER. This youngster really appealed for his ‘Lionesque’ head and his intelligent eye. He is strongly boned, totally balanced and holds a good outline in profile where he covers the ground with ease. 4. NORDICFACE AURURA YUKON AT STAGGAN, SIBERIAN HUSKIE. Completing a quartet of very good Working dogs, I liked this male for his size and balance. He moved soundly enough both ways and kept his outline in profile action.

WORKING PUPPY GROUP 1. SUPETAS SPELLS MAGIC FOR DEBISON, DOBERMANN. This very mature youngster really did take my eye and was a clear winner for me in this Puppy Group. I loved his head, outline, tail-set and overall balance. He moved well once settled and was close up in the final competition too. 2. ARCTICSKIES ARTFUL DODGER AT SPIRITMIST, SIBERIAN HUSKIE. Here was another promising puppy who has been in the wars of late and this affected his profile head image today. Well-made throughout, he is substantial without being overdone and he moved with precision and style. 3. DICEULON SEA BREEZE, BOXER. I absolutely fell for the totally feminine and beautifully balanced head on this very raw baby. She is correctly made and has time on her side to mature into her frame. She showed some positive drive and held a good profile outline on the move. 4. SATURNSPRINGS SPUTNIK, BULLMASTIFF. I liked the broad head with good width and well-filled cheeks of this raw youngster. He had good depth and was substantially put together and moved with good drive and accuracy.


JUNIOR (7,3) 1. FEEL OF PRIDE EVA ELETTRA AT CANEMAMANS, BRACCO. She appeals for overall balance and size and moreover her really easy free flowing action using her front to really extend and cover the ground which won her the class over two good juniors in second and third. Time is on her side to fully develop. RES BEST. 2. RAINETHYME MEMORY KEEPER. SWD. Fairly compact and well balanced holding a good level top-line, another good side-gaiter using her front to take this spot. 3. QUENSHA COWBYS AND ANGELS.ENGLISH SETTER.

POST GRAD (4,2) 1. SUTERSETT TOM COLLINS AT BRANSETT, IRISH SETTER. In lovely coat and condition, carrying enough weight, he presents a good outline stood and on the move. 2. RAINETHYME MEMORY KEEPER. SWD

OPEN (3) 1. LIZALLWOOD HELLO AGAIN, CURLY COATED RETRIEVER. This bitch screams breed type and quality. I liked her head shape and dark, expressive eye. She holds a firm top-line and moved well enough to take Best AVNSC. 2. HUNDWITH CHORTLE WITH HOOKWOOD JW ShCM. WEIMARANER. A good height to length ratio, she is still a touch immature in body but is young and has time to fully drop. I would just prefer a touch more head to complete the picture. 3. JULDEANE EXCALIBUR ShCM. ENGLISH SETTER…completing a good trio.


PUPPY (3) 1. ANGELTIME’S SONG FOR MIA. HAVANESE, BEST PUPPY. PUPPY GROUP3. 2. CHURCHBANK JUST AN AGEL FOR ULANI, MINIATURE PINSCHER. Correct dentition here for the breed. He moved well in profile with good tail carriage, but needs to firm up a touch in front. 3. TUBIZE GIOVANNI, MINIATURE PINSCHER

JUNIOR (3,1) 1. RUSHMAR KISSED BY A ROSE, BICHON FRISE. A fabulous head and dark and expressive eye. Presented in great condition, really balanced and a great mover. RES BEST. 2. DONOCIELO GIULIETTA, BOLOGNESE. I liked her for type and for overall balance, just not quite so positive going as the Bichon.

POST GRAD (6,2) 1. COTONTASTICK HERESHARLEY, COTON DE TULEAR. BEST AVNSC, GROUP 2. 2. HAWKSFLIGHT ISLAND FOX ON ULANI, MINIATURE PINSCHER. Lovely headed male here with a very positive profile action, just not so clever going away. 3. DONOCIELO CEASARIO, BOLOGNESE

OPEN (3) 1. TONSARNE HODMEDOD OF JALINDRI, AFFENPINSCHER. He has a lovely masculine head and very good depth to brisket, a strong top-line and good tail carriage. He moved OK. 2. DONOCIELO SERAPHINA, BOLOGNESE. A very accurate little mover, very balanced and compact, just needs a touch more depth. 3. BORNEWAYS ALFRED THE GREAT, MINIATURE PINSCHER.


PUPPY (7.2) 1. IZLOU WALNUT FORGET ME, GERMAN SPITZ MITTEL 2. FERRYBELLE PEACHES AND CREAM, JAPANESE SPITZ. My BPIB from SKC and I am pleased to see that she is developing on the right lines. She has the most exquisite head and eye and moved very well. She is a shade lower than ideal at the croup. 3. MICCOSUKEES GOLD LEAF. SCHNAUZER

JUNIOR (2) 1. CLAUDMIST DIONYSUS BE WILD.AKITA. Up to size, I thought him a bit much for my taste. He is good for outline and tail-set, he moved OK. 2. PEIPALS GREAT EXPECTATIONS. SHAR PEI. I liked her type and head. Her eyes are clean, she has tight ears and she was in good condition. New to the show-ring she wasn’t handled to best advantage.

POST GRAD (3) 1. HINGABE HEART OF GOLD, SCHNAUZER. A clear winner in this class. He was carrying enough weight but is totally balanced and a great moving dog. RES BEST. 2. HIROKI SOKO NI IKU, JAPANESE AKITA INU. Another dog new to the show ring and not handled to maximum effect, but well put together with a graceful outline. She moved OK. 3. FERRYBELLE HARU HANAMI. JAPANESE SPITZ.

OPEN (9.1,) 1. DUNLIN’S QUANDO OF HOUNDBRAE WITH FERRYBELLE (Imp). JAPANESE SPITZ. BEST AVNSC GROUP 1 AND BEST IN SHOW. 2. CH SPELLCAST TALK TO DA TAIL, GERMAN SPITZX MITTEL. A really lovely bitch exuding true type and quality. Not quite in tip-top condition, but could not be ignored. 3. JEAMARAS NORWEGIAN SKYLINE AT SENSHA, AKITA, completing a good trio.


PUPPY (6.1)

1. WANDERHUND LETS CELEBRATE FOR HAYVENHUND, SMOOTH-HAIRED DACHSHUND . BEST PUPPY & PG 2                                 2. MONGOTOMBAEMPRESS EUGENIE OF COPPERLAND. BASENJI. A really quality puppy here who was so close up to the winner. I loved everything about her, but she just kept roaching on the floor, obviously feeling the cold and had to play second fiddle today. I would love to see her again. 3. SADE ARAYA MASCOTTS, IRISH WOLFHOUND, another superb puppy.

JUNIOR (3,1) 1. FERNLARK LEGEND OF CORNHAZE, SALUKI. A really classy dog, really lovely for breed type and with a super head and very intelligent eye. He holds a strong top-line, has a lovely front, excellent feet and very good muscle-tone. Sound on the move he was close up for top honours. 2. BEAUJONS VELVET, PBGV. A good moving bitch, carrying enough weight for my taste. Strong for top-line and tail-set, she was presented in harsh jacket.

POST GRAD (7.4) 1. BYABYE BRILLARE WITH ARCHIDAX. MINI WIRE-HAIRED DACHSUND. She scored for me in top-line, harsh jacket and easy side-gait really driving and using her front to extend. 2. NIGHTWIND YOU’RE MY KIND OF CRAZY, AFGHAN. Perhaps the best shoulders of the day with a strong top-line. Not in the hardest of muscle-tone, I felt that she never really got going and didn’t use her front to maximum advantage. 3. AFTERGLOW DOUBLE IMPACT, PBGV.

OPEN (11.4)….The best class of the day. 1. NELGUS THYME BOMB JW. BASSET HOUND, BEST AVNSC AND GROUP 1. 2. FLORENCE FLORENTINA ROLLSUPREME, NORWEGIAN ELKHOUND.A very feminine and well put together dog. She is so well-balanced with excellent rear quarters and a lovely fore-chest. True both ways she flows in profile. RES BEST. 3. YELXBA ALBERT ShCM. IRISH WOLFHOUND


PUPPY (7.3) 1. KABU SKIP TO IZLOU. JACK RUSSELL. BEST PUPPY AND PG2 2. MINDLEN CUPCAKE MIT JANDADE, JACK RUSSELL. Another very good puppy and close up to the winner. I preferred her head shape but she doesn’t yet have the full pigment of the winner. 3. CHATMOSS DUBLIN DUDE FOR SHAWMUT. JACK RUSSELL.

JUNIOR (3.1) 1. KEBULAK PEAKY BLINDER, KERRY BLUE. An excellent terrier front, strong top-line, superb jacket and sound movement. He was close up in the challenge. 2. FOXINDEAN PRETTIEST STAR. SFT. A beautifully presented and very feminine bitch with lots to like. I just felt that the Kerry had the edge on angulation and movement.

POST GRAD (3) 1. TYCADNO BRIGHT STAR FOR KANAWHA,CAIRN. I thought this bitch was quite beautiful if a touch immature in body. She has a fabulous head and is compact with a firm outline and moved very well. 2. WOOLYTOP LAVENDER GIRL. BEDLINGTON. Another good head here and a lovely front assembly, I just felt that she was quite so collected on the move as the winner.



PUPPY (3) 1. MEDDOBE ANNA TRAVIS, SWEDISH VALLHUND, BEST PUPPY, PG1 2. STORMFILED BAKTU OUR ROOTS TO BARBUREVE. BRIARD. Mature puppy and up to size. He is soundly made and moved well but was flying his tail today which spoilt the profile picture. 3. ELVINVILLE WILD ORCHID, BRIARD.

POST GRAD (3) 1. LADAMIS CAPTAIN MORGAN. OES. He appealed for size, head shape, eye and top-line. On the move he really covered some ground. BEST AVNSC., 2. EWBEL TRUE BLUE AVEC BILYARA. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD. She has a really good front assembly and moved out well. She is feminine but I felt that I would just prefer a touch more of her head. 3. WILDCARD JIMMY CHOO KOGARAHS. CARDIGAN WELSH CORGI

OPEN (3.1) 1. GOWERSTON GRAND JOINS KOGARAHS, CARDIGAN WELSH CORGI. A very soundly made dog with a classic head and super top-line and tail carriage. REST BEST 2. OREGONIAN SNOW MONKEY AT CHERRIMAR, PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI. A very good side-gaiting dog, up to size and long enough for me. He wasn’t quite as settled in front action as the winner.



JUNIOR (2) 1. GUNNERSNEWFS AUSTRAIN LOVE, NEWFOUNDLAND. BEST AVNSC & G1 2. EDELPHIE DELORES DELAGO, GIANT SCHNAUZER. Ultra feminine and a very intelligent eye here. I found her to be a very good side-gaiter if a touch immature in make-up, but she has time on her side.

POST GRAD (1) 1. CAMNOIRE CHARGE, NEWFOUNDLAND. A Landseer, all male and he was another good side-gaiter if a touch wider than ideal coming. He was in hard condition and super jacket.

OPEN (10.3.) 1. BLUE AIRA BERNESKIE RANCZO JW ShCM. BMW. I really liked this very feminine and well-made girl who headed a very strongly contested class. Ultra sound and with a firm top-line she was unlucky to meet the Newfoundland in top form. RES BEST. 2. UPEND ZACKERI AT JODIPAS JW ShCM, ROTTWEILER. Another cracker, very full-on today and giving his young handler a hard time. Very well put together, he moved, once settled accurately and with real propulsion from well-muscled quarters. 3. DRAXPARK LOTS TO LIKE.