• Show Date: 21/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jonathan Daltrey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Western Gundog Club


I had a thoroughly enjoyable day judging at this hospitable and very well-organised, friendly group show. Competitors today were without exception gracious and incredibly kind in their comments. My stewards were excellent and I had some lovely dogs to judge.

BEST IN SHOW was the young Golden Retriever bitch, TAMNIARN FORGET ME NOT SANDAULA JW. I did not realise until after the event that I had judged her as a raw puppy and awarded her BPIB, Res BOB and PG1 at Nuneaton in 2016 and I am absolutely delighted that I found her again 18 months on in super form. Her make and shape are very satisfying, she is very feminine and has super balance, a strong level top-line and is well-coupled. On the move in side-gait, she really comes into her own, covering maximum ground with a wonderful free stride. Reserve BIS went to the American Cocker, BUBALOO’S MR BEAN AT SHADOWVIEW, an imported dog that I have not judged before and one that really has to be handled to appreciate his virtues. He has a masculine and balanced head-piece with chiselling, he has good flow and a strong back, is well-ribbed and firm in loin with a well-set tail and correct carriage. On the move today he simply could not be denied as he was accurate coming and going and held his outline at all times in profile showing good reach and drive. He was in good coat, but being picky his handler needs to now concentrate on real ‘finish’ to his presentation to really complete the picture. I need to make special mention to two more dogs in the lovely line-up which were very close-up to the top awards, the GSP, SH CH BARLEYARCH TRUMPETER, who I judged at Boston and liked then and he impressed again today in very good form along with the free-moving but still young Labrador MAGNAVALLEYS CORNISHMAN who took a well-deserved BOB off me earlier in the breed. Other short-listed breeds very worthy of a mention were the Curly-Coat MAYCOURT SPACE ODDITY with a fabulous head, the German W/H Pointer, KARLEYJAY GUMP KIN YA JUDGE AT CHYSTALTINE, another with a super head-piece and sound action, the Flat-coat bitch BALLYRIVER SNOWFLAKE AT THURWITT, full of breed type, the very balanced English Springer TEIGNVALLEY BLASER JW ShCM, the Welsh Springer with lots to like KYLOWEN DRYM ShCM, and the raw Clumber ANBROOK OLIVIA ROSE AT FIVERITES, soundly built and in gleaming jacket.

Best Puppy In Show was a stand-out for me today, and a very exciting find I thought, the excellent Irish Setter, RIVERBRUE GALLIANO FIZZ TO CLONAGEERA. I could have taken this one home without a doubt! He excels in outline, balance and movement, I loved him. Reserve to him was another exciting future prospect at her first show, just 6 months on the day, the outstanding Gordon Setter, CAIRACAILIE ENGLISH ROSE, very raw but she has it all there in spades and some of the adults could most definitely take a lesson on action and movement from these two first-class babies. The two other short-listed puppies showing huge promise were the Cocker Spaniel, MEAKWOOD PRECIOUS PEARL, sound and merry on the move with a compact and substantially made frame, and the lovely Golden Retriever, ROOKSBURY PHANTASIA, full of breed type and a lovely mover too.

SPECIAL VETERAN DOG 7-9 YRS 1. SH CH KHAMSYNN’S CARRY ON CRUISING TO MOORPOINT JW ShCM, an outstanding Weimaraner heading a truly magnificent class of Veteran males. I loved his length and balance, his strong level- top-line and his lovely masculine head-piece with no hint of coarseness. A very good moving dog. 2. ROSINANTE LOVERBOY BY TANNADICE JW, another superior male, Golden Retriever who I have never seen looking or moving so well, pushing the winner hard. 3. SH CH DUNCARREG ALESANDRO DEL PIROSPONT JW, Hungarian Vizsla, who completed a trio of truly exceptional dogs.

SPECIAL VETERAN BITCH 7-9 YRS 1. SH CH CANIGOU STORYTIME AT WITHIFLOR JW, golden Cocker who stole the show and was Best Veteran overall. I could not believe the depth of brisket and superb flow of this truly excellent and ultra-feminine bitch. In wonderful hard condition, she moved with precision and style. 2. WYNBURY AILSA, Pointer, with a good outline who showed some correct reach and drive on the move. 3. KEVARDHU EBRYL FYLLYS ShCM.

SPECIAL VETERAN 10 YRS AND OVER 1. MADRELIATHS RENATA, Weimaraner, an excellent top-line for one at 11 yrs old and a great head-piece and superb side-gait too. 2. CARPENNY MAID ME HAPPY, Labrador, another good profile mover here in lovely condition for her age.

CURLY COATED RETRIEVER GRADUATE (2,1) 1. WITHDRAWN OPEN (3) 1. MAYCOURT SPACE ODDITY, black with a superb head-piece and wonderful depth to fore-chest. She scored in top-line and croup, with a lovely curl and excellent tight feet. On the move she was sound and accurate at all times. 2. MAYCOURT CRIMSON MOON, similar type, also with great depth and good feet and jacket, but just not quite the head-piece nor rear action or fluidity of the winner. 3. MAYCOURT HUNKY DORY JW ShCM

LABRADOR RETRIEVER PUPPY (10, 3,) 1. HARPITTS MINNIE MACK, heading a lovely class, this is a raw baby but full of promise. Great type and lovely bone, in good coat and excellent feet. Such an intelligent expressive eye and such fluidity in action and good accuracy for one so young. He carried his otter-like tail to perfection to just pip a very classy bitch into second spot. 2. TIAJA LOVE IN THE SUN, I couldn’t ignore the type and class of this bitch, if a touch proud of her tail she has good balance and a well-filled frame and is sound on the move, but just not quite the freedom or fluidity of the boy. Full of promise, she has time on her side. 3. MENADUE MIDNIGHT EVE. JUNIOR (1) 1. MAGNAVALLEYS CORNISHMAN, a truly great moving youngster who shows a great deal of promise. I liked his head shape and expressive eye, firm top-line and glorious coat condition. He took BOB with some to spare today and has a super tail-set and usage. Close up for the top spot. POST GRADUATE (8,3) 1. HARPITTS RUMOUR HAS IT, juvenile and still needs to fill his frame, but he has that ‘look at me’ factor and is a sound and happy mover and looks as though he could most definitely do a day’s work. 2. CARPENNY VICTORIA, perhaps the ‘head of the day’, so pretty and feminine with great type and balance. Correct for top-line and tail-set and carriage, a sound a free mover, just a touch out of coat and not quite the ‘verve’ of the winner, but very close up and I would love to see her again in full bloom. I liked her a lot. 3. MAGNAVALLEYS PAINT IT BLACK OPEN DOG (3) 1. HENISSY ALL THAT JAZZ JW, a strong male with good balance and outline, very fluid on the move in side-gait if a touch messy coming and going. On the stack, the perfect tail-set and action, a pity that this changed so dramatically on the move! 2. LEMBAS SWINGS BOTH WAYS AT MIBRIDGE, another strong-headed male, sound enough going and holding a good top-line, his front action let him down today. 3. ROSSACE KENO, OPEN BITCH (3) 1. TIAJA AMERICAN DREAM, a clear winner in this class, and Res BOB. Super for head-piece and a lovely dark, expressive eye. She holds a strong top-line stood and on the move with a lovely tail-set. Not quite the overall balance of the young male in the challenge. 2. RADIGAN IRIS OF TARA, this bitch holds a very good top-line and has a fabulous tail and excellent bone, just not quite the type or movement of the winner. 3. CARPENNY LADY LOVE

ENGLISH SETTERS OPEN (3) 1. BOURNEHOUSE STAR GAZER AT MARISSOLO, headed a mixed and difficult class to judge, this all-male dog held the best top-line and had the best tail-set and usage, but needs to sort out his action. BOB. 2. BENSOPHIE ROOM AT THE TOP, the best of the head-pieces here for me, but really didn’t get himself going at all, but I gather this was his first show! 3. BENSOPHIE DARK CRYSTAL.

HUNGARIAN VIZSLA GRADUATE (3,2) 1. KENSTEEN ASH, I liked his length to height ratio and his intelligent expression. He needs time to fill his frame and sort out his movement. BOB.

ITALIAN SPINONE GRADUATE (4,2) 1. LARLILA PARETTA, good width to fore-chest and more mature and more collected all through than the second. Coat in good condition. Moved OK. 2. SCODINZOLARE PERLESCENTI, raw puppy with good head proportions, correct top-line, just needs time to fill her frame and develop her muscle-tone. OPEN (2,1) 1. AMBERELLIE ADRIANNA, she presents a correct square outline with lovely flow of neck into well-laid shoulder and has a super feminine, balanced head and kind eye. Good bone and feet and in good jacket, she is easy and free in side-gait, but just a touch closer than ideal going away. BOB.

A.V. GUNDOG MINOR PUPPY 1. JASMINDENE INFINITE DREAM, Golden Retriever, raw youngster soundly made, just a touch whispy in jacket today, but took this class on her movement and outline. 2. U LA LA MODUS VIVENDI, Cocker, good breed type, not handled to best advantage but has the correct top-line and is sturdily built, short and compact in body, moved correctly once settled. 3. HARPITTS SUGAR AND SPICE AT HENISSY

A.V. GUNDOG PUPPY 1. KASPUGOLD RIZZINI, Golden Retriever, good balance and a strong top-line with perhaps one of the best muscled rears of the day, in superb hard and fit condition. Lovely feminine head-piece, and sound on the move. 2. STARATLANTA GET A WIGGLE ON TO MARZANNE, Irish Setter, lots of scope and balance, great flowing outline with no coarseness. He was a sound and positive mover. 3. WARRENTOR CAIPIRINHA.

A.V. GUNDOG JUNIOR 1. DYKERE MEANT TO BE, Cocker Spaniel, a clear winner in this class. Big ribs, sweet head and a good tail-set and carriage. Needs to use himself a bit more on the move as appeared a little stuffy in neck, but was sound both ways. 2. FLEURFIELD FIRETHORNE AT MARISSOLO, Pointer, masculine and balanced head, but a touch more upright than ideal which spoils his flow in outline a bit. Moved Ok once settled. 3. DREGHEDA IF I WERE SINGLE.

A.V. GUNDOG OPEN DOG 1. ERIKACHEN O’RUADH FOR DELTANAMBA JW ShCM, NSDTR, of real quality with lots to like. He has a balanced and intelligent head/eyes, is well-ribbed, good for top-line and size with a lovely tail and carriage, perhaps could do with a touch more neck and slightly better lay of shoulders, but has lots on his side.

A.V. GUNDOG OPEN BITCH 1. WILCHRIUMANE TICK’T BOO, Pointer who won this class with lots to spare. Great head-piece and flowing outline and a super easy mover. 2. RADIGAN IRIS OF TARA, Labrador. 3. REDCLYST COSETTE.

A.V. GUNDOG SPECIAL CHAMPION 1. SH CH KHAMSYNN’S CARRY ON CRUISING TO MOORPOINT JW ShCM 2. IR SH CH MOORASH LADY YGRAINE OF KYLOWEN, Welsh Springer, another with lots to like, good overall balance and well-made frame. Just not so enthusiastic today on the move as the winner. 3. SH CH DROVEBOROUGH BORN TO BOUND AT GEMROSE JW

A.V. GUNDOG GOOD CITIZEN 1. SIREVA FERRARI, Weimaraner with a great brisket, super top-line and movement. A decent head-piece and flow. 2. HUNNICOTE HANDYMAN, Irish Setter, another good one here, super for outline and rear angles and muscle. He was a good moving dog. 3. PRUSSIA BEST KEPT SECRET OF WINSBROOK.

A.V. GUNDOG SPECIAL WORKING 1. HENISSY RAZZLE DAZZLE, Labrador, superb body and ribs, grand tail with super set and usage, very feminine with lots to like.

A.V. GUNDOG BRACE. 1. TANNANDICE Golden Retrievers, a clear winner in this class, great breed type and condition. 2. DROVEBOUROUGH Pointers, another strong pair in super condition. 3. MELANITTA, Nova Scotia DTR.