• Show Date: 08/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jonathan Daltrey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Crystal Palace Canine Association


I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging at this well-organised show with a superb steward and some excellent dogs both in the breeds and the well-filled staked/variety classes. I found the sporting attitude of absolutely everyone here today and the enthusiasm of the Officers and Committee and all of the exhibitors, totally refreshing and invigorating. Thank you all!

BIS went to the PMD youngster LISJOVIA BORIS BEAR AT DARMAROR JW ShCM. He fits the standard well, and has a pleasing head-piece, totally free from coarseness or exaggeration, well-filled beneath the eyes, and a kind and intelligent and pleasing expression, in-fact ‘contemplative’ as the standard dictates is exactly the correct description for this boy. In tip-top condition, carrying the correct amount of weight he is very good to go over, has a firm top-line, well-set tail with perfect carriage and is accurate coming and going, with a long and free stride in profile. He is still young and I think that his best is yet to come, but in the line-up today, I found him a comfortable winner. Res BIS was the young Cocker Spaniel, MANCHELA HUGO BOSS JW ShCM, a dog who I have judged before but who has never figured highly on my radar, but today was a different story. This is a great example of how a dog can improve and fill his frame and I think that he too, has his best yet to come. Sympathetically and lovingly handled to maximise his potential, he is ‘cockery’ without exaggeration. He held a superb outline stood and on the move. He drove from well-muscled quarters, holding his top-line and carrying and using his tail to perfection. I had absolutely no hesitation in awarding him the runner-up position and wish him well for the future.

What an absolutely fantastic line-up for Best Puppy In Show.! To say that the competition was fierce is a total and utter under-statement! I am not afraid to stick my neck out and predict that at least four of these seven youngsters are destined for great things in the future. The eventual winner after considerable consideration was an outstanding Great Dane, VANMORE NOSEY PARKER. For one so young he fits to standard very well. Obviously he needs to firm in top-line and to really grow into himself, but his accuracy coming and going and his free-flowing, effortless, ground covering side-gait left me tingling with goose-bumps. He has the best of heads, absolutely free from coarseness and he has the desired chiselling and total balance. He has fabulous bone and a lovely depth of brisket already, is well-ribbed back and firm in the hind quarters, with excellent definition to first and second thigh and he has excellent tight ‘cat-like’ feet. Having only recently passed the Breed Specific hands-on for this breed, I was absolutely delighted to have found him in the breed today and was excited that the Working Group judge sent him back to me for further consideration in this exciting finale. Well done and best wishes for the future. Pushing the winner incredibly close for the top-spot was an outstanding Miniature Smooth-Haired Dachshund, ROYALMAPLE FIDDLE STICKS. This is another fabulous future prospect with a glorious head-piece, undoubtedly masculine but not a hint of coarseness and such an intelligent expression! His front assembly is text-book and his top-line so firm both stood and on the move. His rear drive and power is mesmerising and in side-gait he too was simply electric, covering such ground with such ease but moreover totally accurate with excellent tail-carriage. I loved him! I must also make mention of two other puppies in this excellent line-up, an incredible Pomeranian, BAROMAR DUBONET AT ALTINA, and a stylish and promising Border Terrier who won a huge Puppy Stakes class earlier in the day under me, SWEEPING IS THIS YOUR FINAL ANSWER AWBROOKSKY, both very close up today.

LONG-COAT CHIHUAHUA PUPPY (5,2) 1. PIXELS MOONLIGHT EXPRESS, compact and soundly made with a strong top-line and excellent croup and tail-set. She moved well both ways and in profile. BPIB 2. BABAY BOOM MANO EFEKTAS WITH LYKATH, longer cast youngster with a well-shaped head and correct eye. A touch hesitant on the move. 3. PIVXELS LOVE CHARM JUNIOR (4,2) 1. LYKATH’S SERENITY, a superb head and eye with a very strong top-line on the move, croup could be higher, but very good tail carriage and lovely coat. Res BOB. 2. JUCHI HILDA OGDEN, once settled very sound, but not quite the head of the winner, nor the furnishings or top-line, full of mischief! POST GRAD (4,2) 1. HAPPY CHIDONNA AT JUCHI, perfect dentition, good depth and width, sound coming and going, croup not as strong as could be. 2. LYKATH MYSTIC WIZARD VANJEPESON, lots to like, good for croup and top-line, just not the dentition of width behind of the winner. OPEN (3,2) 1. HOLLYEL RUBY TOO SHOOS OF FLUTURA JW, everything to like. Correct scissor bite, kind expression, good head shape and top-line. Sound on the move BOB.

SMOOTH-COAT CHIHUAHUA JUNIOR (2) 1. COPYMEAR CACTUS FLOWER WITH SANDIMAN, very good outline in profile with good tight feet. Carrying enough weight for my taste, true both ways. Res BOB 2. w/d POST GRADUATE (3) 1. PEEPTOLYN OBSIDIAN AT DOLLYBEAU JW, such a good body and outline, scissor bite, but could be closer. I liked his head and eye and a superb moving dog too. BOB 2. JODESCHI TRUDI SCRUPMTIOUS, a real character on the floor and a super side-gaiter but a little hesitant on the table. Lovely eye. 3. TINASJOY ICE BOX OPEN (2) 1. ELLOCHI DES AT JODESCHI, scores in top-line, tail-set and carriage with excellent feet. Has a lovely dark eye, mouth could be tidier. 2. STANGHURST MAMA MIA, balanced and very feminine and a pretty head and eye. A touch nervous on the table, but once settled moved well.


BULLDOGS PUPPY (7,2) 1. NOBOZZ NICE ONE FOR EDSTRONG, the best mover of the day in the breed. So accurate and easy coming and going and such fluidity in side-gait, soundness personified. I loved her for size, if a touch immature, but her perfect top-line, excellent mouth and sour expression really wowed me. BOB 2. ODINSCHILD VIOLET PRINCESS, another good one with lots to like. Bigger size, great type with a lovely shape and working to her head-piece, just not so co-ordinated on the move as the winner. 3. LAROYAL NATURAL BORN LEADER JUNIOR (6,1) 1. ROKOLUCK MR CRACKER, mature and well-proportioned. Clean head-piece with correct top-line. Another free and easy mover. The wins here today I gather give him his JW, well done ! Res BOB. 2. ODINSCHILD VIOLET PRINCE, best dentition of the class, great ribbing and shape, just never really got going on the move, shows promise. 3. ODINSCHILD VIOLET WARRIOR POST GRADUATE (5,1) 1. R MR CRACKER, repeat. 2. BAALZEBUL CONSATNCE FOR GEENAWELL, good balance and has grown into her frame since I judged her last. Just toeing-in a touch in front compared with the winner. 3. REDIMOROSE ANNIVERSARY BEL OPEN (5,1) 1. ODINSCHILD WARRIOR QUEEN AT BURNCRAFT, soundest mover of this very mixed class. Good head proportions and fluid in profile. 2. STELLASVILLE OLYMPIC STAR, I thought this bitch would be my winner, her head-piece appealed, but not quite so sound as the one above. 3. GEENAWELL THE ARTFUL DODGER.

A.V. IMPORT REGISTER 1. IR CH/BEL CH ALGERNON PRINCE AT MAUDAXI, Griffon Fauve de Bretagne, of quality. I liked him for size and electric side-gait, easy, ground covering action, accurate coming and going. His angles fore and aft are exemplary and he has superb tight feet with a good harsh jacket. 2. NAUGHTY BORIS VAN T WEIMELAND, Slovakian Rough-haired Pointer, just a touch wider in front than ideal and needs a touch more depth to brisket, holds a good outline and is sound both ways. Good height to length proportions and a king eye. 3. HIBECK CELESTE AT MAUDAXI

A.V. PUPPY STAKES (59) 1. SWEEPING IS THIS YOUR FINAL ANSWER AWBROOKSKY, Border Terrier. He has a classic otter head and good rough jacket. Hard in top-line , he’s a handy size, has tight feet and is a very accurate and sound mover. Delighted to see him later take the Terrier Puppy Group! 2. KELLIGREWS KISS UNDER A TREE, Bearded Collie, with super attitude and a lovely side-gait. He has perfect dentition, unlike many here in this class. He has a strong top-line, is well-ribbed and is well-off for bone. Well-presented, he show promise. I was pleased to see that he also took BPIB ! 3. DEERCROFT DAYBREAK, Mini Smooth Dachs.

A.V. YEARLING STAKES (44) 1. ZARALEE HUSSELL AND BUSSELL WITH STARFERRY, Shar Pei of distinction. I loved this bitch for head and dark, clean eye. She has excellent dentition and the best of outlines, totally balanced. She is correct depth and top-line, has a lovely nose and tight feet. Sound both ways and very accurate in profile she really demands attention. 2. SHADOWSHACK’S MY GIRL, GSD, a very good moving bitch, excellent in side-gait. I liked the head-piece and bone, top-line and condition. 3. KNATTINGS RIVERDANCE TO KENSING, Tibetan Spaniel

A.V. SPECIAL BEGINNERS STAKES (24) 1. RAGUS FABULOUS CLOWN ShCM, Norwich Terrier. A very balanced and masculine head-piece here with no coarseness. I liked his harsh coat, outline and sound action. 2. JADOREMY THUNDER BOLT ZUSE ShCM, a good size Shih Tzu with a very strong top-line, sturdy body and sound action. 3. PARCAUWEN CRAZY SECRET JEM AMONG MICHADAINE JW, Chinese Crested.

A.V.VETERAN STAKES, (25) 1. CH/BER CH ULMARRA TROPICAL ICE AT WINTON, Saluki, graceful and elegant, I loved the long and narrow head and dark, intelligent eyes. On the move this bitch was foot perfect, and covered the ground with such ease and effortless grace that she could not be denied. I was not surprised to hear that she is titled, and she took on the Champions in the following class to top that one too. 2. FIELGAR MAJESTIC LEGEND ShCM, American Cocker, who simply gets better and better. He looked a picture today and thoroughly deserved this excellent second spot in strong company. 3. CH DAVENHEATH DARK SECRET, Leonberger

A.V. CHAMPION STAKES.(19) 1. CH/BER CH ULMARRA TROPICAL ICE AT WINTON 2. CH SPELLCAST TALK TO DA TAIL ShCM, German Spitz Mittel, This super example of the breed really put on a brilliant performance in this very strong class. She has a strong short loin, lovely tight feet and perfect tail-set and carriage. She was foot perfect and looked an absolute picture. I really liked her. 3. CH CANDILIZ BLACK ADMIRAL FOR CLANDRIFT JW ShCM, Flatcoat,

A.V. OPEN STAKES. (42) 1. ZARALEE HUSSELL AND BUSSELL WITH STARFERRY 2. HISILOME’S KAREEF ShCM, another outstanding Saluki for me today. As masculine as the Veteran bitch is feminine> He has such balance and is so sound and graceful with perfect foot-fall on the move. I liked him a lot. 3. NAMKIA THOU ART BELOVED JW, Standard Poodle

Jonathan B Daltrey (Judge)