• Show Date: 21/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: John Goodwin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cheviot & Berwick Canine Society



TOYS. My thanks to the committee for inviting me. A small entry sadly with some absentees but my thanks to the exhibitors for bringing some quality dogs. S/C CHI. Grad (1) 1. Turnbull’s Boetandales Red Satin b. 12m, stood alone, sweet headed red youngster, would have preferred a tad shorter in back, a bit hesitant on the move on the slippery floor. BOB. CKCS Grad (2,1) 1. Slack’s Kinvaar Jumping Jack Flash at Eversbabes, 11m Blenheim d, nice head & pigment, moved with a level topline but a bit narrow behind and gay tail, short coupled, up to size. Open (5,2) 1. McMurray’s Harana Jack Jones at Merryoth , 2 year old Blenheim dog, nice masculine head with decent pigment, well ribbed, level topline and good bone, moved soundly both ends, presented impeccably in good coat and handled expertly. BOB, thought he would be my group winner but seemed distracted and not happy in the challenge. 2. Kynaston’s Granasil Von Trap JW, 2 year old B&T dog, attractive head, well presented in glamourous coat, good bone and bright tans but not as bodied or compact as 1. PAPILLON  Open (3,1) 1. Thornton’s Collness Kiss N Tell Shevid, 12 m B/W b, not in full coat, sweet head and dark eye with large flaring ear fringes and great ear action, so pretty, compact proportions, moved soundly both ends to win BOB. 2. Fenn-Webber’s  Adnamshan Take That, 10m tri d, lots to like about this cocky lad, nice head with expressive ears, though eye needs to darken, well coated, pushed hard and will improve with more ring practice. BP. PUG Open (1), 1. Turnbull’s Judamie Bowtie Nicobri, mature 14m fawn d, lovely head with wrinkle, nice black pigment and open nostrils, shedloads of pug personality and attitude, very sound and cobby in body, striding out freely with vigour and that typical rear driving roll, very true fore and aft and expertly handled. BOB and could not be denied the Group.  TOY GROUP: 1.Pug  2.Papillon 3.Cavalier 4.S/C Chi. PG1: Papillon.  Judge: JOHN GOODWIN (Diggle/Serendel)