• Show Date: 11/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: John Goodwin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Merseyside Gundog Club


Thanks to the exhibitors for providing me on paper with a flattering entry, sadly marred by many absentees on the day. I was shocked to find two clearly undershot mouths in the Cockers, this is a serious fault.  COCKER SPANIELS. P(3,1) 1. Qualtrough’s Helenwood Trade Secret. 11m black d of some quality. Handsome, well proportioned, if immature, head at this stage, with tight, dark eye and melting expression. Good neck into clean shoulders, well boned, moved out well front and rear. Interested to see how he matures.  BP and RBOB. 2. Cross’s Afterparti Emmy’s Star.  G(6,4) 1. Proudler’s Kimapa Kickit Kiantu 21m blue roan/tan b. Nice size, moved  OK, mouth unacceptable. 2. Qualtrough’s Jasquebelle Loving You.  PG (3,2) 1. Proudler’s Kimapa Krazee Kritter 4y dark blue b. Stood alone. Fair head but lacks stop and skull quality. Good mouth, nice bone , would prefer shorter coupling. O(3) 1. Walsh’s Blueacre Oh Danny Boy 2y dark blue d. Attractive head and eye, clean neck and shoulders. Nicely off for bone for his size, firm topline and moved soundly from well let down hocks. Well presented in good coat, an easy class winner and BOB. 2. Qualtrough’s Helenwood Blue Flame. 3. Proudler’s Ringslade Fisher King For Kimapa. AMERICAN COCKERS J(3,2) 1. Bryant & Nelson’s Zarcrest  Having A Tantrum With Nasailleen 9m black b. Aptly named, exuberant, crazy baby of some quality, sweet head with dark melting eyes, clean neck into sloping shoulders, small but well bodied for her age with good ribs, nice sloping topline, moved well kicking her heels out in the seconds that she was settled, although tailset was a bit high. Will watch with interest. BP & RBOB. O(1) 1. Fryer’s Grennyne Night In The City At Carolco 4y mature black d, handsome head with plush muzzle, dark eyes and melting expression. Good neck, straight, sloping topline with correct tailset and carriage.  Well boned, with good ribs and short coupled, driving out well from behind. Some judicious thinning of the coat would accentuate his angles and correct frame perhaps. BOB. Two quality dogs. CLUMBERS (3, all absent). IWS (1, absent). Judge: JOHN GOODWIN (Serendel/Diggle)