• Show Date: 02/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jo Boughton-White Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Dorset County Canine Society

Dorset County Canine Society – Limited Show 2nd December 2018

A really delightful Christmassy limited show, sincere thanks to all the committee and also my stewards who did a wonderful job.   The quality in many of the classes was incredibly high and made my decisions really come down to some hair splitting points.

AV Hound Puppy

1.    Reese’s Pteridium Bracken. Whippet. 6 month old fawn bitch, pretty head and correct length of neck. Lovely correct sized bitch with enough length but good curvy underline and the correct gentle curve in her topline. Would prefer a slightly better lay of shoulder but still moved well around the ring. Best Hound Puppy and RBPIS.

AV Hound Yearling (4, 2 abs)

1.    Whitelocks Rumuruti Rather Hopeful. RR. 15 month old Ridgeback bitch. Quality head, strong neck, well laid shoulder and front assembly and correct ridge. In great condition and showed strength with athleticism.  Moved well.

2.    Marshs Marshwick Black Princess.

AV Hound Post Graduate (8)

1.    Robets & Spearings Linkenlees Lucas. Lovely male, clearly masculine with a very handsome head and strong jaw. Excellent shoulder, straight level back and compact body. Good round bone. Moved soundly round the ring with good tail carriage.

2.    Baulch’s Erinnis Mignonette. Fawn whippet bitch of correct size. Oozes femininity and has the typical whippet curves right through. Beautiful close coat that gleamed. Moderate back end and moved well.

3.    Clanes Tancurelo Penny Crayon

AV Hound Open (12, 1 abs)

1.    Marshs A Touch of Magic at Marshwick. 2.5 year old standard LH dachshund. This boy really caught my eye in this class which was full of quality hounds. Super head with almond shaped eyes and a gorgeous expression. Long tapering head with strong jaw.  Excellent front assembly with prominent breast bone. Very straight and level topline, into an excellent rear end with correct angulation and plenty of strength which meant he held his legs straight and parallel. Soft coat with plenty of feathering, moved very soundly. Best Hound

2.    Rowes Boloria’s Trick or Treat. Standard wire bitch. A real classy girl. Beautiful head with correct furnishings and well placed ears. Lovely front with good fill and correct angulation into a very straight topline. Moved with great enthusiasm.

3.    Roberts & Spearing Linkenlees Lyric SHCM.

AV Gundog Puppy (6, 1 abs)

1.    Gray’s Trimere Time Tracker. 7 month old liver/white dog headed this class of promising pups.  This boy stood out particularly when stacked, he had a very good masculine head  leading into well laid shoulders and nice straight front. Good strong, compact and well balanced dog for one so young. Moved so well and in excellent condition. BPIS.

2.    Nash’s Cheselbay Ballochan. 6 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. This dog had excellent breed type, good strong dog with an excellent coat. Broad skull, strong jaws and good bite. Well placed shoulders with good return of upper arm. Nicely balanced with powerful rear. Moved well and showed great promise, good first outing!

3.    Glass’ Gunring My Boy

AV Gundog Yearling (3, 1 abs)

1.    Rorkes Zakhan’s Demelza . 22m Irish setter bitch. I thought she was a beautiful example of the breed. Feminine head which was long and lean with neck which flowed into her correctly placed shoulders.  Good deep rib cage, beautiful straight topline which sloped to well balanced rear quarters.  She moved very soundly coming and going and flowed freely around the ring. Beautiful depth of colour of coat and in good condition. Quality bitch. Best AV Gundog, RBIS

2.    McCabes Clonageera Thrift. Another quality Irish Setter bitch. She lacked a little balance and maturity compared to 1. She again had a lovely head and neck into well made shoulders. Good deep chest and athletic body. A little longer in leg than 1. She moved well and had a quality coat.

AV Gundog Postgraduate (2)

1.    Brewers Stradcot Three Wishes. Very steady Goldie bitch who didn’t put a foot wrong.  Good classic head with strong bite. Well laid shoulders. Good bone throughout, a little longer coupled than I prefer. Good strong rear quarters and moved well. In lovely condition.

2.    Smith & Honey’s Thurwitt Nanny Alexandria. 2 year old Flatcoat.  A well made bitch with a typical happy temperament. Good head with just a slight stop and strong jaws. Good quality bone and well laid shoulders, deep brisket. Moved well in profile and up and down but just needs to be more steady in the ring.

AV Gundog Open (9, 4 abs)

1.    Rorkes Cataluna May Queen. Won this class on her classic breed type and soundness on the move. She excellent in her conformation with well balanced front and rear end which allowed her to flow around the ring. Looked fabulous when stacked.

2.    Smiths Paviland Pitton Mor Dreamer of Matlor. 6 year old Flatcoat bitch who looked in her prime. Well balanced bitch in excellent condition. She again was well made with well laid shoulders and nicely angulated rear end. She moved soundly and covered the ground well and was very happy in doing so!

AV Utility Puppy (2, 1 abs)

1.    Plowmans Red Ruby Eclipse. 8 month Shih Tzu bitch. Sweet bitch with good round head, short muzzle and good width between the eyes.  Well laid back shoulders, sturdy body with good length. Plentiful coat and when stacked was well balanced with good outline shape Moved soundly. Best Utility Pup.

AV Utility Yearling (3, 1 abs)

1.    Quants Snowshoes Winter Fox. 22 month old Japanese Spitz bitch. Well presented quality bitch, good wedge shaped head and triangle ears which were very well set.  Well made front assembly and legs under shoulders.  Good short body and high tai set.  Moved accurately and with great enthusiasm. Good profuse coat.

2.    Betts Q’Kwarm For Tibettsi From Heavens Earth.  Well balanced TT boy, good head with correct bite. Well laid shoulders, compact body into good rear end. Moved effortlessly around the ring with accuracy.

Av Utility Postgraduate (1)

1.    Betts Gandaki Baron Zeiland. 2 and a half year old grey TT.  Correct head with strong muzzle and well furnished. Very precise moved and was sound and steady coming and going. Well laid shoulders and good length of upper arm. Slightly longer in body than his kennel mate. Level topline.  Good double coat.

AV Utility Open (4, 2abs)

1.    Cann’s Sunmarca Moonlight Shadow. Classy black Min Poodle. This bitch had a beautiful outline and was very well presented. Lovely feminine head, strong jaw and good eye. Correct bite. Well laid shoulders, deep chest and short backed. Nicely bent stifles.  So sound, straight as a die coming and going and moved with such lightness and ease. Best AV Utility.

2.    Bull & Warrens Starferry Beyond Belief ShCM. 6 year old Shar Pei. Quality bitch with excellent breed type.  Well balanced and compact.  Correct large and broad head and muzzle. Strong neck into muscular shoulders which are well laid. Good bone throughout, deep chest and strong loin.  Moderate angulation on the rear end, moved very well coming and going and in profile, unlucky to meet 1.

AV Working Postgraduate (2, 1 abs)

1.    Woodgates Snowshoes Mountain Ranger. This 18 month old Alaskan Malamute was exceptional for type. He had a handsome well marked masculine head with well placed ears and a strong neck into well laid shoulders.  Good straight front and quality heavy bone.  Well proportioned body with enough length of leg. Well ribbed and strong loin. Moderate angulation in hindquarters but with plenty of strength in his well muscled thighs. Good large feet which were well arched. He presented a well balanced picture when stacked with correct topline and good tail carriage. He moved really well showing great drive and his handler really got the best out of him. Glorious coat presented in top condition. Best AV Working and BIS.

AV Working Open (2, 1 abs)

1.    Masseys Jojavik Kissy Suzuki ShCM. An exquisite 3 year old Doberman bitch in her prime.  Good feminine wedge shaped head in proportion to body, strong jaw with correct bite. Long neck into well laid shoulders with good length if upper arm. Correct topline with good deep chest. Moderate back end, good muscle and straight hocks. Presented in immaculate condition and on the move she really drove around the ring. It was an incredibly close decision for Best AV Wkg.

AV Pastoral Yearling (1)

1.    Warrens Rainway Spring Sensation. 22m Sheltie male, very well presented. Good wedge shaped head with lovely ear carriage. Good front assembly with nice shoulder and straight front. Good ribbing, back level into moderately angulated back end. Moved very accurately coming and going, moved smoothly around the ring.  Good quality coat.

AV Pastoral Postgraduate (2)

1.    Evans Shadoway Lucky Strike. 3 year old sable/white Sheltie. Good masculine head with nice tipped ears. Presented a lovely symmetrical and elegant outline. Well made throughout and really excelled in movement, both sound coming and going and in profile. Beautiful coat and well presented.

2.    Warren-Sinclaires Meretrix Harley Isds. 5 year old male Border Collie. Good bone, nicely constructed with good length and return of upper arm. Good length of body and in good condition. Moved with drive.

AV Pastoral Open (1)

Warren-Sinclaires Moshanta Movin On Out JW. 6 year old Border Collie, looking great for age. Really smart dog in the best condition. Lovely head and enough neck, good front assembly with well laid shoulder and return of upper arm. Good strong bone. Deep chest and good balanced length and athletic body. Good rear end which he used to drive around the ring smoothly. Lovely quality coat.  Best AV Pastoral.

AV Toy puppy (1)

1.    Smiths Minitopo Thoth. 10 month old blue Italian Greyhound. A real baby who will improve as he settles. Good head with nice shaped rose ears. Good length of neck. Deep chest and correctly arched topline. Very unsettled on the move but could see nice free action and extension.  Best AV Toy Puppy.

Av Toy Open (3)

1.    Lanes Starleisha Heavens Secret ShCM. Beautiful 6 year old Havanese bitch. The kindest expression, feminine head with lovely pigmentation. Good straight legs and well balanced proportions. Level topline and very well made throughout. Profuse and excellent quality coat. Moved so soundly coming and going and good profile action. Best AV Toy.

2.    Makepeaces Sandigara Superman. Lovely male pug, square and cobby. Good large head, obviously masculine with large dark eyes and soft expression. Strong neck. Well sloped shoulders and good strong bone and straight legs. Moved really well and soundly

AV Veteran 7-9 years (14, 5 abs)

1.    Marshs Rill Black Prince with Marshwick. 8 year old Min Smooth Dachshund. What a super boy, outstanding when stacked. Handsome head, held proudly. Very well angled front and rear. Good prominent keel. Super level topline. Moved with great extension and drive, well presented in excellent condition with good muscle tone. BVIS

2.    Lanes Starleisha Heavenly Star ShCM. Another beautiful Havanese. Sable and white, in super condition with no signs of being a veteran!  Classic breed type, well constructed, super coat and moved accurately and with enthusiasm.

3.    Evans Glensandra Girl On The Go

AV Veteran 10+ years

1.    Roberts & Spearing Redcap Little Gem at Linkenlees ShCM. 11 year old beagle bitch who was such a happy soul and thoroughly enjoyed her outing. She was in super condition and spot on for weight with good muscle tone. She had a good head and well constructed front with good lay of shoulder, compactly built and good rear end. Moved well and very soundly.

2.    Rorkes Cataluna Pole Position. A super 10 year old Irish Setter, lovely example of the breed. Good lean head, straight front, deep rib cage and correct topline. Moved so well and topped off with a quality coat.

AV Bred by exhibitor

1.    Cann’s Sunmarca Moonlight Shadow

2.    Roberts & Spearing Linkenlees Laurina.  I really liked this 2 year old beagle bitch. Super bone, classic head, nice compact body and perfect angulation which allowed her to moved well around the ring. So well balanced.

AV Not bred by Exhibitor

1.    Baulch’s Erinnis Mignonette

2.    Warren-Sinclaires Moshanta Movin On Out JW

Judge Mrs Jo Boughton-White