• Show Date: 20/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jill Spurr Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Coventry & District Kennel Association

Border Collies – Coventry and District Kennel Association

Judge – Jill Spurr (Dreamwork)

I was honoured to be asked to judge Border Collies by Marilyn and her team – my first judging appointment. Only a small entry, which I hope reflects the clash with Wessex BC club show rather than choice of judge! However, the quality was there and I am delighted with my winners, although any of the dogs entered could swap places on another day.

Coventry is a well-run and very enjoyable show with slightly larger rings than many open shows, which was very welcome in a breed like ours where movement is key. My stewards kept everything running smoothly, thank you, gentlemen.

My line up for BOB were ladies of more senior years (that’s the dogs, not the handlers) which is wonderful to see. The Border Collie is not a breed that should age early. I was pleased too that every exhibit was of correct weight with excellent musculature. The handlers were all kind and sensitive to their dogs’ needs. All in all, a lovely class making for an enjoyable introduction to judging.

I apologise to my entry and in particular to my BOB for not staying longer and supporting them in Group. However, I have a litter at home, just at the tiny ninja army stage, so left shortly after I finished. I would have loved to have stayed longer as I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you to everyone for accepting my decisions so well.

Puppy – no entries.

Junior (1)

1 – Master of Illusion, 12 mnths black and white dog. This young man is coming into himself in both mind and body, and was not easy on his handler. However, she handled him confidently and considerately to get the most out of him. This is a pairing to watch for the future, they have lots of promise.

Lovely balanced outline. Masculine head, mild expression with correct shaped eyes. Ears well used. Good length of neck onto strong shoulders. Excellent upper arm and plenty of forechest giving the impression of him developing into a powerful dog. Straight topline into pleasing croup, correct tail set. Good bone without being coarse, excellent musculature carried on a frame of good substance. Still has some maturing to do, but right where he should be for his age.

Movement was free, flowing, powerful with good reach and low lift of feet. I suspect even so we did not see the best of him, as I feel in a larger ring still he could really get into his stride. Slight tendency to lift his tail on the move, but again I feel this was the twin evils of his age and a ring slightly smaller than he really needs. Delighted to award him RBOB.

Post graduate (3)

1 – Littlethorn Cortina, 8 yrs blue tri bitch. Looks dainty in outline but is as workmanlike as they come and has just the right bone and substance. Beautifully balanced with level topline, excellent croup and correct tail set.

Ultra-feminine head with attentive, kind gaze, waiting for the next word from her handler. Loved her length of neck, good lay of shoulder into an excellent front assembly with correct upper arm. Neat, tight feet, strong on her pasterns. Was impressed with her musculature, yet she is utterly feminine. Rear complements the back with well-proportioned thigh and good angulation that motors her around the ring. Tireless, effortless movement with excellent reach and low lift of foot.

On the move, there isn’t a trace of her age, with super reach and effortless drive. A well-deserved BOB, Pastoral Group 4

2 – Master of Illusion – see Junior

3 – Wizaland Celestial Saphire

Open (4, 2A)

1 – Wizaland Kristal Moon 10 yrs black and white bitch. At first glance, I wasn’t expecting to like her as much as I did, but she had me at movement. Just wow. There isn’t the slightest suggestion of her age – this lady is growing old disgracefully, and I love her for it.

Well-boned yet light, nothing course or overdone about her, if anything she is subtle in outline but doesn’t disappoint when you go over her. Feminine head of good proportions, attentive with well used ears. Neck of good length, well laid shoulder and strong forechest. Correct upper arm, neat feet.

Level topline, good loin, correct croup. Well-shaped rear assembly and so well-muscled – she would put many a younger dog to shame. All of this powers her around the ring with effortless drive and she doesn’t tire. The more I saw, the more I loved. Pushed so hard for RBOB, I really was splitting hairs to deny her, and possibly the most difficult decision of the day.

2 – Tudorhurst Festival at Fivejays 6 yrs black and white dog. What a super temperament on this lovely boy. He was determined to have a cuddle – don’t ever apologise for having a dog willing to be affectionate with a complete stranger, it is very much to his credit.

Masculine boy, kind, captivating expression. Mobile ears, well used. Head of correct proportions, good length of neck onto good shoulder. Front assembly is nicely balanced, level top line, nice croup, correct set of tail. Well-muscled with good angulation, good length of body. Maintained topline on move. Lots to like and such a sweet boy, but preferred movement of 1 today.