• Show Date: 07/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jill Cross Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association

Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association 8th June 2018 Judge: Jill Cross My thanks to the Royal Cornwall Association for their very kind invitation to judge at this delightful show; the warm welcome was very much appreciated. Thank you to my two very able stewards who made everything go so smoothly. Unfortunately there were some absentees on the day no doubt due to the Championship Show Hound day immediately following. The quality of some of the dogs was very good and I was more than pleased with the final group placings, but must also say that to get the best possible chance of winning at a show, then you need to present your dogs to the highest standard possible. Full reports are given in the classes but my general impressions of the final group placings follow: - Hound Group 1 went to Dunhill’s Pharaoh Hound, Fantasa Chicago Bull an impressive and stylish young dog at his first show who must be such an exciting prospect, he just stole the show. Group 2 went to the Saluki, Layton-Smith’s Elviis Al Noushafarin Velourias, beautiful dog in profile and had an elegance and lightness of foot that swept him around the ring with no effort at all. Group 3 was Prowse’s Whippet, Supeta’s Ice Ice Baby of Freehamlet, a most lovely shape, moving with power and lovely smooth action. Group 4 was the Ibizan Hound, Carter’s Ch Amante Runnin on Jamaican Time JW ShCM, always shown in peak condition and today was no exception, beautiful moving hound so typical of his breed. Hound Puppy Group 1 was won by the delightful Mini S/H Dachshund, Rudkin’s Keydax Layla for Dynastydax, so full of personality, she showed her socks off as well as her good conformation, well deserved, should have a good future. Puppy Group 2 was Prowse’s beautifully elegant Whippet, Crosscop One Step Closer to Freehamlet, well made throughout and a lovely prospect. Puppy Group 3 went to the Borzoi Gifford’s Benecia Athena. HOUNDS Beagles Graduate (5) 4 abs 1. Williams Devonrosesky Galway Girl tri-coloured and of feminine proportions, good balance to head with correct stop and kind expression, reasonable shoulder placement good ribbing and depth to body, showing well here with tail held up well, BOB. Open (4 (1abs) 1. Breeze’s Davricard Hummingbird of Parkebreeway, orange/white with lovely head and eye, good shoulder placement, round bone & good front, strong across topline, deep body, reasonable angle to quarters, unfortunately not the positive movement of the previous winner here today. 2. Adey & Nash’s Timamso Suraya at Rubeusbay, attractive head & expression on this tri-colour, decent neck to laid back shoulder, straight front with good width, slightly longer in back to 1, tail set okay but not as sturdy or as long as previous exhibit which detracts from the overall profile, moved okay. 3. Williams Eardley Holly Berry at Devonrosesky Borzoi 1. Gifford’s Benecia Athena, just 11 months of age this pale gold/white had a most lovely lean long head with good balance to muzzle, dark eye, reasonable length of neck to well placed shoulder and good width in front for age, nice bladed bone, good deep chest, topline & loin nicely arched over to angled quarters. Graceful movement, sympathetically handled for a first show. BOB Hamiltonstovare Open (2) 1abs 1. Adey’s Sufayre Angels Whisper at Rubeusbay, lovely jacket on this one, she was feminine and very breed typical, good in front, shoulder placed well, good brisket and nicely bodied, tends to lose topline on the stack, moving truly here. BOB Ibizan Hound Limit (2) 1abs 1. Carter’s Afilador Thunderbolt nicely constructed male, liked his lean head & has a good eye, ears could be slightly larger, good shoulder placement, front good with correct brisket, feels nice over the ribcage, strong quarters, but not the ground coverage of his sire. Open (4) 1 abs 1. Carter & Hozempa’s Ch Amante Runnin on Jamaican Time JW ShCM (imp) upstanding male of good balance throughout, well-shaped lean head which complements his overall size, with good erect ear set, good in front with strong bone and good long toes, level back with tremendous muscle tone on that loin, strong quarters. Absolutely powered around that ring with good carriage and purpose; he is such a good dog & one I admire very much, has done his owner proud. BOB & Hound Group 4. Irish Wolfhound Special Yearling (2) 1abs 1. Ashlon’s Bonnies Sonas of Madalinca roughly coated very large fawn/wheaten girl with huge bone, liked her head shape & had a good expression, reachy neck and good shoulder placement, strong forelegs & good depth but carrying too much weight, rear quarters not used to advantage on the move, tended to move with a sideways action. Open (1) 1. Ashlin’s Bribiba Cuan Ghra of Madalinca BOB smaller in stature than her kennelmate, slate/grey colour, conformation throughout was good although I preferred the head shape of previous, she had a good dark eye & decent length to muzzle but fairly broad in skull, small ears, she had a rough coat, she had a very fluid action on the move and covered a lot of ground with ease. BOB Pharaoh Hound Open (2) 1. Dunhill’s Fantasa Chicago Bull, aptly named, what an impressive muscular young man at his first show today. Beautiful rich red colour, nicely sized with a lean wedge-shaped head, chiselled & good complementing amber eye, used his ears well, lovely crescent arch to his neck, good shoulder placement and the strongest front, good well sprung ribs and strength of loin to give level back, very strong on his quarters, good tail set, first class muscle-tone & first class movement, just ate up the ring with such stride, style & zing but at the same time his action was so very steady. Beautifully handled, well deserved BOB & Hound Group 1 2. Harris’ Tonispade Otto, slightly larger deeper red and very naughty here; needs some ring training to settle him. Much broader in skull, and was slightly longer cast than 1, had good muscletone and body but was difficult to assess well as he was so excitable. Saluki Open (2) 1. Layton-Smith’s Elviis Al Noushafarin Velourias most elegant cream boy, very lean head with good length and balance, dark eye with very good pigment, good length of neck to well laid back shoulder, substantial but finely boned with everything fitting together very well, lovely over the ribcage to nicely toned loin to moderate quarters and feathered tail carried low, beautiful mover covering so much ground with no effort at all, well handled, beautiful condition. BOB & Hound Group 2. 2. Donkin’s Dacfolke Morganite Von Khrisjax red/white parti male, slightly broader on backskull, good length to muzzle, dark eye, slightly shorter in neck to adequate shoulder placement, decent width and depth of brisket, ribbing marginally shorter in back with a longer loin to 1, angled rear quarters, lightly feathered ears & tail, moved soundly. Dachshund Mini S/H Novice (2) 1. Rudkin’s Keydax Layla for Dynastydax captivating black/tan with beautiful profile. Head of good balance with dark eye & very good expression, slight stop, good strength of jaw, well placed shoulder with good angle, good prominence to forechest, very deep chest with good ribbing, level topline & good underline, nicely angled quarters and broad rump, black nails, glossy coat put down in first class condition, moving with good purpose front & rear, very nice prospect. BOB & Hound Puppy Group 1 2. Hellman’s Janacop Maggie May nicely shaped girl in profile and handled well here; feminine head but with deeper stop & not quite the balance of 1, well angled front, good brisket, strong quarters, not the topline of winner. Graduate (3) 2abs 1. Hellman’s Bronia Ramona smart black/tan with good balance to head, dark eye, good neck & shoulders, good in forechest, topline & quarters, glossy coat, moving well. Open (3) 1abs 1. Rudkin’s Dynastydax Periwinkle JW smartly turned out red with very good conical head of balance and good length, good length of neck, liked the front angle and forechest, deep in body & length of rib back to strong loin & broad rump, moved with good purpose and was sound. 2. Tree’s Ardenrun Sea Shanty by Keimantree red who excelled in forechest, had good angle and was nicely bodied, good broad rump, preferred head and topline of winner and couldn’t match the rear movement. 3. Hellman’s Argent Lady at Janacop Dachshund Mini L/H Novice (2) 1abs 1. Way’s Sudasam Dream Image cream who was slightly hesitant on the table, had good pigment and decent length to muzzle but felt the backskull was slightly rounded. Forechest good & elbows held in tightly to ribcage, however the ribs could go back further. Displayed a hopping movement rather than a smooth purposeful one. Coat could be better presented. Graduate (4) 1abs 1. Way’s Hillstar Saffron with Sudasam, red who had a good profile, nicely placed shoulder, very good body and nice topline, typical head & good expression, best mover in this class. 2. Butler’s Doujac Turnip for the Books from Drymoor larger black/tan with plenty of coat but could have been better presented. This one had a good shoulder placement & was angled in front, body felt good but topline was very slack and was overall longer, moved okay but with no positivity. 3. Westaway’s Abbilis Jive Talking at Treranch Open (4) 1abs 1. Westaway’s Abbilis Jive Talking at Treranch , was 3rd in previous class but deserved to win this class, quite nice expression & had personality, reasonable angles fore & aft, decent depth to body, nicely boned, moved well enough and enjoyed showing. 2. Butler’s Zarcrest Laura Ashley from Drymoor, dapple in colour with one blue eye which did not appeal, coat could definitely benefit from attention, overall construction was quite good with reasonable angles fore & aft, nicely boned, good broad rump, moved well enough. 3. Way’s Sudasam Livin the Dream Whippet Puppy (3) 1. Prowse’s Crosscop One Step Closer to Freehamlet lovely fawn/white youngster, headed this nice class. She was nicely sized and of good construction and shape, in excellent condition. Lean feminine head, neat ears, reasonable neck and shoulder placement, just needs to tighten slightly when moving to finish the picture but overall a very nice puppy with correct forward action and good drive in profile. 2. Hunt’s Grasampa Bewitching Boysie, brindle/white and another nice youngster, very little separating these. This one and the 3rd placed had great appeal and good clean outline but were not as far forward in development, both were nicely constructed and should be confident of good futures. 3. Livsey’s Palmik Ace of Spades Novice (1) 1. Repeat of previous class winner Post Graduate (4) 1. Barnes Doddridge Mo’et, brindle of good size and appealed for balance in profile, lean in head which had good length, strength of jaw, strong neck, shoulder well placed, good in front, slight slope to pasterns & neat feet, finely boned, very good muscle tone, deep brisket & lovely ribbing to strong slightly arched loin, good quarters, won this class on movement, very well handled. 2. Stevens Dolce Diva Divine N Delary at Jasteal (Imp ITA) nicely shaped red/brindle with lean head, good length to neck, firm front, deep chest, nice rise over loin, angled quarters but slightly shorter in second thigh to 1. 3. Gallie’s Erby’s Fire & Ice Limit (6) 1. Prowse’s Supeta’s Ice Ice Baby of Freehamlet most attractive brindle of elegant appearance and good size, lean in head, good expression, length of neck good to well-placed shoulder, finely boned, good forelegs with slight slope to pastern, in profile forelegs were placed well under the body, deep brisket with correct width to front, well-muscled body, well cut up and strong slight rise to loin, nicely angled hindquarters, hocks well down, very good movement with very free action and easy stride across the grass. All of this owner’s exhibits were shown in peak condition. BOB and Hound Group 3 2. Stephens Ilbatheez Catteleya Ice brindle/white of good overall construction & balance, attractive with good depth & tuck up to strong loin, moved well enough but not the freedom of 1. 3. White’s Truelove in a Mist at Iscaglades Open Dog (6) 2abs 1. Stephens Erby’s Celtic Dream Maker at Jasteal, fawn, tricky class but this one had a very nice head, good neck and shoulder placement, liked his depth of chest and strong quarters, he had a slight depression behind the shoulder which spoilt the clean line but moved very well and deserved to win. 2. Prowse’s Freehamlet Perfick Peter ShCM fawn/white nicely constructed male, good lean head, and displayed a nice outline, just would like a slither of a shade more of him all over to complete the picture, sound and true moving with good free action. 3. Barnes Willingwisp Loose Ur Shirt at Doddridge Open Bitch (4) 1. Gallie’s Gwendariff Thanks a Latte, very attractive pale fawn of good size, lean head with dark eye, strong jaw, adequate length of neck to shoulder which was laid back, good front, neat feet, very good depth to brisket, nicely arched over loin to angled quarters, strong second thigh, very good muscle-tone and condition, moving very well, so close for the final award, a nice bitch. 2. Prowse’s Freehamlet Perfick Portia attractive pale blue with very lean head, good dark eye, good reach to neck into well placed shoulder, straight front, fine bone & good pastern, good depth & nice tuck-up, slight arch over loin to adequately angled quarters, fine close coat, moving well enough here. 3. Mellow’s Trevingey Sweet Dreams Bliss ShCM AV Hound NSC Open (1) 1. Potts Erylan Artemis Le Chercheur (BGVGrande) happy disposition, good in head with domed skull, good length of ear, nicely placed front underneath giving a nice profile, ribs to elbow, good hindquarters with adequate bend of stifle, very sound and nicely constructed throughout, slightly oblong in shape. Good rough coat, thoroughly enjoying the day. AV Hound Veteran (16) 1. Layton-Smith’s Ch Anasha Al Noushafarin ShCM (imp AUT) – Saluki, cream who headed this nice class of veterans, elegant and of good overall construction, beautiful condition, lightly feathered and moving with light lifting action covering a tremendous amount of ground. 2. Adey’s Lady Layla at Rubeusbay (Beagle) fabulous temperament and so full of enthusiasm, lovely head shape, good expression, well laid shoulder, good fore & rear, rather overweight but moved out so well despite this. 3. Donkin’s Dacfolke Morganite Von Khrisjax (Saluki) Minor Puppy (1) 1. Rudkin’s Keydax Layla for Dynastydax – reported on previously. Brace/Team (5) 1. Layton-Smith’s Saluki’s 2. Carter’s Ibizan Hounds 3. Hellman’s Mini S/H Dachsunds Open Stakes (11) 1. Carter’s Ch Amante Runnin on Jamaican Time JW ShCM (imp) – reported on previously. 2. Hunt’s Grasampa Bewitching Boysie (Whippet) – reported on previously. 3. Adey & Nash’s Timamso Suraya at Rubeusbay (Beagle) Jill Cross