• Show Date: 05/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jenny Shorer-Wheeler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Alaskan Malamute Club of the United Kingdom

Alaskan Malamute Club of the UK May 2018 Open Show – Bitches  I would like to start by thanking the officers and committee for this long anticipated invitation to judge at the breed club show, and my efficient stewards for their help.  It was a beautiful day, perhaps about 5-10 degrees too beautiful for our Arctic breed but dogs and handlers coped admirably with the warmth and there was a pleasant breeze which helped.      Overall condition of exhibits was very good, and there are some exciting youngsters although today the top honours went to the veterans which is always reassuring in a breed which should last.  My only real concern is feet, cat feet are very pretty but they belong on cats, not working sled dogs.  Please bear this in mind.   

MPB (1) 1st. Perfitts' Samjoe The One and Only, 6mths old, pretty g/w baby, nice breadth to muzzle and skull, lovely eye for colour and shape, correct ear placement.  Moderately angled with good overall proportions, nice tail carried well on the move, where she was clean and positive.  Just right for her age.  Best Puppy Bitch and RBPIS.   

PB (0)   

JB (6) This was a super class and I was splitting hairs between my top 4, all of whom I would expect to see gaining green cards in the future.   1st. Clarkes' Electra Illa Kuvianartok at Whiteout (Imp Pol), this lovely 17mth bitch won a strong class on her classic plume tail and positive driving movement.  She has a beautiful head, every inch a Malamute bitch, lovely bone, built with strength and moderation and balanced superbly.  She was hard up in the challenge but just needs to hold herself together a little better for top honours.  Will watch her progress with interest.  2nd. Ballington-Grahams Noraisy Ring Of Fire for Catua, 12mths, so close up to one, I just want a looser tail for that perfect Malamute outline.  She has the best of fronts with a return of upper arm that I would love to see more often, and her reach and drive on the move is a joy.  Another with a beautiful head, correct eye and ear, crested neck into correct topline.  Just lovely.  3rd. Innes Iceycool Oriana, another good one, a tad heavier than 1&2 and not quite their gret shape on the move but still plenty to like.   

YB (2, 1a) 1st. Perfitts' Samjoe The Dream Lives On (AI), 18mths bitch, pleasing head although I would like a slightly smaller ear, good eye shape and decent colour, she could have a better return of upper arm but angulation was balanced, coat texture was good and tail correct.  A little narrow coming and going, reasonable side gait.   

PGB (4, 1a) 1st. Edwards and Molloy Wintablizards Gin Lover (AI), another with a lovely head, overall shape she was a little too compact for me, which on the move in the challenge meant she lacked the scope of my principle winners, but her positivity in this class gave her first place.  Good overall type, correct tail, well off for bone, moderate angles, good coat texture, well presented.  2nd. Copley-Hollands Adair'N'Hug I Love To Boogie (Imp USA) I really liked this bitch and was tempted to give her the class but you can't judge on a hunch, and she just didn't get herself together enough.  Lots to like, a strong bitch who certainly gives the impression she could do a days work, but needs a little more schooling to bring out the best in her.  3rd. Burgess Cedarcreek Forever Young at Mountainglen, pretty girl with nice feet, decent overall balance and type, not quite as positive on the move.    

LB (2) 1st. Ballington-Grahams Catua She's The One, a big old fashioned type of bitch, she really grew on me and in the challenge I did consider her for higher honours.  Super depth of chest, thick coat, plenty of bone and correct shaped feet.  Lovely tail.  Ears a touch large but eye shape correct and overall a pleasing head.  Would like her in slightly harder condition but she moved out powerfully to take this class.   2nd. Anderton-Tyers Northspirit Born To Shine At Flintsky, this pretty bitch had a pleasing overall shape but not quite the power or balance in angulation of my winner, which meant she did not quite extend as well in front on the move as I would have liked.  Good head properties and nice plume tail.   

OB (2, 1a) 1st. Butlers Kaytoo Antartic Anko, 6yr old bitch shown in good hard condition.  Head fits the standard well enough, my personal preference would be for a touch more coat and substance, good eye, ear could be smaller, balanced through the body, very nice shape to her feet, enough bone for her frame, a little bit careful on the move, lacking the drive and scope I was looking for. 

SVB (7-9yrs)  Another lovely class with some super bitches.  1st. Blaneys' Windberg Paparazzi at Fenrirkin, 8yrs Black and white.  This is the third occasion I have judged this bitch and I have never seen her look better.  She has a lovely overall shape with the correct proportions, slight slope to topline and tail carried in a perfect waving plume.  Her eye is correctly shaped, bright and intelligent, skull to muzzle correct, ear set perfect.  Coat thick and of correct texture, ribs well sprung and carried well back.  But it is on the move that she really comes into her own.  For me, there was nothing else on the day to touch her, long striding, clean, totally efficient, beautiful movement.  Indeed the efficiency of her movement was proven as she proceeded from the class, to the bitch challenge, to the BIS, RBIS and BVIS challenges without ever tiring despite the heat.  Best Bitch, Reserve Best in Show, Best Veteran In Show.   2nd. Ballington-Grahams Catua On The Run, 8yrs, another really good one, super overall shape, a tad lighter in the eye than ideal but great body, bone, super tail and another who was able to show the younger bitches how to move, Reserve Best Bitch.  3rd Blackburns Ger VDH/Int/Dk Ch Celticwolf Long Night ShCM, lovely bitch with a super head, not quite the angulation, particularly in front assembly, of 1&2, but nevertheless a quality girl.   

SVB (10yrs +) 1st. Butlers Articdawns Free And Easy At Kaytoo, a nearly 11yr old bitch who still looked capable of an honest days work.  Nicely proportioned head with good eye shape and ear set. Enough bone, correct feet, well made all through.  Moved very well for her age.  2nd. Whyman and Murrays Koldsnap Fleur De Lyze, 12yrs, a lovely type and super head with a lovely dark eye. Not quite as consistant on the move as my winner but very impressive for her age.  3rd. Burgess Icewolfs Millenium Star at Mountainglen, 11yrs red, my only red of the bitch entry and lovely to have her complete a trio of grand old ladies. Nice proportions, good angles, not quite holding her shape as well as 1&2 but still a pleasure to see her.     

Special Open Import Dog or Bitch (4) 1st.  Thompsons Libertia In The Red Again At Shomont, 6yrs r/w male, lovely type, handsome head, good ear set, balanced angulation, lovely tail, coat of good texture, super positive side gait, perhaps a tad narrow out and back.  2nd.  Johns Nyrakyms All That Remains Samaljankan to Cristakell (Imp USA) handsome 17mth seal and white, classic head, still to finish but right for his age, same with body, good shape, still needs to broaden and fill but pleasing angles and good overall type, moved well.  3rd.  Clarkes Electra Illa Kuvianartok at Whiteout (Imp Pol).   

Special Working Certified Dog (3) 1st. Blaneys Viking Fenrir Kin of Kiyara's Wolf Pak (Imp De) This boy settled much better in this class, he has to hold himself together for you to really see him (and that doesn't happen much) but he is an honest, powerful animal though perhaps a little more rangy than my ideal.  Moved out with drive to win here.  2nd.  Anderton-Tyers Articrainbow Viva Las Vegas at Flintsky, lovely head with gorgeous kind expression on this boy, not quite the hind angulation of my winner so lacked his drive on the move.  3rd Butlers Kaytoo Arctic Kuma, a little lighter in his frame overall than I prefer, and a tad narrow out and back, but a nice overall shape shown in fit condition.       

Jenny Shorer-Wheeler