• Show Date: 22/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jennifer Millard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Sunderland & District Canine Society

Sunderland & District Canine Society

22nd July 2018

Judge: Jennifer Millard 

Golden Retrievers 

Puppy (1 entry) 

Moon Merlins Magic Spell Upstanding male moved with ease very well presented calm but eager character balanced head without coarseness a pleasure to judge BP

Junior (2 entries) 

Trooter Barcia Let It Shine A more mature exhibit than 2 lovely symmetrical shape when it all comes together good clean neck well bent stifles moved well

Duke Quakerhall Royal Bounty at Cadellard Pleasing young petite bitch lovely balanced head nice tight round feet would have preferred more activity on the move

Post Graduate (3 entries, 2 absentees) 

Ewart Beauppin Dusky Lilac An appealing bitch of nice size not in her best coat today well off for rear angulation correct level topline good depth of chest tail carriage could be lower

Open (6 entries, 1 absentee) 

Thurm Beldonburn FairPlay Topped a lovely class this is chap is a wonderful type with a head full of expression beautifully presented hard condition moved with power and drive BOB 

Maddison Jaymardy Hidden Secret Lovely bitch of good quality showed and presented in first class over well off for rib lovely symmetry to her shape correct upper arm unlucky to meet 1

Labrador Retriever 

Junior (2 entries, 1 absentee)

Roberts Bronia Yokanga Gold An outgoing youngster just right for age strongly built but not overdone in anyway well sprung ribs well laid back shoulder and straight forelegs moved well BP

Post Graduate (2 entries, 1 absentee) 

Roberts Stormrose Sweet Memories Free and easy mover with nice eye a pleasing size not overdone good strong dentition lovely level topline held on the stack and move

Open (2 entries) 

Roberts Stormrose Golden Fortune All male and strongly built clean powerful neck and well laid back shoulder pleasing outline and didn't disappoint on the move BOB 

Mowatt Claychal Casta Grand A pleasing bitch not in the best coat today a more moderate type than 1 but correct all the same scores in rib with lovely head and expression 

Flatcoated Retriever Open (1 entry) 

Nicholson & Brown Channel U’Got The Look Really liked this one so showy and demanding of attention lovely outline and so sound on the move coming and going and around stood alone but could easily win in good company BOB

German Shorthaired Pointer 

Graduate (3 entries, 1 absentee) 

Cox Ceilloch Merlot of Cushatlaw Liked this chap nice size and not overdone good amount of bone nice neck into well laid back shoulders would prefer a touch more stop to complete the picture

Bowman Borland Mill Aika A lovely bitch in gleaming order could do with a touch more depth but has time yet lovely correct proportions and topline moved well with reach and drive  

Open (3 entries, 2 absentees) 

Thurm Sh Ch Bryburn Bacchus Awarded this chap BP last time I judged delighted to have the opportunity to judge him again fulfilled al his early promise lovely bone nice size and so sound BOB

Cox Cushatlaw Irresitable A really eye catching quality bitch of lovely type so unlucky to meet 1 in such good form they could change places on a different day a wonderful class 

Gordon Setter 

Open (2 entries, 1 absentee) 

Bage Ludstar Isabella Laurelack Imp Italy A stylish bitch of lovely size depth head with famine expression moderate length and correct level topline free moving and very sound BOB

Hungarian Viszla 

Open (3 entries) 

Tate Oldgillhead Laski Upstanding chap well off for bone enthusiastic disposition best depth of chest in the class good condition and lovely topline just needs a touch more schooling 

Bain Dunnydals Hajna Is Gracious Inexperienced youngster with pleasing head scores in upper arm nice bone again a little more ring experience would help

Spanish Water Dog 

Open (4 entries, 2 absentees) 

Hodgkinson - Rutherford & Rutherford Chanderhil Hecho En Espana A robust exhibit with parallel head planes with flat skull level topline with brisk active movement BOB 

Hodgkinson - Rutherford & Rutherford Anathema De Aronaeva Del Chanderhill Smaller exhibit than 1 slightly longer in body 1 but both correct lovely appealing expression sound on the move


Puppy (2 entries, 1 absentee) 

Jackies Curlabull Northern Dancer Just right for age lovely outline quite a picture when it all comes together sound on the move deep chest and well sprung ribs lovely hight crips curls BP

Open (3 entries) 

O’Connor Sh Ch Karlejay The Gump Rand So sound for age correct proportions lovely dense wire jacket banned to the fore and rear lovely tail set and carriage a pleasure to judge BOB

Jackies Curlabill Baltimore Raven Unlucky to meet 1 in such good form lovely head and expression and fabulous body correct crisp curls and moved very well. 

American Cocker Spaniel 

Junior (3 entries) 

Morris Mycallys Daniel A pleasing exhibit lovely classic outline up at the shoulder smooth and effortless gait covered the ring with ease good rear angulation 

McMaster Mycallys Sinderella A beautifully presented youngster just needs to a touch more ring experience correct proportions and lovely attitude a credit to the handler 

Post Graduate (3 entries) 

Morris Ashlares Kiss Me Quick By Mycallys A pleasing exhibit lovely type lovely classic long muscular neck and moved true and sound with appealing well chiselled head

McMaster Mycallys Cinderella

Open (3 entries, 1 absentee) 

Steel & Jefferson Mycallys Denisse Sharamber A veteran exhibit with correct silky flat coat shown in perfect condition nice outline and pleasing head not overdone BOB 

Morris Nasaillen Witchcraft at Mycallys This youngster appealed very much lovely neck and shoulders but really scores on the move unlucky to meet 1 in such good condition

Cocker Spaniel 

Junior (5 entries, 1 absentee) 

Peterson Cassom Moonbeam A stand out winner merry and sturdy and lovely to go over wonderful condition and lovely well presented flat silky coat delighted to award BOB 

Peterson Dreamiest Forever Rainbows at Atherbron Quality exhibit slightly heavier in head than 1 but nice amount of bone and strong topline just need a touch more ring experience 

Post Graduate (3 entries) 

Macfarlane Lochranza One From The Heart A tough call between these two a very merry bitch would prefer a touch less length but well ribbed and well placed ears complete with a nice expression

Scott Lukesa Dark Diamond at Anjspan Carrying a touch too much condition which perhaps cost higher honours but a lovely outline and very sound on the move much to like

Open (3 entries) 

Peterson Cassom Moonbeam 

Rainey Kalispell Kiss N Tell Pushed 1 all the way a touch longer than 1 and consequently topline was not quite as strong really active and powerful on the move a quality exhibit 

English Springer Spaniel 

Post Graduate (1 entry) 

Calvert Calvdale Unequivocally A raw six month old pup presented in immaculate condition merry and active strong body with deep chest lovely rear driving action a pleasure to judge BP

Open (1 entry) 

Calvert Calvdale Hot Momma An exciting and racy youngster again shown in immaculate condition pleasing head with lovely shaped eye and moved so well with a real driving action 

Sussex Spaniel 

Open (2 entries)

Hetherington Sussex Escapade A strong but active exhibit deep chest with thighs strongly boned and muscular true fore and aft movement really appealed and a delight to assess

Nesbitt Charbroulle Singing Hinny Unlucky to meet 1 but many of the same comments apply round well padded feet good sloping shoulders and lovely attitude 

Welsh Springer Spaniel 

Post Graduate (1 entry) 

Chandler Chanangel Festive Spirit A baby puppy who could not be denied lovely type with nothing overdone but so sound coming and going so well bodied for one so young BOB

Open (1 entry) 

Chandler Chanangel Mistletoe N’ Wine Litter sister to the first class winner classic shape wonderful topline moderate throughout and very sound much to like 

Sundog Group 

Thurm Sh Ch Bryburn Bacchus Really eye catching GSP in outstanding condition he could not be denied in this quality group

Calvert Calvdale Hot Momma Lovely racy spaniel shown in first class order and demanding attention all the way just got better as the day went on

O’Connor Karlejay The Gump Rand A veteran but more than able to trouble the best really enjoying his day in the spotlight and rightly so

Nesbitt Chabroulle Singing Hinny Showed so well in lovely company couldn't resist this sussex for fourth spot classic outline and lovely type

Gundog Puppy Group 

Chandler Channel Mistletoe N’Wine A real quality youngster who has body and ring presence beyond her age very showy will watch her with interest 

Calvert Calvdale Hot Momma Unlucky to meet one this youngster had settled and was more together on the move which won her this spot

Jackies Curlabul Northern Star Admired this baby earlier in the day and delighted to reward her again just showing a touch of tiredness which possibly cost higher honours

Roberts Stormrose Sweet Memories Lovely labrador who has real presence and cant help but make you smile completed this lovely line up puppies. 

AV Gundog Puppy (5 entries, 3 absentees) 

Bain Dunnydals Hajna is Gracious

Carr Kandymal Da Vinci Assessed this exhibit earlier in the day but got better as the day went on more settled and together sound on the move would prefer more depth of chest

AV Gundog Graduate (7 entries, 3 absentees) 

Hetherington Serendel Sussex Escapade

Duke Quakerhall Royal bounty at Cadellard 

AV Gundog Open (3 entries, 2 absentees) 

Hetherington Serendel Sussex Escapade 

AV Gundog Veteran (11 entries, 4 absentees) 

Chandler Glenbrows Paper Pageant at Channangel Lovely WSS headed this class full to the prime with quality so very sound lovely size nice bone and a love type nothing overdone.

Sh Ch Karlejay The Gump Rand Sh. Cm 

Best in Show - Richardson Jasprico Flower Bomb This Dobermann caught my eye immediately hard condition muscular and elegant and so sound on the move topped what I thought was a real quality line up. 

Reserve Best in Show - Thurm Sh Ch Bryburn Bacchus I had admired this chap all day pushed 1 all the way but was delighted to reward him with RBIS all the same. 

Best Puppy in Show - Patterson Jameneli Mischief Maker This puppy showed like a veteran so sound with a very appealing short but broad head and lovely expression short and strong body.

Reserve Best Puppy in Show - Johnston & Wilson Cyangrange My Cuppa Tea Long and lean head balanced but powerful and so eye catching on the stack and free on the move

Best Veteran in Show - Chandler Paper Pageant at Channangel Barely a grey hair on her head a moderate type but sound and with the most gentle and even temperament could not be denied today.