• Show Date: 14/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cirneco Dell'Etna Club

Cirneco dell Etna Club

Thank you for asking me to judge your club show, a really enjoyable experience. There was a really good turnout. I think the breed is progressing very well. Movement is better than it was. All were the correct square shape, temperaments and conditioning excellent. I would say take care on size and heads need to be better. A few with wide skulls and very heavy cheeks. I thought the 4 puppies were all super prospects, with gorgeous heads, I just hope they fulfil their potential, which is good for the future. I wish you all the best for developing this lovely breed and gaining more owners and exhibitors,. Puppy D (2) 2 really promising pups. 1. Kinabula’s Macchiato for Triquetra Square in outline. Well balanced head, correct width of skull, he is slightly better in ears set than 2. Correct eye shape and colour. Lengthy neck. Moderate front. Just a little strutting in front. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Correct rear. Moved with a moderate stride and springy. Correct length coat. RBD & BPIS 2. Kinabula’s Marochino at Shantih He is v similar. Masc in head. Needs to tighten in front, but only a baby. Super feet. Firm topline. He too is square and with the right coat. Junior D (1) 1. Teyora Ronco Mac d of top size. He is square in outline and well balanced in his moderate angulation. Super eyes. Slightly broad in skull. Enough neck. Well developed chest. Correct spring of rib. Topline is ok. Strong rear, which he uses so v well. Post grad D (2) 1. Kinabbula’s Troika at Dekros Square outline and a better size than 2. He could use his tail more on the move. Masc head, rather a deep stop. Correct proportions muzzle to skull. Well set ears. Lengthy neck. Slightly forward in shoulder. Well ribbed back to a strong loin. Well made rear. Slightly loose in front, typical profile action. 2. Deavanni Nimbuzz Top size. His head is a little strong, with prominent cheeks and a broad skull. V good eyes. Correct, strong neck. Better in shoulder than 1, although slightly loose in front. Firm topline. Low set tail. V good rear. Feet could be better. Limit D (1) 1. Hadranensis Prince V showy d in really super muscle. Fairly square in outline. Masc head, just a bit too cheeky and could be narrower in skull. Correct eye and expression and high set ears. Enough neck. Quite a good front, if slightly loose coming towards. Chest almost to his elbow. Firm topline. Could be shorter in loin. Correct rear. V typical in profile action. Open D (4) 1. Hadranensis Ardito Really good d. Square in outline. Super head proportions. Better eye colour than 2. High set ears. Correct chin. He has a good neck. Moderate angulation. Correct depth of chest. Well ribbed. Firm topline with a slight slope. Correct rear. He could be slightly tidier out and back, but v good in profile with a springy, shortish stride. BIS and see he sired the super pups. 2. Kinabula’s Toniolo Close up and another really good d. Masc head, well balanced, correct chin. Would like eyes just a fraction lighter. Lengthy and crested neck. Front is ok. Correct chest. Moderate rear. 1 scored in topline, 2 is better out and back. He also has a typical profile action. 3. Hadranensis Ulivo Veteran D/B (5,3) 1. Hadrenensis Violetta via Kinabula Really super 7 year old. She has a fem head, correct proportions, correct width of skull, high set ears. Enough neck. Shoulder are ok and shortish upper arm. Well ribbed back. Super topline, standing and on move. V good rear. Perhaps just a bit too much reach on front. RBB, see she is dam of the lovely pups and the BB. 2. Anharbn’s Colour Purple Another 7 year old. She has quite a long muzzle, but skull has correct width and ears high set. Lengthy neck. Square in outline. Slightly slack in pastern now. Looses her topline, but correct length stride. Good Citizen D/B (2,1) 1. Kinabula’s Forlani of Kushka Up to size, square d. He has a masc and well proportioned head. Ears fairly high set. Good neck. Rather upright in upper arm. Well bodied. Topline ok. Moderate rear. Puppy B (2) 2 more super pups, what a litter this looks like being. 1. Kinabula’s Tute Sweet Mocka Square in outline. She has a lovely head, liked her width of skull and high set ears. Eye colour is correct. V good neck. Moderate in angulation. Super feet. Could use her tail more and needs to firm up in the rear. Lovely prospect. 1. Kinabula’s Amoretta at Triquetra Square in outline, she is more outgoing and uses her tail well. V good head, correct chin. High set ears. Good neck. Just arches her topline slightly as yet. V good rear. Junior B (1) 1. Teyora Nara Square outline, top of the size range. She has a well balanced head, perhaps a little heavy in cheek. Long neck. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Correct depth chest and well ribbed. Just arches her topline slightly. Loose in front but b typical side gait. Post grad B (4,2) 1. Hadrenensis Dory Fielgar Fem b, almost square in outline. She excels in profile action, correct length, springy stride. Well balanced in head, although ears could be slightly higher set. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Short upper arm. Well bodied. V good rear. Just a little untidy in front. 2. Hadrenensis Cher Carrying a little too much weight and so loses her elegance. Well balanced head. Correct chin. Strong neck. Chest almost to her elbow. Good topline. Well made rear. Could use her tail more. Limit B (2,1) 1. Kinabula’s Majolica Fem b, square. She excels in profile action, correct length, springy stride. She has a super head, correct width of skull, high set ears. Good neck. Elbows could be slightly tighter. Correct dept. Well ribbed, firm topline. V good rear. Would prefer better feet. RBIS. Open B (2) 1. Hadranensis Traviata Square b, up to size. Could be slightly narrower in head. Well set ears. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. A little untidy in front. Well bodied. Topline is ok. Better rear and hind action than 2. 2. Kinabula’s Rafaella Square b who has the best head of these two. Correct width skull, correct chin. High set ears. Good neck. Level topline. She is untidy out and back and too short stepping. Jeff Horswell