• Show Date: 07/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jean Pratt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Banbury & District Canine Association

  Thank you all for your entries. I anticipated I would have a few absentees and I appreciated the fact it was too risky on a Bank Holiday Monday with the highest temperature on record to have dogs in the car on journeys to the show. Thank you to the people who rang/messaged me with your apologies after. Nevertheless I had some good quality exhibits to go over. 

P (3 2) Stood Alone but fully deserved his 1st Place. Pleasances Katakia Last Man Standing a lovely clear marked 8 month old pied dog shown in excellent condition. Lovely broad square head with good width between ears that he places correctly when alert. Correct sweep of underjaw and will placed round dark eyes & nose with good padded muzzle. Arched neck leading to correct shoulder placement and ample forechest, straight square front with plenty of substance. Short cobby body with spring of rib and correct gentle roach to a well rounded rear end. Moved soundly and with drive. Happy to award him BP.

J (5 3) 1st: Seffers Boule & Onuba Rachelle Catrelma (IMP ESP) I had admired this 14month old bitch from the ringside and she didn’t disappoint when I went over her. Such a pretty girl with dark sparkling round eyes that gave her a lovely feminine expression. Her head is square with correct upsweep and width of jaw with good fill under eyes but not overdone in wrinkle. She used her ears with full effect giving that ‘look at me’ pose. A beautiful cobby body lay behind a correct arched neck with the required shoulder placement and square front with good bone, pasterns and feet. She had a gently slope to her topline leading to correct tailset. She had required tuck up and rear angulation which gave her sound free movement fore and aft. I had to award her BOB. A promising future for this lovely girl.  2nd. Jordans Katakia Rocked It. Another 14 month old bitch who was unlucky to come against my winner. Well presented pied with the correct square head with round dark eyes and good sweep and width of jaw. Broad skull with correct ear placement and well filled below the eyes. Good reach of neck to a body of substance. Square front with plenty of bone. She is longer cast than my winner but she did not lose her topline on the move. Good rear angulation. Moved well. Best mover in Post Graduate class.

PG (7 4)1st  Jordans Katakia Rocked It.  As 2nd in Junior. 2nd Plominska & Kils Gabi Franciski Diabelek (Imp POL) 21 month old brindle girl. Smaller and finer than first. Nice Square head with upturn of jaw. Round dark eyes. Good width between ears. Correct arched neck. Sufficient spring of rib and correct tuck up. Gentle roach to topline and good tailset. Good angulation. Moved well. Preferred the substance on winner.3rd Plominska & Kils Lulu Lucynka Z Lipkowego Rancza (Imp POL)

O (8 5) 1st Seffers 2year old fawn dog that I had given a BOB to. A muscular all male dog with substance. Excellent square head broad upper and lower jaws, well padded muzzle with good fill under dark round eyes. Used his ears well for correct placement on a broad skull. Broad arched neck to correct shoulder placement. Strong front of substance and masculine depth of forechest. Good spring of rib, gentle roach and correct tailset and tuckup. He has good angulation and broad rear, without exaggeration, which he uses when moving with drive. Very close decision for the BOB. RBOB 2nd Pleasances Katakia One and Only 3 year Pied bitch. Presented in immaculate condition as all from this kennel are. Good square head with well padded muzzle and good upsweep of jaw. Well placed ears on broad skull. Well filled below round dark eyes without too much wrinkle. Nicely arched neck leading to a well balanced cobby body with good fill of forechest and straight bone with substance. Correct topline and tuck up and strong backend. Moved well. 3rd Plominska & Kils Busher Pljus Nenette Vanille (Imp RUS) 

Judge: Jean Pratt