• Show Date: 13/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: JEAN BYRNE Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Irish Red & White Setter Club Of Great Britain


Thank you to the club for inviting me to judge the breed open show and for their kind hospitality. I really enjoyed my day judging some quality dogs at this friendly and well run show that had been re-arranged form March due to the inclement weather. This was a lovely venue but had limited space to move the dogs and some exhibits coped better than others. I was very pleased with the quality of my final line-up.   

VETERAN DOG (3)  1st Walker’s SH CH / IR SH CH VANDERS VA VOOM AVEC WROXHAM  Pleasing head proportions with adequate stop, kind expression and good eye colour. Excellent front and shoulders, well sprung ribcage and firm throughout body. He has correct rear angulation which gives him a balanced outline when stacked. Strong hocks and tight feet. A very worthy Show Champion of the breed and still looking well approaching his ten years. He moves so soundly and shown in lovely coat with adequate furnishings.    2nd Bailey’s GALLYBOB RHETT BUTLER  Another fit ten year old. Pleasing in head but a little finer than my winner. Has a good straight front, would prefer him cleaner over shoulders. Deep in chest, and strong hindquarters with well angulated stifles. Moved well for his age holding his topline and carrying his tail well.   

GRADUATE DOG (3)  1st Stevens’ CORRANROO CLOONEY OF ANNAGH  Really liked the head and expression on this dog, kind eye and dark pigmentation.  Good front assembly and matching rear angles gave him a well balanced outline. Strong over loin and well developed hindquarters and hocks well let down which gave him sound rear movement. Has a good coat and colour.    2nd Walpole’s GALLYBOB QUANTUM LEAP  Broader in skull than my first placed dog, square muzzle, clean neck. Could have stronger pasterns as this let him down in front movement. Well angulated hindquarters and he has good oval bone and the desired good colour and coat texture.    


LIMIT DOG (4)   1st Cuddy’s TAXUS GOLDEN PRINCE IN BALBRIGGAN JW  Attractive dog of good type. Balanced head proportions, ample stop and kind eye. Clean over neck and good straight front, tight elbows with ample bone. Well sprung ribs and strong rear hindquarters and presents a clean and smart outline when stacked. Moved with drive with correct tail carriage and handled well. For me he is not yet the finished dog he will make and still needs more time. A little more coat will also complete the picture.    2nd Bailey’s RUSTASHA GOLDEN RHYTHM  This dog had lots of substance and was well made throughout. Pleasing head with good pigmentation. Correct shoulders and front with deep brisket and strong over loin Plenty of rear angulation and stood on strong hocks. Has abundance of coat with pleasing markings. Not the easiest of dogs to stand and move as not always co-operating with his handler.    3rd Barrett’s RUSTASHA GOLDEN RIVIERIA         

OPEN DOG (3)  This was a quality class of dogs.  1st Barry’s SH CH RUSTASHA GOLDEN RAPPER JW  One I have given high honours to before and as predicted he has matured into a super dog and is now the finished article. He has a masculine head but retains a lovely kind expression with a pleasing dark eye. He is so well put together throughout, super front with well laid shoulders and deep in chest. Strong, well developed thighs and strong hocks and has ample rear angulation. A free striding mover with a strong rear drive and holds his topline well in profile. He has a lovely texture to his coat and has adequate feathering. I was honoured to be able to judge him again in his prime. A great partnership between dog and handler. Best Dog and pleased to award him Best in Show.    2nd Barry’s SH CH RUSTASHA RHAPSODY IN RED Sh CM  Another top quality dog from the same kennel. Very pleasing in head with domed skull and correct earset. Flows through the neck into well laid shoulders with excellent forehand, deep in brisket and has good bone. Preferred the rear angulation of my winner, but this chap has an elegance about him and is so well balanced throughout, he cannot be overlooked. Moved out with drive and loved his coat colour and texture. Res Best Dog and took Res BIS on maturity and movement over my Best Bitch.    3rd Pilmer’s ANISBRIG TOBERMORY   

VETERAN BITCH (4)  Two super veterans in this class.  1st Barney’s SH CH CASAFELICE RHOEN AT ROMAUNT   A lovely bitch to go over. Very pleasing head proportions, with kind eye and good pigmentation. Super front assembly, very firm body and strong over loin, well muscled rear quarters and stood on strong hocks. She has a lovely free striding gait and correct tail carriage. Shown in full bloom with lovely clear coat markings. My Res Best Bitch and took Best Veteran in show on her sound movement.    2nd Barry’s SH CH SHIREOAK HURRICANE RUBY RUSTASHA (IMP CAN)  What a beautiful old lady she is. Sweetest of head with good proportions and kind expression.  Best of shoulders and front and well laid shoulders, well bent stifles and a very pleasing balanced outline. She can still show the youngsters how to move and never stopped wagging her tail. A real ambassador for the breed and I understand she held her retirement party at the show.    

PUPPY BITCH (3)  It was disappointing that neither of these youngsters performed well on the day.  1st Hawkins’ AISLIN OF THE RONER FIELDS (IMP NLD)  Feminine throughout and has a pleasing head with adequate stop. Good front and shoulder placement but lacked body condition and needs more weight on her and I would prefer more bone. She lacked confidence today but moved soundly once she settled. There was no dog puppy to challenge her so my BPIS.    2nd Barry’s ERITHDEW MIDSUMMER SUNSET,   It was impossible to assess this youngster properly as she didn’t keep four feet on the ground and wouldn’t be gone over. She appeared well made throughout with a pleasing head, good body proportions and lovely pearly white coat and clear markings. Her movement was very erratic as she just bounced round the ring. With plenty of time and schooling for the ring this young lady could do well. Res BPIS   

JUNIOR BITCH (1)  1st Newman’s TAXUS GOLDEN SAGE  A pleasing and pretty youngster with sweet head and dark eye, correct earset. Shoulders well laid back, would prefer more strength in pasterns, which may improve with age. Well sprung ribs and well angulated stifles. At that raw stage of growth.   

YEARLING BITCH (1)  1st Martin’s CORRANROO CASCADE AT SHANNONSTYLE  This bitch had lots of good qualities about her. Lovely head and expression, muscular neck and best of shoulders and very well proportioned throughout. Ample oval bone and lots of substance and stood on tight feet. She has a strong body, firm over loin and sound rear construction. Moved soundly with drive. I think she will do well once fully mature.   

GRADUATE BITCH (1)  1st Burgess’ LOVENJOEL OCEANS PRINCESS  Pleasing in head, dark eye, adequate stop and has good pigmentation  When stacked she has a clean outline but would benefit from more length of neck. Good rear angulation but moving a little wide behind today. Presented in lovely coat of good colour.   

POST-GRAD BITCH (4)  1st Walker’s  ZENDARRIC IT’S A KIND OF MAGIC WITHIN WROXHAM JW  I was really impressed with this young bitch. Super well shaped head with kind expression, correct earset. Muscular neck flowing into well laid shoulders with good return of upperarm. Well sprung ribs, strong over loin and well angulated behind which gave her a super balanced outline. She has a lovely coat colour and texture with attractive markings. She moved freely with correct tail carriage and was very well handled. At just two years old she has plenty of substance yet such an elegance about her which I am sure will win her top honours in the future. My best bitch, just giving away to the maturity of the dog for RBIS.       2nd Barney’s ROMAUNT AIN’T LIFE GRAND  This bitch excelled in her overall shape and conformation. Feminine head of good proportions and dark eye. Excellent front and shoulders. Has good body depth and well made hindquarters. Has a free striding and confident gait. Just lacks coat and feathering to complete the picture.     

LIMIT BITCH (5)  1st Chapman’s BALLAKINNISH MOULIN ROUGE  This bitch had lots of substance and ring presence about her. Really liked her head and expression, best of shoulders and front, good depth of chest, well sprung ribs and strong hindquarters. Carrying a little too much weight today. When she settled down she could really move with reach and drive but she was not co-operating with her runner today.   

OPEN BITCH (5)  1st Barry’s SH CH RUSTASHA ROSA KIM  Two quality bitches in this class made it a close decision. My first was very pleasing in head and expression with correct earset. Good straight front and well sprung body. Hindquarters are well angulated and well rounded over rump. She presents a very clean outline when stacked. Presented in good overall condition and coat. Not as positive in front movement in the challenge.    2nd Hawkin’s CORRANROO CAROUSEL OVER AISLINGWOOD  A larger built bitch than my winner but still retains her femininity and has a good quality about her. Good head proportions with adequate stop and clean muzzle. Firm body, ribbing well back and strong loin, with well angulated hindquarters. A sound  and confident mover. Good coat colour and in lovely muscular condition.   

Jean Byrne (Judge)