• Show Date: 11/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: JEAN BYRNE Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Large Munsterlander Club


Many thanks to the Large Munsterlander Club for inviting me to judge their open breed show, I really enjoyed my day at this well run and friendly show. I had some top quality exhibits to judge and was splitting hairs in some of the higher classes. My principle winners were all presented in tip top condition, they were workmanlike with sound movement and a credit to the breed. There were several super looking younger exhibits that unfortunately were overwhelmed on the day and lacked schooling and I was unable to assess them at all. Such a shame as they would have no doubt been higher up the cards and the breed needs these youngsters to carry through the quality. Please give your puppies plenty of socialisation and practice and it will win through in the end. Thank you to the exhibitors for a great entry both numerically and in quality and for accepting my decisions so sportingly.   


MINOR PUPPY (3)  1st Day’s  WALDO VOMBUSSHOF MIT ALFRISTON  A raw youngster just at that awkward growing stage. Pleasing head proportions with good eye colour and intelligent expression. Already has good width to chest for his age. Adequate rear angulation and strong hocks. A little loose on the move but had good drive from rear. BPD 

2nd Powell & Murrell’s CRUMPSBROOK WOODRUSH  Another raw youngster who needs to settle in the ring. Good head and eye, strong neck leading into well laid shoulders and straight front assembly, good topline, but needs to be more collected on the move.  3rd Carter’s  KAMAZE FIRECRACKER  A dog built on smaller lines, has good body proportions but needs further development. Moved out steadily for his age.   


2ndJames’  DARKENSKY PROMETHEUS  Another pleasing puppy I just preferred the head and expression of my first placed.  Good shoulder lay and straight front, would prefer a little more rear angulation. attractively marked and moved soundly. 


JUNIOR (5)  1st Gumley’s  GHYLLBECK MONTAVAL  A pleasing youngster who won this class on overall construction and movement Liked his head proportions with adequate width to skull, dark eye with alert expression. Good spring of rib and firm across loin and moved well off strong hocks, in good coat and condition.  

2nd Draper’s QUILESTA JUST TALENTED  Different type to my first place. Good head and expression. Strongly made with good front and rear angles and presents a balanced and well-proportioned picture when stacked. Moved soundly with a happy gait. 

3rd DARKENSKY PROMETHEUS (repeat)     

POST-GRAD (2)  1st Macgregor’s EKKOLANDER SNOWSTORM  A quality young dog with a most attractive head and kind expression. Forechest of good depth and ribs well sprung, correct shoulder placement and moderate rear angulation. He has a strong topline and is firm over loin. Shown in good coat and excellent muscular condition. He is attractively marked and so well schooled. Moved out well being so very sound in front and rear movement, once fully mature I expect he should do very well. I see from my catalogue I awarded his sire Best Dog and Res BIS.   

LIMIT (5)  1st LLoyd & Smith’s CRUMPSBROOK BAYLEAF VON RULANDER  A smaller made dog but lots to like about him. I would prefer him more masculine in head but he is so well put together his virtues put him at the top of this class. Good lay of shoulder, correct and balanced angulation front and rear, excellent topline and held his tail well. Very well constructed throughout, presented in hard muscular condition and moved very soundly.   

2nd Disney & Whiting’s WONGLEPONG WILL’S FARAMIR  A larger built dog, all male throughout very strong and muscular. Neck with good arch and deep in chest with straight front assembly. Solid body and adequate tuck up. Well developed hindquarters and stood on strong hocks. Moved with drive. 

3rd Miller’s QUILESTA SO MAJESTIC OF ROCKFEST  I found this young dog very sound throughout.  Pleasing masculine head, good lears set on high. Strongly built body, well muscled over loin and strong well hindquarters with correct amountof angulation.  He is of lighter colouring and at the moment lacks the furnishings on his coat to complete the picture. Moved out confidently and well handled.   

OPEN (4)  1st MacGregors SH CH JAUDAS FAME AND GLORY.  I found this a very mixed class. My first place stood out for type, quality and his overall outline and excellent construction. Very pleasing in head with lovely dark eye and intelligent expression. Slightly arched neck, good front assembly, well boned and strong pasterns, good depth of chest and spring of rib. Strong over loin with firm back, just so well balanced with desired equal height to length ratio. Well developed thighs, strong hocks and solid hindquarters which allowed him to move with drive. He moves so soundly both out and back and in complete harmony with his handler. He does not show his 8 years in any form. Shown in lovely coat and condition, a credit to his owner. BD, RBIS, BOS and Res Veteran. Well done.   

2nd Jenk’s KALABAGH LIGHTENING.  I have judged this dog previously and he has matured on well and was unlucky to meet my winner today. Quite strong in head but has correct earset and dark eye. Well-developed forechest, firm back and held his topline well on the move. Strong hindquarters and adequate bend of stifle and good tight feet. In excellent coat and condition and a very positive mover.        

3rd Groom’s BROCKCHIME COMET OF GRUNJAGEN  A very strongly built and sturdy male. Slightly overdone for me, very well off for bone and substance. Attractive head with a good dark eye. Muscular neck and good depth of chest and spring of rib. Strong over loin and well-muscled hindquarters with good angulation. Needs a bigger ring to show off his driving movement.   

SPECIAL WORKING (2)   1st O’Connell & Ogle’s CH RAYCRIS QUITE THE CHARMER  A quality sound and strongly built male with the best of heads with dark eye giving a lovely expression.  Good arch to neck leading into well laid shoulders with good return of upperarm. Excellent depth of chest and well sprung ribs. He presents a very balanced outline on the stack with excellent front and rear angulation. A good free striding mover with correct tail carriage. Shown in hard muscular condition and in good coat with adequate feathering and attractively marked. So positive for the breed to see he is a full CH. Res BD   

2nd CRUMPSBROOK BAYLEAF VON RULANDER (repeat)  Unlucky to meet the winner after winning a quality Limit class, just preferred the head and expression of my winner.   

VETERAN (2)  1st LLoyd & Smith’s CH PADDOCKRIDGE RULANDER  Two quality veterans in this class. My first place was a very sound dog just beginning to show his age in body, Loved his head and expression with kind dark eye. Good straight front, adequate width to chest and deep in rib. Hindquarters with correct amount of angulation and he moved so soundly with a lovely driving action. 

2nd Wood & Tapp’s RAYCRIS LURE OF THE QUEST AT TEUFELSMOOR  Masculine balanced head, good dark eye and correct earset. Nicely arched neck, and overall good body proportions. Another veteran in good condition just preferred the front movement of my winner.   


MINOR PUPPY (2)  1st Todd’s CRUMPSBROOK PENNISETUM  A very raw youngster. She has a pleasing feminine elongated head with good eye colour, lovely expression and well set ears. Good lay of shoulder and straight front with neat feet. Good depth of chest for her age and well ribbed back. Just needs time and practice on the move.   2nd Withdrawn   

PUPPY (5)  1st Price’s DARKENSKY MILANO  A quality youngster showing plenty of promise, lovely shaped head and expression, good bone and neat feet and very pleasing balanced outline. I found her very well constructed throughout and she moved so soundly once she settled into her stride holding her topline well. She appeared in several classes and despite a bit of a wild start, the more she was shown the more settled she became. Needs to be moved a little quicker to avoid her pacing. If her owner perseveres with this one I am sure she will do well. Lacks coat but won over puppy dog in the challenge on her overall construction and balance. Pleased to award her BPIS. Well done   

2nd Dorman’s SOLSTARS BLUE VELVET  Another real baby, Feminine in head has dark eye and intelligent expression. Developing well and good body proportions, rear movement was very erratic today, would benefit from more schooling.  3rd Withdrawn   

JUNIOR (5)  1st Tordoff’s QUILESTA JUST ELEGANT  A really liked this young bitch. Very feminine in head with good proportions.  Correct shoulder placement, neat feet with well arched toes. Ribcage is well sprung with strong over loin. Adequate rear angulation and tail set on well. Coat coming along nicely. I found her well balanced throughout and full of breed type She moved confidently and soundly and well handled. Should do very well once she fully matures.  

2nd DARKENSKY MILANO (repeat) 

3rd SOLSTARS BLUE VELVET (repeat)   

NOVICE (5)  1st DARKENSKY MILANO (repeat) 

2nd Tordoff & Middleton’s QUILESTA SO ENCHANTING  Pretty in head with correct earset with fine leathers, would prefer a darker eye. Good arch to neck and deep in brisket. Good bend of stifle. Not so positive in front movement today.  3rd Leadbeater’s HAWKSWARD GALE  Well proportioned head with appealing expression. Well laid shoulders and good straight front.  Shown in good cot and condition, but her movement was very erratic as she was crabbing both coming and going.   

GRADUATE (2)  1st QUILESTA SO ENCHANTING (repeat)  2nd Baker’s HUTTONGALL LUCY LOO  A strongly made bitch, would prefer her more feminine in head. Has good shoulder angulation and matching rear angles. Deep in chest and strong back and well off for bone. Shown in good coat condition and well feathered. Would prefer better driving rear action.   

POST-GRAD (3)  1st Ogle & Butler’s URSEL VOM AHLER ESCH AT RAYCRIS  One I have judged before and still has lots of maturing to do. Pleasing feminine head, with attractive dark eye colour. Well laid shoulders and strong muscular neck, good depth of brisket and firm topline with short strong loin. Adequate bend of stifle which gives her a very balanced outline when stacked. Moved out soundly, she is attractively marked but just needs to gain her furnishings to complete the picture.     

2nd Trowsdale’s QUILESTA SO SPECIAL AT CAZOOKA.   A very pleasing bitch to look at. Good head proportions and lovely expression. Good shoulder placement and moderate tuck up with good depth of chest. Nicely angulated behind and had good coat and condition. She did however disappoint on the move with weak rear action. 

3rd James’s CRUMPSBROOK ANGELICA  Pleasing in head and expression, Good shoulders and solid back, well balanced when stacked. Moved out well but disappointed by flying her tail on the day.  attitude. Shown in good coat and condition.    

LIMIT (7)  1st Robins’  DESTANLI JEDDA’S DIAMOND  A very pleasing class of bitches. My first place was one I have judged previously and she has matured on to make a most attractive bitch. Pleasing in head with correct earset and fine leathers. Good reach of neck and excellent shoulder placement and her body well ribbed back. Desired tuck- up and strong over loin. Strong well muscled hindquarters gives her lovely sound and flowing movement. Presented in gleaming coat with ample furnishings and good muscular condition. Considered her for my Res BB 

2nd Butler’s ICHBIN JAUNTY OF JENDELLA’S  Another quality bitch, that presents a balanced outline. Pleasing feminine head and expression, with lovely dark eye. Good width and strength to front end and has depth of forechest and well ribbed.  Good strong pasterns and best of feet. Moved confidently with correct tailset. 

3rd  Kitchen’s CRUMPSBROOK RATHER REGAL VON ELKEMUTT  Another with pleasing head proportions and gentle expression and correct earset. Shoulders well laid back and good straight front. Would prefer a little more of her in body, well angulated stifles and had a happy free striding gait.   

OPEN  (4)  1st Darby’s SH CH BROCKCHIME BESTA BOTH TO INCADAR  I was splitting hairs in this class between my first two placed bitches. My first place, excelled in head proportions, correct dark eye and lovely expression. Arched neck with strong front assembly and well sprung ribs. Matching rear angulation that gave her a lovely outline when stacked. A very happy and precise mover which won her the class today. 

2nd Ellis’ SH CH RAYCRIS CALLISTA JW  Lovely bitch with everything in the right place. Best of heads eye with dark eye colour. Well laid shoulders, good legs and feet, strong back and nice tuck up. Broad thigh and strong parallel hocks. Moved soundly 

3rd DARKENSKY MILANO (repeat)   

SPECIAL WORKING  1st Ogle & Butler’s CH RAYCRIS FREYA JW. It was a pleasure to go over this classic bitch again and now a veteran she is wearing so well. She has a super head and is so feminine with intelligent expression. Shoulders well laid with good return of upperarm, correct depth of brisket and ribbed well back. When stacked she has the best of outlines with correct slope towards her croup. Her muscular hindquarters with correct angulation together with good strong hocks gives her effortless movement with reach and drive. Shown in excellent coat with lovely furnishings. I hope she has a fruitful career as a Veteran and continues her winning ways, a very worthy Champion of the breed. Pleased to award her BB, BIS and Best Veteran.    

VETERAN  1st Robins’s SH CH ALBADHU TALK TO THE PAW DHA DESTANI  Feminine head with good dark eye and very attractive expression. Nicely arched neck leading to well laid shoulders. Excellent depth of chest and spring of rib and correct amount of tuck-up Strong over loin, although she is slightly longer cast in back. Well-muscled throughout and impressed me with her overall construction and strong bone yet nothing overdone about her. She has a beautiful and dense coat texture and is attractively marked. Moved so soundly with drive and springy gait with correct tail carriage which won her Res BB in good company in the challenge. Hard to believe this one is a veteran. 

2nd Ward’s INCADAR ILLUMINARE FOR GEMLORIEN  Another sound Veteran with lots of good qualities. Attractive head with kind expression. Good front and well laid shoulders, correct rear angulation. At 10 years she is just loosing drive in her rear quarters, but moved out with springy gait thoroughly enjoying her day.   

Jean Byrne (Judge)