• Show Date: 02/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: JEAN BYRNE Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cornwall Gundog Club


  Thank you to the Committee for the invitation to judge at this super show and for your kind hospitality and lovely gift. I had some top quality dogs to judge and thank the exhibitors for their entries. I was very pleased with the overall quality of the BIS line-up. I really enjoyed my day in Cornwall it was well worth the long journey.   

AV GUNDOG SPECIAL VETERAN DOG (7-9 YEARS) (8)  1st Beresford’s POLMENNOR FUNTIME Sh CM   This very well made Irish Setter headed this lovely class of Veteran dogs. Masculine head without coarseness. Very balanced throughout when stacked. Deep in chest and well angulated behind. Very positive on the move and thoroughly enjoying himself.  2nd Edens ESREWS BLACK TUEDO AT DALENS JW Sh CM Pointer  This b/w dog was of pleasing overall type. Best of heads with kind expression muscular neck and shoulders well sloped. Strong hindquarters with well angulated stifles, good tight feet and used his tail well on the move. Shown in good hard condition for his age.  3rd Edworthy’s SH CH MAYCOURT CHASE THE ACE   CC Ret   

AV GUNDOG SPECIAL VETERAN BITCH (7-9 YEARS) (9)  1st Rutland & Jones SH CH KHAMSYNN CARRY ON CAMPING JW Weimaraner  One I have judged before at a younger age and she still has lots of quality about her. Pleasing in head with correct earset and leathers of good length. Good straight front and correct length of back. Adequate rear angulation and won the class on her sound movement. Pleased to award her Res BVIS    2nd Palfrey’s FLUSHPOINT WHATA ACCIDENT AT MELANITTA Nsdtr  Pleasing bitch not showing her age at all. Good head proportions, very pretty with adequate stop. Well laid shoulders, elbows nice and tight and well sprung ribcage. Lovely confident mover holding top-line and correct tailset. Shown in good coat.    3rd Wallis’s PEBBLEBED JUBILANT SPIRIT  FC Ret   

AV GUNDOG SPECIAL VETERAN DOG OR BITCH (10 YEARS AND OVER) (3)  1st Attwood’s KYLOWEN QUILLETS  Welsh SS  Good head and expression and strong muscular neck. Body with correct proportions with well sprung ribs and good rear angles. This 10 year old bitch still knows how to move and was enjoying her day.    

ITALIAN SPINONE   OPEN (4)  1st Kruglow’s AMBERELLIE ADRIANNA  Pleasing in head with good proportions, pronounced occiput and kind expression. Well laid shoulders, good angulation fore and aft. Has overall good construction and balance, shown in good coat. Stood alone today. BOB   

NOVA SCOTIA DUCK TOLLING RETRIEVER  GRADUATE (5)  A difficult yet quality class with a wide variety of age ranges.  1st Palfrey’s FLUSHPOINT WHATA ACCIDENT AT MELANITTA   Repeat from Veteran class. Res BOB  2nd Morgan’s REDAURAORA COMET’S CHRISTMAS OF DELTANDAMBA  Another pleasing bitch, lovely expression and correct eye shape. Good straight front assembly, short backed and well angulated behind.  3rd Vaughn’s BORN TO RUN FOR VALSANNRA    OPEN (6)  1st Hughes EUSANIT CUT AND RUN ATABACOT  I found this a strong class of exhibits. My first was a pleasing bitch with kind expression, ears set on high. A strong neck leading into correct shoulder placement. Straight front and brisket well let down to elbows. Well angulated rear quarters, moved out well. Shown in good dense coat with adequate feathering. BOB  2nd Palfrey’s FOXDOWNBERTIE ALLSORTS ShCM  A strongly made dog and confident dog. Best of heads, strong through neck with good shoulder placement. Held his topline well and stood on strong hocks. Moved with drive.  3rd Morgan’s ERKACHEN O’RADH FOR DELTANDAMBA JW ShCM   

FLAT COAT RETRIEVER  JUNIOR (4)  1st Kay’s GWENADILLO TWO FOR TEA  A very pleasing youngster. Good head with dark eye. Excellent shoulder lay with depth and breadth to chest. Strong hindquarters and good all round muscle tone. Moved out well holding topline well and good tail carriage.  2ND Hayman’s TIKKIDUI SHOWMANS DREAM  Giving away lots in age in this class but found him very promising. Good head proportions and dark eye. Shoulders well laid and developing well in chest. Moderate rear angulation and moved steadily for a youngster. A worthy BP and Puppy BIS 4  3rd Hollingdale’s TIKKIDUI ISLA OUR DREAM    POST-GRADUATE (3)  1st Trotter’s LUSSAC VILL I AN JW  A very sound and well-constructed young dog that presented a balanced outline. Good long head proportions with intelligent expression. Excellent forequarters with deep chest and with adequate bone. Strong and muscular hindquarters with adequate rear angulation. Hocks well let down and moved freely and confidently, presented in good coat and excellent condition. Should have a bright future. A very worthy BOB  2nd Wallis HERBERTSRIRI ROCK PIPIT AT PEBBLEBED    OPEN DOG (2)  1st Hayman’s LUSSAC THORIN Nicely moulded head with correctly shaped skull and good eye shape. Deep in chest and adequate spring of rib, strong hindquarters with adequate angulation and strong hocks. Moved well    OPEN BITCH (6)  1st Wallis’s PEBBLEBED JUBILANT SPIRIT A pleasing well balanced bitch good reach of neck and well made front assembly, deep in chest. Strong and muscular hindquarters and adequate rear angulation. Not showing her nine years in the least, still in excellent muscular condition. Moved freely. Res BOB    2nd Lewis’s  DRAKETOR SEA GYPSY AMONG FAIRWINDS  Feminine and well balanced throughout. Good front construction and of good depth. Not as positive on the move as my winner today.  3rd TIKKIDUI ISLA OUR DREAM   

FIELD SPANIEL  OPEN (2)  1st Porter’s PRUSSIA BEST KEPT SECRET OF WINSBROOK  Pleasing liver dog of good breed type. Masculine head, muscular neck and well placed shoulders. Moderate bend to stifle and strong hocks. Moved out well with good rear drive BOB  2nd Alexander’s FECIMUS ROBIN BANKS  Well chiselled head with correct earset. Well sprung ribs and deep in brisket.  Has overall pleasing shape and size . Moved soundly. Res BOB   

CURLY-COATED RETRIEVER  POST- GRADUATE (1)  1st Edworthy’s MAYCOURT CADILLAC  A well made and soundly put together dog. Pleasing head, with good eye shape   Good reach of neck, shoulders well laid and good rear angulation. Moved with drive.  OPEN (3)  1st Jack’s MAYCOURT SPACE ODDITY  This was a highly contested class and I see from the catalogue all are related.  Feminine head with correct shape to skull. Dark eye, correct earset. Strong neck with well placed shoulders, deep in brisket, strong over loin with well developed thigh and presented a lovely profile when stacked. Strong hocks and moved out with powerful drive. Has ring presence in abundance and never stopped showing herself off. Very well handled to take BOB and Res BIS  2nd Courtier’s MAYCOURT CRIMSON MOON  Another pleasing bitch with similar attributes. Correct head shape, dark eye. Good body proportions and moved well to take Res BOB.  3rd Courtier’s MAYCOURT HUNKY DORY JW ShCM   

SPANISH WATER DOG  OPEN (2)  1st Napier’s JOSALYN MONOLITO IN STASMOKE  Two quality dogs in this class, which gave me a difficult decision. My first place had a lovely head and expression with moderate stop. Correct height to length body ratio, strong over loin and adequate tuck. Shown in good woolly coat and won on his ground covering movement. BOB  2nd Sweet’s BONADOSA BEACH ShCM  Of lovely type, desired flattish skull, with dark hazel eye. Strong neck, good level topline and nicely angulated behind. A very well-constructed dog throughout. Shown in great coat and condition. Res BOB   

ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL  GRADUATE (3)  1st Hosking’s  TEIGNVALLEY REVO  A pleasing young bitch with lovely head and expression with dark eye and long lobular ears. Very smart in profile when stacked. Strong over loin and adequate rear angulation. moved well off strong hocks. Just need more coat to complete the picture.    2nd Merrick’s TIVERSTONE STIRLING CASTLE AT STORMERICK  An attractive young b/w dog. Good head proportions, deep in chest strong over loin. In good coat and condition.    OPEN DOG (3)  1st Croucher & Hill’s TEIGNVALLEY BLASER JW ShCM  Excellent head, with well set on ears of good length. Good straight front, well laid shoulders, ribs well sprung, moderate rear angulation. Carrying a bit too much weight today. Moved well.    2nd Holman’s ROQFOLLY ENDEVOUR FOR ARTYCREATH  Liked his head and expression. Muscular neck and well sloped shoulders. Good tight feet and strong hocks. Preferred the overall outline of first place.    OPEN BITCH (2)  1st Croucher & Hill’s TEIGNVALLEY DIAVARI  A very sound bitch presenting a pleasing and symmetrical outline. Balanced head proportions with good depth to flew. Strong over neck with good arch, shoulders well sloped and good straight front assembly. Ribs well sprung and adequate rear angulation. She came into her own with her lovely free movement to take BOB   

ENGLISH SETTER  GRADUATE (4)  A very pleasing class but with a wide variety of age ranges.  1st Butler’s WANSLEYDALE GOLDSMITH  Pleasing head and expression, Muscular neck and well angulated fore and aft presenting a balanced and pleasing outline. Strong hindquarters and moved soundly and true. Shown in good coat with ample feathering. Should do very well once fully mature. BOB.  2nd Woodham’s CULVERWELL CHARIS AT TYKKIDYW  Refined head and sweet expression. Good reach of neck with good straight front. Short in back, ample rear angulation with correct tailset. Moved with drive.   3rd Condron’s BUMBLECORN ROSALIE BP    OPEN (3)  1st Woodham’s CULVERWELL MISS MOONLIGHT AT TYKKIDYW  Feminine in head, dark eye with well-defined stop, ears set on low. Good straight front with tight feet. Well sprung ribs and correct topline, well angulated stifles and good strong hocks. Moved soundly but did not have the finish of the dog today Res BOB   

GORDON SETTER  GRADUATE (3)  1st Passmore’s’s BEECHLAKE I DARED TO DREAM  Loved her head and expression with dark eye. Muscular neck and good shoulder placement and she has a lovely balanced outline. Strong hindquarters and moved soundly at one with her handler, I expect she will do very well once fully mature Close decision in the challenge. In lovely condition. Res BOB.    2nd White’s BENBUIE ROSA MUNDCI AT GRAYLACIER  Feminine in head with sweet expression. Liked her depth and ample rear angulation. Unfortunately she was rather unsettled today. A sound mover  3rd Grigg’s BEECHLAKE THE DREAMER    OPEN (2)  1st White’s GRAYLACIER SALVATORE  I found this dog most impressive with lots of ring presence and very eye-catching. Masculine head with kind expression, Good shoulders and forechest and well angulated rear quarters. Well off for bone, coat of good colour and condition and moved soundly with drive. A very worthy BOB.    2nd Macdonald’s GRAYLACIER GRAND ILLUSION  Very pleasing in head. Good reach of neck with straight front and deep in brisket. Well-muscled rear quarters, just losing his topline on the move today.   

AV GUNDOG OPEN - SHIRLEY CRISP MEMORIAL STAKES (12)  1st Main’s GWYNGALA GROUP CAPTAIN JW Gold Ret  Pleasing masculine head, good depth to body wel balanced throughout. Best mover in this class.  2nd ERKACHEN O’RADH FOR DELTANDAMBA JW ShCM  NSDT Ret  Intelligent expression, good double coat of good colour. Moved out well in this class.  3rd Courtier’s MAYCOURT HUNKY DORY JW ShCM   

MINOR PUPPY(10)  1st Philpott’s ROSSACRE SPANGLES Lab Ret  Promising youngster, head developing nicely, moved soundly for a youngster with correct tail carriage.  2nd Full’s RAVENSETT MIDAS TOUCH AT TEIGNESTUARY Eng Setter  Good front and shoulders, just at the very raw growth stage. Moved more confidently in this class.  3rd Tamblyn’s WINTERWELL SAUCEBOX Gsp    PUPPY(9)  1st Mercer’s AMBLELIGHT CASSOPEIA WSS  A very promising youngster, pleasing in head proportions, well laid shoulders and nicely balanced. Moved steadily with good rear action.  2nd Macdonald’s REDCLYST MAXIMUS Irish Setter  A young raw male, masculine in head with dark eye. Shown in gleaming coat of good texture. Moved enthusiastically.  3rd Sandbach’s GOLDSAND LAVENDER BLUE Gold Ret    JUNIOR (3)  1st Coleman’s DEVACOTT ROSE CREEK Irish Setter  A pretty and feminine bitch with sweet expression, Good angulation for and aft, Best mover in this class.   2nd Lewis’s LOVEMAYNE BIJOU AMONG FAIRWAINDS Gold Ret  Very pleasing in head, good shoulder and return of upperarm. Good depth to body and shown in good coat. Would prefer more positive rear action.  3rd Harries’ DREGHEDA IF I WERE SINGLE GWP    BRED BY EXH (6)  1st Napier’s JOSALYN JUNANCI SWD  Pleasing head planes, well sprung rib cage and adequate rear angulation. Moved well to win the class  2nd Hadfield’s MARZANNE CHINA IN YOUR HAND Irish setter  A well constructed bitch, pretty head with kind expression. Presents a balanced outline when stacked. Moved soundly  3rd Meaker’s MEAKWOOD PRECIOUS MOMENTS Cocker Span    NOT BRED BY EXH (8)  1st Ratliff’s WITHIFLOR BLUBEAU Cocker Span  A mature dog of pleasing outline. Good head proportions with adequate stop. Well sloped shoulders and muscular hindquarters quarters. A happy confident mover.  2nd Bissell’s WARRENTOR TRIBUTE FOR BISSKIDS Gold Ret  Broad in skull but without coarseness, good shoulders and front and deep in rib. Moved out well with good hind action.  3rd Lewis’s  DRAKETOR SEA GYPSY AMONG FAIRWINDS    CONFINED TO CORNWALL (9)  1st Disney & Whiting’s WONGLEPONG WILLS FARAMIR Lrg Mun  One I have judged earlier in the year. Very well constructed, strong neck and deep in chest. Moved really well and with drive in this big ring to take first place over the SWD.  2nd Napier’s JOSALYN MONOLITO IN STASMOKE (repeat)  3rd Main’s GWYNGALA GOING FOR GOLD    BRACE (22)  1st Napier’s SWD  All very well match pairs in the placings. The SWD shown with good coats and moved in tandem, covering the ground well, with the brace of quality Irish Setters a close second. Both setters pleasing in head and well constructed in body and shown in good coat and condition.  2nd MacDonalds Irish Setter  3rd Morgan’s NSDTR   

SPECIAL CHAMPION (6)  1st Jones’  SH CH BARLEYARCH DUBARRY ShCM  GSP  One I have judged as a youngster and how well this dog has developed. Pleasing in head with intelligent expression, best of shoulders and front, short backed and excellent angulation. Very true and sound movement, a very worthy Show Champion of the breed.  2nd Attwood’s IR SH CH MORASH LADY YGRAINE OF KYLOWEN WSS  Unlucky to meet the winner, pleasing in head with adequate stop, good shoulder lay and nicely angulated behind. Moved well with correct tail carriage.   

SHOW CERT OF MERIT (2)  1st Baguley and Attwood’s KYLOWEN GERRANS ShCM IR VET CH   A 11 year old WSS. Pleasing head with well defined stop and correct ear set. deep in brisket, ribs well sprung, correct rear angulation and still happy to strut his stuff. A credit to his owner.   


BEST IN SHOW  BIS 1 Condron & Needs COVARNEY MACAROON  Irish Setter  This dog was so very well constructed and demanded attention in the big ring Very refined in head with correct proportions and dark eyes. Good straight front and built on racy lines and he presents such a balanced outline when stacked. Correct rear angulation and good tail carriage. Shown in lovely gleaming coat and muscular condition. He moved so soundly and with style to top such a quality line up. Pleased to award him BIS, well done.  BIS 2 MAYCOURT SPACE ODDITY Curly Coat Ret  BIS 3 Jeffries ANTONINE PAIGE TURNER OF JUBIWELL Labrador  A very sound and well made black bitch, solidly built throughout. Good head shape with ample stop. Shoulders well laid, deep in chest, well developed hindquarters, short coupled and good rear angulation. She had free ground covering movement and handled well.   BIS 4 Newman’s LANOKK VIOLESKA HWV  Pleasing head proportions with intelligent expression. Correct front assembly and well developed hindquarters with strong hocks. When stacked I found her balanced throughout with adequate angulation. Harsh wire coat of good colour.    A very sound bitch of excellent conformation and tip top muscular condition and very true on the move.   

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW  Puppy 1   EUSANIT GEMSTONE AT ABACOT Nsdt Ret  Judged her earlier in the day in the breed class where she was up against some quality adults. Lovely wedge shaped head with good eye colour. Shoulders well placed and good rear angulation. Coat coming through well. She showed her socks off in the big ring with her happy and confident gait. Moved effortlessly to win BPIS  Puppy 2 Sanders ALCAZAR AMANO GSP  A very smart young dog with a lovely clean cut head with intelligent expression. Very striking in profile, excellent shoulders and front with adequate width to rib, short coupled and adequate rear angulation. Just flowed around the ring and very well handled to take Res BPIS  Puppy 3 Aldridge’s GWAITHMAES AOIFE HWHV Pleasing in head with good proportions and such a sweet expression, Good straight front and well-placed shoulders. Correct height to length ratio and developing a good wire coat, just at that raw baby stage but very promising. Moved steadily and precisely for a youngster.  Puppy 4 TIKKIDUI SHOWMANS DREAM Flat Coat Ret     Best Veteran in show was Jeffries SH CH JUBIWELL JINGLE BELLS Sh CM, Clumber Spaniel. A quality 8 year bitch. Loved her head, adequate stop and square muzzle. Strongly built front, deep in chest and strong hindquarters yet still retaining a feminine quality about her. She had effortless movement and shown in lovely coat with good feathering.    Res BVIS, the Weimaraner SH CH KHAMSYNN CARRY ON CAMPING JW   

Jean Byrne (Judge)