• Show Date: 03/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jayne Clegram Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Shetland Sheepdog Club

Would like to thank SSSC for inviting me to judge there summer show, had a lovely day judging some beautiful shelties. The atmosphere was great and great Scottish hospitality.     Minor Puppy Dog (2,0)  1. Simpson- Clemwood Rhums All Gone-what a little cutie, just 6mths having a great time. A S/W with sweet expression, flat skull, good eye, and neat under jaw with well used ears, in good coat, showed well and moved well for age. BPD  2. Noble- Gemshells Silver Eclipse-What a lovely temperament this boy had absolutely loving his day in the ring. B/M a bigger type than 1. all over, but balanced over all. Moved ok once got going.  Puppy Dog (1,0)  1. Noble- Gemshells Silver Eclipse- 2nd in previous class  Junior Dog (3,0)  1. Smith- Orean On The Nightrain-Handsome S/S/W. This boy has lovely under jaw, flat skull, well placed and used ears, onto a well arched neck. Good level topline, sweeping turn of stifle and short hocks, on neat feet. Feel he just needs time to fill and mature. RBD  2. Lewis- Sandwick Curtain Call At Sonmarvic- S/W A stronger type to 1. Have to comment on how well he was groomed, perfection. Beautiful rear angulation he had, good turn of stile and neat hocks, on tight feet. Moved well and held topline on the move.  3. Noble- Gemshells Silver Eclipse  Yearling Dog (1,0)  1. Smith- Orean Rich Tone- S/S/W boy, who had left his coat at home, but nothing to hide. Good clean head, almond shaped eye, flat skull, just enough stop. Well placed and very well used ears. Moved with reach and drive, and showed on his side gait. Just loved his happy temperament.    Novice Dog (2,0)  1. Smith- Orean On The Nightrain-Winner of Junior  2. Gray- Shenachie Minstrel Boy- Tri boy of 2 years old in full bloom, coat jet black with rich tan points. Moved super. Showed very well.  Graduate Dog (1,1)  1. Sangster- Amethrickeh Stormi Wizard- This Handsome B/M I could just take home, I have done him well before and not a lot has changed other than he has matured, still a young man but boy is this lad super to go over. Not a showman as such but you must see past this as his construction and movement are sensational. His head, is so balanced, well rounded muzzle, good underjaw, beautiful almond eye, flat skull, and well placed ears, well arched neck, front angulations are text book, good lay of shoulder and a super upperarm. Level topline, enough length of loin, sweeping turn on stifle and short neat hocks, tail past the hock. All of this and of course his movement is second to none. Thank you to his owner for bring him under me. Could not deny him. BD, BOS, and RBIS.  Post Graduate Dog (4,0)  1. Sangster- Amethrickeh Stormi Wizard- Winner of previous class  2. Drysdale- Donallin Shadow Magic For Jondrea- A S/W boy who was unfortunate to meet one. This boy is in full bloom. He has a beautiful shape of eye, flat skull and showed very well. Moved well to give a super overall balance.  3. Purves- Donallin Magical Moments  4. Dickson- Tachnamadra Toffee Apple  Limit Dog (3,0)  1. Hay- Degallo The Gambler- This S/W boy I don’t think his ears lift from the top of his head, he showed non-stop. Moved steady as the should with minimal effort, steady flowing movement.       2. Purdie- Rengala Taken By Storm JW- Bigger type over all than 1. But showed well. Good head planes, good under jaw. Moved steady.  3. Macfarlane- Sommerville Taigh Reul Of Sloy  Open Dog (3,0)  1. Sangster- Drumcauchlie Two Tone- Black & White of 10 Years old. In hard condition, super super muscle, on both front and rear. Beautiful front angulations, well arched neck, level topline, beautiful turn of stifle, moved super. BVD.  2. Dickson- Tachnamadra Toffee Apple- Flashy S/W Male Beautiful Eye, well used ears, Moved ok, Groomed to perfection.  3. Hay- Degallo The Adjucator  Veteran Dog (8,1)  1. Sangster- Drumcauchlie Two Tone- Winner of previous class  2. Munro- Laurelwood Tri Bob- Tri boy who I have done well before, still love his overall type, very honest boy. Well constructed, free steady mover.  3. Wilkie- Avonbank Designed in Gold JW ShCM  4. Saunders- Torriglen Trailblazer AW(S) (0641CX)  Special Open (Sable & White Dog) (3,0)  1. Dickson- Tachnamadra Toffee Apple- 2nd in Open  2. Saunders- Torriglen Trailblazer AW(S) (0641CX)-$th in previous class, S/W of correct size, well muscled, showed and moved super.  3. Smith- Orean Bootlegger  Special Open (Tricolour) Dog (2,0)  1. Munro- Laurelwood Tri Bob- 2nd Veteran  2. Gray- Shenachie Minstrel Boy- 2nd in Novice  Special Open (Black&White/Blue Merle) Dog (4,1)  1. Sangster- Amethrickeh Stormi Wizard- Winner of G & PG  2. Sangster- Drumcauchlie Two Tone- Winner of Veteran       3. Noble- Gemshells Silver Eclipse  Special Open Owned & Bred In Scotland Dog (5,0)    1. Sangster- Drumcauchlie Two Tone- Winner of Veteran     2. Munro- Laurelwood Tri Bob- 2nd in Veteran    3. Saunders- Torriglen Trailblazer   4. Mcllquham- Murieston Prince Charming  Minor Puppy Bitch (2,0)  1. Hill- Ellenyorn Exclusive To Molson- 7mth S/W, wow what a start to my bitch judging, beautiful eye placement and shape flat skull, well place and well used ears, moved so soundly for a 7mth old baby. Just needs a little more show confidence which will come with age. Can’t wait to see her future develop. BPB BPIS  2. Hepburn- Leterkhills Amy’s Angel- Very raw 6 ½ mth old baby, very much enjoying her day, super temperament. Nice overall balance to her and moved very well for age, showed well. Just needs time.  Puppy Bitch (3,0)  1. Elder- Ellenyorn Evita- S/W Stronger made bitch, but noting exaggerate, everything in the right place. Beautiful dreamy eye, good under jaw, moderate stop, well used ears on a flat skull. Good length to body, loved her bend in stifle and in tip top muscle.  2. Main- Shenachie Black Swallow- Loved this little tri bitch overall type. Workmanlike appeal to me. Front assemble is what you are breeding for, good length of shoulder and upper arm, good topline, neat bend of stifle and nice short hock, beautiful neat feet and moved out with drive. A One to watch for sure. Just today didn’t have the finish as 1.  3. Hepburn- Leterikhills She’s A Lady  Junior Bitch (1,0)  1. Nixon- Japaro Its All About Me- WOW WOW WOW, this is the girl for me, That expression you dream about this girl has it in buckets. Beautiful correct place and shaped almond eye. Moderate stop, well rounded muzzle, and super underjaw. Good straight front, beautiful arch of neck, solid topline, sweep over the loin. Beautiful bend of stifle. Long tail. Movement was truly stunning. BB, BIS.  Yearling Bitch (2,1)  1. Moir & Ritchie- Murieston Make A Wish- S/W Loved this bitch over type. Good shoulder and upper arm, nice length of body, firm topline, neat short hocks, long tail. Showed non stop.    Novice Bitch (0,0)  Graduate Bitch (3,1)  First to bitches for me were a very good type and have very similar points to be made. Just on the day I preferred the Expression and eye of 1.  1. Wilkie- Avonbank Designed To Dazzle-S/W Of excellent type. Beautiful balance of shape, good size, and moved very well.   2. Drysdale- Murieston Shooting Star For Jondrea- Flashy s/w again had beautiful type and everything in the right place. Moved with drive and extension.  Post Graduate Bitch (4,1)  Absolutely love these two bitches and have done them both well in the past. The both ooze breed type for me.  1. Nixon- Japaro Touch The Stars- This girl not in the best of coat but can’t really see past her melting expression. Super eye shape, length of muzzle and good underjaw. Flat skull and never stopped showing. RBB   2. Main- Shenachie Lyric Of Light- Stunning s/w who has one of the best underjaws you will see on a sheltie without being overdone. Perfect for size. Beautiful length of body. Neat short hocks and super long tail.   3. Sangster- Drumcauchlie Harmonise   Limit Bitch (4,0)  1. Smith- Orean Bootleg Babe- S/S/W-What a beautifully elegant lady, good arched neck, good shoulder, enough chest, good topline, sweeping bend of stifle, and very well muscled. Showed very well.  2. Wilkie- Avonbank Ri’anna JW ShCM- This girl is such a show off, never stopped showing. Showen in good show condition, good coat. Moved out very well.  3. Ritchie- Murieston Lady Lucinda  Open Bitch (2,1)  1. Wyper- Murieston Classic Design- S/W who stood alone but worthy winner. Loved her type. Beautiful almond eye well rounded muzzle, good underjaw, flat skull, well used ears, all giving desired expression. Lovely straight front, good lay of shoulder and good length of upper arm, good length in back on solid topline, good bend of stifle and lovely neat short hocks, on tight feet. Moved with drive and extension, which was so graceful to watch. In super show condition. Considered for top honours.  Veteran Bitch (7,1)  WOW what a class, Thank you to all for bring your lovely veterans for me to judge, my favourite class of the day. Full of top quality girls.  1. Nixon- Ch Japaro Designed In Dreams- What a girl this is for me, one of my favourites, just love her sweeping graceful lines, who can still out move the young ones. Never lets her owner down and shows non stop, and loves her day out. Was honoured to give her BVIS.  2. Hill- Ch Molson Moet Chandon- Another favourite of mine, who is in the best of conditions, beautifully groomed, absolutely stunning muscle tone (Many should go and have a feel of this girls muscle) and with that she can power round a ring.   3. Main- Shenachie Snowberry- I know 3rd may not get published but had to make a note of this girls beautiful elegant line and most stunning construction. Not a show off but construction and movement doesn’t really come better.  4. Purves- Savataurus Out The Black  Special Open (Sable & White) Bitch (5,1)  1. Smith- Orean Bootleg Babe- Winner of limit  2. Drysdale- Murieston Shooting Star For Jondrea- 2nd in PG   3. Ritchie- Murieston Designer Girl  4. Saunders- Torriglen Tallulah  Special Open (Tricolour) Bitch (1,1)    Special Open (Black & White/Blue Merle) Bitch (4,0)  1. Main- Shenachie Flakey Dove- This kennel gets the construction right every time for me. Beautiful lay of shoulder and beautiful upper arm, good well muscled loin, sweeping turn in stifle, neat short hocks, long tail, and movement to match.  2. Shaw- Bluequarry Pearl Blue- Super head and expression. Good head planes, very well placed ears and used at all times. In lovely condition, just not the angulation on 1.  3. Sangster- Drumcauchlie Harmonise  4. Wyse- Rivvalee Blue Moon  Special Open (Owned and Bred In Scotland) Bitch (4,1)  1. Hill- Ch Molson Miquila Sunrise- My favourites have all came out today. Love her eye shape and beautiful head planes. Good straight front. Beautiful bend in stifle. Good body. Looks great and in lovely beautiful muscle tone.  2. Sangster- Drumcauchlie Harmonise- B/M- very honest bitch, everything in the right place. Sound coming and going. Showed very well. Just not the finish today.   3. Wyse- Rivvalee Blue Moon  Brace (1,0)  1. Drysdale- This pair but in a great performance, Worked very well together, with matching movement. Well done to the handling for training them so well.