• Show Date: 18/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Neale Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackwood & District Canine Society

Blackwood and District Canine Society

18th November 2018

Staffordshire Bull Terrier 

Firstly, can I apologise for the lateness of my critiques, next I would like to thank Blackwood and District Canine Society for allowing me to judge the open show. It was very well run and a pleasure to judge at. Thank you also to my lovely stewards who kept everything running so smoothly. 

Puppy D/B – 4 (1A)

1st Annemstaff Maggie May – Bissell and Candy

This little black/brindle lady commanded my full attention as soon as she entered the ring, the bond between her and her handler was there for all to see, beautiful expression with a dark eye and good ear set. With a gleaming dark coat, she moved well once settled showing a good topline.

Went on to win BPIB and TPG2 – Very well done

2nd Maxsta’s Sparkiling Shoes for Ginstean – Whitley

Another lovely black/brindle and white bitch who pushed all the way another day and placings could have been different. Having lovely dark eyes with ears well set, showing gorgeous expression once she had settled. Good bend of stifle and nice topline in excellent condition and good level of fitness for her age.

3rd Annemstaff Black Beauty – Harris

Nice black brindle bitch, having a nice expression and good topline. Beautiful feminine head, nice tight feet and good bend of stifle. In good condition but was skittish on her movement so was unable to access her movement. 

Junior D/B - 1

1st Taurinstaff Milly Choice

Black brindle bitch showing a pretty expression, good depth of brisket, being well balanced and having good tight feet, good ear and tail placement. When moved her movement was good. 

Graduate D/B – 1

1st Taurinstaff Milly Choice

As above  

Open D/G – 2

1st Ginstean Black Bomber

This black brindle dog followed my every move commanding my full attention. Having lovely dark eyes with nice head and neat rose ears and beautiful expression. Good tight feet, maintained his topline on movement, did everything his handler wanted from him. Having good depth of brisket and excellent muscle tone with an excellent level of fitness.

Well deserved BOB and TG2 – Very well done

2nd Dazmarnic Know Wot I Mean JW – Jordan

This red dog was presented in fit condition with a nicely shaped head, good level topline and well-defined tuck up. Having a dark eye and tidy feet. Showing a nice expression. Another day poisitons could have been a different. Today this dog didn’t seem to settle on the mat and looked a little apprehensive.

Jane Neale