• Show Date: 01/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: jane morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland & Northern Counties French Bulldog Club

Judge Jane Morgan –Tytorro

Midland and Northern Counties French Bulldog Club open show April 1st 2018

Firstly I would like to thank the Committee for putting me to ballot and the club members for voting for me to judge this show . I am honoured and very proud to have been invited to do so especially as it was the first club show of the three for this year to fall in the club’s 60th anniversary . I had a wonderful day judging the dogs .Thank you to the hard working Committee for a superbly run show and to my wonderful steward Richard Mavro Michaelis who did a fabulous job . Heartfelt thank you’s to all who entered and bought their dogs along for me to assess , I was very impressed with quality and condition of the dogs presented and very pleased to notice an improvement in nostrils and general soundness.I had some extremely difficult decisions to make as the quality of the dogs was superb.

Minor Puppy Dog 5/1a

1st Pleasance Katakia Last Man Standing. 7 month old pied boy .Sound , cobby boy full of quality and type .Lovely head shape , well used and placed ears .Good muzzle for age and very good nostrils .He had a cheeky little look in his eyes and he was very alert and knowing . Nicely arched neck leading to well laid shoulder and straight front and on to lovely tight feet. Deep brisket and well sprung rib , short loin and muscular rear . Gentle roach , correct tail set. Moved with confidence and drive .Infact he moved so well he was demanding to be looked at .Best Puppy Dog .

2ndDavis Rowendale Hobnob.6 month old fawn boy , lovely dark mask on a beautifully expressive face . Excellent head , well sized ears , nicely cushioned cheek under dark eyes with a cheeky glint in them . Strong neck into lovely straight front , beautiful catlike feet . Good cut up , well bodied , great tail present and set correctly . Enjoyed his time in the ring and danced around full of joy, such a happy , fun filled little boy . Moved well when settled .

Puppy Dog 4/0a

1st Cassidy Chinaskys Tobias 11 month old fawn boy . Compact and sound . Good head , nicely set bat ears used well . Kind face with dark mask, gentle eye and great nostrils and nose well set in nicely developing muzzle , strong underjaw and lovely cushioned lip .Cobby body, good cut up , small tail present . Moved well .

2nd Foley Gold Sierra Felippe 11 month old dark fawn, slightly longer cast but didn’t deter from sound movement . Lovely square head , dark eye and mask , defined stop and good width of jaw.Straight front , depth of brisket, well sprung rib and nice cut up . Well angulated rear and good pasterns .

Junior Dog 9/1a

1st Worrel Miamou Marvel JW.14 month old brindle boy . Caught my eye the minute he walked into the ring . Superb outline , correct size and so well balanced.Strong , square head with the most expressive ( kind , but with a lot of cheekiness too ) dark , round eye .Perfect length of neck nicely arched , well laid shoulder with sound front , straight , well boned and with great feet. Gentle topline with just the right amount of roach . Really well constructed dog who moved with drive , but also with a graceful step that drew your eye to follow him .Shown in superb condition and handled perfectly .He had a lot of work to do as he was moved on quite a few occasions but didn’t tire and showed at all times with gusto and pizzazz. Best Dog and Best in Show .

2nd Oakes Boule & Onuba Revelations at Luxbear ( IMP ESP) 13 month old fawn boy Strong head , short , cobby body . Good front assembly, deep chest and well sprung rib . Short loin , nice topline with good roach . Tail present and correctly set , nicely angulated rear . Moved well .

Yearling Dog 5/3a

1st Howarth Gizyjo Sting Like a Bee 20 month old brindle , beautifully marked. Well balanced little boy, such a kind face with a gorgeous dark eye and well set ears . Sadly he had an upset recently and it seems to have knocked his confidence so he is a little hesitant to show himself . He’s a fabulous, typey boy , well built and when settled moved like a dream . A very close contender in the dog challenge . Definitely one to keep an eye on .

2nd Mott Eastonite Mott’s Reality 13 month old fawn boy. Well built with lovely square head. Good width of muzzle and upsweep , well padded cheek and nicely cushioned lip .Overall body shape good , well muscled rear and moved well .

Post Graduate Dog 6/2a

1st Timms Eastonite Maui almost 9 month old fawn boy, another really well balanced dog with a great outline . Nice gentle roach and topline that was held well on the move . Lovely head for a young boy , with a kind, appealing face . Correctly set ears that he used well at all times .Nicely arched neck , well laid , strong shoulder and deep chest . Good cut up and lovely rear angulation .

2nd Ash Coco Vialatte Satisfaction Zandaplatz ( IMP JPN)17 month old fawn boy, another nicely balanced boy , good outline , good tail present and correctly set . Square head, dark , round eye , good pigmentation . Padded cheek and dark mask. Nicely placed nose with good nostril and well defined stop.Small and compact, perfectly formed , just lacked a little sparkle on the day .

Mid Limit Dog 2/0a

1st Ash Coco Vialatte Satisfaction Zandaplatz (IMP JPN) ( as 2nd in PGD )

2nd Oakes Dimas de el Mencey Loco at Luxbear20 month old dark brindle boy . Fabulous head, strong , square, well domed forehead. Kind , dark round eye. Well padded cheek and broad muzzle. Nose well placed with good nostrils and great width of jaw. Strong neck and good shoulders, deep chest and well sprung rib, nice rear angulation . Took time to settle , but moved well .

 Limit Dog 2/0a

1st Ollier Kaybull Moniques Moon River at Deollies 3 and a half year old brindle dog . Good size and well built . Nice head with well used and placed bat ears. Wide muzzle and good upsweep. Nicely arched neck and correctly laid shoulder leading to good straight front , nice pasterns and good feet . Short and cobby with good cut up and well muscled and angulated rear .

2nd Coffey Raglenary Dark Moon 3 year old brindle boy with a beautiful head. Soft , kind expression ,very thoughtful eyes. Masculine boy , yet a softness to him too . Good size and shape , nice front , straight with good pasterns . Pleasing overall body shape , was a little reluctant on the move .

Open Dog 2/1a

1st Cund and Harrop Chelmbull the Aviator 22 month old dark brindle boy who flew into the ring as if he had to live up to his name .Epitimised the comedic traits of the French Bulldog. Shown in superb condition and handled perfectly . He definitely catches the eye and is equally as pleasing to go over with hands. So well built and balanced. Fabulous head, mischievious eye , good width of muzzle and jaw, well set ears. Correct length of neck nicely arched into well angled shoulder leading to well assembled front. Stands square showing nicely roached topline and well angulated rear. Goes off like a rocket but moves so well when settled . Reserve Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show .

Veteran Dog 3/2a

1st Cund Sarabar Dutch Gold at Glenlee 11 year old fawn boy with the kindest , most heart warming expression I have seen . He danced into the ring with such pride and stood with his handler knowing he deserved to be looked at. Fantastic head, broad muzzle and wide underjaw, well placed nose , defined stop , cushioned cheeks and lips and the most knowing eyes I have seen .Still well bodied and strong . He moved effortlessly round the ring . A very well deserved Best Veteran Dog .

SOPD 1/0a

1st Butler Avcott Senator 11 month old pied dog . Lovely head with fabulous bat ears used all the time .Kind dark eye , good muzzle and nose, nice underjaw. A happy little boy who enjoyed his time in the show ring. Short and cobby, well built and nicely angulated .Moved well once settled .

SOBD 3/2a

Ajmi Mister Beano Legend 3 year old brindle boy . Slightly larger built , but nicely made. Good square head with a lovely expression . Nice length of neck , well laid shoulder straight front . Looser pastern but that can be remedied . Nice cut up , longer in loin . Good topline , well set tail . Shown in lovely condition .

SOFD 4/1a

1st Seffer Crashkon the One for Catrelma JW 3 and a half year old fawn boy. Wonderful head, just enough wrinkle . Kind eye, broad muzzle with dark mask , nicely padded cheek and good width to jaw. Lovely straight front with plenty of bone. A well constructed dog, very masculine , but in no way overdone . Well angulated and muscular rear, moved with drive and purpose .

2nd Cassidy Chinaskys Tobias ( as 1st in puppy dog )

Best Dog Miamou Marvel JW

Reserve Best Dog Chelmbull the Aviator

Best Puppy Dog Katakia Last Man Standing

Best Veteran Dog Sarabar Dutch Gold Glenlee

Minor Puppy Bitch 4/2a

1st Rowendale Issy Miyake 6 month old dark brindle girl . What a bundle of fun . She was definitely the clown of the day and you could see in her face she had mischief in her . Shown in beautiful condition. Feminine head with well used and shaped ears , round dark eye that looked as if to dare you ! Lovely underjaw and muzzle, well set nose with good nostril . Right amount of neck and well laid shoulder, straight front , good pasterns and feet . Really well put together, lovely topline and rear. Moved like a whirlwind and she knew she was entertaining everyone . On any other day she would have easily been my puppy bitch winner .

2nd Cheeseman Theapaul Aurora Borealis 6 month old fawn bitch . Small , cobby and well formed . Square head , large well used and shaped ears , dark round eye . Still a baby so muzzle will widen and cheeks fill . Shown beautifully .

Puppy Bitch 9/5a

1st Cheeseman Theapaul Indian Summer6 month old brindle girl , litter sister to 2nd in MPB . Absolutely stunning little puppy . Beautifully marked and so well built . She drew the eye from all angles .So pretty and feminine, dark eyes with just enough fill under, broad muzzle , well set and used ears ( at all times ) . Straight front with beautiful cat like feet and good pasterns . Well ribbed, nice cut up , good topline nicely angulated rear . Gleaming coat and she was in such good condition for a tiny baby . A joy to watch on the move too , confident with just a little hint of sass .Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show .

2nd Timms Eastonite Lady Leia 10 month old fawn bitch with a lovely head . Used her well placed ears all the time . Happy, kind eye , good muzzle and dark mask .Good neck and shoulder well placed . Would prefer a little more upper arm . Deep brisket and well sprung rib, good rear angulation , handled really well .

Junior Bitch 9/3a

1st Bojarska Lady Sansa Motobule 12 month old pied bitch . Such a beautiful head and well marked to give a gorgeous expression . Used her well shaped and placed ears all the time , likewise with her eyes , she watched every move you made with a comical glint . Lovely neck and reall nicely angled shoulder . Good front assembly and deep wide brisket . Nice tuck up , short loin , good topline . She moved so gracefully round the floor and was so attentive to her handler . Gave me a real dilemma in the challenge . Defitely will watch this girl .

2nd Davies Millavens Lady Penelope 12 month old brindle bitch . Another lovely profile . Well built and shown in great condition . Lovely feminine head, kind eye, good muzzle, enough fill under eye, lovely nostrils.Beautiful neck ,strong well laid shoulder , straight front, great pasterns and feet .

Yearling Bitch 11/7a

1st Jordan Katakia Rocked It 13 month old pied bitch. What a sound little girl she is .Superb clear coat and shown in pristine condition . So feminine but strong at the same time . Such a pleasing head, well marked giving extra effect. Ears set and shaped perfectly , nicely domed forehead, defined stop dark round eye. Broad muzzle , cushioned lip, brilliant upsweep.Neck well arched into strong, well laid shoulder leading to straight front with wide, deep chest .Nicely shaped body, good cut up , short loin, gentle roach over well rounded croup . Nicely let down hocks and return of stifle . Moved beautifully and then stood herself square and proud .She thoroughly enjoyed her day and showed herself off beautifully. Best Bitch .

2nd Plominska Gabi Francuski Diabelek (IMP POL) 20 month old brindle girl . Smaller built , but well made . Lovely feminine features on square head with enough wrinkle . Good body and underline , held topline on the move, handled well .

Post Graduate Bitch 6/1a

1st Plominska Busher Pljus Nenette Vanille (IMP RUS)21 month old pied bitch . Clear coated with brindle eye patches giving a very eye catching appearance.. Good pigmentation, dark eyes and nose. Lovely well shaped ears. Good muzzle and underjaw. Straight front , muscular shoulders, well sprung ribs and good cut up , short loin . Tail present. Nicely angulated rear .

2nd Burton Labanjo Sweet Caroline 3 year old fawn bitch .Good size and with a lovely soft expression. Cobby , square , yet feminine . Lovely dark mask and fantastic nostrils . Nice deep chest , short loin , good return of stifle and neat pasterns and feet .

Mid Limit Bitch 4/0a

1st Conway Tiana Amore Anashell 3 year old dark brindle bitch . Lovely feminine head with dark eye, well set ears if only she would use them all the time . Lovely jawline and mouth. Good reach of neck into well laid, strong shoulder. Good straight front, strong pasterns and neat feet with dark nail . Firm body, well sprung rib, deep chest , short loin and nice rear angulation . Glossy dark coat , shown in perfect condition . Moved really well and when she used her ears was picture perfect , truly beautiful .Reserve Best Bitch .

2nd Conway and Chapman Norcairn Dark Eclipse almost 2 year old light brindle bitch . Such a fantastic outline, extremely well built girl . A little powerhouse yet still very feminine . Lovely head, dark eye, good muzzle and nose well placed . Lovely arched neck into strong muscled shoulder ( not overdone though ) . Perfectly straight front , good pasterns and tidy feet . Deep chest, short loin , nice cut up . Moves well when settled .

Limit Bitch 4/1a

1st Cheeseman Theapaul Dark Savannah 17 month old dark brindle girl . Pretty face full of expression. Good ear set , well domed forehead, good nose placement , well defined stop , nice upsweep and width of jaw. Short , cobby build, good forechest , would prefer stronger pasterns. Lovely topline, gentle roach , good rear angulation . Moved and handled fabulously .

2nd Worrel Kuredeux Flowerbomb at Miamou 2 year old dark brindle girl with one of the prettiest faces. Quality head with perfectly set ears , dark round eyes giving a totally appealing expression. Good upsweep, cushioned lip , perfect dentition .Lovely neck into well constructed , cobby body. Straight front , great feet and pasterns , dark nail . Beautifully conditioned with a super , gleaming coat .

Open Bitch 3/0a

1st Smith Eastonite Xmas Holly 14 month old pied bitch . Lovely typey build . Nice head , would prefer more pigment .Good nostrils, nice broad muzzle ,padded cheeks . Lovely in profile . Short and cobby , neat cut up , good tail , well muscled and angled rear. Moved freely .

2nd Conway and Chapman Norcairn Shear Delight 3 year old fawn bitch . Sound little girl , nice head , (would prefer less wrinkle) , lovely kind eye, good muzzle and well placed nose with good nostril. Lovely mouth and dentition.Short and cobby , moved and handled really well .

Veteran Bitch 3/0a

1st Conway and Chapman CH Norcairn Dark Angel JW ShCM almost 9 year old brindle bitch . Just a stunning example of the breed , still well bodied and fit as a fiddle as she proved when she jumped over the ring fence. Very feminine , yet strong ,head, well muzzled ( with a few well earned silver sprinkles ) with good upsweep. Kind, dark round eye and fabulous bat ears . Beautiful neck and straight front. Still in firm condition, good cut up and lovely topline. She is such a showgirl and was itching to be off on the move , which she did beautifully . She showed her comical side aswell when she threw herself to the floor and rolled about gleefully without a care as to who may be watching .Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Show .

2nd Howarth Gizyjo Miss Fredrique 8 and 3 quarters brindle bitch . Another sassy showgirl who loved her time in the ring . Such a beautiful , kind face with eyes that melted your heart .Still in fabulous condition and moved with such grace .

SOPB 4/2a

1st Ayriss Doreens Sweetshop 6 year old pied bitch . Well marked double hooded girl . Lovely typey build , balanced and compact. Strong front assembly, well sprung rib, lovely cut up . Held topline nicely on the move . Very confident and happy to be in the showring .

2nd Wilkoszewska Miss Chelsea at Fragaria 26 month old fawn pied girl . Lovely pigmentation , dark eyes, broad muzzle . Short and cobby , small tail present . Slightly reluctant to show .

SOBB 2/0a

1st Davies Millavens Lady Penelope ( as 2nd junior bitch )

2nd Snook Lairdstorm Sundown into Kanshim 4 year old brindle bitch . Very pretty girl , lovely coat , shown in fabulous condition . Nice square head, dark eye, cushioned cheek, good width of jaw.Lovely neck, strong front. Slightly longer in leg but nicely angulated front and rear.

SOFB 5/4a

1st Smith Eastinite Lady Annie 10 month old fawn bitch . Sound little girl, nicely built with good head, dark mask on broad muzzle , good dentition, dark eye . Nice straight front, deep brisket , nice topline . Lovely rear angulation and moved well with drive .

Best Bitch Katakia Rocked It

Reserve Best Bitch Tiana Amore Anashell

Best Puppy Bitch Theapaul Indian Summer

Best Veteran Bitch CH Norcairn Dark Angel JW ShCM

Best in Show Miamou Marvel

Reserve Best in Show Chelmbull the Aviator

Best Puppy in Show Theapaul Indian Summer

Best Veteran in Show CH Norcairn Dark Angel JW ShCM

Jane Morgan –Tytorro