• Show Date: 15/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Howarth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Exeter & County Canine Society

Exeter and County Canine Society 

15th September 2018 

This is a really well-run show with a warm friendly welcome and some first-class dogs to go over. I really enjoyed my day. 


Hungarian WH Viszla  

Open (1) 

1 Newman’s Lanokk Violeska 

Pleasing in head with good eye, straight in front and balanced in body. Moved well enough 

Hungarian Viszla  

Open (3) 

1 Hunter’s Tossneer Sophronia 

Took time to settle but looked the part. Lovely head. Good neck, shoulders and front with lovely feet. Should go on to do well. 

2 Wilkins and Littler’s Kensteen Ash 

Stronger through. Good front and rear angulation. Lovely coat and colour. 

3 Morse’s J Ch Luxatori Szamos Reuben Pelsonius 

Curly Coated Retriever 

Open (3,1) 

1 Edworthy’s Maycourt Cadillac 

Well made through. Correct in head with strong neck. Good body properties. Correct rear angulation. Good coat on body. Moved the better today.  

2 Shears’ Maycourt Laser Love 

Appealing Liver B. Good colour. Well laid shoulders and short coupled. Nice over all type.  

Cocker Spaniel 

Puppy (2) 

1 Smith’s Meakwood East N Rose 

Dark blue of lovely type. Good head with soft expression and good ear placement. Straight front with elbows tucked in nicely. Short coupled. Moved well.  

2 Parkhouse’s Shivani Summer Breeze 

Rangier type so will take longer to come together. Pleasing head with dark eyes. Happy temperament.  Just needs time.  

Limit (3,1) 

1 Masters and Dott’s Gilcar Crystal Blue with Manchela 

Really liked this one. Sweet blue of lovely type. Feminine, balanced head, with good eyes and ear placement. Correct front, good depth and width of body. Short couplings giving correct balance. Moved well to take BoB and Group 2.  

2 Pearn’s Fonesse Fingibson in Gwbert 

Well presented Black, good ear placement, neat feet, clean neck of good length. Longer in body than the winner. Moved well.  

Open (3,1) 

1 Parkhouse’s Sandlauga Magic Spell for Shivani 

Nice type, good overall balance, make and shape. Good length of rib and short couplings. In good coat and condition. Moved well.  

2 Ratcliff’s Withiflor Blubeau 

Larger type. Well balanced body with straight front. Moved steadily and truly.  

American Cocker  

Open (1) 

1 Luczynski’s Baladeva Scarlet Letters for Kanara 

Good over all make and shape. Neatly balanced. Good head and eyes, correct bite. Low set ears. Arched neck of good length. Neat feet. Correct length of body. Moved well.  

Italian Spinone 

Open (6,3) 

1 Kemp’s Giocoso Moonriver at Pendio 

Good head with correct planes. Correct ear placement. Strong neck with good layback of shoulder. Good length of rib. In correct coat. Moved well here. 

2 Mortimer’s Scodinzolare Perlescenti 

Lighter made but not yet mature. Pleasing in head. Did not give her handler an easy time.  

3 Moore’s Scodinzolare Perla D’Oro 


Open (4,2) 

1 Kerslake’s Kuantan Cosworth 

Well grown junior. Coming together nicely. Well boned with good length of body and tidy feet. Good rear angulation. Moved well to win this class.  

2 Goord’s Indeski Reagan 

Neat through. Balanced finer head with good eyes. Good reach of neck, well turned stifles. Needs to settle on the move to show to her best advantage.  

Large Munsterlander 

Open (3,1) 

1 Disney and Whiting’s Wonglepong Wills Faramir 

Balanced mature male with straight front legs, neat feet and good turn of stifle. Moved well to win this class.  

2 Caile’s Kamaze Cosmic Diamond 

Smaller type, feminine through with shiny coat. Lacked the feathering to compete here.  

Field Spaniel 

Open (5) 

1 Porter’s Prussia Best Kept Secret of Winsbrook 

Well shaped head with good ear placement, clean neck of good length, straight in front. Good length of ribs and well angulated quarters. Moved steadily and soundly.  

2 Harris’ Kingsmist Panther 

Not as mature as the winner but plenty to like here. Lovely head with good ear set. Good front assembly. Balanced in profile. Up to size. Moved well carrying his tail correctly.  

3 Shipton’s Winterbourne True Love for Mishules 


Post Grad (3) 

1 Matthews’ Medogold Tartini with Sonham 

My Best of Breed and Group 3. Just 15 months and looking the part today. Lovley head shape with typical expression. Clean neck of good length, well boned front legs with decent layback of shoulder. Strong over her quarters with good turn of stifle. She moved soundly and with enthusiasm.  

2 Osman’s Fleurfield Firethorn at Marissolo 

Likeable b/w. Well made through, stronger but balanced head. He too is balanced through with firm couplings and plenty of rear angulation. Moving well. Splitting hairs.  

3 Dykes’ Fleurfield Magic Flute at Briartor 

Open (1) 

1 Needham’s Whealbetsy Elsie 

7 Years b/w nicely shaped head with good reach of neck and straight front. Finer through but looked well in profile.  

English Springer Spaniel 

Post Grad (4,2) 

1 Merrick’s Tiverstone Statesman at Stormerick 

2 Kibby’s Tiverstone Lady’s Delight 

Litter mates of 8 months. Both with plenty of similar qualities. I thought the winner to be a little more together than his sister with a good head, eyes and straight in front. He is well balanced with good rear angulation. His coat is a bit unruly at the moment but that will come. The girl is also well made and though tidier in coat was not as together in front or quite as strong over her quarters at the moment. Should be interesting to see them come on.  

Open (3, abs) 

AV NSC Gundog 

Open (1) 

1 MacDonald’s Gordon Setter Graylacier Grand Illusion 

5 year old with lovely head, good stop and expression. Straight in front with good length of ribs. In lovely coat.  

Gundog Group 

1 Condron and Needs Irish Setter Covarney Macaroon 

Impressive mature dog, lovely head with plenty of shape, balanced through and free from exaggeration. In good coat and body. Moved well in profile, covering the ring easily.  

2 Cocker Spaniel 

3 Pointer 

4 Attwood’s WSS Kylowen Drym 

One I have liked before. Looking well here. Good over all type, In good coat and condition.  

Gundog Puppy Group 

1 Hewitson’s Golden Ret Seruilia Splash of Class 

Super puppy who looked the part here and should go on to big things. Well made through with a good head and in super coat and condition. Moved well.  

2 Baker and Judd’s Labrador Harpitts Minnie Mack 

Another puppy full of potential. Strongly made and well boned. Good head, in lovely coat. Moved with drive.  

3 Rainey’s English Setter Ravensett Marbella at Wolmersdon 

Not as forward as the first two but full of breed type and coming along at the right speed. Super in outline and moved well in profile. Presented in good coat.  

4 Pointer 

AV Gundog 

Special Yearling (21) 

1 Clark’s GSP Braneath Grouse 

13 months l/w Nice head, masculine but no coarseness. Straight in front with lovely neck and shoulders, Well-turned stifles giving balance and strength. In good coat condition. Moved well.  

2 Harris and Bridgewater’s English Setter Bridgellas First Edition with Konakakela 

14 months and just right for his age. Lovely head, soft expression, strong neck, good shoulders. Good rear angulation. Just needs to mature and grow coat. Should go on to do well.  

3 Evans’ Labrador Farnfield Charity 

Veteran (10) 

A Super class. All a credit to their owners.  

1 Edworthy’s Curly Coated Retriever Sh Ch Maycourt Chase the Ace 

Liver D who I have previously admired. Classic head, well made throughout. Strong in neck and so correct in front. In good coat. Moved well carrying his tail correctly.  

2 Osman’s Pointer Wilchrimane Diamond Geezer at Marissolo 

Liked this one as well! Lovely head with refinement, Good reach of neck and shoulder angulation. Super feet. Good width over his quarters. Moved well. Close up.  

3 Rutland and Jones’ Weimaraner Sh Ch Khamsynn Carry on Camping 

Champion Gundog Stakes (6,4) 

1 Rutland and Jones’ Weimaraner Sh Ch Khamsynn Coast Liaison 

This 4 year old presented a smart picture standing and moved really well. Good head with typical expression, good ear placement. Straight in front and firm topline. Well developed quarters with good angulation. In good coat.  

2 Attwood’s WSS Ir Sh Ch Moorash Lady Ygraine of Kylowen. 

Good head with kind expression, good width to her front. Balanced in body and moving well in profile.  

AV Special Open (JW or ShCM) 

1 Marshallsay’s Staff Bull Terrier Fergustaff Jack Frost 

Impressive 20 month D. Lovely head with good cheeks, correct eyes, well boned for his size, Looked well standing and moved out well to win this quality class.  

2 Thomas’ Mini SH Dachs Royaldach Authorized Queen 

Another good one! Good in head with balance. Clean neck of good length. Good length of rib and firm over the topline. In gleaming coat and very neat on the move.  

3 Crowther’s Sib Husky Kobuk Midnight Stargazer 

Jane Howarth