• Show Date: 28/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Howarth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Yorkshire Gundog Club

Yorkshire Gundog Club 

28th October 2018 

Irish Red and White Setters 

Junior (1) 

1 Taylor’s Laoirebay Monte Carlo 

13 month D up to size and took time to settle. Dark eyes and plenty of bone. Good reach of neck with well laid shoulders. Good length of ribs, Well angulated quarters and correct tail set. Moved well once settled showing enthusiasm . 

Open (1) 

1 Tait’s Lovenjoel Sleeping Beauty 

Quality 3 year old. Looking really well. Lovely type, so honest and free from exaggeration. Well shaped head with correct ear placement and kind expression. Good front construction. Balanced in body with good depth and short couplings. Well turned stifles. She moved true and freely. Best of Breed. A pleasure to judge.  

Curly Coated Retriever  

Junior (3,1abs) 

1 James’ Kahawei Teal 

Stylish baby with correct head proportions. Strong neck of good length leads to well placed shoulders. Straight, well boned front. Good length of ribs, firm topline for her age with correct tail set. She moved well with verve and showing a happy disposition.  

2 Jacques’ Curlabull Northern Dancer 

9 months Black, strong in neck with straight front and good feet. Deep in chest for her age. Moved truly.  

Open (2) 

1 Mercer and Thomas’ Elkysar Black Arrow over Stormacre 

Nearly two and coming together well. Good head with dark eyes and strong clean neck. Straight, well boned front with well padded feet. Developed chest with good length and depth of ribs. Moderate stifle and correct tail set. In good coat, moving with drive and purpose. Best of Breed. 

2 Jacques’ Curlabull Baltimore Raven 

Lovely headed black with kind eye and good ear placement. Straight in front with well-balanced body.  

Flat Coated Retrievers 

Puppy (1) 

1 Walker and Roberts’ Rainesgift Truth Be Told By Gloi 


Outgoing baby of just 6 months. Nice head with dark eyes. Good in front. Balanced in body with good bend of stifles. Happy on the move. Her tail never stopped.  

Junior (1) 

1 Walker and Roberts’ Gloi Dubh Illusion 

Only 6 months, larger through than the previous winner. Pleasing in head with kind eye and well-placed ears. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders, elbows nicely tucked in. Good rear angulation. Moved steadily. Will be interesting to see how she develops. Best Puppy.  


Graduate (3,1) 

1 Stott’s Bitcon Girl In Black with Lorosiettie 

Typical head with good reach of neck and well-placed shoulders. Balanced body with good bend of stifle. Moved steadily.  

2 Hedderwick’s Torwood Paw Trait 

Liver dog of heavier type. Strong in neck with good front. Moved with enthusiasm. In good body.  

Open (3,1) 

1 Walker and Roberts’ Mistledawn Spring Breeze by Gloi 

My Best of Breed here, this five-year-old presented a lovely outline. Well balanced head with dark eyes. Good front and decent feet. Well ribbed body and firm in topline. Good rear angulation. She moved easily round the ring.  

2 Torwood Paw Trait 

Irish Water Spaniels 

Open (1) 

1 Walker and Roberts’ Gloi Donn A Kind of Magic 

Well coated three-year-old. Well-shaped head correctly made front with good shoulder placement. Well made body with firm topline. Moved well showing good extension in profile. Best of Breed. 

Jane Howarth