• Show Date: 17/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ilfracombe & District Canine Society

Ilfracombe & District Canine Society

17th February 2018

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this super show. What a great venue, ideal for a dog show. A huge thank you to my very able steward, who kept me in good order all day. And last but no means least, Thank You to the exhibitors, it was a great pleasure to judge your lovely dogs, many close decisions

Flatcoated Retriever

Special Yearling (6,1)

1. F & L Cooves - Draketor Dartmoor Mist

A well balanced 20 month old black bitch. Liked her overall body proportions she has enough strength through the body, yet retaining the raciness and feminine all through. Lovely moulded head with a super dark eye. She has pleasing development of the forechest and depth to the ribcage. Tight feet. Moving out true in all directions, did carry her tail a fraction higher. Shown in good coat and well handled - RBOB

2. Mrs Knight - Draketor Dartmoor Fern

Litter sister to winner, and she has many of the same attributes, being of the correct size and balance. She has a lovely outgoing nature. Not quite as mature through the body as her sister at the moment. Moving out with good drive and style

3. Miss Jones - Caehaidd Lets Go Crazy With Braemist – BP

Post Graduate (3,1)

1. Mrs Legg - Clandrift Dark Lady

2 year old black bitch. Liked her femininity and overall balance. She has such a kind and gentle expression from those dark eyes, her head is well moulded. She has a good length of neck, good depth to the brisket and well developed forechest. Not too bothered about this showing lark today meaning she had a tendency to drop her topline at times. Nicely boned limbs. Moving out true

2. Mrs Tamblyn - Peranki Treyarnan

Liver dog 3 years old, masculine all through, with a well developed body. Pleasing head and toning eye colour, very attentive and kind expression. Strong neck, deep body, short coupled. Carried his tail a little higher on the move, not quite as clean in front as winner, but showed lovely drive

Open (5,2)

1. F & L Cooves - Onyxro Naiad For Draketor

Mature 6 year old black bitch, so much to like about this bitch, she has class and style. She is of a lovely size and shape, a fraction longer in loin but has so much breed type. Lovely moulded one piece head, alert and gentle expression. Good clean neck flowing well into her well held topline. Well developed though the ribcage. Pleasing bone onto tight feet. Liked her hindquarters showing good width of thigh and in good muscle tone. Free and positive in her movement. Well handled, both in total harmony – BOB

2. Miss Jones - Blacktoft American Smooth At Braemist JW

Happy and outgoing 4 year old black dog. He has super bone and substance yet still retains that element of raciness. Like him for his body proportions, depth and being short coupled. Well developed rear showing good muscle tone. His coat was a little fluffy and wayward today. Moving out true fore and aft, not quite the drive of winner

3. F & L Cooves - Draketor Sea Shanty

Cocker Spaniel

Puppy (6,2)

1. Masters & Dott - Manchela Lady Million

Beautifully presented 11 month old B&W bitch. She simply commanded attention and has quality in abundance. She is so balanced when stood, a typical cocker outline, sturdy and compact. She has a well proportioned head, nicely chiselled, would like the eye to be a little tighter, but of a lovely dark colour to give the gentle expression. Her neck flows into a firm and well held topline. Super depth and ribbing with well boned limbs and tight feet. Lovely hind quarters, with a good bend of stifle but not overdone. On the move was typical in her cocker action, and very well used tail! Turned out to perfection and well handled – BP & BOB & Puppy Group2

2. Mr & Mrs Meaker - Meakwood Precious Pearl

Another cracking bitch at just 9 months old is showing a super outline. This b/r is just so pretty, you look at her and melt. Not quite as forward in development as winner, but with many admirable qualities. Most feminine of heads, clean neck, chest well let down with developed forechest, short coupled, super cat feet and short hocks. Precise and powerful mover, but did have a tendency to lose her topline very slightly. Put down in good coat and condition

3. Mr & Mrs Couch - Caenriver Busy Bee

Junior (2,1)

1. Mrs Pearn - Fonesse Fingibson In Gwbert

Stylish and spirited 15 month old black dog. Loved the confidence and outgoing demeanour of this young dog, he showed himself off to advantage. When stood he presents a very balanced outline, with much to appreciate. Loved his head shape and melting expression, dark full eyes, low set ears and squareness to the muzzle. His neck flowing well into a firm and well held topline. He has depth to his ribcage, but not quite the spring of the BOB. Liked his rear, with a good bum and well set on and used tail. Moving out with good drive and width behind. Immaculately presented - RBOB

Graduate (3,1)

1. Mrs Pearn - Fonesse Fingibson In Gwbert

Repeat of junior

2. Mrs McWiliams - Fernstone Speckled Wood

2 year old L/R bitch. Not seeming settled today standing or on the move. She has a pleasing feminine head, Good depth to her ribcage and showing a good spring, not quite the front angulation of winner. Holding a firm topline and has nice short hocks. Didn’t really get going today, but moved true behind

Post Graduate (1,0)

1. Mrs Parkhouse - Sandluga Magic Spell For Shivani

A very shapely and elegant black dog who is coming up 2 years. Very smart dog from a slightly smaller mould with a pleasing outline when stood. Liked his overall body proportions, square and balanced. A kind and gentle expression, good length of neck, depth to the brisket with enough spring to the ribs, short coupled and well set on tail. He is a lovely mover, very true and driving

Open (3,2)

1. Mrs Ratcliff - Withifor Blueau

Mature 6 year old b/r dog, and what a sweetie this dog is, he had that look about him that says, cuddle me. Having a slightly larger frame, he is certainly merry and sturdy. He has a masculine head, with a dark kind eye. Would like a little more length of neck to balance, deep in the chest with a well developed forechest, firm topline and well set on tail. On the move he is positive with correct footfalls, shown in good coat.

Italian Spinone

Post Graduate (3,1)

1. Mrs Mortimer - Scodinzolare Perlescenti

Rather raw 8 month old w/o bitch, providing her handler with a bit of a challenge. At the, all legs stage at the moment. She has a pleasing head shape, with the correct divergent planes, large kind eyes, well set ears and a thoughtful expression. Nicely arched neck, forechest developing with enough depth for age. Once moving showed a typical gait - BP

2. Mr & Mrs Moore - Scodinzolare Peria D’Oro

Litter sister to winner, not at all settled today unfortunately either standing or on the move. She has a balanced head piece, with a kind expression and good head furnishings. Preferred her overall substance and bone, but difficult to assess.

Open (2,0)

1. Mrs Kruglow - Ambervillie Adrianna

Very shapely 4 year old o/r bitch. She is very smart and workmanlike in outline. Liked her square proportions and overall balance when stood. She has the desired strength all through, yet retains her femininity. Her head planes are correct, with a good length to the foreface ending in a big spongy nose. Good depth to the brisket, holding her topline with the gentle fall and rise both standing and moving. Shown with coarse coat. Moving out well - BOB

2. Smith & McVittle - Sh Ch Jaylynne Fabrizio ShCM

Thought this 5 year old w/b dog was going to be my winner, just didn’t settle into a stride on the move, in this narrow ring. Loved his robust substance and his overall shape when stood. Again a square profile with plenty of substance and bone. Lovely masculine head and dark human like eye. Correct topline and good depth. Not showing himself off on the move today which was a shame – RBOB


Special Yearling (3,0)

1. Siddle & Crocker - Wilchrimane Pirouette

What a beautiful o/w bitch, at only 10 months old, she oozes symmetry, style and class. Just loved her overall balance and construction. She is quite eye catching with her series of curves where nothing is overdone, flowing from nose to tail. Her head has plenty of work to it, and well proportioned, coupled with a dark eye to give a kind expression. A lovely flow from the slightly arched neck to a well held topline and bee sting tail. Most impressed with her fill in of forechest and depth to the brisket. Good oval bone. Her hindquarters show good width of thigh and bend to the stifle. A pleasure to watch on the move, true and flowing with plenty of drive. BOB & BP & Puppy Group1

2. Mrs Cuff - Silvernit Jar Wagtail Waltz

21 month old b/w bitch, looking a little more up on the leg at the moment. She has a lovely pleasing head, of good proportions, well defined stop and with a super dark eye giving and soft and intelligent expression. Good reach of neck flowing well into her topline, brisket down to the elbow, not quite the development of forechest. Nicely boned with well arched tight feet. Moving out with drive from the rear

3. Mrs Osman - Fleurfield Firethorn At Marissolo

Post Graduate (4,0)

1. Gordon & Petherick - Hawkfiled Strider

Elegant 2 year old o&w dog who is a little more rangy, but still a very shapely outline on the stack. He shows refinement yet and has enough substance. Liked his flow and natural presence. Masculine head, with a good width to the back skull and length to the foreface, such a kind gentle expression. He has enough depth to the chest and fill in of forechest, firm topline, and strong hindquarters in good muscular condition. Moving with good rear drive, not quite as tidy in front, lovey hind action true and driving

2. Mrs Cuff - Silvernit Jar Wagtail Waltz

Repeat, 2nd in Special Yearling

3. Miss Bastin - Symitry Bright As A Button For Jarobede

Open (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Webb - Wilchrimane Rough Crystal

Upstanding 4 year old o&w dog, a real eye catcher for his imposing outline, he is all male with lovely body lines. Impressed by this dog he has substance, strength combined with elegance and grace. Masculine head, with typical dish, dark eye and thin leathers. His long slightly arched neck flows into a firm muscular topline. Strong oval bone onto tight feet. Nicely sprung ribs which are down to the elbow. Strength in his hindquarters with good width of thigh and muscle tone. Moved out purposefully, just loosing out on front movement to the youngster today. Beautifully handled - RBOB

2. Mrs Tannahill - Wynbury Walter Jack JW

4 year old B&W dog, liked the overall balance and construction, today not showing himself off to advantage, seemed a little distracted from the task in hand. He has the desired substance and graceful curves. Masculine head, dark eye, good length of neck, good spring to the ribs and well bent stifles. Showing good drive


Post Graduate (2,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Palfrey - Flushpoint Whata Accident For Melanitta (Imp SWE)

Lovely 8 year old bitch, thought her to be a very smart. Liked her body proportions and balance when stacked. She is of the correct medium size with nothing overdone. Loved her keen, alert expression and very attentive to her handler. Correct wedge shaped head, clean through the cheeks, well placed and used ears. Good development to the body, with well sprung ribs and depth to the chest. Keeping a firm topline and well carried tail. Using her well toned hindquarters to drive in the jaunty fashion around the ring - RBOB

2. Mrs Morgan - Redaurora Comet’s Christmas Of Deltandamba

Just shy of her 8th birthday this bitch is looking as fit as a fiddle, alert and active. When stood did not quite have the balance of winner. She has a feminine head, her almond shaped eye toning well with her coat colour. She has good depth and forechest, straight well boned forelimbs onto well arched feet. She has a good width of thigh. Shown with a good coat and at one with her handler on the move

Open (4,1)

1. Mrs Morgan - Erlkachen O’Ruadh For Deltandamba

Fell for this most appealing 3 year old dog, loved his size, substance and masculinity. He is one that just catches the eye for his character as well as construction. Thought him to be smart, full of breed type and fit for function, nothing is overdone or out of place. He has a clean wedge shaped head, intelligent almond eyes, alert to his handler. Strong and muscular neck flowing well into his firm and level topline. Good depth to the brisket and well developed forechest, short coupled, strong hindquarters. Shown with a rich red colour double coat in good condition. On the move shows the typical movement, head carried almost level, and tail higher whilst retaining a level topline and springiness to his step. Delighted to award him BOB & Group 1, later to watch him go onto win BIS – many congratulations

2. Mr & Mrs Woollerton - Camusmor Chili Pepper At Culmgillie

Alert and outgoing 3 year old dog, not quite the overall balance and outline of winner, but masculine all through. Pleasing wedge shaped head, kind eye and clean cheeks. Liked his depth with a well developed forechest, forelegs straight with a slight slope to the pastern onto tight well arched feet. Slightly long in loin. Good width of thigh and bend to the stifle. Moving out well

3. Mr & Mrs Palfrey - Foxdown Bertie Allsorts

Hungarian Vizsla

Post Graduate (2,0)

1. Mrs Roe - Sargasbarna True Blue For Pirospont

Raw yet robust 6 month old dog. As you would expect he is all legs at the moment, but time is very much on his side. Like his overall size and bone. He has a well proportioned head with a good width to the back skull and a lively twinkle in his eye. His clean neck flows well into a firm level topline, chest needing to drop and develop. He has a pleasing width of thigh and bend to his stifle. Shown with correct coat texture of a lovely russet gold colour. For one so young moving out well, and unfazed by his surroundings, just needing to tighten - BP

2. Mrs Hunter - Tossneer Sophronia

8 month old bitch, seemed a little overawed today in the noisy hall. A bit of a fidget when being gone over, but thought for one so young she has a lovely shape. She has a balanced head and well proportioned, good length of neck, starting to drop in chest, nice hindquarters. Seeming to settle on the move, being happy and outgoing and showing a good stride.

Open (2,0)

1. G Wannell - Afanleigh Aida At Robglen

4 year old bitch being elegant yet robust and having substance. When stood she shows to be well made in construction and shapely, liking her size and femininity. She has a kind expression, eye colour toning well with the coat, clean and strong through the neck which flowed well into her firm and level topline. Liked her well sprung ribs and well developed chest. She has well boned limbs, would like slightly stronger pasterns with cat like feet and strength to her wide hindquarters. Moving out with purpose and true - BOB

2. Mrs Roe - Sargasbarna Salva Del Piropont

An upstanding and regal looking 2 year old dog, close up to winner. Liked his overall balance when stood with a square outline. He has a pleasing well proportioned head with a good stop and kind eye. Flowing well from nose to tail. Chest is down to the elbow, but would like a little more development in forechest. Firm level topline both standing and on the move from his well muscled hind quarters. Carried his tail a little higher on the move. Showing good drive and reach - RBOB

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Post Graduate (3,0)

1. Mrs Newman - Lanokk Violeska

Lovely 2 year old bitch. Like her for her overall shape and construction, she is well made throughout. She has the desired body proportions, and medium bone. Such a kind and gentle expression, with the slight rounding to the back skull, oval shaped eye toning well, finished with good facial furnishings. Clean neck of good length, firm level topline, chest down to the elbow, nice rear assembly. Shown with a good harsh wire coat. Moving with power reach and drive - RBOB

2. Mr Lewin - Vynesbrook Caribbean Red

At only 13 months old, this bitch is not quite as balanced as the winner. She is a little up on the leg giving her a more square outline. But thought she was a lovely bitch with much to like. She is of medium size and moderate all through. Mischievious and lively expression, with good furnishings. Good length of neck into her well held topline. Chest down to elbow. Moderately boned limbs. Shown with a good coat texture. Moving out well

3. Ms Aldridge - Gwaithmaes Tuari

Open (3,1)

1. Ms Collier - Belatarr North By Northwest ShCM

Very distinguished 3 year old dog, a real eye catcher and full of quality. Thought him to be sound, and full of breed type. He is top end for size but so beautifully balanced and well constructed. He is a lovely dog from all angles and so nice to go over. Handsome head and well proportioned, havng an intelligent expression but with a hint of mischief, which shows itself now and again only adding to his character. Strong neck beautifully flowing into a firm level topline. Liked is depth and spring of rib, well boned limbs. Nicely angulated fore and aft. Shown in perfect condition and well presented with a harsh wire coat. Moving in harmony with his handler to show power and drive winning him – BOB and Group2

2. Mr Lewin - Vynesbrook Caribbean Red

Repeat of 2nd in Post Graduate

English Setter

Special Yearling(2,0)

1. Harris & Bridgewater - Bridgella’s First Edition With Konakakela

7 month old orange belton dog, thought him to be full of promise and quality. For his age showing maturity through the body. When stood he has a clean and elegant outline, combined with substance and nicely rounded bone. Still to bring everything together, but time will be his friend. Gentle expression from those dark eyes, well proportioned head. Neck of good length seamlessly fitting into well placed shoulders. Liked his depth and forechest, holding a firm topline and ever wagging tail. Hindquarters show well bent stifles. A little loose on the move, but showing a good stride - BP

2. Mr & Mrs Full - Ravenset Midas Touch At Teignestuary

Lovely baby only just 6 months old and unfazed by his surroundings. He is quite striking and appealing in appearance, being a dark orange belton. He has good balance when stood, not quite the maturity as the winner, but it is all there, flowing lines and elegance. He has a pleasing head, good length of neck, holds a firm topline, nicely boned with good rear angulation. Happy mover just needing to tighten all through.

Open (2,1)

1. Mrs Osman - Bournehouse Star Gazer At Marissolo ShCM

Mature 3 year old B/b/t dog, looking a picture on the stack with lovely balance and graceful outline. His head is masculine, long and lean with a nicely rounded backskull, Kind eye, low set ears. Having a good flow to his firm level topline and well set on and well used tail. He has enough depth, well boned, and a strong rear. Seemed a little distracted today, giving his handler a bit of a hard time on the move - BOB


Post Graduate (4,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Sanders - Alcazar Amano (GSP)

A real baby at just 6 months old, but very together and mature. Not a big lad, but oh so smart, all is in proportion and standing over plenty of ground. Good width to the backskull and length to the foreface, eye starting to darken. For one so young has a shapely outline with his chest down to the elbow, well boned limbs. Lovely dark liver coat, with a good harsh texture. Striding out well – BP

2. Mrs Passmore - Beechlake I Dare To Dream (Gordon Setter)

2 year old Gordon Setter bitch, Liked her overall size when stacked, but not being too cooperative and tending to lose her topline today. Loved the head on this bitch it has the desired strength and depth, with a dark eye giving such a gentle expression. Good length of neck, with enough depth through the body, nice flat bone. On the move she has a lovely flow in profile, tending to pin in slightly coming towards me

3. L Mac Donald - Graylacier Grand Illusion (Gordon Setter)

Open (4,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Cadwell - Jubilwell Bal Maiden (Sussex)

A well balanced Sussex Spaniel bitch, 3 years old. Thought her to have the strength and substance and showing herself off to advantage. Lovely happy disposition, an ever wagging tail to greet me. Pleasing feminine head with good width and desired curve to the backskull, typical frowning brow, lovely tight dark eye to give a thoughtful expression. Good depth through the body, with well sprung ribs. Well boned limbs and strong muscular hind quarters. Moving with the unhurried strides and being true fore and aft – BAVNSC & Group4

2. Mr & Mrs Sweet - Bondadosa Beach ShCM (SWD)

This SWD pushed winner all the way, lovely 4 year old brown dog. Found him to be robust and typically rustic with him being shown in super curled coat of a woolly texture. Liked him for his size and body proportions. Masculine head, with dark oval eyes, strong neck, level topline, with a good width to the thighs. At one with his handler and moving out well - RBSVNSC

3. Ms Walker - Ir Sh Ch Malanis Pirate At Ameysford (IWS)

AV Puppy (15,9)

1. K Clunie - Warrentor Caiarinha (Golden Ret)

7 month old Golden Retriever bitch. Liked the substance and depth to this young bitch. She is needing to come up on the leg fractionally to give complete balance, but thought she was lovely. Kind expression, well boned, well developed brisket and forechest. Kept a level topline on the move, nicely angulated hind quarters. Shown in good coat. Sound on the move.

2. Miss Jones - Caehaidd Lets Go Crazy With Braemist (Flatcoat Ret)

Liked this 6 month old Flatcoat bitch, she has a lovely presence about her, fun loving and outgoing. For one so young has a balanced outline. Nicely moulded head, with a dark eye, clean through the neck, good depth for her age. Holding a firm level topline. Showing herself off with confidence

3. Mrs Hunter - Tossneer Sophronia (HV)

AV Veteran (16,9)

A super class right down the line, all a real credit to you

1. F & L Cooves - Blacktoft Lady Amherst For Draketor (Flatcoat Ret)

Coming up 9 years of age, and looking as fit as a fiddle and in gleaming coat. She has the desired strength but not overdone giving a look of elegance yet fit for function. She has a melting expression, clean through the neck, lovely and deep, firm topline, well boned limbs, and moving out with power reach and drive

2. Mrs Roe - Sh Ch Duncarreg Alesandro Del Pirospont JW (HV)

Super Vizsla dog who is also coming up 9 years of age and looking on great form. He presents an imposing outline, very balanced and with a lovely flow from nose to tail. He has a quality head piece, correctly proportioned, his slight greyness to the muzzle only adding to his noble look. Good depth to the body, firm topline, well angulated fore and aft, moving out with purpose and drive

3. Mrs Morgan - Redaurora Comet’s Christmas Of Deltandamba (NSDTR)

Gundog Group

Great to be able to get outside to judge this large group, the big ring giving everyone the opportunity to shine

1. Mrs Morgan - Erlkachen O’Ruadh For Deltandamba (NSDTR)

This Nova Scotia is eye catching yet functional and certainly fit. Just loved his overall balance and breed type. Not putting a foot wrong to take the top spot in this super group

2. Ms Collier - Belatarr North By Northwest ShCM (HWV)

Quite a charmer and full of character, this Hungarian Wire caught my eye. He is a very smart example of the breed, shown in hard condition with precise and powerful movement

3. Rutland & Jones - Khamsynn Coast Liaison JW (Weim)

Liked this 3 year old Weimaraner bitch for her size, substance and femininity. She has the desired body proportions, with a good length to the ribcage. Typical aristocratic and noble head, pleasing substance through the body, well boned limbs and nicely angulated fore and aft. Moving out with precision and drive

4. Mr & Mrs Cadwell - Jubilwell Bal Amano (Sussex)

3 year old Sussex Spaniel bitch, having strength to the body, with good depth and well boned. Moving out so true and with the typical unhurried strides

Puppy Gundog Group

1. Siddle & Crocker - Wilchrimane Pirouette (Pointer)

What a little superstar this Pointer bitch is, just loved her. Everything just flows so beautifully from one part to the next. Moving with super drive and holding her outine

2. Masters & Dott - Manchela Lady Million (Cocker)

This cocker bitch pushed the Pointer all the way. She is full of breed type, loved her cobbiness and flowing lines, firm topline and merry action on the move

3. Miss Hicks - Jubiwell Good As Gold (Labrador)

Lovely 8 month old yellow Labrador bitch, nothing is overdone and showing a balanced outline. She has a pretty feminine head, strength to the neck, pleasing depth for her age with a good spring to the rib. Well boned limbs onto tight feet. Her happy demeanour shining through

4. Miss Jones - Caehaidd Lets Go Crazy With Braemist (Flatcoat)

A raw 6 month old Flatcoat bitch, but for one so young she has a real presence about her, totally unfazed. Showed herself off to advantage in this big ring. Holding her topline and moving out freely and with drive