• Show Date: 03/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Rugby & District Canine Society

Rugby & District Canine Society

3rd February 2018

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee of Rugby & District Canine Society for their kind invitation to judge at their show. So many super dogs to have the pleasure of going over, thank you to the exhibitors.

Golden Retrievers

Junior (5,4)

1. Mrs Price - Elsiegwen Mischievous Boy

Liked the overall balance and construction of this 11 month old dog. He was not making it easy for his handler, playing the clown and showing his fun loving nature. He is of a nice size and nothing is overdone. Pleasing masculine head with a dark eye, good depth and strength to the body for his age, short coupled with good bone. He has a pleasing width of thigh. A little erratic on the move today as he just wanted to have fun, but full of confidence and personality - BP

Post Graduate (3,2)

1. Miss & Mrs Hill - Tamniarn Forget Me Not Sandula JW

A very smart and stylish 21 month old bitch. She had left her feathering at home today, but loved her impressive outline and proportions. She is so balanced when stood, very fit for function. Lovely feminine head, with dark expressive eyes, good length and depth to the foreface. Her clean neck is of good length and flows into a well held firm topline. Her ribs are nicely sprung and deep, limbs are well boned, hindquarters show good width and bend to the stifle. Moving out at one with her handler, both in total harmony - BOB

Open (4,2)

1. Mr & Mrs Collis - Merimoor Waterbouy At Dorwinion

Male coming up 4 years old, a more laid back dog who seemed to have a very soft and gentle nature. He is of a nice size, has substance and masculine. He has a kind expression, strong neck flowing well into a firm topline. He has enough depth and spring of rib. Pleasing rear, with a good width to the thigh and well bent stifle. Moving out with a controlled and easy action, he did have a tendency to carry his tail a little high, but his footfall was positive - RBOB

2. Miss Humphrey - Abnalls Sebastian

Pale 9 year old dog, such a shame he didn’t really want to do this showing lark today. He has such a lovely head, with good width to the back skull and chiselling, lovely dark eyes to give a soft and gentle expression. Clean through the neck, he tended to slope his topline today and lose his overall shape. Well boned limbs and tight feet. Liked his well developed forechest and depth through the body. Today not quite as positive on the move as winner

AVNSC Gundog

Puppy (9,3)

1. Ms Osborn - Elgert Gold Dust (Field Spaniel)

What a little superstar, at just 6 months and a few days, this Field Spaniel bitch marched into the ring like an old pro. Totally unfazed by anything and strutted around the ring with that noble air. There is so much to like about this youngster, she has lovely body lines and nothing is overdone. She has a delightful head, well proportioned with a nicely chiselled leanness to the foreface, dark eye and expressive expression. Her long neck flowing into a firm topline. Chest well developed for her age, with ribs carried well back. Moderate rear angulation. She moved out purposefully and with drive yet unhurried, showing correct footfall – BP & Puppy Group 1

2. Mr & Mrs Spillane - Belatarr Jupiter (HWV)

Another super puppy, who pushed winner all the way. A 10 month old HWV dog who made his presence felt. Thought him to be very clean and sound throughout. He hold a shapely outline when stood having strength yet agile and fit for function. He has a well proportioned head, with good furnishings and toning eyes. Like his front assembly, having a good forechest and depth to the ribcage. Holding a firm topline when stood and on the move. Pleasing hindquarters which were well toned and used to advantage on the move. Showing good reach and drive on the move

3. Mr & Mrs Smith - Pindani Listen To The Moon (Sussex Spaniel)

Junior (5,3)

1. Mr & Mrs Goode - Owlspoint King Of Trouble At Brackenvale JW ShCM (Bracco)

My find of the day, just loved him. Workmanlike 17 month w/o Bracco dog who has an abundance of quality. He has a natural presence, almost regal and aloof yet kind and eager to please. When stood he has a fabulous outline, almost square, strong and muscular. He possesses the leanness to the head, long and well chiselled, with correct divergent planes, deep through the flew ending with a lovely spongy nose. He has super strength throughout the body, with a deep chest and ribs well sprung. He has strength in his hindquarters, with well bent stifles and in good muscular condition. It is one of those times when you wish you had a bigger ring still, to watch him move for the pleasure of it. Lovely drive and extended gait, so true fore and aft. Winning BAVNSC over a super Sussex in the open class. Pleased to award him Gp1, and later watch him go onto win RBIS – Well Done

2. Ms Osborn - Elgert Gold Dust (Field Spaniel)

Repeat of puppy

Post Graduate (3,2)

1. Ms Davy - Eald Village Gossip (Sussex Spaniel)

Sussex Spaniel bitch 2 years of age, a youngster in this slow maturing breed. Giving her handler a bit of a hard time, which only added to her charm. In profile she has all the desired attributes and presents a pleasing picture. She has a good width to the backskull, with the slight rounding, good stop and depth to the muzzle. Starting to mature nicely through the body with a good ribcage. Liked her hindquarters which showed a good width of thigh. Moving out well, not quite as positive in front today.

Open (5,1) What a cracking class, full of top quality dogs, with hair splitting decisions.

1. Mr & Mrs Smith - Sh Ch Pindani Myrtle JW (Sussex Spaniel)

A super 4 year old Sussex bitch, loved her size, substance and femininity. When stood she has the desired strength throughout and a typical outline. She is so nice to go over, all parts flowing well into the next. She has the most appealing head, good width to the backskull, good depth to the muzzle, tight expressive eyes, and that typical frown giving her a thoughtful expression. Chest is deep and well developed, ribs carried well back, well boned limbs, with a good width of thigh. A pleasure to watch on the move, being true fore and aft. Shown in superb condition and coat which had the golden tips - RBAVNSC

2. Mr & Mrs Spillane - Sh Ch Belatarr Hercules (HWV)

Another super example of the breed, this 4 year old HWV looked a picture on the stack. Like him for his overall body proportions, showing good balance and masculinity. He has a presence about him and shows himself off with confidence. He has a well proportioned head piece which is well furnished, strength to his neck which flows into a firm topline, having good depth to the brisket. Well boned limbs onto well arched rounded feet with the correct moderate rear angulation. Having a harsh wire coat and in muscular condition, looking fit for function. Strode out on the move

3. Ms Davy - Sh Ch Norriss Northern Charm At Eald ShCM (Sussex Spaniel)

Gundog Group

1. Mr & Mrs Goode - Owlspoint King Of Trouble At Brackenvale JW ShCM (Bracco)

This young Bracco, just kept getting better throughout the day. When stood he looked solid and workmanlike, not overdone, and true to type. On the move he showed power, reach and drive

2. Harvey Major & Bambrook - Linjor Sessile Oak At Ravoakar ShCM (Labrador)

Lovely mature 5 year old yellow Labrador dog, fell for his compact and sturdy outline. He is strong and well built, yet athletic. Liked his well boned limbs and good barrelled ribcage. He was attentive to his handler, and moved out in harmony showing true movement

3. Mr & Mrs Goodman - Blacklake Cordelia (Flatcoat)

Gleaming 4 year old Flatcoat bitch, who has a lovely zest for life, with a continuous lashing tail. Liked her for her overall size and balance. Having the desired raciness but still having substance and depth. Kind and intelligent expression, well proportioned body and shown in good condition. Moving out with style and drive

4. Mrs Howatson - Heathclare Fancy Time At Vanders (Irish Setter)

Very elegant and stylish 20 month old Irish Setter bitch. She has the typical raciness, coupled with flowing lines. Such a feminine and appealing head, with good length and balance, dark expressive eyes with a hint of naughtiness. Pleasing outline when stood, gently sloping topline, well set on tail, nicely boned limbs. Shown with a rich flat coat. Moving out well

Puppy Gundog Group

1. Ms Osborn - Elgert Gold Dust (Field Spaniel)

Such a pleasing all round package for one so young. At just 6 months old, looking very smart and typical in outline when stacked. Lovely noble head, good depth for age. Moving so true and with drive. She never stopped showing herself off to advantage to take the top spot.

2. Ainsley & Nicklin - Daenerys Winds Of Winter (English Springer Spaniel)

Liked this 10 month old L&W English Springer bitch for her size and compact outline. She is feminine all through with good substance and bone. Pleasing head shape, with a gentle expression. Well developed ribcage and short coupled. She holds a firm topline both stood and on the move. Liked her hindquarters which show good width of thigh. She was not as coordinated on the move at the moment as the winner, but she has lovely drive and an outgoing demeanor.

3. Miss Ram - Dacan Sharpe Spear (Pointer)

10 month old B&W pointer dog, still rather raw at present, but he presents a pleasing curvy outline when stood. He has a balanced head piece with some work in it, a good length of neck which flows well into his slightly sloping topline. Liked his depth and well boned limbs. Nicely angulated hind quarters. Still needing to tighten a little more on the move but moved with style and drive

4. Miss Hill - Weipowa Winnie Winchester (Weimaraner)

Weimaraner bitch, 10 months old, another pleasing youngster, who just needs time to drop into herself. She has all the essentials there, and time is on her side. Like her overall size and balance when stacked and has a good body proportions. She has the typical aristocratic look about her. Her neck flows well into her firm topline with well angulated hindquarters. Moving out well with her handler