• Show Date: 14/01/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Goyt Valley Gundog Society

Goyt Valley Gundog Society

14th January 2018

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge at their show. I hope all the exhibitors and their lovely dogs have now thawed out, as it was a rather chilly day!

 I had super dogs to judge, so thank you all for the pleasure of your dogs

English Setter

Puppy (4,1)

1. Mrs & Mrs Howarth - Alolfrana Kansas Kate Of Moorbrook

A lovely b/b/t bitch coming up 9 months old, from a smaller mould but thought her to be a quality puppy with lots of promise. When stood she has an impressive and clean outline, with everything in the right place for her age. She has a balanced head piece, with a nicely darkening eye to give a gentle expression. Liked her body proportions with nicely boned limbs. Still to drop into herself, this I am sure will come with age. Good width to the hindquarters. A happy and outgoing mover with good drive – BP, shortlisted in a super puppy group

2. Mrs Danks-Kemish - Alolfrana Miami Nights

Litter brother to winner, a more well grown youngster and not quite as together as his sister at this stage. Slightly longer cast in outline. He has the most lovely head, with the darkest of eyes along with a hint of naughtiness! beautiful shape to the skull and foreface. He has a good length of neck, enough depth and spring to the ribs. A little erratic on the move today but showing a good length of stride

3. Mr & Mrs Kelly - Alolfrana Memphis Rock

Junior (2,0)

1. Ms Leather - Back To Black De Los Vitorones (Imp Esp)

Blue belton dog of 16 months. A young dog with good balance when stood, having a clean outline. Masculine head, not quite the leanness, but well proportioned to the foreface and a dark kind eye. He has a good length of neck, and a firm topline, he is short coupled with moderate bone and good depth, liked his width of thigh and well bent stifles. On the move carried his tail a little higher, lovely drive from the rear with good width when moving away.

2. Mrs Danks-Kemish - Alolfrana Miami Nights

Repeat 2nd in puppy

Post Graduate (3,1)

1. Miss Stead - Upperwood Michaelmas Man

3 year old orange belton dog. When stood this dog has many fine attributes, he has substance and strength yet also elegance of outline. He is a little stronger in the head, but he has a good length to the foreface with nicely squared flews. He scores in a good length of neck which flows smoothly into well placed shoulders. Deep through the brisket and well developed forechest. Held a firm topline, with super hindquarters. Moving out well - RBOB

2. Ms Owen - Mariglen Candle In The Wind

A lovely headed b/b/t bitch at 21 months old who is a little less mature in body development than winner. She has a well proportioned shape when stood. Thought her to be ultra feminine with such a lovely expression. She has a clean and long neck, moderate spring to the ribs and enough depth. Today having a tendency to lose her topline slightly. Showing good drive on the move

Open (1,0)

1. Mrs Dank-Kemish - Sh Ch Ravensett Jail House Rocks Alolfrana JW ShCM

Super 5 year old dark b/b dog. What lovely body lines this dog has, elegance and grace combined with strength and function. Very smart and eye catching for his balance and breed type. Loved his long lean head, with good chiselling and dark melting eyes. He has a long elegant neck with the slight arch, good depth to the ribcage, firm well held topline, and strong muscular quarters. He certainly moved with enthusiasm, pizzazz and style showing his beautiful high head carriage, to be picky not as tidy in front today, but what drive and animation – BOB, shortlisted in group

Irish Red & White Setter

Open (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Hart - Gilliegrae Swift N’Chic

3 year old bitch, showing the typical athletic outline with strength and substance yet retaining her elegance and femininity. Her head is well proportioned, with a lovely dark eye to give a gentle expression. She has a clean neck of a good length, pleasing depth to the ribcage, good oval bone to the limbs. Hindquarters having good length along with a well bent stifle and in good muscle tone. Coat a lovely pearly white and good red patches. Well shown and moving at one with her handler – BOB, shortlisted in the group

Irish Setter

Puppy (4,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Hart - Gwendariff In The Limelight With Gilliegrae

Really liked this 10 month old dog, not a big lad, but a quality puppy showing lots of promise. When stood he is very pleasing to the eye, each part flowing seamlessly into the next. He is shapely and racy, yet having substance and masculinity. Lovely handsome head, clean neck of good length, super depth to the ribcage and well developed forechest. A firm gently sloping topline and well set on tail, finishing with good hindquarters. He is a little loose in front action at the moment, but has a good driving action, holding his outline throughout - BP

2. Miss Danks-Kemish - Teleri Summertime Blues Avec Alolfrana (AI)

Coming up 7 months old, this dog is not quite as mature in body or the head at the moment of the winner, but has a lovely outline when stood, very shapely and elegant. Head is showing good proportions and a gentle expression. He has a lovely length of neck, well held topline, nicely boned limbs, well angulated stifles. His happy and outgoing personality shining through.

3. Mr & Mrs Hunnybun - Riverbrue Imperial Spritz

Junior (3,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Hart - Gwendariff In The Limelight With Gilliegrae

Repeat puppy

2. Mr & Mrs French - Diervilla Zen Power

Nearly 18 months old this dog is from a slightly larger mould than winner and just needing to fill his frame a little more to complete the picture. Pleasing head, enough depth to the ribcage and spring to the ribs and being long from hip to hock. On the move today was losing his topline slightly, as he was not as happy on the slippy floor, but showed to be true fore and aft

3. Mr & Mrs Hunnybun - Riverbrue Imperial Spritz

Post Graduate (6,2)

1. Mr & Mrs Hart - Gwendariff Gonna’B Am Azing

Smart and elegant 22 month old bitch, no mistaking her gender very feminine all through. She has much to appreciate and looked a picture on the stack. She has lovely lines and full of elegance. Well proportioned head with a kind dark eye. Flowing and firm slightly sloping topline, enough bone, correct spring to the ribs, well angulated hindquarters. Flowing side profile movement, a little close behind but showing lovely drive.

2. Mrs Dank-Kemish - Alolfrana Hotter Then U’Know JW

An eye catching 20 month old dog, shown in super coat and condition, very close up to winner. He has a shapely outline with substance. He has a kind expression with dark, shelled almond shaped eyes, nice oval shape to the back skull, good length of neck, slightly shorter in upper arm, lovely depth to the ribcage, firm topline and well set on tail, with a good bend to the stifle. Lovely drive from the rear

3. Mr & Mrs French - Balintyne Just You Just Me

Limit (3,0)

1. Miss Dank-Kemish - Rappatty Star Light Over Alolfrana JW

Lots to like about this 2 year old bitch, such elegance and style. Liked her for her overall size, elegance and femininity combined with enough bone and substance to give a pleasing package. A real showgirl who did not stop showing, with the ever wagging tail. Well balanced and appealing head, well developed through the body, with depth and the ribs carried well back. Firm topline held both standing and on the move. On the move she showed power reach and drive – RBOB

2. Mr & Mrs Cohen - Aoibheanne’s Rough Diamond With Shushana JW

4 year old dog, who has a shapely outline when stood. Thought him to be racy but with substance and good bone. Well proportioned head with a good length to the foreface and depth to the flew, lovely eye and expression. Clean through the neck flowing well into his topline. Good depth all through. Not quite as collected on the move today, hindered by the floor, but showed good drive

3. Mrs Jepson - Two Acres Lucky Charm

Open (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Cohen - Caispern Lorenzo With Shushana JW ShCM

Mature and well developed 6 year old dog. An eye catching dog who has an impressive outline without being overdone. He is masculine yet elegant, smart and showy. His outline when stacked is balanced and flowing. He has a good length to the head, with correct parallel planes, expressive and inquisitive eyes. Lovely long elegant neck, impressed by his depth and well developed forechest. Hind quarters are well developed which were put to good use as he drove around the ring. Showing in lovely coat of a rich chestnut and in hard condition - BOB

Large Munsterlander

Puppy (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Price - Darkensky Milano

8 month old bitch, both handler and exhibit being new to showing, congratulations on a good job. Standing this bitch has good body lines for one so young. She is well proportioned just needing to mature as you would expect. Feminine head, strong neck flowing into a firm topline. Liked her hindquarters as they showed good width of thigh and bend to the stifle. Moving out well, tail was carried a little high, but shown in good muscle tone – BOB & BP

Junior (1,0) & Open (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Price - Darkensky Milano

Repeat puppy

Clumber Spaniel

Open (2,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Newsham - Sh Ch Anbrook Burma Star At Brazenhill JW ShCM

Just loved this 2 year old dog, what a little superstar. He looked an absolute picture on the stack and showed his socks off! He is so typical in outline and beautifully balanced. He has super substance and strength all through. His head has the desired broad backskull and heavy brow, his eyes are tight and clean, with good depth to the muzzle, with a thoughtful expression. Most impressed by the lovely depth and spring to the ribcage coupled with a well developed forechest. He held a firm topline both stood and on the move. Hindquarters are wide and well bent. Moving with ease and drive, at one with his handler – BOB, delighted to watch him win ‘Best In Show’ – very well done

Field Spaniel

Junior (3,0)

1. Ms Mcvitty - Sonnetend Faith

12 months old, just out of puppy by a few days, this bitch is still rather raw but thought her to be just right for her age and showing lots of character. When stood she shows good body proportions and a shapely outline. Such a feminine head, with a good length to the foreface, well chiselled and those expressive eyebrows. Her neck flowing well into her shoulders and topline. She has a good forechest and length to the ribcage, moderate rear angulation. A happy and true mover - BP

2. Mrs Wheeler - Sonnetend Careless Whisper

Litter brother to winner and similar in many ways, loved his substance and bone. Having balanced body proportions on the stack, pleasing head and expression, he certainly had mischief on his mind today being a bit of a handful! Not quite as strong in the pasterns as his sister or as settled on the move, I am sure it will all come together as he matures

3. Mr & Mrs Jones - Ewtor Crazy Kinda Love At Pennybeck

Post Graduate (1,0)

1. Miss Moore - Elgert China Girl For Gadhelic

Showing herself off with confidence this bitch who is coming up 2 years old is certainly an eye catcher. She is so smart and ultra feminine. She has a quality head, which is nicely chiselled, well proportioned, and with a dark expressive eye. She has a good flow from nose to tail, well developed forechest and her ribcage has depth with good length. Strong flat boned limbs onto tidy tight feet. Came alive on the move, show good drive with width behind at one with her handler - RBOB

Open (5,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Taylor - Elgert Take A Bow With Tayowen JW

A most upstanding 3 year old dog, so much to like and he has quality in abundance. Having a regal and noble air about him and showed himself off with confidence. On the stack he portrays strength, substance and good balance but nothing is overdone. Lovely head, kind and gentle expression and well chiselled. Strength to his neck, which is continued with depth to the ribcage, super flat bone, ribs carried well back and strong hindquarters. Moving with the desired long strides and good drive. BOB – So pleased to watch him go onto win BIS3

2. Miss Moore - Elgert Sweet Little Lies At Gadhelic

A 3 year old bitch who really catches the eye, she has lovely body lines combining elegance and strength. Letting her presence be known with her outgoing personality. She has such a feminine head, correct eye shape, well chiselled and lean. Impressed by her body depth and spring of rib. Well boned limbs a more moderate bend of stifle. Both in total harmony on the move, not quite as tidy in front as winner, but super drive

3. Mrs Wheeler - Tayowen Touch Of Elixir

Members Stakes

Puppy Stakes (12)

1. Graham & Hogstrom - Don’s Statement To Nyliram (Imp SWE) JW

Fell for this 11 month old Welsh Springer Spaniel dog, who showed himself off with confidence and style. A very pleasing picture when stacked, full of quality and breed type Lovely head, with a gentle expression, good depth through the body, firm topline, strong hindquarters. Coming alive on the move, smooth, powerful and such a happy and outgoing personality.

2. Hodgkinson-Rutherford - Chanderhill Hecho En Espana

At just 6 months old, this Spanish Water bitch, was totally unfazed and showed like an old pro! When stood giving the appearance of being sturdy and robust. She has the desire body proportions, lovely spring of rib and shown with a good curl to the coat. Moving at a brisk pace and true

3. Mrs Griggs - Mulfield Sea Of Dreams (Golden Ret)

Veteran (3)

A lovely class of veterans

1. Mr & Mrs MacManus - Luneville Strawberry Moon

A very shapely and curvy 7 year old Pointer bitch, not at all looking like a veteran. She is clean in outline, with enough substance to show strength but with elegance. Well proportioned head, clean through the neck, enough depth, firm topline and bee sting tail. Moving with correct footfalls and style

2. Miss Gordon - Hawkfield Sunkissed Sea

What a lovely 10 year old Pointer dog this is, holding his shape on the stack showing a curvy outline. He has good substance and oval bone. He has such a gentle and kind expression, good depth to the ribcage firm topline and well bent stifles. Moving out with good drive not quite as clean in front as winner

3. Mr & Mrs MacManus - Luneville Harvest Moon (Pointer)