• Show Date: 24/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Okehampton & District Canine Society

Okehampton & District Canine Society

24th February 2018

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge at this super show. To the exhibitors, especially the hounds as I was a very last minute substitute judge, for the great pleasure of your dogs, some difficult choices to be made. Hope you have all now thawed out!

Border Terrier

Graduate (2,0)

1. Mrs Phipps - Tufterslodge Tea N Cake

Eye catching 18 month old blue and tan dog, much to like about this youngster. Thought his outline to be of a nice size, shapely and racy. He has the most appealing otter head, dark eye and correct bite. Good straight front, narrow through the body and was easily spanned. Moderate hindquarters and moving out soundly. Correct texture to the coat with a thick pelt - RBOB

2. Mrs & Mrs Anscombe - Gameway French Fancy Avec Orangebox

Keen and alert 9 month old bitch, she was game and spirted. She is a nice overall size for her age and shows good body line, not exaggerated or overdone. Feminine otter head with good width to the back skull, sound bite, good length of neck and depth to the brisket but retaining the raciness. Liked her hindquarters. A little soft in coat at present and just needing time to tighten up in front movement, but a pleasing youngster – BP & Puppy Group 4

Open (3,0)

1. Mr Dennis - Moleschamber Finlaggan

Most appealing and quality 3 year old dog, liked his overall size and balance, and oozing breed type. Typical for his racy outline and nothing is exaggerated. Lovely head and keen expression. Good length of neck, body is deep and narrow and easily spanned, with straight forelimbs onto small neat feet. Moving out purposefully and true from all angles. Shown with a harsh coat and good pelt. Thought him just lovely and awarded him BOB & Group 1

2. Mr & Mrs Freeman - Borderella Snap Dragon

Smart 5 year old bitch, feeling the cold today so not showing herself to full advantage. She has a pleasing racy outline, Feminine otter head, with a dark eye to give a kind yet keen expression. Narrow through the body, with ribs carried well back, moderate hindquarters. Coat harsh and well presented. On the move showed to be true fore and aft.

3. Mr & Mrs Anscombe - Orangebox Dark Energy

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Open (6,3)

1. Mrs Marshallsay - Fergustaff Jack Frost

Loved this powerhouse of a red dog, at just 2 years old he is in the peak of fitness and fit as a flea. Loved his balance and construction. He has super strength all through. He has a correctly proportioned head with good width to the backskull and depth, dark round eye, and pronounced cheeks. Strength to the neck flowing into a firm level topline, short coupled and well set on pump handle tail. His well boned limbs carrying him around the ring with power and being true. Shown in super muscle tone. BOB & Group 2

2. Marshallsay - Fergustaff Tudor Queen

White and red pied bitch, a raw baby at just 6 months old, but thought her just lovely. For one so young she has good balance and compact outline. Her head is maturing nicely showing good depth and developing cheeks. She has a mischievous dark round eye, taking everything in and alert. Good width in front, short coupled and despite the cold holding a firm and level topline. Moving out well – BP & Puppy Group 2

3. Mr & Mrs Mashallsay - Fergustaff Valkerie Queen

Bedlington Terrier

Graduate (4,1)

1. Mrs Cleaver - Jobanker Virtuous Veronica

Very smart 12 month old liver bitch, showing herself off to advantage to give a most appealing outline. She is graceful and balanced with a good height to length ratio. Feminine head with good depth and length, her lengthy neck flowing well into shoulders. Horseshoe front, straight forelegs, nicely arch over the loin. Well muscled hind quarters. Shown with a good coat texture. On the move not as positive behind, but shows a lovely mincing gait and holding her topline, and well carried tail - RBOB

2. Moore & Chudleigh - Devleigh Dare To Dream

Another nice 20 month old blue bitch, today preferring the overall balance in outline of winner. She has a pleasing shape when stood. Correct wedge shape to the head, dark eye, clean through the neck, good depth and arch to the loin. Well padded hare feet. Shown in good coat and moving out well.

3. Mrs McManus - Travellersway Rory

Open (4,2)

1. Moore & Chudleigh - Tcheria Tcheerleader At Devleigh

Soundly built 4 year old blue bitch, fell for her graceful lines and impressive outline when stood. She has lovely balance, body proportions and feminine all through. She has a lean head piece, dark eye, fine leathers and alert expression. Good length of neck, chest is well let down, with the graceful lines flowing over the arch to the loin and defined underline. Shown in good condition and with linty coat. On the move positive and true with the mincing gait – BOB, not quite as settled in the group which was a shame

2. Mrs McManus - Kenquartz Teal Tweed

3 year old blue bitch, not seeming happy in the cold arena. Liked her overall size and femininity. Pleasing head, dark eye and thin leathers. Clean neck of good length, enough depth to the brisket and well angulated hind quarters. Moved with good drive, would like her to be a little tidier in front.

Bull Terrier

Graduate (3,0)

1. Martin & Vanstone - Diton Dixieland With Puissance

Substantial 16 month old white dog. He certainly has an impressive presence about him. He is well balanced and compact with strength all through. He has a shapely well filled in head, with a correctly shaped dark eye. Strong deep body, chest well let down and lovely spring to the ribs, firm topline, well muscled moderately angulated hindquarters. Moved out with purpose – BOB

2. Miss Pullen - Blazinbullys Sweet Surprise

Extrovert brindle and white bitch at 9 months old standing like an old pro, her playful puppy nature coming out with a vengeance on the move! Liked her strong and long head, well filled in and shapely, her ears were erect and well placed. She has good strength and depth through the body, a fraction longer in loin. Well boned limbs onto tight feet. Good width of thigh and bend of stifle. On the move, well, she was entertaining! When she did settle showed glimpses of true and driving movement – BP RBOB & Puppy Group 3

3. Miss Dweck - Neverland The Devil To Play

Jack Russell Terrier

Open (2,0)

1. Mrs Phipps - Fair & Brave Great Glen At Tufterslodge (Imp Ita)

What a sweetie, could not help falling for this bitch. At only 9 months old she let her presence be known. She is confident and full of fun. Pleasing and well proportioned feminine head, dark eye and pigmentation, clean bite. Good length of neck, balanced angulation fore and aft. Good depth to the brisket for her age, firm topline and well set on tail. Still needing to settle on the move, but striding out holding her proud outline – BOB & BP & Puppy group 1

2. Mrs Phipps - Chatmos Chatterbox At Tufterslodge

A real babe at only 6 months old, a lovely dog who again let his fun character shine through. A smart dog, just slightly longer in loin than winner and not quite as tidy in front movement at the moment. Balance head piece, keen expression, clean through the neck, good depth, firm topline, tail tending to curl over back. Moving with good drive from hindquarters

Cesky Terrier

Open (3,0)

1. Mrs Lewis - Ridley Xanto For Dajaces ShCM

Lovely 3 year old dog, Thought him to be balanced and well constructed. When stacked holds a pleasing outline, with the correct silhouette, and body proportions. Masculine head, with good length, dark eyes and well placed ears. His elegant neck flowing well into his muscular forequarters which are well boned. Good spring to the ribs to give the cylindrical appearance, with the slight rise to the loin. Super muscle tone to the hindquarters, which he used to power around the ring showing good drive and correct tail carriage. Shown in tip top condition and coat – BOB & Group 4

2. Mrs Lewis - Komidion Nicklodeon Avec Dajaces ShCM

7 year old male put down in super condition and beautifully presented. Like the body proportions and overall balance. Good length to his masculine head, dark expressive eyes. Good length of neck and depth to the body, well boned limbs, not quite the topline of winner. Strong and muscular hindquarters. Moved out with drive - RBOB

3. Mrs Lewis - Janski Philosopher Dajaces

Airedale Terrier

Open (3,2)

1. Mr & Mrs Down - Crillee Carry On The Crusade At Brulyn

2 years old today, happy birthday to this outgoing boy. Loved his keen and eagerness, aware of everything. He is of a nice size and compact in outline. Liked his well proportioned head, which had good head planes and length. He has depth to the brisket and straight forelimbs onto tight feet. Body well developed. Shown with a good harsh wire coat. Had a tendency to pace on the move today, but once going showed good rear drive - BOB

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Graduate (2,1)

1. Mrs Grant - Dannebriel Gladynggodetia

Upstanding 2 year old bitch, thought she was rather smart and well put together. When stood she gives the impression of being sturdy, compact with a natural presence. She has a pleasing head piece, well balanced, flat with a good stop and clean bite. She has a lovely flow through the neck and topline, which is firm and level, brisket is well let down with a good spring to the ribs and short loin. Shown in good soft wavy coat. Moving with ease and drive – BOB & Group 3

Open (6,4)

1. Dr & Mrs Jefferies - Frontline Simply Beautiful

Beautifully handled 6 year old bitch. Liked her outline when stood, as she has good body proportions. Feminine head which has good balance, a dark eye, and well placed ears. Moderate length of neck, firm level topline, and well set on and carried tail, enough depth of chest, moderate rear angulation. Taking the class on her driving movement today - RBOB

2. Mrs Grant - Dannebriel Cirque Surreal

Liked the overall size of this 5 year old bitch, she is of medium size and compact. Today not having the upstanding presence. She has a balanced head, good length of neck, falling away a little at the croup. Well boned limbs and tight feet. Shown with a soft wavy coat. Moved OK

AV Terrier

Puppy (3,1)

1. Miss Pullen - Blazinbullys Sweet Surprise (Bull Terrier)

RBOB in breed class

2. Mr & Mrs Marshallsay - Fergustaff Staff Sargeant (SBT)

Lovely young dog only 6 months old, but really feeling the cold and losing his topline. He has all the essentials and lots of potential. Liked his head, showed well developed cheeks, good stop and a dark eye. Good depth for his age, and well ribbed, short coupled. Rather uncoordinated today and needing to settle on the move, but you could see it was all there

Veteran (3,1)

1. Mrs Lewis - Komidion Nicklodeon Avec Dajaces ShCM (Cesky)

RBOB in breed class

2. Miss Pullen - Louka Gone Racin (Bull Terrier)

Tough choice between these two lovely veterans, showing himself off well. Good length, depth and fill in to the head, well shaped dark eye, and his rather endearing ear! Lovely depth all through and firm topline, well boned limbs. Just deciding to act like a puppy on the move.

Terrier Group

1. Mr Dennis - Moleschamber Finlaggan (Border)

2. Mrs Marshallsay - Fergustaff Jack Frost (SBT)

3. Mrs Grant - Dannebriel Gladynggodetia (SCWT)

4. Mrs Lewis - Ridley Xanto For Dajaces ShCM (Cesky)

Terrier Puppy Group

1. Mrs Phipps - Fair & Brave Great Glen At Tufterslodge (Imp Ita) (JRT)

2. Marshallsay - Fergustaff Tudor Queen (SBT)

3. Miss Pullen - Blazinbullys Sweet Surprise (Bull T)

4. Mrs & Mrs Anscombe - Gameway French Fancy Avec Orangebox (Border)

Irish Wolfhound

Open (3,2)

1. K Gregory - Barrassy’s Shooting Star At Killoughery

Was very taken with this 11 month old dog, he has an impressive stature combined with balance. Liked him for his overall size, substance and masculinity for one so young. Good length of head, with a lovely dark eye. Clean through the neck, good depth to the brisket and well developed forechest. Well boned limbs. Moving out positively, true and lovely drive – BOB & BP & Puppy Group 3

Ibizan Hound

Open Dog (4,3)

1. Carter & Hozempa - Ch Amante Runnin On Jamaican Time JW ShCM

What a super dog this is, at 6 years old and looking very athletic and rather regal. He is top end for size, but so balanced and well proportioned. So much to appreciate and nice to go over. He has a well proportioned head of good length, lovely almond eye, large erect ears giving off that dignified expression. Good length of neck, and a firm level muscular back. Prominent breastbone with correct depth to the chest. A joy to watch on the move, so true and precise in his footfall – BOB & Group2

Open Bitch (4,3)

1. Mr & Mrs Carter - Diecisiete Mandarina At Afilafor ShCM

Wow, could not believe that this bitch was over 12 years old. She has what it takes and showed so beautifully. She is so alert and attentive to her handler. Loved her overall size, balance and elegance, so well put together. Such a lovely expressive bitch, she has a fine and long head, using her erect ears giving an intelligent expression. Narrow all through, long neck, firm topline, long limbs and strong pasterns. What a beautiful side gait, not quite as positive behind as her kennel mate, but still very lovely - RBOB


Graduate (4,2)

1. Mrs & Miss Williams - Devonrosesky Galway Girl

What a little cracker, fell for this 8 month old tri bitch. She is just so appealing, clean and sound throughout. She has lovely balance and construction, typically sturdy and compact. Found her to have the most feminine of heads, with those dark brown almost pleading eyes, well set long ears all giving a gentle expression. Liked her well developed body, with good depth, well sprung ribs, limbs having rounded bone and tight feet. She held a firm level topline both stood and on the move and well bent stifles. Moving with correct footfall and in harmony with her handler – BP & RBOB & Puppy Group1

2. Mrs Barrow - Meganjin Eriskay

Mature 4 year old bitch, she is balanced in outline just a little heavier all through. She has a pleasing head, good balance of foreface and backskull, with a kind dark eye. Standing a little wider in front, but with good depth of chest and spring to the ribs, holding a firm topline and moving out with good drive

Open (5,3)

1. Mrs & Miss Williams - Eardley Holly Berry At Devonrosesky

Lovely 3 year old tri bitch, and I see mother to my BP. Thought her just lovely, she is so smart and appealing on the stack. Liked her overall balance and femininity. A real showgirl with a natural presence. Pleasing head, which is well proportioned, slightly domed, large dark brown eyes with a hint of mischief. She shows the slight arch to the neck, strength to the body, well boned limbs, and a muscular rear end, which she use to advantage on the move to show her free flowing strides – BOB & Group3

2. Mrs Barrow - Meganjin Muckle Flugga ShCM

5 year old dog. Found him to be a compact and sturdy dog and all male. He has a confident and happy demeanour. Masculine head showing strength but not being overdone. With a lovely dark eye, a little more dewlap, enough neck, super firm level topline, nicely rounded bone, tight feet and moderate rear angulation. Moving out true, not quite the drive of the winner

Dachshund Min Smooth

Puppy (2,0)

1. J Helmann - Janacop Maggie May

9 month old b/t bitch, showing well despite the cold, but which did at times have an effect on her topline. Lovely overall shape, pleasing head, which has good length and tapering nicely, she has a lovely dark eye giving her a keen yet kind expression. Long neck flowing well into her topline, with a well developed forechest, well boned limbs, well developed bum. Wining the class on her free flowing movement today carrying her tail well with a happy action – BP & Puppy Group 4

2. Mr Rudkin - Dynastydax Jiminy Cricket

b/t 9 month old dog, another with much to like, today just preferring the movement of the winner. Thought him to be a smart dog, but just not showing himself of to advantage. Liked his head piece, it is well proportioned, he has a good length of neck and well developed through the body with good depth. Well rounded hindquarters. Just needing to settle on the move

Graduate (3,0)

1. Mr Rudkin - Dynastydax Secret Agent

Confident 3 year old b/t dog, certainly a showman and full of confidence. Liked him for his overall size, shape and substance. He has the desired length with good ground clearance. He has a kind expression with lovely dark almond eyes. Clean neck of good length, well developed keel. Firm strong topline. Showing good movement in profile, would like him a little tidier behind. Well shown and in good condition

2. Mr Rudkin - Dynastydax Tiger Lilly

Just 2 years old this red bitch has a lovely shape when stacked, just a little unsettled today. She has a pleasing head, with correct conical shape , good length of neck, good body proportions, with depth to the brisket and well developed forechest, at times losing her topline. Nicely rounded rear end in good condition

3. J Helmann - Bronia Ramona

Open (3,0)

Close decision between these the first two

1. Mr Rudkin - Dynastydax Periwinkle JW

Red bitch coming up 2 years old. Thought her to be a smart, compact, and balanced with the desired body proportions. Feeling the cold today when stood, but all coming together on the move. She has a lovely feminine head, which is well proportioned. Her neck is of a good length and flowing well into her well placed shoulders. Having the desired prosternum, like that her ribs are carried well back, firm topline when settled, and with strong broad hindquarters, moving out with drive and purpose - BOB

2. Mrs Tree - Ardenrun Sea Shanty By Keimantree

A 4 year old red bitch with much to admire, nit picking between first and second. She holds herself with an air of dignity and confidence. Keeping her body lines both stood and on the move. She has an appealing head, kind expression, good bite and well proportioned. Her long neck merging with her firm topline. Well developed through the body. Just losing out today as not as tidy in hind action, she is lovely in profile with a proud head carriage and firm topline – RBOB, delighted to watch her win ‘Best’ RBOB in Show

3. J Helmann - Argent Lady

Basset Hound

Open (1,0)

1. Mrs Wilding - Nelgus Wild Jasmine

Smart 21 month old tri bitch. Loved that this young bitch had substance but was not overdone or exaggerated, nothing to excess. She is happy and outgoing with a touch of stubbornness. She has a lovely lean head nicely domed, good depth to the flews and with a dark eye. Liked her overall depth, showing good strength to the body, with a well developed forechest and well boned limbs. Her well muscled hindquarters enabled her to show an effortless and driving gait – BOB & Group4


Puppy (3,2)

1. Burnside & Manley - Houndseeker Amber (AI)

Super 9 month old red bitch. She did not make it easy for her handler, but what a lovely bitch. Typical head, long and lean and well proportioned, with a good depth to the flew. She has lovely strength and depth all through, with the brisket being well let down and forechest well developed. Liked her nicely rounded bone, strong pasterns and well knuckled feet. Her hindquarters show a well bent stifle. Showing the elastic gait on the move, true and flowing BOB & BP & Puppy Group2

AV Hound Puppy (5,3)

Unfortunately neither of these puppies wanted to cooperated with their handler today

1. Mrs Prowse - Crosscop One Step Closer To Freehamlet (Whippet)

Winner a 7 month old whippet bitch. When stood she had a graceful outline and starting to mature through the body. Her head is feminine, also being of a good length and lean. Chest starting to drop, good bend of stifle. Tending to level out her topline on the move but showed great drive from the rear

2. Miss Clark - Houndseeker Amulet (Bloodhound)

9 month old B/T Bloodhound bitch, and she certainly was showing her stubborn side! When she did decide to cooperated, she has a lovely shape, with much depth and well bodied for her age. Liked her well boned limbs and well knuckled feet. Firm topline. Very difficult to assess on the move, as she decided not to, such a shame

AV Hound Veteran (8,4)

1. Mrs & Miss Williams - Brydea Bertie At Devonrosesky (Beagle)

Sturdy and well built 7 year old Beagle dog. What a showman this veteran lad is. You could see he was having a fab time being a show off. He is a little heavier all through, but with a lovely outline. Handsome head and well balanced, a lovely dark eye an a cheeky expression. Strong neck, firm level topline, well boned limbs, lovely depth through the body, well muscled hindquarters. Strode around the ring like he owned it - BV

2. Mr & Mrs Carter - Diecisiete Mandarina At Afilafor ShCM (Ibizan)

RBOB in breed class

3. Mrs Barrow - Milliekai Phoenix At Meganjin ShCM (Beagle)


Open (5,3)

1. Mrs Haines - Plushcourt The Crusader (Podengo)

Fawn & White smooth coated Podengo dog, just 6 months old with not a care in the world, he is alert and keen in his bearing with a cheeky nature. Pleasing wedge shaped head, very mobile and well used ears, dark expressive eyes. His body is developing nicely. Moving out soundly

2. Mrs Cross - Kinabula’s Lalique With Pedara (Cirneco Dell’Etna)

20 month old bitch, such a shame she was so unsettled, perhaps due to the cold. Her outline is elegant and shapely. Liked her overall size and construction, being square in outline. Lovely typical head, well placed ears. Her chest is nearly to the elbow, just roaching her topline slightly today. Correct moderate bend to the stifle. Not very settled on the move, but showed a springy step

Hound Group

1. Lawrence & Woodward - Palmik Kandalama Dusk Till Dawn JW (Whippet)

What a super bitch, just loved her. A very attractively marked brindle and white. She is the picture of elegance and grace. Quality head with good balance, long and lean, well placed ears and a kind eye. Her long slightly arched neck flowing well into a well held topline with the slight arch over the loin. Nothing is overdone, just a series of gentle curves. She has good depth to the ribcage and well developed forechest. Her hindquarters show power and strength, the stifle being well bent and in peak muscular fitness. A joy to watch on the move, true from all angles and with a long daisy cutting stride.

2. Carter & Hozempa - Ch Amante Runnin On Jamaican Time JW ShCM (Ibizan)

3. Mrs & Miss Williams - Eardley Holly Berry At Devonrosesky (Beagle)

4. Mrs Wilding - Nelgus Wild Jasmine (Basset)

Hound Puppy Group

1. Mrs & Miss Williams - Devonrosesky Galway Girl (Beagle)

2. Burnside & Manley - Houndseeker Amber (AI) (Bloodhound)

3. K Gregory - Barrassy’s Shooting Star At Killoughery (Irish Wolfhound)

4. J Helmann - Janacop Maggie May (Dachshund)

AV Open Stakes (49,)

1. Carter & Hozempa - Ch Amante Runnin On Jamaican Time JW ShCM (Ibizan)

2. Mr & Mrs Cadwell - Jubiwell Bal Maiden (Sussex Spaniel)

3. Fenn & Foster - Chalksville Cool Running Over Janeburn ShCM (GSD)