• Show Date: 13/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society

Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society

Sunday 13th May 2018

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge at this very well run show. Delighted with the quality of the dogs I had the honour of judging. Most of all the exhibitors for the pleasure of your lovely dogs – Thank you


Post Graduate (2,1)

1. Mrs Everard - Packway Lonesome Dove

5 year old male dog having a pleasing overall shape when stood, all male but not exaggerated in any way. He has good bone and substance. Appealing head, with a dark kind eye. Strong neck, good depth to the brisket, well arched loin. Liked his width of thigh and well bent stifle. Shown with a thick harsh coat. Not quite as free and easy on the move as winner today - RBOB

Open (1,0)

1. Lucas & Dargonne - Hyndsight Reason To Believe

Lovely 4 year old bitch, liked her for her outline on the stack, she is elegant and graceful yet having the required substance and size. Well proportioned head of good length, kind dark eye. Good depth of chest and ample width correct sloping croup, with well boned limbs. Moving at one with her handler, with an easy and true action. Well presented and handled - BOB

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Puppy (3,0)

1. Catley & McGimpsey - Diamondridge Roll The Dice

What a little superstar, thought this 7 month old bitch was just lovely. She is just right for her age, liked her overall size, substance and balance. For one so young she has a real presence about her that belies her age. She has a pleasing head and expression, well developed forequarters, chest is already well let down, good width of thigh and well boned limbs. Moving out with precise and powerful strides. I am sure she has a bright future ahead – BP & Puppy Group3

2. Miss Lawrence - Zejak Bobby Red

A raw 6 month old dog, but with lots to like. All legs at the moment and proving to be a bit of a challenge. But all the basics are there. Masculine head, good length of neck, flowing well into his topline. Nicely boned legs onto well arched feet. Just needing to fill his frame. A little uncoordinated at the moment on the move, but happy and sound.

3. Mrs Southwick - Kinabula’s Bear Grylls

Post Graduate (5,3)

1. Mrs Larkin - Rubicon Red Dothe Right Thing Royaal Pearl (Imp)

A very shapely dark red wheaten bitch, she is not yet 2 years old and looking mature all through. She has a lovely feminine head, her dark eye giving a thoughtful expression. Liked her well developed forechest showing good depth and width. Holding a firm topline both stood and on the move. Pleasing width of thigh and in good muscular condition. Moving true in all directions, today not quite matching the drive of the dog - RBOB

2. Hawkins,Smith,Hodge - Oracle’s Prophecy

19 month old dog, liked his overall substance and masculinity. No mistaking his gender he is all male. Good width to the backskull, lovely kind dark eye. liked is strength through the body and depth along with well boned limbs. Moderate rear angulation. Moved OK but not the precision of winner.

Open (2,0)

1. Miss Nix - Kitoko Wherever You Go Eiko JW

An impressive dog who is coming up 3 years of age. Very smart and upstanding and never stopped showing. Liked him for his substance and masculinity. Good strength to his head piece, eye toning well, with an intelligent expression. He has a lovely flow through the neck and topline. Good depth all through. Shown is super muscle tone and condition. Moving with ease and flowing around the ring to win BOB

2. Hawkins,Smith - Veldtkammer Hot Shot of Lonaza ShCM

7 year old dog, just loved the kind and gentle expression on this dog. He has good balance in profile when stood. He has a strong muscular neck, brisket reaching to the elbow, with a good spring to the ribs. Standing a little wider in front. Well boned limbs and in good condition. Moving out true, not quite the flow of the winners.

Cesky Terrier

Post Graduate (4,3)

1. Burrage & England - Shasgav Nothin Else Matters By Ashleyheath

Pleasing 19 month old bitch, typical in outline and of sound construction. Liked her overall size and balance. Appealing feminine head with good length, kind dark eye. Having a good reach of neck, enough depth to the ribcage, correct rise over the loin, and well muscled hindquarters. On the move positive and true

Open (3,1)

1. Burrage & England - Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder

Just loved this dog, he is oh so smart. Coming up 5 years old and a real eye catcher, he has a look at me presence about him yet an aloof air. Liked his overall size and balance, he is all male but not overdone. Quality masculine head, showing good length, a lovely dark eye. Strong yet elegant neck, well boned limbs, mature through the body with the correct rise over the loin. Shown in good muscle tone. Moved with enthusiasm and pizzazz – BOB & Gp3

2. Mr & Mrs Burrage - Komidion Night Music At Sametova ShCM

Bitch coming up 8 years of age and in fine fettle. She has a lovely silhouette when stood, the characteristic elegance yet robust and sturdy. A little large in frame than the dog, but retaining her femininity. Pleasing head, dark eye, well placed ears, good length of neck, well developed through the body, holding her correct topline on the move. Moved with drive - RBOB

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Puppy (5,0)

1. Mrs Waters - Ashstock Aurora

Lovely fawn bitch with so much to like, at 10 months old, thought her to be just right for size and balance. She has a lovely head, with good width to the backskull, pronounced stop, dark round eye. Strong muscular neck flowing well into a level and well held topine. She shows good width and depth through the body, with a good bend of stifle. Taking her time to settle on the move, but showed to be true and with good drive – BP & Puppy GP1

2. Mr & Mrs Pocknell - Ashstock Highland Warrior At Blunoosa

Litter brother to winner, and very similar in many respects. Fawn dog with a lovely balanced head piece, strong and masculine. Well developed through the body, showing a firm level topline and well set on tail. He has a good width of thigh which are well muscled. Again needing to settle on the move, but parallel fore and aft. These will change places many times

3. Miss Turner - Harkline Ruffian At Tidestaff

Post Graduate (2,0)

1. Miss Turner - Tidestaff Dark Wizard

Powerful 3 year old black bridle dog. An impressive dog on the stack, showing to be well balanced in outline and solid in stature. Good strong masculine head, with lovely width and depth to the backskull, well defined stop, and dark eye. Strong neck, brisket deep and with width, well boned limbs. Powerful and muscular hindquarters. Not holding his topline as well as the winner today. Moving out with good drive - RBOB

2. Miss Silver - Callastaff Silver Charm

A pleasing 3 year old bitch, Liked her overall shape and size. She has a balanced head shape, with good depth, lovely dark eye, and neat rose ears. Brisket is well let down and held a firm topline, and short coupled. unfortunately not showing herself off today

Open (3,0)

1. S Hopkins - Trufflestaff Papinashuash JW

2 year old black bridle who is a Stallion of a dog, and just ozzes bred type. Loved his size, substance and masculinity. When stood he presents an imposing outline, solid and muscular. He has an appealing head, dark round eye, neat rose ear and well developed cheeks. Strength through the neck and body, chest is deep, ribs well sprung, short coupled with a firm level topline. Strong and muscular hindquarters which he used to drive around the ring with accurate footfall. At one with his handler – BOB & Group2

2. Mrs Ashburner - Jodanzac Joyful Event

4 year old bridle bitch, with much to like. She has a pleasing outline when stood, slightly more scope to her. Loved her head, broad and deep, dark round eye well developed with tight lips, all giving a kind and intelligent expression. Clean strong neck, brisket well let down with good fill in, well boned limbs. Muscular hindquarters. Moving out with strong and active strides

3. Miss Turner - Tidestaff Mystical Magic

AV Veteran Dog/Bitch 7-9 years (13)

1. Davidson-Poston& Farrell - Spinillons Zuzzi JW ShCM (Papillon)

Delightful B&W 7 year old dog, who never stopped showing. He has a lovely attentive and keen demeanour. Liked him for his overall balance and elegance. He has a pleasing head, round dark eye giving an intelligent expression with well used ears. Fine bone onto correct hare feet, well developed body, tail set on high and well carried. On the move positive and true

2. Mr & Mrs Bridges - Kirkwind Poppet At Kirkbridgend AW(s) (Border Collie)

8 year old B&W bitch, looked a picture when stood. Workmanlike and having a lovely flow with a graceful outline. Feminine head, well placed ears, good length of neck, enough depth, moderately boned, good width to the hindquarters, with a well set on tail. Moving true and with ease

3. Mr & Mrs Burrage - Komidion Night Music At Sametova ShCM (Cesky Terrier)

AV Veteran Dog/Bitch 10+ years

1. Mr & Mrs Burrage - Vandell Sweet Song Of Sametova ShCM (Cesky Terrier)

This bitch defies the laws of aging, 12 years old, looking and acting like a spring chicken! What a fabulous testament to the breed, a superb quality bitch oozing bred type. Loved her feminine head, well developed body, correctly held topline, shown in tip top condition and boy can she move, storming around the ring like she owned it – delighted to award her BV overall

2. Ms Horntvedt-Phillips - Phariska Princess Aliska (Samoyed)

Another 12 year old bitch, putting on a grand performance, and letting her presence be known! She has a pleasing outline on the stack. Feminine wedge shaped head, dark eye and pigmentation. Good depth to the body, moving out well, but today could not match the zest of the winner