• Show Date: 23/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Colchester & District Canine Society

Colchester & District Canine Society

Sunday 23rd December 2018

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for their invitation to judge at this festive show, just a couple of days before Christmas. And to the exhibitors for the pleasure of your lovely dogs. Such a shame we had such a small ring, so thank you for bearing with me whilst trying to give each dog the chance to move. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wish you well for the New Year

AVNSC Working 

Puppy (5,1)

1. Mrs Pearn - Bonmac Jackanory (Boxer)

Lovely and oh so smart, brindle/white bitch coming up 8 months old. She has a pleasing square outline when stood. Outgoing and happy demeanour. She has a clean skull, well proportioned, with a dark tight eye, giving an alert and friendly expression. Good depth, holding a firm slightly sloping topline. Moderate rear. Moving with good drive and true fore and aft – BP & Puppy Group 1

2. Mr & Mrs Coldwell - Zentaur This Is Hot Jam (AI) (Newfoundland)

Another youngster with much to admire, at only 6 months old this brown bitch shows great maturity. Very noble in her bearing, and shows herself off with confidence. Good balance to her pretty head, with tight toning eye. Her strong neck flowing well into a firm level topline. She has well boned limbs and enough depth throughout. Just needing to tighten a little more on the move, shows a lovely side gait

3. Mr & Mrs Murray - Lazeybear Hector The Hero With Athollbern (St Bernard)

Junior (0,0)

Post Graduate (2,1)

1. Mrs Pearn - Knightcott Ruption Bebop By Bonmac (Boxer)

3 year old fawn bitch, mature, shapely and feminine. Unfortunate appeared to be having a phantom so losing her underline. Correct in outline on the stack, square and nicely boned limbs. She has a balanced head, dark clean eye, strong arched neck, firm topline, chest has good depth and fill in of forechest. Hind quarters show a good bend of stifle. A little untidy behind today on the move, in profile showing lovely drive

Open (9,5)

1. Mr & Mrs Coldwell - Zentaur Ain’t No Thang JW ShCM (Newfoundland)

Beautifully presented 2 year old black bitch, oozing style and breed type with lovely balance and construction. Not a big bitch, appealing for her femininity yet having substance. Her head shows good width to the backskull and depth to the foreface, kind dark eye. Having a strong neck that flows seamlessly into a firm and well held level topline. Well developed through the body and standing on well boned limbs. Moving effortlessly and holding her outline. Shown in super coat and condition – BAVANSC & Group 2

2. Mr & Mrs Dickenson - Kalaslane Demyam (IKC) ShCM (RBT)

An upstanding and imposing 5 year old dog. An eye catching dog with immediate appeal, with a pleasing outline, robust and sturdy. Strong masculine head, balanced with parallel planes, kind and alert dark oval eye. Strong neck of a good length, firm level topline, lovey depth to the brisket, strong bone. Hindquarters showing a good bend of stifle. Presented with a full coat of good texture. Moving out true both fore and aft. - RBAVNSC

3. Mrs Slade - Vint Lord Nelson At Potterspride (RBT)


Junior (4,0)

1. Mrs Parker - Coltrana My Cool Dude

Smart 14 month old dog, giving the impression of strength and power when stood. Liked his size, substance and masculinity. He has a balanced head, with dark clean eye, alert to his handler giving a keen expression. Strong neckline into a firm and well held topline, well developed through the ribcage, a fraction longer in loin, well boned limbs, strong hindquarters. Moved with correct footfall - RBOB

2. Miss Allen - Jodipas Black Ink

Raw 6 month old dog, who has all the essentials there. Liked his overall structure and bone, just needing to mature into his frame. He has a pleasing head showing good balance, having a keen and alert expression. Having a lovely flow from a strong slightly arched neck into a firm and well held topline, a fraction longer in the body, good depth, well boned limbs and a good sweep of stifle. Finding it difficult to get going in the small ring, but showing good drive in profile – BP & Puppy Group 3

3. Mr & Mrs Osborne - Bolia Sweet Sugerbabes At Icklesborne

Post Graduate (0,0)

Open (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Sobkowiak - Dahlroo First Impression

Alert and attentive 2 year old bitch, letting her presence be known. Feminine, with good substance and strength all through. Thought her to have a well proportioned head, with dark almond eyes and neat ears. Her slightly arched neck flowing seamlessly into a strong topline. Good depth to the brisket, ribs well sprung and elbows close to body, strong boned limbs onto well arched feet. A little longer in the body, well angulated hindquarters which she put to good use to drive around the ring, showing power reach and drive – BOB & Group 4

2. Miss Miliaukaite - Bella Is Rojaus Slenio (Imp LTU)

18 month old bitch, who was not liking the noisy hall and small ring, so did not show herself off to advantage. She has lovely substance and bone, and well developed through the body. She has a broad yet feminine head, dark eye. Strong neck, good depth and width of chest, a little down in the pasterns today, firm topline, well muscled hindquarters. Moved OK, just not settled

AV Working

Puppy (6,3)

1. Mrs Pearn - Bonmac Jackanory (Boxer)

Repeat AVNSC Puppy

2. Niall & Rothery - Debbollinby Above The Stars At Davenheath (Leonberger)

Lovely 9 month old bitch, she has immediate appeal with lots to like. She is of a nice size, has substance and yet retains her femininity with a hint of elegance. Thought she has lovely overall balance. Her head shows good proportions, and width to the muzzle. Pleasing depth to the ribcage, moderate hindquarters. Just needing to tighten up on the move

3. Mrs Smith - Snoqualmie Taliska Skye At Arcticswirl (S Husky)

Junior (3,1)

1. Mrs Parker - Coltrana My Cool Dude (Rottweiler)

Repeat Junior Rottweiler

2. Mrs Smith - Snoqualmie Captain Morgan At Arcticswirl (S Husky)

10 month old dog, racy and lighter in outline, slightly narrow all through. He has a pleasing head, which is well proportioned, almond eye shape, well placed erect ears and alert in expression. Having a good length of leg, not carrying any excess weight, well bent stifles with a good width of thigh. A little untidy in front but moving with good width and drive from the rear

Post Graduate (2,0)

1. Mrs Smith - Indigo Forest Ivy At Arcticswirl (S Husky)

2 year old bitch, liked her overall size and substance, nothing is overdone with lovely body lines. She is of medium bone and build, with a good double coat. She has a balanced head shape, good shape to the eye and well used erect ears. Correct development of chest, brisket down to the elbow, firm topline, good length of leg and bend of stifle. Lacking a little enthusiasm but moving true and light on her feet - RBAV

2. Mrs Pearn - Knightcott Ruption Bebop By Bonmac (Boxer)


Open (2,1)

1. Mrs Smith - Willowbreeze Belle At Articswirl (S Husky)

Litter sister to PG winner, and very similar in stamp. She has a pleasing outline when stood, being of a medium size and nothing is overdone. Balanced head, oval shape to the eye, well placed ears. Good depth to the ribcage, firm level topline, strong hindquarters, losing out to her sister on the move, as not as settled today

Veteran (7,3)

1. Clarke & Sutton - Chepam Thunderbolt (Bouvier)

A powerhouse of a dog, and at 7 years old has an imposing outline and bearing. When stood has the most impressive and compact silhouette. Oozing confidence and style. He has strength and length to his head, with dark mischievous eyes. Clean and strong neck, well ribbed and compact body, with lovely depth and well boned limbs. Holding a firm topline and short coupled with a well set on tail. Found him to be a free and positive mover - BV

2. Niall & Rothery - Ch Debbollinby Warrior Dancer At Davenheath JW ShCM (Leo)

Another cracking veteran, 7 years old and looking in fine fettle. Loved his size, substance and masculinity. He has a balanced head, showing good proportions, strength to the muzzle, a few grey hairs giving a distinguished and gentle expression. Super depth and width to the chest, moderate hindquarters. Moving out steadily, not quite as tidy as winner on this slippery floor. Shown is superb coat and condition

3. Mrs Brown - Chepam Tennessee (Bouvier)

AVNSC Terrier

Puppy (7,3)

1. Miss Turner - On The Hill Two At Tidestaff (SBT)

Brindle and white 7 month old bitch, thought her just right for size and balance. She has a well defined head, with piercing dark round eyes, neat rose ears and a good mouth and bite. Showing good muscle tone through the body, which has enough depth for her age. Holding a firm topline and strong hindquarters. Had her silly head on whilst moving, but saw glimpses of true movement - BPAVNSC

2. Mrs Steinke - Toulsyork Perfectionist (Airedale)

7 month old bitch, who was moving lovely and true, but today not looking as shapely due to carrying a little extra weight. Liked her overall size, stature and of the correct proportions. She has a pleasing head, good length and balance. Well developed through the body, holding a firm topline and moderate rear angulation. Correct footfall on the move

3. Mrs Morrison - Verumamicus Astraea (Skye)

Junior (1,0)

1. Mr Davison - Smash Strong For Victory (WHWT)

Very smart 17 month old bitch. Lots to like and showed her socks off! When stood shows to have lovely body lines and a compact outline. Feminine head, with the gentle rounding to the skull, neat small ears and good stop. A good length of neck cleaning flowing into a firm and level topline. Good depth to the brisket, well set on tail. Moving with ease and drive – RBAVNSC

Post Graduate (5,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Burrage - Komidion Prima Donna Of Sametova (Cesky)

Lovely overall shape to this 2 year old bitch, typical in outline when stood. Sturdy yet elegant and feminine. Balance head, dark eye and alert to all going on around her. Clean lengthy neck, well boned limbs, developed through the body, with length to the ribcage holding a correct topline. Super driving power from the rear. Having a little brindling through the coat at the moment, shown in lovely condition and coat

2. Burrage & England - Shasgav Nothin Else Matters By Ashleyheath (Cesky)

Very close up to her kennel mate, another so oozing with breed type. Put down in lovely coat and condition. Having the desired rectangular outline when stood. Most feminine of head, alert expression. Good length of neck, strong boned limbs, well sprung ribs carried well back and strong loin. Muscular hindquarters. Moving true and with drive, not quite in harmony with her handler today

3. Mr & Mrs Hance - Riosset Right To Roam (PRT)

Open (6,2)

1. Mr & Mrs Burrage - Komidion Night Music At Sametova ShCM (Cesky)

From a slightly larger mould than her kennel mate, this 8 year old bitch has quality in abundance and displaying great ring presence. She has a well proportioned head, showing good length, dark eye, well furnished. Long elegant neck, well developed body, strong loin of good length. Powerful hindquarters. Moved with enthusiasm and pizzazz.

2. Burrage & English - Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder (Cesky)

Thought this 5 year old dog would be my winner as I love his outline, he is masculine without being overdone. Having a shapely silhouette and so full of breed type. But decided to have his silly head on today and not showing himself off. He has an appealing head, with good eye colour. Elegant and strong neck, correct topline, well developed ribcage and well boned limbs. On the move true but a little distracted. Immaculately presented

3. Mrs Anderson - Frithgarth Heavenly Light At Proveits (PRT)

AV Terrier

Puppy (9,1)

1. Brewster & Green - Stowthorney Wicker Man (Border)

Very smart 10 month old Gr&T dog, who has a pleasing outline on the stack. Workmanlike and functional in construction. Balanced otter head, with a lovely dark eye and inquisitive expression. Good depth to the brisket and easily spanned. Correct coat and pelt. A pleasure to watch on the move, true and free

2. Mrs Kinns - Kinnuva Hawaiian Velvet (Bedlington)

Confident and graceful 6 month old liver bitch, very raw and needing to mature all through, but not putting a foot wrong and not at all bothered by the noisy hall. Everything is in the right place, just needing maturity. She has the wedge shaped head, correct eye shape and well placed thin, velvety ears. Body developing nicely holding a good topline on the move

3. Mrs Steinke - Toulsyork Perfectionist (Airedale)

Junior (3,1)

1. Miss Pateman - Twigglestone Somethin Else For Lessien (Border)

16 month old bitch, looking on good form, slightly shorter coupled. Lovely otter head, with a keen and alert expression, good depth of chest, straight forelegs onto neat feet. Moderate hindquarters in super muscletone. Shown with a harsh coat and well handled. Moving out with drive, soundness and correct footfalls.

2. Mr Pearce - Onthill Nighthawk (Border)

Another nice youngster at just 13 months old this b/t dog shows good balance when stood. Unfortunately, not showing himself off today. He is of a good type, with a masculine otter type head, kind dark eye. He has the depth to the ribcage and spannable, good harsh coat. Not quite as clean in front today as winner, good drive from the rear

Post Graduate (5,1)

1. Mrs Smith - Vakurblue Ship Of The Fens (Bedlington)

Well presented 2 year old blue bitch. Liked her overall body proportions and graceful lines. She is of a nice size and feminine all through. She has a balance head shape, with good length, dark eye and well placed ear. Good depth to the ribs cage and the desired arch over the loin. Moving with the typical light and springy step.

2. Miss Pateman - Twigglestone Somethin Else For Lessien (Border)

Repeat Junior

3. Mrs Heeley - Thistlemead Harmony JW (Border)

Open (4,0)

1. Brewster & Green - Byrewick Valentine (Border)

Racy 4 year old b/t bitch, full of breed type and of a nice size, nothing is overdone and shown in good condition. Feminine otter head, with good expression and bite. Neck of good length, narrow through the body with good depth to the brisket and length to the body. Harsh coat and thick pelt. Moving soundly and with purpose - RBAVT

2. Mrs Hayes - Ragus Fabulous Clown ShCM (Norwich)

Very smart and showy 4 year old dog. Showing himself off to advantage, loving his keen and alert manner. Liked his overall size and masculinity. He has a balanced head, of the correct proportions, lovely dark oval eye, neat ears all giving an inquisitive and kind expression. Strong neck, firm topline a fraction longer in body. Lovely depth and spring to the ribcage. Harsh coat and well presented. On the move positive and true

3. Mrs Heeley - Thistlemead Starlight

Veteran (6,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Burrage - Ch Vandell Sweet Song Of Sametova ShCM (Cesky)

Absolutely remarkable. This 12 ½ year old bitch is just terrific, she looks a picture stood and moves like a dream. So full of breed type, feminine and elegant all through, yet retains the super bone and substance. Lovely head piece, well developed ribcage, showing the rise to the loin, strong and muscular hindquarters. A powerful and true mover. Shown in beautiful coat and condition – BAV & BAVV

2. Mrs Steinke - Wendaire Jokers Zulu Angel (Airedale)

Solidly built 8 year old bitch. She has a pleasing head, showing good length, lovely dark intelligent eye, and well set ears. Strong neck flowing into a firmly held topline and well set on tail. Good depth to the brisket and well sprung ribs. Ample width of thigh. Moving out true not the enthusiasm of winner

3. Lewis & Lavene - Cassacre Red Duster (PRT)

Import Register Pastoral (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Dennis - Bailey Of Sereno Spirit (Imp ESP) (WSSD)

Upstanding 6 year old dog, showing lovely substance and strength. Showing a super ring presence and being alert to his surroundings. Handsome chiselled head, having the desired wedge shape. Well developed through the body, with correct proportions, holding a firm topline, nicely boned limbs and standing true from all angles. Liked his strong wide quarters, which he used to drive around the ring showing precise and powerful movement - BIR