• Show Date: 01/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Devon Agricultural Society

The North Devon Show

1st August 2018

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this lovely mid-week show, held alongside the North Devon Agricultural Show. We had big rings and a very pleasant atmosphere around them. Thank you to the exhibitors for their sporting acceptance of my placings, with some very close decisions. I wish Gavin Robertson a speedy recovery, and the exhibitors for accepting me as a very last minute stand in judge for the Terrier Group and Best In Show.


Open (2,0)

1. Roberts & Spearing - Linkenlees Lyric ShCM

At just shy of 2 years old, this bitch took my eye, for her femininity and overall balance when stood. She has a shapely and compact outline. Such a feminine head, with lovely dark kind expressive eyes. She is well developed though the body, and nicely boned. Holding a firm topline both stood and on the move. Precise and powerful movement - BOB

2. Roberts & Spearing - Linkenlees Lucas

Litter brother to winner, and very similar in stamp. He has a pleasing outline on the stack, showing strength but not coarse. Well bodied and boned with lovely tight feet. Liked his width of thigh and bend of stifle. Not quite the precision of winner today on the move, but showed good drive


Open (4,2)

1. Pinkerton & Sarmen Cattoni - Korsakov Radost Power Of Love Menigma (Imp USA)

A very smart young dog, at only 2 years old showing to be top quality and in tip top condition. He has beautiful body lines, so graceful yet all male. Handsome long and lean head, giving that aristocratic look about him. With good length to the neck showing the slight arch. Good depth through the ribcage, his topline having the desired curve. Well angulated hindquarters with well developed muscles. A joy to watch on the move, effortless with power – BOB & Group 2

2. Pinkerton - Coverdales Volcannus At Menigma (Imp Fin)

4 year old dog, another who is very pleasing in outline when stood, having good balance along with the elegance. He has a pleasing head, with a lovely dark kind eye. Good depth to the ribcage, correctly held topline and in good coat and muscletone. Not quite as clean in front movement as his kennel mate today, but has a lovely flowing side gait.

AV Dachshund (Miniature)

Open (4,2)

1. Helmann - Janacop Maggie May

14 month old smooth Black & tan bitch. Lots to like about this youngster, she has a pleasing overall shape when stood showing good balance. Feminine head, showing good length to the foreface and slight rounding of the backskull, lovely dark almond eye giving a gentle expression. Her clean long neck flowing well into a firm level topline. She has a pleasing development to the forechest and spring to the ribs and carried well back. Well developed hindquarters, which she used to drive around the ring – BOB

2. Mutton - Poshpride Alfa Lady (Imp UKR)

Smooth Black & tan bitch 4 years old. She has a shapely outline when stood. She has a well balanced head with good length, tight lips and a kind dark eye. Long clean neck, deep in the brisket with a well developed forechest. Holding a firm topline standing and on the move. Today not quite the movement of winner, don’t think she was impressed with the prickly grass!


Open (1,0)

1. Carter - Kilcavan Issa ShCM

Attractive 4 year old bitch showing good body proportions when stood. She is sturdy with strength but feminine all through. Pleasing head with good length to the foreface and correct stop. Her clean neck flows well into her topline. Liked her development of forechest and depth to the brisket. Ribs well sprung, well boned limbs with a good sweep of stifle and width of thigh. Moved out OK but tended to lose her topline, showing good drive – BOB

Ibizan Hound

Open Dog (4,2)

1. Carter & Hozempa - Ch Amahte Runnin On Jamaican Time (Imp) JW ShCM

Just loved this dog, so very smart. At nearly 7 years old, showing no signs of aging, fit, agile and looking in great form. So beautifully balanced throughout, and quality in abundance. He has a super ring presence about him that simply commands your attention. Masculine balanced head of good length, well placed and used ears. Long clean neck with the slight arch, firm topline, correct depth to the brisket and well tucked up. Hindquarters showing good length and well muscled. A delight to watch on the move, using the large ring to stride out well – BOB & Group 1 & BIS

2. Carter & Channon - Afilador Moonlight Shadow ShCM

10 year old rough coated dog, liked his overall shape and size, showing good balance. He has a well proportioned head, kind eye and alert. Correct depth to the ribcage, firm level topline and moderate hind quarters. Not quite as fluid in his movement today

Open Bitch (3,0)

1. Carter - Amahte’s Bewitched (Imp)

5 year old bitch who holds a lovely shape on the stack. She has pleasing overall balance, fine and elegant yet workmanlike. Lovely length to the head, alert almond shaped eye with erect mobile ears. Long lean neck, firm level topline, long flat ribcage with good tuck up. Shown in good muscle tone. Once settled moved out true and with good reach.

2. Carter - Afilador Room On The Broom ShCM

2 year old bitch, another with much to admire. Balanced with stood, liked her size and femininity. Lovely head, kind expression with a hint of mischief. Firm in the topline, well tucked up, slightly longer in the loin than winner. Moving out well

3. Carter & Channon - Afilador A Hint Of Jasmine

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)

Open (1,0)

1. O’Brien - Caldewriver Madame Hattie

Bitch 20 months old, liked her overall balance and size. She has a feminine head which is correctly proportioned, with a lovely dark eye and well set ears to give that cheeky and loving expression. She has pleasing body proportions, being compact and short coupled. Holding a firm topline both stood and, on the move, but falling away a little at the croup. Her hindquarters show a good width to the thigh and being short hock to heel. Moving at one with her handler - BOB


Puppy (2,1)

1. Livsey - Palmik Ace Of Spades

8 month old brindle and white dog, thought him to be of a pleasing type with a clean and shapely outline for his age when stood. He has a good length to the head, and dark oval eyes with an alert expression. Elegant neck flowing well into his shoulders. Enough depth for his age, with a good underline. Showing a well bent stifle. Flattening his topline a little on the move, showed lovely drive – BP & Puppy Group 1

Junior (2,0)

1. Needham - Brave Phoenix

Brindle and white 16 month old dog. Top end for size, but showing good overall balance and fit as a fiddle. When stood he has a curvy outline and soundly built. Masculine head with a kind expression. Good depth to the ribcage and showing the gentle curve over the loin, in lovely muscle tone. Moving out with precision and correct footfall

2. Prowse - Crosscop One Step Closer To Freehamlet

Fawn and white bitch, just out of puppy. Liked her size and femininity just need to drop into herself, she has a shapely topline and underline, with a nice arch over the loin. Liked her hindquarters they show a good bend of stifle and width of thigh. Not quite the precision of movement of winner today

Post Graduate (6,2)

1. Hoskins - Glantam Gwen Stefani At Shelsue

A lovely fawn and white bitch at nearly 2 years old she shows an impressive outline on the stack. Thought her to be of a lovely size and elegant shape. She has a long and lean head, dark eye and neat ears. Clean and lengthy neck which flowed well into her well held curvy topline. Good depth to the brisket, well bent stifles and shown in good condition. Moving out well with a low front action.

2. Southcott - Travellerway’s Destiny

Another fawn and white bitch with much to admire. She is very shapely and elegant in profile, showing a well developed body, chest well let down, nicely boned limbs with strong pasterns. Pleasing hindquarters with a good width of thigh. Moving with ease

3. Kenyon - Bryntreia First Steps

Open Dog (2,0)

1. Prowse - Freehamlet Perfick Peter ShCM

Super fawn and white dog of a classic type and at 7 years old belies his age. He is so well proportioned and balanced, but not wanting any more of him. He has substance and masculinity yet retaining elegance. Pleasing length of head, kind eye and neat ears. Good length of neck flowing well into a well held and a graceful curve to the topline. Good depth to the ribcage, well tucked up. Well muscled hindquarters, which he used to drive around the ring - RBOB

2. Kenyon - Reubicia Billy Blue

A more refined dog, blue and white coming up 7 years old. Liked his overall size, but not quite the outline of the winner. He has good depth to the body and is well tucked up. Shown in good condition with moderate bend of stifle. Moving out with drive

Open Bitch (3,2)

1. Prowse - Supeta’s Ice Baby Of Freehamlet

3 year old brindle and white, lovely bitch built on elegant lines and so very smart. Thought she had a lovely flow from nose to tail. Not overdone in anyway, yet shapely and elegant. Liked her overall size and balance when stood. Feminine head with such a gentle expression. Long clean neck, well filled in front and depth to the brisket. Well boned straight limbs. Graceful arch to the loin leading to well muscled hindquarters. she has lovely smooth free flowing movement showing good drive from the rear, and maintaining her outline at all times – BOB & Group 4


Graduate (2,0)

1. Cross & Sheppard - Kinabula’s Lalique With Pedara (Cirneco Dell Etna)

2 year old bitch, like her overall size, shape and balance, she has a shapely silhouette when stood. Head is feminine and has good length to the foreface, correct set to the ears, which were well used, giving an alert expression. Her neck is clean and of a good length flowing well into a firm topline. Gentle spring to the ribs, well muscled hindquarters, moving out with the desired springy gait.

2. Whitehead - Wildan Iced Coffee (Bassett Fauve De Bretagne)

4 year old bitch, Pleasing head with nice rounding to the backskull and length to the foreface, with kind dark oval eyes giving a lovely gentle expression. Strong muscular neck, deep through the brisket with a well developed forechest. Shown in a harsh coat. Losing her topline a little on the move today

Open (3,2)

1. Dunhill - Fantasa Chicago Bull (Pharoah Hound)

What a cracking 18 month old dog, thought him to be very smart. Loved his alert and keen demeanour. He has lovely balance and construction. Head long and lean with a good length to the foreface, his ears were well used to all that was going on around him. Long and clean neck flowing well into a firm topline. Correct moderate rear angulation showing good musculature. A pleasure to watch on the move, head high and flowing around the ring in harmony with his handler – BAVNSC & Group 3

AV Hound

Veteran (5,2)

1. Prowse - Freehamlet Perfeck Portia (Whippet)

This 7 year old fawn and white bitch is just lovely, so elegant and graceful yet has strength and power. Her bodyline is shapely, curvy and elegant and looks as fit as a fiddle. Most feminine of heads, long clean neck, lovely depth to the ribcage and fill in of forechest. Her body shows the graceful arch over the loin and strong hindquarters. On the move she is precise and true – BV & BVIS

2. Roberts & Spearing - Linkenlees Liberty ShCM (Beagle)

8 year old beagle bitch, with so much to admire, she is well balanced in outline, being sturdy and compact. Feminine head with a kind dark eye. She has strength through the body, with deep ribs and well developed forechest. Holding a firm topline. On the move showing correct footfall

3. Carter & Channon - Afilador Moonlight Shadow ShCM (Ibizan Hound)

Minor Puppy (2,1)

1. Mutton - Montone Be Brave (Dachshund Mini Smooth)

At only 6 months old this bitch showed herself of to advantage. She has a pleasing outline when stood, with lovely body lines. Feminine head, dark eye with an alert intelligent expression. Good length of neck with the slight arch, holding a lovely firm level topline both stood and on the move. Well developed forechest, nicely boned limbs and width to the hindquarters. Still needing to tighten up on the move fore and aft, showing a long stride in profile

Open (5,1)

1. Roberts & Spearing - Linkenlees Laurina (Beagle)

Just coming up 2 years of age, thought this Beagle bitch was an absolute picture on the stack. She is typical in outline and sound in construction. She is feminine but with substance. Classic head with sweet expression, lovely depth to the brisket and development of forechest. Well bone limbs and nice tight feet. Firm level topline and short coupled. Moderate hindquarters. Moving out with style and drive

2. Hoskins - Glantam Gwen Stefani At Shelsue (Whippet)

Repeat whippet PG winner

3. Needham - Brave Phoenix (Whippet)

Hound Group

1. Carter & Hozempa - Ch Amahte Runnin On Jamaican Time (Imp) JW ShCM (Ibizan)

This dog just loved the big ring, and took full advantage of it. Moving with a graceful air holding his outline and looking a picture on the stack, so full of breed type

2. Pinkerton & Sarmen Cattoni - Korsakov Radost Power Of Love Menigma (Imp USA) (Borzoi)

The graceful lines and elegance of this dog shone through in the group, pushing the winner hard. Moving with great ease and power, a lovely dog from all angles

3. Dunhill - Fantasa Chicago Bull (Pharoah)

He has strength and grace along with a great ring presence, showing himself off to advantage with a high head carriage, free flowing and driving movement

4. Prowse - Supeta’s Ice Ice Baby Of Freehamlet (Whippet)

The precision of movement on this bitch is lovely a pleasure to watch. Shapely and elegant with lovely body lines

Hound Puppy Group

1. Livsey - Palmik Ace Of Spades

Unfortunately stood alone, but a worthy winner. Showing himself of well and moving with correct footfall

AV Imported Breed Register

Open (1,0)

1. Wilkinson - Arkosljgeti Kocos Milimart (Imp) (H Pumi)

Lovely outline to this 2 year old bitch, she has a shapely silhouette. When stacked shows a sturdy, square and balanced outline. Feminine head with a good length to the foreface, lovely dark oval eye, and correct very mobile erect ears. Body showing good development, chest well let down, short coupled and a firm topline. Shown in good coat and condition. Moving with enthusiasm and drive

AVNSC Terrier

Junior (1,0)

1. Haydon & Gibbings - Villassa Jelliwobble At Earthtaw (Norfolk)

Fell for the charms of this 16 month old bitch, such a character and loved to play the fool. She has a pleasing outline on the stack, being of a nice size and compact. Feminine head with good width to the backskull and strength to the foreface, dark oval and a little mischievous eyes. Her strong neck flowing well into a firm topline, well angulated hindquarters. When settled moving out well with good drive – BAVNSC & Group 4

AV Terrier

Veteran (7,4)

1. House - Glendowan Tarquol (SCWT)

Liked the overall size and stamp, medium sized and nothing is overdone. Good length to the head, kind dark eye, well placed ears. Strength to the neck and showing the slight arch, chest down to the elbow, and a good spring to the rib. Moderate bend of stifle, shown in lovely muscletone. Moving steadily - BV

2. Neild - Logierait Little Lotte (PRT)

8 year old bitch, carrying a little more weight than ideal today, but has a pleasing outline when stood. Feminine head with a lovely expression, being keen and alert, those dark eyes not missing a thing. Nicely boned limbs, ribs carried well back, and strong hindquarters.

3. Taylor - Lutrabeck Layla (Border)

Terrier Group

1. Biscoe - Jamabis Devon Boy Blue (WHWT)

A stylish and sturdy 14 month old dog, having a clean and compact outline. Showing himself off to advantage and with confidence. Pleasing head and expression, Strong muscular neck leading into a firm topline, and well developed hindquarters. Owned the ring with his smooth and driving action

2. Turley - Zetamaz Marcel Marceau Avec Llyunamill JW ShCM (SFT)

Super 4 year old dog, with that tip toe of expectation look about him. He is of the correct size substance and masculinity. Balanced head piece, strong clean neck in to a strong, short level back, good depth to the brisket and well developed hindquarters. Showing good drive on the move

3. Webber - Sherifs Red Hot ShCM (Airedale)

Strong and workmanlike 6 year old dog, Good length to the head, lovely dark eye alert and kind expression. Strength and depth to the body, short coupled, and well bent stifles. Shown in good coat and condition Moving out well to take gp3

4. Haydon & Gibbings - Villassa Jelliwobble At Earthtaw (Norfolk)

This charming and playful 16 month old bitch, has a real look at me attitude. Well balanced in outline, presented in good order and moving out with purpose and drive

Terrier Puppy Group

1. Southcott - Lobanker Suger Suger (Bedlington)

Graceful and lithe 10 month old blue bitch. A quality puppy of good proportion and type. Wedge shape to the head, good depth to the body, well held topline with the arch over loin. Linty texture to the coat. Moving with a spring to her steps

2. Taylor - Clydebeck Garnet (Border)

Just 6 months old and showing herself to well. She has a well proportioned feminine head, lovely dark eye giving a keen expression. Good depth to the body, easily spanned, ribs carried well back, Good harsh coat texture

3. Phipps - Chatmoss Chaterbox At Tufterslodge (JRT)

Sturdy and compact coming up a year old. Well proportioned head, dark eyes. Forelegs well under the body, firm topline, moving with drive

4. Davies - Llyunamill Ruby Slippers (SFT)

Coming up 8 months of age, alert to all going on around her, good length to the head, enough depth for age, moderate bend of stifle, just needing to settle on the move

Best In Show - Ch Amahte Runnin On Jamaican Time (Imp) JW ShCM (Ibizan)

Winning from a strong selection. He just did not stop showing pulling out all the stops to take the top spot. An impressive outline and lovely mover

RBIS    - Wynbury Walter Jack JW (Pointer)

Solid and workmanlike dog, with strength and stamina combined with a graceful curvy outline and clean lines. Moving out in total harmony with his handler to show free and positive strides

BPIS - Dynar First Love (Samoyed)

For one so young this 8 month old bitch is very well balanced and together on the move. She has an impressive outline, so very smart and full of quality. Shown in good coat and condition. Moving with ease and the desired elegance and at one with her handler

RBPIS - Lobanker Suger Suger (Bedlington)

Shapely and graceful 9 month old bitch. Liked her for her overall size, balance and femininity. Her wedge shaped head developing nicely, showing the natural arch to the loin. Good texture to the coat and moving with the characteristic springy step