• Show Date: 16/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Sheringham & District Kennel Association

Sheringham & District Kennel Association

16th September 2018

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge at this lovely outdoor show. Thank you to the exhibitors for the pleasure of your super dogs, and your sporting manner. Especially to the Whippet exhibitors, for whom I was a last minute stand in judge

Golden Retrievers

Puppy (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Braund - Ninell Indigo

10 month old pale dog, proving to be a bit of a handful for his handler. Maturing nicely, with good overall substance and bone. When stood showing balance and masculinity. Pleasing head and dark kind eye, chest well let down with developed forechest, well boned limbs, firm topline, and well angulated hindquarters. Saw glimpses of his sound movement, did tend to carry his tail a little higher on the move. Shown in good coat.

2. Tarsey & Webb - Mitchnel River Phoenix

A raw but lovely 6 month old dog. So well behaved and showing himself off. He has all the basics there, just needing time to come together. His head shows good proportions, with a dark eye, good length of neck, firm topline, good depth for his age, well bent stifles and width of thigh. Just a little loose in his movement at the moment as you would expect

Post Graduate (3,2)

1. Mrs Beeson - Esined Titania

2 year old bitch, pleasing to the eye on the stack, showing a balanced profile with good body proportions. Feminine head, lovely dark eye giving a sweet expression Good length of neck flowing well into a firm topline, good width of thigh. Unfortunately lacking a little enthusiasm on the move today

Limit (1,0)

1. Mrs Beeson - Messano All Or Nothing

Happy and outgoing 5 year old pale bitch, just right for size and balance. Having substance and femininity. Her head is well proportioned with a dark kind eye, strength through the neck which flowed into a well held topline. Chest well let down and nicely boned limbs. Hindquarters have a good sweep of stifle and width of thigh. Moved out with purpose and at one with her handler – RBOB

Open (2,1)

1. Miss Barber - Stvincent Golden Gun From Swansreach

This 5 year old dog has a very shapely silhouette and showed himself of with confidence. Looking a picture on the stack. Handsome head, with a soft and gentle expression. His strong neck leading to a well let down brisket and developed forechest. Standing on well boned limbs and tight feet. His ribs are well sprung with a short firm loin. Strong hindquarters with good width. A little proud of his tail at times. Moving with correct footfalls – BOB

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Puppy (1,0)

1. Miss Chapman - Katimba Trebbiano At Dkai

Fun filled 10 month old dog, liked his overall balance, he has good body proportions and holds his outline when stood. Masculine head, slight wedge shape, alert and keen eye. Strength to his neck, still needing to develop in the body, but with a good spring to the ribs, and with a good bend of stifle. Moving out true in all directions. Sympathetically handled and shown – BP & PG2

Junior (2,0)

1. Miss Powley - Danehaven Jemseg

Smart 13 month old bitch, feminine all through, showing good overall size and balance. Appealing head, which is well proportioned, eye toning with coat and well placed ears. She has a well developed body, with brisket to the elbow and well developed forechest. Short coupled with strong loin, at times did lose her topline. Liked her hindquarters which have a well bent stifle and good width of thigh. Well feathered tail. Moving jauntily around the ring with good drive

2. Miss Chapman - Katimba Trebbiano At Dkai

Repeat of puppy

Post Graduate (2,0)

1. Collins & Powley - Danehaven Kovik

Eye catching 2 year old dog, wouldn’t want anymore of him, but he is well balanced and in proportion. Masculine all through. Well proportioned head, with good width to the backskull, slight wedge shape and kind toning eye. Well boned limbs onto tight round feet. He has enough depth to the brisket and well sprung ribs. Well developed hindquarters and well feathered tail. Moving with the typical spring to his step, not quite as clean in front, showing super drive

2. Miss Chapman - Decoymans The Dreamworker

7 year old bitch, loved her keen and alert demeanour. Compact in outline and in good coat and condition. Feminine head, her ears are a little wayward at times. Strong neck, good depth through the body and spring of rib. Today not holding her topline. She has pleasing hindquarters showing good width. Moving with the jauntily and with good drive

Open (4,0)

1. Miss Powley - Gaberlunzie Bailey At Danehaven

Well balanced 4 year old bitch. Liked her for her overall size substance and femininity. She has a shapely outline when stacked, which she holds on the move. Of sound construction and not overdone. Liked her well proportioned head, well placed ears, her almond shaped eye toning with her coat colour to give an intelligent and alert expression. She is well developed through the body, with a lovely spring of rib, well boned limbs short coupled with a nice sweep of stifle. At one with her handler and they drove around the ring - BOB

2. Collins & Powley - Danehaven Detroyes

Just loved the attitude of this 6 year old bitch, so keen, alert and outgoing not missing a thing! Presenting a balanced picture. Feminine head which shows good balance. Strong neck, super depth to the brisket and spring to the ribs, short coupled, with well developed hindquarters. Moving out well, just not as tidily as winner today, but a winning personality - RBOB

3. Miss Powley - Danehaven Jemseg

Cesky Terrier

Limit (1,0)

1. Mrs Fewings - Komidion Ostinato

Appealing 5 year old dog, once settled showing a typical rectangular outline with correct topline, and of good body proportions. Masculine head with good length, dark eye, high set and well carried ears. Lovely long neck with the slight arch giving this hardy dog the elegance. Correct length to the body, with well sprung ribs, yet retaining the slim proportions required to work, well boned limbs, strong hindquarters. Today moving with the desired drive, and low carried tail, holding his outline to win BOB

Open (1,0)

1. Mrs Fewings - Komidion Passionato

Liked this 2 year old bitch, such a shame she was not showing herself off to advantage. When stood, she has a lovely outline, being of a nice size, elegant, presented in good coat but not overdone. She has a pleasing length to the head, dark eye, well carried ears. Elegant neck of good length, well sprung ribs, strength and length to the loin. Topline showing the rise over the loin, strong hindquarters. A little hesitant on the move, but did show to be parallel - RBOB

Scottish Terrier

Limit (2,0)

1. Mrs Wilde - Blackthorpe Bryony

3 year old black bitch with good bone and substance, presenting a clean outline when stood. She has a balanced head of good length, with a lovely dark eye, with a keen and alert expression. Strong neck leading to a firm level topline, well sprung ribs and well boned limbs, good tail set and carriage. Shown in good coat of the correct texture. Moving out with drive- BOB

2. Mrs Carpenter - Blackthorpe Bramble At Westerleigh

Black bitch coming up 3 years of age, and another with much to admire. Feminine head, with dark eye and well used ears. Strength to the body, short coupled, with a good spring to the ribs. Strong hindquarters. Shown in good coat and condition. Today not quite the movement of winner - RBOB

West Highland White Terrier

Special Yearling (1,0)

1. Mr Davison - Smash Strong For Victory

Showy bitch of 13 months, with lots of ring presence. When stood having a balanced outline with strength yet feminine. She has a pleasing head and expression with a lovely dark eye, being keen and alert. A good length of neck flowing well into a firm topline. She has enough depth and development to the body for her age. Having a level topline and short coupled. Shown in good coat with a harsh texture. Moving out well

Open (3,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Keely - Aus Ch Whitebriar Jilly O The Valley (Imp)

Well presented 6 year old bitch, she has beautiful lines and balance. When stood show a very shapely silhouette, compact with strength. Feminine head, with the slight rounding to the skull, good stop, lovely dark eye. Her neck flowing well into a firm level topline, good depth to the ribcage, short coupled, well set on tail. Coat in full bloom. Moving true from all angles – BOB & Gp3

2. Mr & Mrs Davison - Braxquin Forget Me Not

Smart and well presented 4 year old bitch, who has a pleasing outline on the stack. She has a good head piece, with dark eyes, and good stop, being keen and alert. Short coupled with a firm level topline, moving out well - RBOB

3. Mr & Mrs Keely - Aus Ch Caspersz Chaos In The Night

AVNSC Terrier

Post Graduate (1,0)

1. Mrs O’Shea - Diton Dixies Dreamboy (Bull Terrier)

Coming up 2 years of age this red & white dog, is certainly an upstanding dog showing substance, power and a dash of stubbornness! Lovely head with good expression, prefer slightly better bite, correct eye shape. Body has great depth and rib, good width to the chest, well boned limbs, keeping a firm topline standing and moving. Moving true - RBAVNSC

Open (1,0)

1. Ms Graves - Ragus Morning Herald (Norwich Terrier)

5 year old dog, with plenty of appeal, having the typical cheeky nature. Loved his keen and alert demeanour. He has a balanced and compact outline, and of a nice size. Liked his pleasing head shape, which has good proportions, with a kind dark eye. Strength to the neck, well developed through the body, keeping a level topline, and well set on tail. Shown with a good hard coat and in good condition. Moving out well fore and aft - BAVNSC

AV Terrier

Puppy (1,0)

1. Mr Pearce - Onthill Nighthawk (Border Terrier)

Pleasing 10 month old blue & Tan dog, well handled and showing lots of character. At the stage where he is looking a little rangier at present, but it is all there. He has an attractive otter head, good bite, keen and alert expression. Good reach of neck, flowing well into a well held topline, good depth, easily spanned with a good pelt. Racy hindquarters. Needing to tighten a little more in front, moving out showing drive from the rear.

Limit (3,2)

1. Mr & Mrs Hance - Riosset Right To Roam (PRT)

14 month old T/W dog, workmanlike and of a nice size. Showing good balance when stood and a pleasing outline. Liked his confident and outgoing personality. Pleasing masculine wedge shaped head and alert expression. Easily spanned, with a good coat, just needing to finish tightening on the move, showing good drive

Open (2,0)

1. Mrs O’Shea - Diton Dixies Dreamboy (Bull Terrier)

Repeat of PG class

2. Mr Pearce - Bimandi’s Bellissima (Border Terrier)

5 year old bitch, who was not too keen on this showing lark today. She is of a nice overall size and shape. Lovely otter head, with good depth to the brisket, good pelt, true on the move, just not showing herself off to advantage today

Special Beginners (1,0)

1. Mr Pearce - Onthill Nighthawk (Border Terrier)

Repeat of AV Terrier puppy

Veteran (7,3)

1. Ms Godden - Vakurblue Bacon Buttie (Bedlington)

7 year old blue bitch, thought her to be of a nice size and overall shape. She has graceful lines when stood. Wedge shape to the head, well set on ears, good depth to the brisket, correct rise over the loin, moderately angulated, coat a little soft today, moving out with the lightness to her step

2. Mrs Steinke - Wendaire Jokers Zulu Angel (Airedale)

8 year old bitch, like her substance and solidness all through. She has a long and balanced head showing strength to the foreface. Body well developed, with chest down to the elbow, well boned limbs, keeping a level topline. Not striding out as she could on the move, but true fore and aft

3. Ms & Mr Baldwin - Woolytop Another Star ShCM (Bedlington)

Terrier Group

1. Mrs Offer - Woolytop The Wherryman ShCM (Bedlington)

Quality dog who let his presence be felt in the big ring. No mistaking his gender he is all male. He has a lovely outline when stood, graceful and muscular. Giving a totally balanced picture. Lovely wedge shaped head, thin ears, well constructed through the body, showing depth with a nice rise over the loin. Coat of good texture. Well shown and presented. Moving out well, with a true and springy step

2. Brewster & Green - Byrewick Valentine (Border)

Close decision for the top spot, really liked this Blue & Tan bitch. She has a balanced outline, workmanlike and fit. Lovely otter head, with a dark inquisitive and thoughtful expression. Her body is well developed with depth but easy to span, a firm topline, well set on and carried tail. In good coat with thick pelt. Moving with ease and drive

3. Mr & Mrs Keely - Aus Ch Whitebriar Jilly O The Valley (Imp) (WHWT)

Stylish and showy bitch. Liked her size, substance and femininity and never stopped showing. She has a compact outline when stood with a super ring presence. She has a pleasing head, with a lovely dark eye, depth through the body, level topline and short coupled. Shown in full coat of harsh texture. Moving out positively

4. Mr & Mrs Eastall - Brisline’s Born In The USA For Daedal (Imp) ShCM (Airedale)

Liked the substance and outline of this 5 year old bitch. Good length to the head with the desired strength to the foreface, dark keen eyes. Chest well let down, and ribs carried well back. Well boned limbs onto compact feet. Hindquarters show a good width of thigh and bend to the stifle, which she used to drive around the ring. Well shown and presented

Terrier Puppy Group

1. Brewster & Green - Stowthorney Wickerman (Border)

Just loved this 7 month old Gr&T dog, what a little showman he is. Thought him to have good balance and construction. Typical otter head, with good strength to the foreface and a keen dark eye His body has the desired depth but is also narrow. Held a firm topline both stood and on the move. Strong hindquarters. Shown in good coat. Delighted to watch him go on to win RBPIS

2. Baker & Jones - Tuskenraider Briar Rose (SFT)

Raw 7 month old bitch, with a pleasing outline when stood for her age. She has the typical alert demeanour. Skull flat with neat ears and small dark eye. She is short in the back and holds a good topline on the move. Just needing to tighten on the move

3. Mr Milkovics - Wederdena’s Stargazer (Airedale)

Still very much a babe, but at nearly a year old, is starting to mature in the body. He has a masculine head, with good length of neck, holds a firm topline and shows good width to the hindquarters.


Puppy (5,0)

1. Hobbs - Kaymark Graceful With Beaconsfylde

10 month old fawn and white bitch. Liked her overall shape and size. She is well proportioned in her outline. She has a pleasing feminine head, with a kind expression. Her long neck flowing seamlessly into well balanced forequarters. Showing good depth to the brisket and development of forechest. Maintaining her topline both stood and, on the move, with good tuck up. Hindquarters have width to the thigh, which she used to cover the ground cleanly and easily – BP & PG4

2. Bridge, Ireland & Picolo - Kaymark Kiss Me Now

Litter brother to winner, and of a very similar stamp. This Brindle & white dog, is masculine yet elegant, showing a lovely shape when stacked. Well developed through the ribcage and forechest, correct moderate bone, straight forelimbs, graceful arch and strong loin. Balanced hindquarters. He moved clean and parallel but not with the confidence of his sister today

3. Miss Wilton-Clark - Aaniston Celebrity News At Shalfleet (Imp)

Junior (5,1)

1. Conway & Chapman - Norcairn Brief Encounter

16 month old fawn bridle bitch. Very elegant all through. Lovely head shape, long and lean, well placed ears, and kind dark eye. Good length of neck, chest is down to the elbow and well filled in. She has a shapely underline, but today did lose her topline at times. Hindquaters show good width of thigh and bend of stifle, moving out well

2. Miss Bridge - Blackstem Shotgun Bill

14 month old Fawn & white Parti dog. Having a pleasing a shapely outline when stood, masculine all through. Attractive head and expression, good depth to the body, nicely boned limbs, in good condition. Moving true, but today just not showing himself off on the move

3. Mrs Reece - Saleehah Santas Elf

Post Graduate (5,1)

1. Mrs Bingham - Lolani Gentleman Jack

18 month old fawn & white dog, winning the class on his movement today. He is shapely with a little more scope to his outline. Pleasing head, elegant long neck, good depth to the brisket, nicely boned limbs, needs a fraction more weight, showing the rise over the loin, nicely angulated hindquarters, and in muscular condition. Moving out true and a long reach in front

2. Mrs Bartlett - Shalfleet Sweet Like Sugar

Liked this 2 year old brindle and white bitch, today just seeming a little lack lustre on the move. Liked her overall size and elegance. She has a curvy outline and shows balance. She is clean and shapely. Good depth, with a good topline and defined tuck up. Well angulated hindquarters. Not the movement of the winner today

3. Mrs Reece - Saleehah Suriah

Limit (3,1)

1. Mrs Goff - Selinko Faith Star

Fell for this 3 year old fawn and white bitch, today she looked the picture of elegance and grace, yet with enough substance and in super condition. She is not overdone and holds a shapely smooth outline. She is feminine all through and of a pleasing size. She has a feminine long and lean head, well placed rose ears and dark expressive eyes. Her long elegant neck flowing into a well held topline with the arch to the loin, chest down to the elbow and a good fill in of forechest. Her angulation is balanced fore and aft, enabling her to move with drive from the rear and cleanly in front - BOB

2. Seimet, Day & Johnsen - Demerlay Plumcreek Dixie Of Sejoda

Dark brindle and white bitch 5 years old. She is a little larger than winner with more range. She has a long lean head, kind dark eye, and well placed ears. Her neck is long and elegant, with good depth and definite tuck up. Not quite as clean in front movement as winner or the animation

Open (4,1)

1. Miss Wilton-Clark - Shalfleet Sir Tom JW ShCM

Lots to like about this very shapely and elegant brindle & white dog who is coming up 2 years of age. He is masculine but in no way coarse. He holds his impressive outline and oozes confidence. Lovely long lean head, kind dark eye and being attentive to his handler. Good length of neck, deep chest, well developed forechest, curvy topline with a good underline. A little more angulation to the hindquarters. Shown in super muscletone and moving out true and driving from the rear, close up in challenge - RBOB

2. Conway & Chapman - Norcairn Chance Encounter ShCM

6 year old fawn brindle, an elegant and attractive bitch. Having a graceful outline when stood. Her head is lovely and feminine, kind well shaped dark eye, fine rose ears. Long clean neck, good depth and fill in, strength to the loin and well defined tuck up. Shown in lovely condition and muscletone. But today could not match precision of winner, showing ground coverage in profile

3. Mrs Stock - Shemist Party Girl

AV Vulnerable Native Breeds (22)

1. Miss Benton - Oakestelle Venus De Milo (Smooth Collie)

Alert 5 year old blue merle bitch, with quality in abundance and never stopped showing. Being well balanced in profile. Pleasing feminine and proportionate head, Good depth to the ribcage and a firmly held topline. Her hindquarters giving her good drive

2. Miss Frosdick - Elmsmere Co Star For Kalwig (W Corgi Cardigan)

Showy 13 month old bitch, liked her for her overall substance and balance. She is alert and keen. Pleasing head and expression, well developed through the body, maintaining a firm topline, moving out showing good reach and drive

3. Mrs Beasley - Wansleydale Amaretto (English Setter)