• Show Date: 14/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hitchin & District Canine Society

Hitchin & District Canine Society

14th October 2018

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for the kind invitation, and honour of judging at this very well run, friendly and efficient show. A huge thank you to the exhibitors who braved the cold and wet conditions. Also, to my very efficient steward, thank you so much for your assistance all day. I had some super dogs to judge, a credit to the group judges for putting them through to BIS competitions, all the final line ups were fabulous. It is such a shame the society is losing this venue, to have 14 very large rings inside, and despite the weather, everything to run very smoothly.

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)

Junior (3,1)

1. Mrs Marshall - Soufriere One Vision

Lovely tri bitch coming up 8 months of age. She has a pleasing outline and overall size, with good body proportions. She has a lovely head, which is well proportioned with a kind dark oval eye. Well developed forechest and brisket. Nicely boned limbs. A little soft in topline at times today. Well muscled hindquarters, moving out true and with good drive. Shown in good coat – BP & RBOB

2. Mrs Weymouth - Soufriere Now Im Here At Woolybassets

Litter brother to winner, similar remarks apply, he has good proportions to the body. Balanced head piece, with a kind and mischievous eye. Not quite the development through the body as his sister at the movement. Moving well but a tad close behind

Limit (1,0)

1. Mrs Knowles - Speedy Danda Bohemia Avec Braillement (Imp Cze)

3 year old dog, up to size and a little more compact in outline. He is strongly built through the body. He has a masculine head, showing good length and with a kind dark oval eye. Super development of the ribcage and forechest. Moving out steadily

Open (3,0)

1. Miss O’Day - Ch Silvamoon Sweet Sapphire ShCM

Wow, what a showgirl, amazed that this bitch is very nearly 10 years old, as she showed and moved like a dog half her age! When stood she shows an impressive outline, with strength all through and so balanced. Her head has the air of nobility, with good length to the foreface, dark eyes, and length to the ears. Brisket is well let down, and forechest well developed, well boned limbs and held a firm topline, with moderate hindquarters. She drove around the ring with free and powerful strides - BOB

2. Mrs Marshall - Silvamoon Saffron At Soufriere

Pleasing 4 year old bitch, having a good outline when stacked, she has substance yet retains her femininity. Well proportioned head, dark eye, good length to the leathers. Her strong neck flowing well into her shoulders. Clean straight front and well boned limbs. Well developed through the body, with nicely angulated hindquarters. Moving out well

3. Mrs Knowles - Anya Hindmarch Avec Braillement

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)

Junior (1,0)

1. Watson & Kenna - Alonzo Grande Cuore Mit Cynetkoy (Imp Rus)

16 month old tri dog, Showing himself off with confidence. Standing shows to be balanced and compact. He has a well proportioned head, dark oval eye, fine leathers which are well placed. Clean through the neck, well developed forechest and depth to the ribcage for his age. Hindquarters have a good bend to the stifle and width of thigh. Moving out well and with drive.

Limit (1,0)

1. Mrs Eaton - Linphil Kili

2 year old dog, who has super ring presence and a hint of naughtiness. He is of the correct size, substance and masculinity. Showing a pleasing outline when stood. Handsome head, which is well balanced, with good stop and dark eye giving a kind and cheeky expression. His strong neck flowing well into a firm level topline. Good depth and body development. Not quite as clean in front as BOB. Rear angulation moderate. Moving with style and drive - RBOB

Open (1,0)

1. Watson & Kenna - Cynetkoy Chilli Romance

Very smart 2 year old bitch, who showed herself off to advantage. Looking just right for size and balance. She has a balanced feminine head, well proportioned, dark eye and kind expression. Clean strong neck of good length. Lovely depth all through with the brisket down to the elbow and forechest developed. Forelegs straight and well boned. Firm in the topline, falling away slightly at the croup, stifles well bent with the hocks well let down. Shown in good coat and condition. Moving out true in all directions - BOB

Cairn Terrier

Junior (3,0)

1. Miss Tester - Airytykes Hint Of Mayhem

Lovely 6 month old red brindle bitch, full of fun and mischief. She has a balanced outline for one so young. She has a pleasing head and expression, lovely dark eye, with well placed ears. Developed in the body with a firm and level topline, and well set on tail. Showing good free flowing strides with the odd bounce. True in all directions. Shown in good coat of harsh texture

2. Mr & Mrs Saich - No Copyright Walk It Talk It TAF

7 month old brindle dog, liked his overall size and masculinity. He has a pleasing head with dark eyes, neat well placed and used ears. He has a good reach of neck, well sprung ribs with depth to the ribcage, not as firm in topline as winner, good bend of stifle. Coat harsh. A little unsettled on the move but showed to be true and driving

3. Miss Saich - Lindcoly The Boy Is Mine

Limit (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Saich - Lindcoly Howling Whoopi

Keen and alert 9 month old cream bitch. Loved her attitude and sense of fun. She is a very feminine bitch of a nice size with good overall balance when stood. Her head shows good width to the backskull, correct stop, with a bright dark eye. Pleasing reach of neck flowing well into her firm level topline. She has good depth and spring to the ribs with nicely boned limbs. Particularly liked her hindquarters, which are strong with a good width of thigh. Moving out with purpose – BP & RBOB & Puppy group 3

2. Miss Tester - Airytykes Excuse Me

22 month old red bitch, one who can show herself off to advantage, and very attentive to her handler. Not quite the overall balance of winner in profile, but she has many fine virtues. Lovely bright expression from those dark eyes, and using her ears constantly. Her neck flowing well into a firm topline and well set on tail. Nicely boned limbs, with strong hindquarters. Showing in good coat and she has a free ground covering action.

Open (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Saich - Glendream Hear Me Roar For Lindcoly

Fun loving and spirited 20 month old brindle dog. Did his best to be as cheeky as possible! Liked his workmanlike appearance with ample substance and bone. In profile shows to be well proportioned and developed. Masculine head, with lovely expression from those dark mischievous eyes. He has a good length of neck, well sprung ribs and depth strong loin. Hindquarters strong which he used on the move. Shown with a good harsh double coat – BOB

2. Miss Saich - Lindcoly Sweetest Oreo

2 year old dark brindle bitch, well schooled, keen and alert. Liked her head and expression, well placed ears and width to the backskull. She has strength to the neck which has lovely flow to her firm and level topline. Nice spring to the ribcage, not quite the development of winner. Hindquarters show good width of thigh which she used to effortlessly move around the ring in harmony with her handler

Irish Terrier

Junior (1,0)

1. Mrs Cooke - Royal Lady At Montelle

Just coming up 18 months of age, thought this red wheaten bitch was very smart, elegant yet workmanlike. Like her for her overall size and balance. She has a lovely long lean head, good bite, dark and inquisitive eyes, well placed ears, being keen and alert. Good length of neck flowing well into a firm strong topline. Good depth to the brisket, well developed hindquarters. Shown in a good harsh jacket. Moving out true - RBOB

Limit (2,1)

1. Mrs Cooke - Royal Lady At Montelle

Repeat junior

2. Simon - Saredon Red Berry

Shapely 20 month old, so much to admire in this dog, he has a lovely outline when stood in profile. His head is masculine, would prefer a little more refinement, lovely dark eye and keen expression. Good depth, with a little more substance through the body, nicely boned, firm and strong topline, well set on tail. Shown in lovely harsh coat and condition

Open (3,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Atkin - Holbam Celtic Summer ShCM

Fell for the charms of this 2 year old bitch, she is racy and athletic, but also workmanlike and hardy. She has graceful and elegant lines when stood. Lovely feminine head, with good length and leanness, keen and alert dark eyes, well placed ears. Her neck is of good length, clean and strong, firm and level topline, good depth to the brisket, well boned limbs, liked her powerful thighs. Beautifully presented in a good harsh jacket. Moving out soundly and with style – BOB & GP1 & RBIS

2. Mrs Cooke - Montelle Look Of Gold

Oh my, what a handful, but also a delight, this 11 month old dog puppy. Full of confidence and beans! He is certainly alert and keen to be into everything. Liked his overall shape and size. He is racy yet robust. Lovely long head, dark eye, well placed and used ears. Good length of neck flowing well into his firm topline, good depth, moderate hind quarters. Today not as settled on the move behind. Good harsh coat – BP & Puppy Group 2

AV Import Register

Post Graduate (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Punton - Tamoanchan Tecuanotl (Mexican Hairless)

Smart, coated bitch coming up 2 years of age. Loved her balance and construction, elegant yet sturdy. She has good width to the backskull, dark almond eyes, with large erect ears. She has a good length of neck, firm level topline with depth to the brisket. Liked her well angulated hindquarters with show good width and bend. All used to good advantage on the move. Showing a dignified gait with long strides - BIR

2. Miss Hayes - Fiona Succession Of Baron (Basset Bleu De Gascogne)

2 year old bitch, being a typical hound with her nose to the ground! When stood she shows the desired outline, with good length to the body. She has doming to the backskull and a lovely dark eye, but with that sad expression. Good length and set to the ears. Neck strong, well developed through the body and strong hindquarters. A little erratic on the move today, too many smells around

Open (2,1)

1. Miss Hayes - Liberty Belle Des Vallees Longeronnaises (Basset Bleu De Gascogne)

Confident and outgoing 3 year old bitch, holding a pleasing shape when stood. She has the desired strength but not overdone. Feminine head, with good length, dark kind eye, good set and length to the ears. Her strong neck flowing well into a firm topline. She has lovely depth and well developed forechest. Nicely boned limbs, with the half crooked front. Well developed hindquarters, which she used to drive around the ring with good parallel rear movement - RBIR

AV Rare Breeds

Post Graduate (8,2)

1. Connatty, Moughton, Moore - Hadranensis Prince (Imp Ita) (Cirenco Dell ‘Etna)

Fell for the elegant and graceful outline of this 2 year old dog. Proud and elegant in his stature. He has lovely body lines, so clean and balanced, giving a square appearance. His head piece is well proportioned with good chiselling, oval eyes that tone with the coat, and erect mobile ears. Good depth and correct spring to the ribs, well muscled hindquarters. Moving out well with the desired springy trot – BAV Rare Breed

2. Mrs Hancock - Flamencoton Seimei (Imp Esp) (Coton De Tulear)

Cheeky 19 month old dog, lovely outgoing nature and full of fun. Not a big lad but when stood shows to be well proportioned. Appealing head, dark round mischievous eyes, well placed ears. Having a good depth to the brisket and the correct rise over the loin. Tail well set on and carried. Coat of good texture. Moving out well and true

3. Norton & Thomas - Aveyrew Hot Gossip At Carantana (Russian Black Terrier)

Open (6,0)

1. Mrs Hancock - Szolohegyi Bitanguzo Jett (Coton De Tulear)

Mature dog coming up 4 years of age. Beautifully presented in tip top condition and coat of the correct texture. He is all male, having a masculine head, good dark pigmentation. Medium neck, with length to the body. Well developed through the rib cage, holding the correct topline both standing and on the move. Moving true – RBAV Rare breed

2. Mrs Towers - Enjanicka Midnight Blue (Bolognese)

Inquisitive and outgoing 2 year old dog. When stood he has an appealing compact square outline, which is well proportioned. He has a balanced head shape with good width to the backskull and good stop, lovely dark pigmentation, large round dark eyes with a hint of naughtiness. Holding a firm and level topline, good depth to the ribcage, moderate bend of stifle. Moving out with precise footfall and in harmony with his handler

3. Connatty & Moughton - Hadranensis Ulivo (Imp Ita) (Cirenco Dell ‘Etna)

Brian Goodyear Memorial Puppy Stakes (46)

1. Mrs Tinker - Zaltana Kiss My Paws At Lolotea (Imp Pol) (Siberian Husky)

9 month old B&W bitch, beautifully shown and full of confidence. Liked her overall balance and body lines. She has a lovely foxy head, dark almond eye, erect ears, giving an intelligent expression. Clean flowing neck and firm level topline, good length of leg, correct spring to the ribs, well angulated hindquarters. Shown in good coat and condition. Moving smoothly and lightly

2. Mrs Matthews - Mavistan Pandora (Golden Retriever)

Lovely 8 month old Golden Retriever bitch, showing a clean and balanced outline. She has a well proportioned head, with a kind dark eye. Strong clean neck flowing seamlessly into a firm and well held topline, with correct tail set and carriage. Good depth for her age, nicely boned. Moving out true and with a good length of stride

3. Ms Gregory - Amikirs Doubly Delicious (AI) (Keeshond)

Best In Show

Mr & Mrs Goode - Owlspoint King Of Trouble At Brackenvale JW ShCM (Bracco)

Top Quality 2 year old w/o Bracco male. Loved the balance and construction of this dog, he is right for size, substance and masculinity. He oozes confidence and has an air of nobility about him. When stood his outline is impressive, strong and workmanlike. His head is long and angular, body almost square, correct topline and moves with a beautiful extended trot. Along with a super ring presence and being expertly handled, landed this young dog with the top spot.

Reserve Best In Show

Mr & Mrs Atkin - Holbam Celtic Summer ShCM (Irish Terrier)

Very smart and alert 2 year old Irish Terrier bitch, she has a lovely clean, racy and elegant outline yet robust and sturdy. She has a lovely head, neat ears, her dark eyes keen to all going on around her. Depth in the brisket, firm in the topline, well muscled. Shown in super harsh coat and immaculately turned out. Sound and free in her movement

Best Puppy In Show

Mrs Stewart - Kingwanas Viva Las Vegas Of Jenbasi (Imp Nor) (Basenji)

Lovely bitch Showing herself off with confidence, this 10 month old brindle let her presence be known. She has a shapely outline, with finely boned limbs and being graceful and elegant all through. Feminine head with good wrinkle, dark eye, well placed and used ears giving the alert expression. Clean neck and firm topline finishing with a tight tail. Taking advantage of the big ring to show her long swift strides, whilst holding a lovely outline

Reserve Best Puppy In Show

Mrs Soulsby - Aizens Dream Of Being A Star A Trenarwyn (Imp Esp) (Pom)

Dainty and compact 10 month old black dog. Full of attitude and never stopped showing. He has such a balanced outline when stood. He has an endearing head with lovely dark eyes, small high set ears and foxy expression. Well developed through the body, which is compact and short coupled, well set on and carried tail. Giving a picture of quality, type and balance. Moving with brisk strides

Best Veteran In Show

Mrs Henshall - Ch Gemolli Joie De Vivre JW ShCM (Italian Greyhound)

Very classy and elegant 8 year old fawn bitch. Despite the cold and wet day, she showed beautifully, showing her classic outline which, she kept at all times. She is shapely and curvy, elegant and with delicate lines. Lovely feminine head, large dark eyes, well placed rose ears giving a gentle expression. Her body shows good depth and the desired arch over the loin. A joy to watch on the move, with her high stepping and free action

Reserve Best Veteran In Show

Mr & Mrs Burrage - Ch Vandell Sweet Song Of Sametova ShCM (Cesky Terrier)

What a fabulous ambassador for the breed, 12 years old and is such fine fettle. Not a hint of her age in looks or movement. She is immaculately presented and showed her socks off. She has the typical outline when stood, beautiful head, long and elegant neck, correctly sprung ribs with the topline showing the slight rise, strong and well muscled hindquarters. Another whos movement is a joy, she certainly has super rear propulsion