• Show Date: 27/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Shropshire Gundog Society

Shropshire Gundog Society (27/05/2018) 

My thanks must go to the committee for inviting me to judge at this show. Despite the poor weather, the atmosphere was great and the indoor ring was most spacious. Also a special thanks to my ultra-efficient steward and to all of the exhibitors who gave me such a good entry to choose from. I hope you all enjoyed your day as much as I did! 

Golden Retriever Puppy Dog (4,0)

1) Jackson’s, Terra di Siena Lorenzo at Swanavon (Imp ESP). A very age appropriate 7 month old rich gold at the lower end of the standard. He stood out in this class for his good shape, proportions and balanced angulation. Lovely head and expression with a kind eye showing good overall strength for age. Very good forehand assembly and decent forechest for age. Correct spring of rib but needs to deepen in brisket with time. Good length of loin. Nice croup and tail set, excellent hind angulation. Needs to tighten in front but excellent going away and showed super reach and drive in profile with a lashing tail action. Will look forward to watching him mature, needs coat and time but delighted to award him BPD, congratulations! 

2) Cooper-Jones’, Bowshella Royal Charger. Nearly 8 month old pale, a little moderately angled than 1. Another youngster with a lovely head and expression of correct strength for age and lovely dark eyes. Good reach of neck onto a balanced forehand assembly with very good forechest. Very good brisket depth to leg length proportions. Excellent body, would prefer a little more length in back for balance. Short loin, hind angulation in balance with the front. A precise mover coming and going with a symmetrical side gait and good tail action. 

3) White’s, Ninell Indiana Jones of Alandiagold. 

Golden Retriever Junior Dog (4,1)

1) Griggs’, Mulfield Sea Of Dreams. Just a year old pale, an excellent young dog who immediately appealed for his correct angulation and good proportions. Loved his head and expression with excellent dark eye. Good reach of neck onto a super forehand assembly with well developed forechest. Very good length of foreleg. Firm topline with good spring of rib. Strong loin of correct length. Very good croup and tailset. Excellent hind angulation. Precise both coming and going with the best forward reach of the entry and using his hocks to advantage in profile. Lashing tail action and excellent deportment. More than happy to award him BD, he was pipped to the post by the more mature bitch for BOB, congratulations! 

2) Parry’s, Mitcharron Kentucky Road. 16 month old mid-gold. Just lacking the confidence to put on his best performance today but what a super prospect! Loved his shape and excellent type. Super strength of head with a kind expression. Good overall proportions. Excellent angulation fore and aft with a firm topline once he relaxed. Correct croup and tailset. Precise front and hind action with a stylish side gait. I do hope his owner continues to persevere with this chap, I’m sure you will reap the rewards in time. 

3) Hill’s, Carolissa Sirius Delight. 

Golden Retriever Post Graduate Dog (7,1) 

1) Griggs’, Mulfield Sea Of Dreams.

2) Tomlinson’s, Linirgor Anakin Skywalker at Kirstenglen. 3 year old mid-gold. Another really lovely dog who would benefit from a bit more confidence. He is impressive in stance showing super balance of angulation and proportions. Excellent head and expression of good strength. Lovely reach of neck onto a super forehand assembly. Good length of foreleg. Firm topline with excellent croup and tailset. Lovely hind angulation. Precise coming and going with a balanced side gait. I hope his owner continues to also work with this one to get that little bit of extra confidence to complete the picture, good luck! 

3) Jackson’s, Mavistan Nearco at Swanavon. 

Golden Retriever Limit Dog (4,2)

1) Tindale’s, Camestone Edge Of Glory. 3.5 year old pale well sized dog who was ultra-masculine with good proportions. Excellent bone and substance. Strong head with a kind eye. Correct forehand assembly with excellent forechest. Excellent spring of rib, firm topline with a short, strong loin. A little moderate in hind angulation. Precise both coming and going. He moved with great style and energy in profile showing good deportment but preferred the rear drive of my Junior for BD. 

2) Taylor & Tenn’s, Illeyhall William at Strettonhill. Rich gold, medium size of 3 years. A little short in foreleg for balance compared to 1. Liked his maturity and substance right through. Possessed a lovely head and expression. Good forehand assembly with decent forechest. Would prefer a slightly firmer topline. Well off for hind angulation. Workmanlike presentation. True both coming and going. Uses himself well in profile but needs his great enthusiasm to move channelling to show to full advantage. 

Golden Retriever Open Dog (5,3)

1) Millington’s, Mitcharron Buster Keeton JW. A mature, honest 4 year old mid-gold. He possessed an excellent shape and medium size but a little too compact in proportions. Excellent head and expression of good strength. Decent reach of neck with a slightly moderately angled forehand assembly, well developed forechest. Excellent spring of rib with a strong topline. Balanced hind angulation with good croup and tailset. Good coming towards and won the class on his precise hind action and more balanced side gait. Handled to advantage. 

2) White’s, Sandusky Zulu Warrior. Upstanding 6 year old pale. Showed good strength and substance throughout. Masculine head and expression with lovely dark eyes. Moderately angled forehand assembly with good forechest. Well sprung ribs, slightly soft in his topline when stood. Balanced hind angulation. Excellent coming towards but close going away. Enthusiastic side gait. 

Gordon Setter Open (1,0) 

1) Warren’s, Benbuie Secret Agent JW. Just 4 year old male who is coming into his own. Classic shape in stance although could be a little lazy with his topline occasionally. Exquisite, well proportioned head and expression with low set ears and correct depth throughout. Good reach of neck. Very good forehand assembly with well developed forechest. Excellent spring of rib with short loin. Nice hind angulation with good croup and tail set. Clear tan and good feet. True both coming and going with a balanced side gait, he held his topline going round with an excellent lashing tail action. Very happy to award him BOB, congratulations! 

Judge: James Newton (Patamoke)