• Show Date: 17/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

My thanks must go to the society of inviting me to judge at this show, to my very efficient steward, the exhibitors for entering/attending and for the spacious outdoor ring provided.

GSD Puppy (3,1)

1) Marsden & Robinson, Avanti Virtue. 7 month old B/G bitch, medium sized and ultra feminine. Good overall proportions although quite raw at this stage. Very pretty head & expression with well sized and set ears. Like her layback of shoulder but a touch short & steep in upper arm. V good length of leg, nice feet & pasterns. High wither, firm back with short loin. A touch steep in croup of good length with very pleasing hind angles. A shade close going away but correct coming with a decent side gait for age. In good condition and has an excellent temperament. BPIB & RBOB, congratulations!

2) Rula, Kombiniert Franco. 9 month old B/G long coated dog. Upper medium size, quite compact in proportions. Another who is quite raw at this stage but can improve with maturity. Strong head and expression with correct shade of eye. Firm ears. His forehand is a little moderately angled overall with good forechest. Normal wither, good length of foreleg. Would benefit from a bit more spring of rib, firm back. Balanced hind angulation with a slightly steep croup. Needs to firm up going away but correct coming. In profile he shows enthusiasm and commitment at all speeds but tends to lose his wither on the move. Excellent temperament and in very good condition.

GSD Junior (3,1)

1) Latifi, Danisof Ixi. A very glamorous 16 month old sable bitch. Absolutely medium sized and excellent type. She is ultra feminine with an exquisite head and expression with dark eyes and firm ears. Very good forehand assembly with well developed forechest. Excellent bone and substance. Liked her body depth to leg length proportions. Perhaps a touch short in back for complete balance, to be critical. High wither, firm back. Correct hind angulation. Her croup is well laid but a tad short. Correct both coming and going with a balanced side gait retaining her excellent shape. In excellent coat & condition, a very unexaggerated female. BOB, congratulations!

2) Skinner, Iolanda Luciano. 13 month old B/G dog. Upper medium sized and very strong on first appearance, slightly stretched in proportions. Masculine head and expression with firm ears which he used well. Moderate forehand assembly overall with good forechest. Very good length of foreleg. Normal wither, firm back. Good length of croup just a touch flat. Nice hind angulation. Correct both coming and going with an enthusiastic side gait, can be a little too proud with his tail.

GSD Post Graduate (3,2)

1) Arlotte, Opalia Ember at Firesrye. 6 years old B/R long coated bitch. Medium sized of very good proportions. Very feminine head & expression with lovely dark eye. Firm ears which she could have used a little better at times. Balanced angulation fore & aft. Very good length of foreleg. Good wither height, firm back. Good underline for age. Croup is of good length but a touch flat. A shade close both coming and going. Balanced side gait while still retaining her wither. Excellent temperament in very good condition.

GSD Open (2,1)

1) Latifi, Margman Xi-Xi. 4 years old B/G bitch. Upper medium size, strong with excellent proportions. Strong but feminine head and expression. Very good lay of shoulder with a slightly steep upper arm. Good forechest. High wither, firm back. Her croup is a little steep of good length. Excellent hind angulation. Correct coming, lose going away with a far reaching side gait. In good condition overall.

Judge: James Newton (Patamoke)