• Show Date: 11/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Coatbridge Airdrie & District Canine Club

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this well supported Open Show. Many thanks to my efficient stewards and also to the exhibitors who had entered and made the long journey so worthwhile! I must commend you all on the superb muscle-tone on all of the exhibits entered today.

Golden Retriever Graduate (8,1)

1) McGeoch’s, Nedlezah Hey Jude JW. 2 year old bitch and what an excellent start to the day! This bitch flows from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail. Excellent breed type and outline on first appearance. Beautiful feminine head with lovely dark eyes. Good reach of neck that flows into a textbook forehand assembly with a well developed forechest. Liked her overall proportions. Good bone and feet, firm topline and underline. Well sprung ribs, correct croup and tailset. Good hind angles. Absolutely correct going and coming. In profile, she displayed excellent deportment and balance, using her tail at all times and retaining her shape. Turned out in hard condition, very well handled. My find of the day, very pleased to award her BOB!

2) McAleese’s, Lochtaymor Conquistador for Glormhorcu. 4 year old upstanding Male who commands attention. Slightly longer cast than 1. Liked his shape and strength. Masculine head with nice dark eyes. Strong neck onto a moderate forehand assembly overall, decent forechest. Would prefer a little more spring of rib. Liked his hind angulation, croup and tailset. Another one in excellent overall coat and condition. Correct going away, a touch close coming with a stylish side gait which commands your attention. Very good presentation!

Golden Retriever Open (4,1)

1) McGeoch’s, Nedlezah Bonnie Lass JW. 2 year old bitch and half sister to my BOB, similar remarks apply. Liked her overall type and shape. Beautiful, feminine head and dark eyes. Good reach of neck but a little moderate in front angulation. Very good proportions overall. Firm topline, well boned and good feet. Nice spring of rib, firm topline with correct croup and tailset. Balanced hind angulation. Correct both coming and going and a lovely side gait. Would just prefer her a little more animated.

2) McAleese’s, Lochtaymor Murrymint at Glorhorcu. 5 year dog, slightly longer cast and shorter on the foreleg than 1. Appeals for his obvious masculinity and excellent ring presence. Liked his head, a masculine but kind expression. Good reach of neck, forehand assembly is a touch moderate for me. Good forechest, decent spring of rib with a firm topline and underline. On the limits of hind angulation, correct croup and tailset. A bit close both ways but covers the ground in profile with great style and panache. Excellent coat and muscling.

Cocker Spaniel Open (5,1)

1) Fairbairn, Madigan & Nuttall’s, Chativore Stargazer. This 8.5 year old Male truly belies his veteran years and typifies the ‘merry cocker’! He appeals immediately for his good proportions and typical shape. Lovely head with kind eye and low set ears. Good reach of neck onto a correct forehand assembly. Very well bodied with excellent spring of rib. Firm topline with a short loin. Corresponding hind angles with excellent croup and tailset. Correct coming and going with typical profile movement using his tail to advantage. In

good coat and condition. Very happy to award him the class and BOB, delighted to see him take G1!

2) Macfarlane’s, Whinburn Black Magic. 3 year old bitch. Ultra feminine on first appearance! A touch longer cast than 1. Liked her head and sweet expression. Good reach of neck, good spring of rib. A little soft in her topline at times when stood. Balanced angles fore and aft. Tidy mover both ways and when settled showed very good profile action using her tail. In excellent coat and condition.

Labrador Retriever Graduate (6,2)

1) Drummond’s, Pollham Marley at Drumonagh. 3 year old yellow bitch whom had left her best jacket at home! Really appealed for her shape and proportions. Her head showed strength while retaining her femininity. Nice dark eyes and well set ears, good reach of neck. Well laid shoulders but a little steep in upper arm. Well bodied, good length of foreleg. Firm topline. Compact loin and complimentary hind angulation. Well set tail used to advantage. Tidy mover going and coming with easy, balanced side gait. Pushed very hard for top honours today!

2) Scrimgeour’s, Velvetine The Pride. 13 month old chocolate bitch. Smaller and finer than 1. Liked her obvious balance on first glance. Her head is ultra feminine but would prefer a bit more ‘work’ in it. Balanced angulation fore and aft. Excellent topline and tailset. Precise action going and coming with an active side gait. In good coat and condition!

Labrador Retriever Open (7,3)

1) Scrimgeour’s, Velvetine Shawnee ShCM. Another excellent veteran, a 9 year old black bitch! Nice type and size. Very feminine head and expression. Good reach of neck, excellent forehand assembly with well developed forechest. Liked her length of foreleg. Well sprung ribs, firm topline and underline. Well angulated in rear. Very good tailset. In excellent coat and condition. Tidy mover both ways and showed a stylish and balanced profile action. Very pleased to award her BOB!

2) Scimgeour’s, Velvetine Dream Chaser. Daughter of 1 and many comments apply. Excellent type and shape, just felt her front was a little more moderate than her mother. Very precise going and coming with an excellent side gait. Another in excellent coat and condition.

Gordon Setter Junior (3,1)

1) Millar’s, Yennadon Benriach. Just 12 months old, this males presents a neat and unexaggerated profile but very much age appropriate. Masculine head with low set ears but would prefer a little less stop. Good reach of neck. Balanced moderate angulation fore and aft. Firm topline, good croup and tailset. Precise going away, needs to firm up a touch in front. Goes with lots of energy and style in profile, would prefer a bit more of him all over. Excellent coat presentation and well handled!

2) Bennett’s, Capledrae Spirit With A Dash. 6.5 month old bitch. A well-sized, very raw bitch at present but with all the essentials. Very pretty head and expression with dark eyes and low set ears. Very good angulation fore & aft with an excellent topline. Very good hind action, needs to tighten in front. Shows promise in profile with more training and maturity. Very pleased to award her BPIB and see her take PG3!

Gordon Setter Graduate (8,3)

1) Ford’s, Liric Fusilier for Shillay JW ShCM. 2 year old Male, strong and upstanding on first appearance with a clean and typical outline. Well proportioned head with lovely dark eyes and slightly rounded back skull. Good reach of neck, forehand assembly is a touch moderate. Well boned legs and good feet, firm topline, strong loin. Lovely hind angles, very good croup and tailset. Correct both coming and going with a ground-covering, stylish profile action. Excellent muscle-tone. Well groomed and handled. Very pleased to award him BOB and see him take G4!

2) Millar’s, Yennadon Benriach.

Gordon Setter Open (4,3)

1) Miller’s, Brookes Shadow Mover. 5 year old dog. Presents a very typical outline on first appearance, masculine head with a soft expression, lovely dark eyes and low set ears. Would prefer him a touch shorter in foreface. Strong neck. Moderate but balanced angulation fore and aft. Well sprung ribs would prefer a little more length in back for balance. Nice croup and tailset, tidy both coming and going. Showed with great style in profile, loved his mischievous attitude! Excellent muscletone and well presented coat.

German Shorthaired Pointer Open (3,1)

1) McCafferty’s, Richtig Raognailt. 7 month old bitch, very raw baby at present but has all the essentials. Liked her feminine head and well set ears. Balanced angles fore and aft which won her the class. For me, she needs to spring in rib and body up overall still but has time on her side. Excellent topline which she held on the move. Correct coming and going and covers the ground well going round, sympathetically handled. Pleased to award her BOB, BPIB and see her take PG4.

2) Gibbon’s, Kavacanne Cheeky Vimto at Faubourg. 22 month bitch, needing to develop in body and confidence. Feminine head & expression. A moderately angled forehand assembly compared to 1, straight limbs and good feet. Firm topline, good tail set. Good hind angles. Liked her muscling. Needs to settle and be more extrovert on the move.

Weimaraner Graduate (3,0)

1) Dow & Cairns, Whinney Lass. 2 year old bitch. Longer cast but liked her shape. Well proportioned head but would prefer a little less stop. Very good forehand assembly and well developed forechest. Good spring of rib, would prefer a slightly shorter loin. Liked her hind angles. Very good going and coming and, once settled, showed a super ground-covering profile action. In very good coat and condition.

2) Dodman’s, Gunalt Podcast. 12 month old dog. Another who is quite raw and will take time to come together. Masculine head and expression with well sized ears but would prefer a little more stop. Moderate angulation both fore and aft, needs to spring in rib with maturity. Can lose his topline when stood but holds it well on the move. He shows excellent deportment and carriage in profile. Needs to firm up both coming and going, would like to see him in a year.

Weimaraner Open (4,1)

1) Ruddy’s, Sh Ch. Netherhill’s Got Talent JW. 4 year old dog. This boy is really at his best. He immediately appealed for type and balance, although he made his handler work hard to show this! Masculine head with good stop and well sized ears. Excellent reach of neck onto excellent forehand assembly. Liked his proportions. Excellent spring of rib and firm topline. Excellent tailset and croup. Balanced hind angulation. Once settled, he was absolutely correct coming and going with an ultra stylish side gait. He commanded attention from the moment he stepped into the ring. In hard condition but would most definitely benefit from a bigger ring. Pleased to award him BOB and see him take G2!

2) Dodman’s, Gunalt Podcast.

Judge: James Newton (Patamoke)