• Show Date: 26/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Of England Hunt Point Retrieve Club

North of England HPR Club (26/08/2018)

My thanks go to the committee for inviting me to judge at your show, the northern hospitality was second to none. Many thanks to my steward who kept my ring running like clockwork despite the pouring rain and a big thankyou to the exhibitors who braved the weather to exhibit today, I was thoroughly impressed with the quality throughout today!

Hungarian Vizsla Puppy (2,1)

1) Green & Bradley’s, Vizslanya Sziena by Viszaset. A very raw 6 month old bitch who can only improve with more ring experience. Very sweet head and expression of good proportions, very good shape and shade of eye. Good reach of neck with balanced angulation both fore and aft. Once settled, she showed very good hind action going away for one so young and a balanced side gait. The cold and wet weather did not help her performance today, very pleased to award her BPIB, congratulations!

Hungarian Vizsla Junior (3,1)

1) Watson’s, Oakswarren Everglow. 14 month old bitch of excellent type and presented a very pleasing shape once she settled. Pretty expression with good depth through her skull and muzzle. Reachy neck with excellent forechest and forehand assembly. Firm topline with a short loin and correct croup/tailset. Correct underline with moderate tuck up. Very good hind angulation. A little lose coming but correct going away, her good angulation gave her an easy, fluid side gait. Won this class on maturity.

2) Green & Bradley’s, Vizslanya Sziena by Viszaset.

Hungarian Vizsla Post Graduate (4,2)

1) Watson’s, Oakswarren Eclipse. 14 month old bitch, litter sister to my Junior winner. Many of the above remarks apply. She immediately appealed for her excellent type and proportions. Her shape flows from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail with good substance. Excellent head and expression with well sized ears. Very good reach of neck, into a super forehand assembly and well developed forechest. Strong topline with good body for age. Correct underline with moderate tuck up. Corresponding hind angulation with good croup and tail set. Slightly firmer than her sister in front and very good going away. She excels in profile action with excellent forward reach and plenty of drive from the rear retaining her shape. Thought her to be delightful and very pleased to award her BOB, congratulations!

2) Bradley & Green’s, Highforce One Vision. 2 year old bitch from a slightly finer and more moderate mould than 1. Very pretty head and expression with good shape and shade of eye. Decent reach of neck with balanced front and hind angulation. Good spring of rib but would prefer a little less tuck up in underline. Again, the cold/windy weather did not aid her performance today. True both coming and going with an active, balanced side gait.

Hungarian Vizsla Open (1,0)

1) Bradley & Green’s, Sh Ch. Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW ShCM. A 4 year old bitch who is ultra-feminine on first appearance. Her head and expression is of great appeal with dark eyes and well sized ears. Her angulation both fore and aft is balanced with a firm topline and good spring of rib. Again, I would like a touch less tuck up in her underline. She too possesses a good tail set. On the move she is sound and true both coming and going with an active side gait but today I preferred the rear drive of my Post Graduate. Very pleased to award her RBOB, congratulations!

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Puppy (0,0)

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Junior (3,1)

1) Byrne’s, Aldozovolgi-Drotos Nyuzsgo at Enryb (Imp Hun). 15 month old bitch of good type and overall balance. Her head of good strength while still retaining her femininity of correct proportions. Decent reach of neck onto a good lay of shoulder and decent return of upper arm. I would prefer a shade more spring of rib, which can still come. Firm topline with a short loin and desired underline. Moderately angled behind with good croup and tailset. On the move she is very good going away but would prefer her a shade firmer coming and shows a balanced, economical side gait. In good coat, she lost out on BOB due to maturity but very happy to award her RBOB, congratulations!

2) Forster’s, Belatarr Venus. A 16 month old bitch who is still very immature and will benefit from another year on her back. Pretty head and expression with good shade of eye. Decent reach of neck, moderate but balanced angulation fore and aft with a firm topline. On the move she is sound coming and going with an enthusiastic side gait. Her enthusiasm to please was wonderful to see. Coat is correct. 7

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Post Graduate (0,0)

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Open (3,2)

1) Byrne’s, Aldozovolgi-Drotos Nador at Enryb (Imp Hun). 2 year old mature dog who really appealed in all departments. He is ultra-masculine, well boned and very balanced. Super head and expression of very good strength. His forehand assembly was excellent with super body, firm topline, short loin and correct underline. Balanced hind angulation with good croup and tail set. He is absolutely textbook going and coming with a very easy side gait. Presented in hard condition with lovely coat texture. My find of the day, so pleased to award him BOB, congratulations!

Bracco Italiano Puppy (1,1)

Bracco Italiano Junior (2,2)

Bracco Italiano Post Graduate (3,1)

1) Carr’s, Braccibrook’s Wild One. 4 year old orange/white bitch, longer cast who presented such an easy, curvaceous shape from nose to tail. Very feminine head with a lean back skull and showing good divergence. Large spongy nose and well set ears. Lovely reach of neck onto an excellent lay of shoulder and good return of upper arm which won her the class. Well developed forechest. Gentle slope from the withers into a firm topline. On the limits of hind angulation with short hocks. On the move she is true both coming and going with a typical elastic side gait. Pushed hard for RBOB today but preferred the more compact proportions of my 2nd in Open.

2) Hayes’, Braccorion Just As You Are at Elfrindew. 2 year old orange/white bitch, who was a little thin today. Very lean head right through with correct divergent planes although would prefer slightly tighter eyes. Decent reach of neck with a slightly moderate layback of shoulder. Well developed forechest. Good spring of rib with a firm topline and short loin. Very good croup and tail set. Good hind angulation. Sound coming and going with a stylish side gait but not quite the forward reach of 1.

Bracco Italiano Open (4,0)

1) Carr’s, Ir Sh Ch. Laumidorn Rachel Carson ShCM. 7 year old orange/white bitch who really belies her veteran years! Her medium size and compact proportions were of great appeal. Her head is ultra-feminine with correct divergence and lean but well developed back skull. Excellent forehand assembly with good forechest. Typical slope from her withers into her firm topline. Liked her hind angulation, would prefer a slightly tighter underline but this can be excused in a veteran. Sound both coming and going with a stylish and elastic side gait, very pleased to award her BOB, congratulations!

2) Sanderson’s, Owlspoint Trouble At Mill ShCM. 2 year old orange/white dog. Strong and upstanding of compact proportions with very good bone. Masculine head with a kind expression and tight eyes. Correct ear set. Strong, reachy neck onto a slightly moderate forehand assembly. Well bodied but can still spring a little more in rib with age. Firm topline and good underline. Well off for hind angulation. Once settled he showed parallel front and hind action and goes with lots of enthusiasm and style in profile. Preferred his more compact proportions to the Post Graduate for RBOB, congratulations!

3) Hamlyn’s, Bushwacker Pietra.

Junior Handler 6-11 Years (1,0)

1) Clara Tudor, handling a GSP. What a promising and polite young handler! Clara showed great awareness of how her breed should specifically be stacked and took her time to settle her charge. On the move she went at the correct pace for her breed and showed excellent control and constantly gave encouragement all the time to ensure her dog was focussed on the job in hand. An excellent job Clara, keep practising and you will be one to watch I’m sure, well done indeed!

Judge: James Newton (Patamoke)