• Show Date: 27/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Kelly Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Wealdstone & Northolt Canine Society

WEALDSTONE & NORTHOLT C.S. 27/12/18 Spaniel (English Springer) There was a great consistency of type here and I can see my class winners are all related. Thank you for your entries and well done on your breeding. Puppy 3/3 1) GLASS, Gunring My Boy – 9 mths Overall well balanced male. Good head planes and proportions. Nice open well developed nose. Correct eye shape. Well laid shoulder and correct length of upper arm, which gave him the correct outreaching movement. Solid hindquarters with nice straight hocks. Moved with verve, straight out and back. Tail carried correctly. BP 2) PARR, Gunring April Lady at Ashring – 9 mths litter sister to 1. Same comments apply though obviously more feminine. Neither dog had throatiness and both had great movement. Postgraduate 3/1 1) GATES, Ashring Maggie May – Dam of the above. Lovely head and correct almond-shaped eye, flews and flat cheeks. Excellent length of rib leading to well coupled loin. Good bone and feet. Overall a lovely bitch. 2) PARR , Ashring Infatuation – year older than her half sister above. Similar comments only reason to be second she was less collected and true on the move. OPEN 6/3 1) GATES, Gunring Ensueno ShCM, WGC – 8yo boy that really looked the picture of an English Springer. Excellent head proportions. Nicely arched clean neck into well laid shoulders and straight well boned front legs. Tight feet. Good strong well developed quarters giving a very true movement with correct front reach and good straight drive from the back. BOB 2) HYDON, Clentonian Pandemonium JW – 21 mths Bitch very nice head and lovely coat condition. Just lacking in maturity. I am sure she will develop nicely in time. German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy 2 1) GOFF & DALES, Seasham Live Wire At Shoshoni – 11 mths dog Really liked this boy. Correct head planes and eyeshape, nothing exaggerated in proportion to body. Moderately long nicely arched neck into well alid choulders and good spring of rib. Correct straight front tight feet and good bone. Good muscular hindquarters. Good width of loin and croup. Well set tail carried correctly. Overall making the correct square shape for a GSP. Moved very well. I look forward to seeing him mature. Lost out for BOB only through maturity. BP & G3 2) ROBERTON, Kazanpaul Australia – 7 mths bitch still a puppy in body. Gorgeous head and expression. Clean neck and shoulders, well sprung ribs. Lost out to the boy in lack of maturity and slightly long in the loin. Junior 1/1 1) GOFF & DALES, Seasham Live Wire At Shoshoni Open 1 1) COOK & LAMB, Brooke will Do It Through Milcook - 2 ½ yo male, Good head proportions with correct eye shape and flews. Strong arched neck. Over all a well muscled boy who has great bone and correct overall shape. Moved out well and effortlessly. BOB Irish Setters Puppy 1/1 Junior 0 Post Graduate 3/3 Open 1/1 Pointer Thank you to the exhibitors for the lovely quality entry I was delighted to go over your dogs. Puppy 5/1 1) HAZELTINE & WELCH, Pipeway Teasing Georgia at Hookwood – 7 mths baby girl with attitude. She is everything in a small package. Orange head markings and white body. Her head is classic pointer. So nicely laid shoulders and width of chest; ribs correct shape and length. Hindquarters not too narrow and well angulated. Tail well set and carried correctly on the move. It will be really interesting to see how she develops. Good luck with her. BP 2) MABER, Sharnphilly Toggi With Hookwood – 10 mths bitch, a completely different cup of tea to the first puppy. Liked her lovely head and presented in super condition, black & white coat. Excellent breed type and just suffering a bit in the cold, therefore less outgoing on the move. Whereas puppy 1 was full of confidence. Really in quality with these 2 just that last observation which made the decision. Junior 5/1 1) MABER, Sharnphilly Toggi With Hookwood 2) ROBERTS, Medogold Black Betty by Kananaskis -17 mths another quality black & white bitch. Lovely head proportions well made in the body and good straight front. By this class the first bitch was more settled in the move, hence the placing. Post Graduate 1 1) OVEL, Plungevale Queen of Hearts at Jimaura – 2 ½ yo Black & white bicth of nice quality proportions. Great head shape and well balanced. Moved very well. Open 5/2 1) HAZELTINE & WELCH, Pytchley Chasing The Dream for Hookwood JW – Only 19 mths, I have to say wow! This black & white male is everything a Pointer should be. I simply watched him move round the ring with a smile on my face. He ticks every box in the standard and some. I loved his shiny coat and condition. His markings are excellent. He was in complete coordination with his handler watching her every move. He stands four square with no help, he has great muscle excellent driving action and the tail moves just like it should. He did very well on the day with BOB then G1 and finally I was delighted to see BIS well done! 2) HAZELTINE & WELCH, Just Wiburt by Hookwood – 4 yo brother of above. A dog I have admired and followed his progress from afar. A bit bigger than 1 but everything together, he only lost out because I couldn’t not give it to the first dog. And I must mention the 3rd place bitch that was also supper quality but lacked some verve. I found out later she was having a phantom. Super quality dogs I was delighted to meet. Spaniel ( Welsh Springer) Puppy 1 1) PRIMMER, Amanshe Mermaids Tears – 10 mths bitch Smaller finer type but in correct proportions and moves out well. Lovely head proportions well developed nostrils, correct eye shape and well set correct ears. Nice arch to the neck and good shoulders. Good length of body and in proportion to height. Correct tail set and carriage. Hopefully will mature well. BP Post Graduate 5 1) WALLER Isfryn Lady Godiva at Fireglow JW – 21 mths cracking bitch. Beautiful head and expression with well laid shoulders and length to height proportions. Moved extremely well. So my thoughts are that I really liked her, she need to fill out and I would like a little more spark. She moved extremely well compared to many who were close at the rear. One again to watch in the future. 2) WOODHAMS, Glynell Jiffy – young male with a happy disposition, good bone and nice straight front. Good head, eye and ear shape. Strong neck capapble of doing the job he was bred for. Moved out well just preferred 1 who was better behind. Open 5 1) STONE, Stedigan All In Good Time for Merrem ShCM – just 5 in a day. Gorgeous Male presented in excellent condition. Absolutely glossy coat. Overall correct proportions and really fills the eye. Head is exactly right for a welsh springer. Best ears of the day and melting expression. Loved his well sprung ribs and maturity of body. Great bone tight feet and well set tail carried at the right angle, which some did not. Parallel movement and good reach and drive. BOB 2) GROOT, NL/CIE Ch Isfryn On The Spot - a cracking male and best of the dogs. Beautiful typical head and correct ear and eye. Strong neck and not throaty which some tended to be. Excellent shoulders and upper arm good spring of rib and strong loin. Well-set tail carried correctly on the move. Just preferred the condition and movement of 1 on the day. Retriever (Golden) Puppy 5/1 1) O’GORMAN, Thornywait Top Notch For Berrymeade – 7 mths bitch in great condition and beautifully presented. Excellent front which won her the class. Sweet head with lovely expression. Correct proportions and pigment around eyes and lips. Really fits the bill over all. Still a puppy but in both going away and back plus from the side the movement is just right. Coat is as it should be in a puppy as yet to mature. Good hindquarters with nice bend of stifle and good straight hocks. Really think she has a great future and I will follow with interest. BP G2 2) TURNER, Moonshine De Ria Vela Over Amilone (Imp Esp) 9 mths bitch, another lovely puppy from a group of really super quality pups. This young lady has lots of star quality and show off. Similar comments to 1 and again great movement. Yearling 6/1 1) RUSSELL, Rosinante Mirabelle and 2) RUSSELL, Rosinante Crystal Clear These were like 2 pees in a pod and I then found out they are sisters. They both have the same qualities and I was really hairsplitting on my decision. Great to see the handlers and dogs enjoying themselves. Post Graduate 7/3 1) SMITH & HILL, Serendipity Dog Principe James Con Rosgar (Imp Esp) – 2yo male, really smart boy. Lovely masculine head and strong neck. Well built body with good bone. Well developed chest and well sprung ribs. Good length of body with strong wide loin. Excellent hidquarters. Moved very well. Only lost out to the Open winner for BOB because I preferred her type and movement. I am sure he’ll do well. 2) GAYLER, Carolake Remember Me JW – 2 1/1 yo Bitch. Really lovely type. Kind head and expression with correct eye and pigment. Excellent body nothing exaggerated. Moved very well . Limit 4/1 1) TOPPY, Millgreen Miss Construed - 9 mth puppy girl. Handler did well to keep her attention through the various classes. The puppy has a lovely head and proportions overall. Body looks promising and great bone. Tight feet and lovely angulation. Coat is good and presented in very nice condition. My advice would be to stick at it because she’s a nice dog. Little more ringcraft and practice. She has great spirit which is worth its weight in gold in a bitch because they often don’t show off like the boys. Good luck! Open 4/2 1) MORRISSEY & TAPPENDEN, Messano Flaming Star JW – 2 yo Bitch. What a great team of dog and handler. Loved this dogs presence and calm quality. She kept her cool in the class and the challenge. Lovely head with correct pigment a good nose and eye shape. Ears correctly placed. Strong but feminine neck into well laid shoulder and good strong front. Perfect straight front not too wide and complimentary hind quarters. She moved out very well and I was happy to award BOB and I believe she had G4